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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

U-M Dean of Students Warns Fans Traveling to Columbus

In our "Threat Level: Scarlet" post yesterday, we revealed that the Detroit Free Press was warning U-M fans about driving cars with Michigan plates to the game in Columbus.

We joked that it was sad that "going to Columbus for a college football game comes with its own travel advisory like the State Department issues for places like the Congo, Burundi and East Timor."

Or at least we thought we were joking.

A number of readers alerted us to the email below which Michigan students received yesterday from university officials. It starts off telling folks about an alumni association pre-game tailgate in Columbus before the game. But the bulk of the letter detailing "safety precautions" for Michigan fans going to the game gives an indication of how bad things have been for Wolverine fans in Columbus in the past. Here's what we're talking about...

We know that it can be uncomfortable being in an opposing team's environment, especially when the stakes are so high. We would like to offer a few suggestions in order to help you stay safe and have a positive experience this weekend:

--Try carpooling to the game; if possible, drive a car with non- Michigan license plates.
--Keep your Michigan gear to a minimum, or wait until you are inside the stadium to display it.
--Stay with a group.
--Know and obey the laws regarding alcohol use.
--If you are of legal age to drink, use alcohol in moderation. Stay in the blue.
--Stay low-key; don't draw unnecessary attention to yourself.
--If verbally harrassed by opposing fans, don't take the bait.
--Avoid High Street in Columbus.

If at any time you feel unsafe, you should call 9-1-1 for assistance. U-M campus police also will be available in Columbus to support our fans. You may call them with non-emergency concerns at (734) 216-9159.

We look forward to a tremendous game on Saturday. Let's help the Wolverines win with spirit and class.

Go Blue!

Sue Eklund, Associate Vice President and Dean of Students
Steve Grafton, President, Alumni Association
Nicole Stallings, MSA President

Just that school officials thought it was prudent to send this to those travelling to Ohio this weekend is sad. And before OSU fans flood our comments section saying, "It's the same in Ann Arbor for Buckeye fans, blah, blah, blah," let me stop you by saying...

It's not.

And that doesn't mean ugly behavior by Michigan fans toward OSU fans doesn't happen. I'm sure it does and I'm even more certain Buck fans will leave some examples here today. But to say the violent, often vulgar, atmosphere toward opposing fans is the "same" in A2 as it is in Columbus is absurd. Look, there's crime in Des Moines and crime in Detroit. Yet to claim the levels are "equal" is ludicrous.

Thus, it is my sincere hope instead of simply saying, "It's the same there, too!," Buck fans will instead speak up and try to stop any abusive behavior they see on Saturday...especially if it's happening to me or Benny.

(Thanks to Sarah, David and all the others who sent us this tip)


Anonymous said...

My best friend's going. He was going to wear an OSU hat, even thouogh he's pulling for Michigan, but I told him not to even look close to an OSU fan. He goes to Syracuse, so I told him to wear SU orange instead of either blue and maize OR scarlet and gray. I told him to "wear something neutral and cheer on the Wolverines quietly." Wear anything remotely blue or yellow and you get pounded by the Buckeye faithful. In St. Louis, I've already been pounded enough. I was watching the UM/Minnesota game at the same time the OSU/Iowa game was on, and I was in a bar wearing blue and maize in a sea of scarlet and gray. It was dangerous, but I tried to hide myself. One OSU fan asked me to hook up with someone who apparently thought I was hot. Although she was, I apologized and told everyone I can never kiss a Buckeye.

This week, though I'm either going to go to the bar where I watched the Notre Lame game (a bar that's very safe for Wolverine fans, as about six other Michigan fans were there that day and no Irish or Buckeyes present) or stay home.

But yeah. This weekend I'd rather be in Iraq than Columbus.

Anonymous said...

Wait, it was dangerous? Having an Ohio State fan hook you up with a hot girl? What's your idea of lame if that was "dangerous"?

Andy said...

I need to counter anon #1 for balance.

Back in the day, during my road trips to Columbus, I found the female buckeyes to be very friendly...

Anonymous said...

Note to my Buckeye friends: Don't make them right. Don't break windows. For God's sake don't hit anybody. Lets try to remember we're not WVU, and couches are for sitting, not burning. And its really sad that we as Buckeye fans have to constantly have this rubbed in our face with the constant reminders of how we're such inconsiderate fans. Don't let the few tarnish the many.

