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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Wednesday in the MZone - Just 3 days until The Game

So close...and yet so far. The Game is almost upon us.

In anticipation, we have a full slate for you here today. Scroll down to find...

* The secrety key to Michigan's success this year
* An Ohio State group we're actually cheering for 100%
* A Two-Minute Drill loaded with stuff from across the land about The Game

And, in case you checked in early Tuesday but didn't come back (shame on you), we have a couple posts we put up late yesterday:

* A promo video for The Game edited by MZone reader Brickeye that is one of the best we've seen
* The MZone has teamed up with EDSBS to cover "The Crisis in Columbus"

Last but not least, be sure to catch COLLEGE FOOTBALL AMERICA, our live Internet show tomorrow, Thursday, from 8-10pm EST (5-7pm PST) on NowInLA. Our very special guest will be Will Leitch, the editor and all around head honcho of the best damn sports blog on the Internet, Deadspin.com. So be sure to check us out. Best of all, it's an interactive site so you can upload pictures, videos and leave comments live during the broadcast.

Also, if you're a U-M or OSU student and would like to give us a live update from your respective campus tomorrow, drop us an email.


anonymous iv said...

ESPN had a nice piece on Bob Ufer


Andy said...

Classic stuff non-PC stuff from Ufer...

* he once referred to an Ohio State sellout crowd as "10,000 alumni and 74,000 truck drivers."

* mentioned that Buckeyes fans love to chant anti-Michigan slogans, "while all of us up here in the water wonderland never forget that Ohio is still a four-letter word"

My favorite (from 1969), which also describes this upcoming saturday:
Call it what you will, it promises to be 2½ hours of some of the most exciting football in the 104-year history of man's inhumanity to man

Andy said...

ESPN.com story on the Dead Schembechlers

Yeah, this is normal

stosh said...

don't know if you have seen this site or not. http://www.deadschembechlers.com/

Anonymous said...


An amazing Wolverine Fan!!

Andy said...

Example #10,000 why YOUTUBE should have some sort of barrier to entry before allowing video posts.

As a Michigan fan, I do not condone this activity and want to apologize for any harm made to our buckeye visitors.

Woodrow Hayes said...

yost - no post about lloyd carr storming out of an ESPN on ABC interview earlier this week? Sounds like lloyd is pretty tense. Rumor has it that the question he was asked was: "So are you Tressel's bitch?"

Anonymous said...

A poem I found on the net.
The annual wave of scarlet and gray
They're not really fans but it's Michigan day
So shake off the moth balls and dust off your caps
We'll point you to where the party is at

A rivalry rich with tradition and glory,
But that's only telling our side of the story.
Your tradition is rich too because you pay your players
You thought Mo Clarett was the next Gale Sayers.

You mortgaged your trailers to purchase his jersey
Then next thing you knew it's the news at 10:30.
Guess you bought him a car and you furnished his pad,
But hey, that paid for the yardage he had.

Turned your backs quick and called him a liar
But then why was your AD forced to retire?
Wrought with the scandal it was comfort you sought,
So we kindly remind you players are recruited, not bought.

You hopped on the wagon in January '03
When you won the title with 12 men on your D.
Twelve men? You might ask, that doesn't sound right
But eleven wore silver, one wore black and white.

He blew his late whistle and you shouted with glee
Your team's MVP was a damned referee.
You worship a dead guy, in peace may he rest.
But Woody's greatest achievement was when Bo headed west.

You'll say that you hate him, but you're really just jealous
Because Bo left the Bucks for those Michigan fellas.
He made the right choice, which you wish you could do.
But Wolverine fans have standards you can't live up to.

You'll say that you hate us, call Ann Arbor a wh*re,
But your alums don't have the money to pay her to score.

You've got a great band, we know we do too.
But we're more concerned with football than the geeks with the flutes.
Academically challenged, I'll tell you why.
It takes every Buckeye four years to "dot the I.

"Your coach wears a sweater just like Mr. Rogers,
Your team could be called the probation dodgers.
So remember one thing when you head for the showers,
You just got beat by a perennial power.

O-H-I-O is shouted by thee,
And the word that you spell to gain your degree.
There's just one more thing before I conclude,
You're never as good as the Maize and the Blue

Enjoy. RBratton

you know this said...

My roommate insists on constantly listening to the Dead Schembechlers, its seriously the most annoying stuff in the world. I've got huge Buckeye spirit, and a deep respect for our rivalry, but c'mon. It's guys like the Dead Schembechlers that are the ones out there burning couches

Anonymous said...

A great place to find out everything you ever wanted to know about DETROIT AND MICHIGAN