That being said, its a rivalry! You don't have to make them feel welcome. Ohio Stadium should be an intimidating place to play. You don't see blog post after blog post about people complaining of being called Tiger Bait in Baton Rouge (although there are times I suspect this blog would whine about it). Let them come, let them try to cheer, drown them and their asinine keys out, and let them back up north in one piece. Its really not a difficult concept.

TitleIX said...

Isn't it crazy that we have TWO hotly anticipated events for this coming Saturday???
1) THE Game
2) THE Riot

Crazy F'n Buckeyes


Anonymous said...


Here's an article I think you'll find interesting -- http://www.sportsline.com/columns/story/9799793

Yost said...


Couldn't agree with you more. I have no problem with not feeling welcome. That's part of this great rivalry. It's being told that I shouldn't wear Michigan gear or it might result in physical violence that I find appalling.

Anonymous said...

What kind of rivalry is it when people are more concerned about the pre and post-game activities than about the game itself. From an outsider's point of view - it seems because both schools' fans seem to have it locked in their heads that this game doesn't matter in the big picture since you both think you'll be facing each other again in Glendale for the MNC. Check out the article on MSNBC.com about the upcoming game, "Don't believe the hype" (or something like that). It roughly compared the game to "Snakes on a Plane" -- prety damn harsh.

Good luck to both schools on a well played matchup this weekend. Prove the critics wrong- live up to it.

Anonymous said...

That email probably came from 3 people that have never been to Columubs for The Game. I'm not saying some bad shit doesn't go on there however I would be surprised if these 3 people have experienced it. If the dean of students from OSU took it upon him/herself to write a warning to OSU fans traveling to Ann Arbor, would that make it true???

Just something to think about.

Yost said...


No offense but your response is half the problem. I've PERSONALLY had shit thrown at me on more than one occasion when walking outside the shoe.

Now, while it could simply have been due to jealousy over my stunning good looks, I'm guessing it had more to do with my Michigan attire.

It frankly stuns me that the entire college football world (remember Texas fans last year?) can continually complain about their treatment in C-bus yet the Buckeye fan base either answers with, "It's not that bad" or "It's just like this everywhere else."

Seriously, it is that bad and it's not like that everywhere else.

Yost said...

PS And the Dean of Students at OSU doesn't need to write such a letter. B/c while there may be isolated incidents in A2, it's not as ingrained and widespread as it is in Columbus.

Sad but true. Don't shoot the messenger...unless he's wearing Michigan clothing.

Kate from NY said...

I have season tickets at Michigan and I agree with Yost, it is NOT like that at Michigan.

I have never been to Columbus, but I am venturing there for the first time this year. My friends from Michigan, my family (my parents especially) who have all been to Columbus are BEGGING AND PLEADING that I NOT go ... they are afraid for me. That is sad. Ive been called stupid, crazy, told "I have no clue" ... people are furious I even want to go!

I have to remove my stickers from my car, my license plate holder (says M GO BLUE), I cant wear Michigan to the game -- travel in packs? God, this is incredible. I am a myspacer-- and everyday, I get another message from an M fan giving me "their story" from Columbus and serioously warning me NOT TO GO!

Ohio State is an embarassment to the Big Ten. Its just so sad.

Yost said...

I'm getting the same "be careful" warnings from friends and family as well. How very sad. That such remarks should EVER be needed at ANY football game in this country.

But such caution has not come from isolated incidents or "one time this one thing happened to one guy..." Instead, this is a result of years of a behavior problem in Columbus toward opposing fans, but most notably, Michigan fans.

Yost said...

PS That said, I'll still be wearing my Michigan gear proudly come Saturday in C-bus. Benny (who is not) thinks I'm crazy.

surrounded in columbus said...

Anon 7:36,
a less than flattering article about tosu-michigan on msnbc.com? you ever notice how every third link on their sports page goes to ND Central? or some other NDBC affiliate? maybe it's just a coincidence that ND squares off against Army @ 2:30, but i don't think any NDBC article suggesting tosu-michigan won't be a good game to watch can be seen as anything but self-serving.

Anon 7:42,
what's to think about? even if those 3 haven't been, the scores of us who have agree w/ them.

Finally, Anon 12:21,
"never kiss a buckeye"??? dude, it's only a football game.

Travis said...

You guys could do a wicked "911" call post from a Michigan fan. I can only imagine what the Prescott Burgess police force would so with that one.

WhiteDawg said...

way to spell harassed wrong

WhiteDawg said...

the Dean I mean.

MGOBLUE94 said...



YOU PUT ON THE MAIZE and BLUE this Saturday.

I've been to the Shoe 3x with only one real issue.

I lived in Colorado wearing my Wings jersey to all the Avs/Wings matchups and had more instances there than in C-bus!


MGOBLUE94 said...

Benny better yet ... I promise I will wear Maize and Blue and YELL LOUDER THAN you ... hand over your TICKET!

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:36, I read the MSNBC article you mentioned (located here, for those of you interested) and I must take exception to the implication that Ohio State has had a more difficult schedule this year than Michigan.

Although Ohio State at least was willing to test itself with the Longhorns, the Wolverines chose Vanderbilt, Central Michigan and Ball State as its non-conference foes. And they struggled against Ball State just two weeks ago before finally holding on, 34-26

Seriously? First of all, way to conveniently not mention Notre Dame as one of our non-conference opponents. Second- I'm sorry, who didn't play Wisconsin this year? And whose most highly ranked opponent just lost to an unranked Kansas State? And while I agree that Vanderbilt, Central Michigan, and Ball St aren't the cream of the crop, I'd argue that they're better than Northern Illinois, Cincinnati, and Bowling Green.

Regardless of what this article will have you believe, whichever team wins on Saturday will have EARNED their way to the National Championship game...

screwa2 said...

take off your skirts & have some heart!

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:06, THANK YOU! Last week on SportsCenter, they posted a graphic that had me pulling at my hair. They said that Ohio State had played 3 ranked teams so far while Michigan had only played 1. This, of course, referred to the ranking of the teams when they actually played them not how they're ranked now. It's completely deceiving because Michigan ALSO played both Iowa and Penn State, they just weren't ranked at the time... and while Wisconsin wasn't ranked when Michigan played them, they sure are now!

Of course, the graphic also attempted to point out that OSU has 6 national championships while UM only has 2... ?!?

WhiteDawg said...

Jesus, don't get all bent out of shape. Calm down. Stop your bitching.

surrounded in columbus said...

it's flippin' 4 days until kick off. aside from bitchin', what else is there to do???

srudoff said...


I'll bet you $10 via paypal that you receive no physical harm in Columbus this weekend. Put your money where your mouth is! I trust that you'd come back and admit it when nothing happens to you so I'm willing to put up $10 that nothing will.

Kate in Ny's comment is also part of the problem IMO. "i've never been to columbus but...." I'd also be willing to be that most of the people begging her not to go haven't been either.

I'm NOT saying it doesn't happen - I'm SURE it doesn. I'm also not saying that just because I had quarters thrown at me the entire game in Ann Arbor in 1999 that it's justified or that it happens in AA to the same degree. You have 100,000 plus fans - a great many of which did not attend OSU for what it's worth - drinking heavily. It takes 100 or so of those 100k to ruin it for everyone.

So wear your Michigan stuff Yost, and accept my wager and come back Sunday and tell us how it went.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:06,

Nice catch, you might notice that the author of the article has now CHANGED the article to include Notre Dame... of course, the general message is the same...

Anonymous said...


Hmmm... quarters vs beer bottles... that like compairing... well, QUARTERS and BEER BOTTLES!

srudoff said...

for what it's worth, Wisconsin and ND have beaten NOBODY this year. They are ranked and have one loss each because of their unbelievably easy schedules.

At least Texas has beaten Oklahoma with Peterson and Nebraska, both on the road. They lost to Kstate only after their QB went down.

That being said, I don't think either team (osu or um)played a discernibly easier schedule this year. both teams took care of business and beat every team they had to. OSU did score more points against common opponents and also gave up less points to common opponents for whatever that is worth.

srudoff said...

that would be like comparing "compair" to "compare" no?

surrounded in columbus said...

that's a good bet. statistically speaking, only a small fraction of michigan fans will actually get assaulted.

however, you're missing one point about this saturday- a fair number of tosu fans are concerned about after game problems, too. they're not worried about being assaulted for their clothes, but there is considerable apprehension about post game car tipping (not cow tipping, which is generally accepted as a central ohio rural sport) and couch burning, and general mob activity.

tosu & the city aren't towing parked cars (http://www.cd.columbus.oh.us/football/football.php?story=dispatch/2006/11/14/20061114-A1-04.html) and banning bottle sales because they are afraid NOTHING will happen.

like it or not, columbus has devloped a bad reputation for game day behavior (see Michael Coleman's comments from yesterday's press conference) and you can't dismiss visiting fans concerns, unless you want to rename the olentangy to "DeNial".

surrounded in columbus said...

oh, and not that "common opponent" comparisons mean much- while wisco & nd may have not beat anybody, they've only each lost once. can't say that bout the longhorns, now can you?

srudoff said...

You also can't say that Wisconsin and ND had their QB go down in the first quarter can you?


srudoff said...


it's also true that only a small number of osu fans, statistically speaking, will causing all the problems.

Anonymous said...


Man, you must do well in Vegas... $10! Watch out, high roller in the house.

surrounded in columbus said...

gabsolutely. the real question is what the vast majority of other fans do, or don't do about problems.

you don't hear anyone hear trying to tell you that you deserved quarters thrown at you for wearing red & grey to A2, do you? like Bobby Knight's chin pop last night, it may have been harmless, but it was still wrong.

however, when M fans complain, we get a deluge of tosu posts saying they had it coming! they sort of sound like lamarr thomas during the cane's riot broadcast- "you don't come into the OB/Shoe and try this stuff".

it may only be a few fans actually acting out the violence, but everyone who doesn't condemn it is guilty of it.

Anonymous said...

Let's just say this, you'll never find OSU Campus Police in Ann Arbor. So, saying that "It's the same for me too" won't cut it. It's not even close.

surrounded in columbus said...

BTW- Benny- say it isn't so? you're not going to wear the colors? when you back down and change your life, that's when the terrorists, um, i mean tosu fans win!

besides, you're going to be there w/ Yost, right? he's going to get assaulted and you're going to standing right next to him. w/ the way some of these drunks throw, you may be better off being the target rather than the collateral damage.

srudoff said...


show me 3 posts that say 'you had it coming'

you can go back as far as you want

99.5% of buckeye fans don't condone this behavior - i would say most buckeye fans use either the 'it happens in AA' argument or the 'it's a few bad apples' argument but rarely have i seen 'you deserved it'

deen of stewdents said...

hmmm White Dawg had it right.

The DEAN OF STUDENTS, plus some other "presidents" sent out an email to students at the supposedly prestigious University of Michigan containing a spelling error???


Anonymous said...


not to put a crimp in your "i love blue" masturbatory glee, but try googling "college football strength of schedule".

you'll find the vast majority of them have ND with a higher strength of schedule than UM.

and for what it's worth this weekend, go blue.

WhiteDawg said...

Like I said it is spelled harassed (not like it is a big deal) but it is just funny to see that they don't know how to use spell check. This coming from the Dean?

CrimeNotes said...

The Weather Channel reports that hell has frozen over.

In related developments, Buckeye blog commentors are now concerned about spelling.

Anonymous said...

Buckeye Blog commentators are concerned about spelling when it comes from the "Dean of Schools", MSA President, and President of the Alumni Association. Some guy at Kroger misspells 'Heroes' and it's front page news at this blog. The three people that co-authored that email misspell something and it's our fault for being nitpicky.

surrounded in columbus said...

these three are from this month. while anons, they're obviously tosu fans (unless of course, you think they are m fans disguising themselves as bucks to fool people, in which case we should get together for beers and an "X-files" marathon sometime).

Anonymous said...
You come to C-Bus this year wearing that scUM bullshit you gonna die!

November 02, 2006 6:26 AM

Anonymous said...
Perhaps you sensitive nancy types should stay home and wring your hands. I haven't been to "The Game" in decades, but if you're the outsider in any group, you're going to get some shit. Deal with it.

Damn you're a bunch of pussys.

November 02, 2006 9:50 AM

Anonymous said...
would you walk in iran with an American flag shirt? I am disgusted by the behavior, but I hate to say it, if you walk downtown C-bus on game day with a michigan shirt, you are asking for it. this is the nature of the beast. For UM fans coming to columbus, I suggest bringing a change of clothes to go in and out of the stadium. its going to be insane

November 02, 2006 9:09 PM

also, go back & read the dispatch letters to the sports editor, starting about 3 weeks ago. long back & forth on the columbus resident m fan who had his house vandalized and a half/half reaction of people who apologized, and those who said he had it coming.

andrew said...

srudoff, it's disingenuous (or maybe just ignorant) to say that Texas lost because they lost their starting QB. Jevan Snead played very well in McCoy's place. It was the defense that failed Texas. Was Jevan Snead responsible for KSU scoring over 40 pts? Nope.

srudoff said...


snead was 13 for 30 and looked terrible, personally stopping a number of drives. Kstate score 17 points on drives of 8, 23 and 20 yards. They did have some long drives but I would say that McCoy's absence definitely impacted the game.

srudoff said...


Good job finding those three - unfortunately it's easy as hell to come on here and post whatever you want anonymously. The number of regular buckeye posters here that aren't afraid to use their blogger accounts is growing and I'd be surprised if any of us would ever stoop to that level.

Anonymous said...

I think I've found the ONLY way I'd EVER go to a UM/OSU game in Columbus. Yeah, this won't be PC, but I don't care. Basically it goes like this...I would request two (or more) of my closest black male friends to go with me. I would guarantee NOTHING would happen to us.

You've seen the videos depicting such neanderthal behavior in Columbus, right? Show me ONE black person in those clips. No, keep looking...I highly doubt you will. Such stupidity has been left to the white-trash, jagg-off, cracker-assed morons around the 'Shoe. Think about it. (Okay, MAYBE Clarett will get a weekend furlough for a driveby, but THAT would be about it.)

If I strolled (sorry, MOSHED my way) through the angry hoardes of human rejects, I can guarantee 'whitey' would pretty much leave my group alone. And you know what -- I'd be willing to put that to the test.

"Mind if we dance wiv yo dates?"

You know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

Yost Benny or anyone I am traveling to the game from Massachusetts. Big Michigan fan, where are you guys going to be located ? No tickets for the game and i read that rv parking is on the Jesse Owens Field. And to OSU or people who have been there where are the party spots after the game is done and all the cars are turned back over?

Scraper said...

Yes bad stuff has happened at OSU. I wish it was not true, but it is. The majority of OSU fans, administrators, city officials, and alumni are upset at the behavior. They are trying to take steps to fix the problems.

It doesn't matter that it happens other places. We should want to be better than everyone else.

And to anyone who thinks they would be safer in Iraq: I have a brother in Baghdad who would gladly trade places with you.

CrimeNotes said...

The three people that co-authored that email misspell something and it's our fault for being nitpicky.

Yeah, I don't know how you can tolerate this kind of persecution. You're very brave.

Screw football. Let's have a big spelling bee and astronaut-education quiz instead.

Anonymous said...

It's simple, if you're afraid to go to Columbus stay home and watch the game on TV!

Anonymous said...

I am a Buckeye fan and this will be the third consecutive UM game I have attended in Columbus. I was also at the Texas game last year. I have never personally seen anything out of the ordianry occur, but I know it goes on. I take it upon myself to greet UM fans cordially and welcome them to Columbus. I don't know what else one lonely soul can do to help repair the obviously tarnished image. The sad thing is, a lot of the issues come from non-OSU students that enjoy inciting violence off of their particular campus or city.

Yost, if I see you at the game you will only get a "how amazing is it that these teams are #1 and #2 in the country right now salute" from this Buckeye fan.

Go Bucks

Anonymous said...

Just curious...many UM fans are also fans of the Detroit sports teams. How do these same fans get all high and mighty when it comes to college football road games against your arch rival? DETROIT FANS FOUGHT INDIANA PACERS PLAYERS IN ONE OF THE WORST FAN DISPLAYS IN HISTORY.

Everytime deadspin has a link to this site, it's a post bitching about how nuts OSU fans are. Get off your high horses.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Michigan should learn something from OSU since the Orchestra Crowd is the least intimidating place in the country. Keep on shaking your keys with your stuffy, aristocratic attitudes. We're sooo smart and we're sooo well behaved. Tie your sweaters around your prestigous necks and shake your keys!

Anonymous said...

I am an MSU fan who lived in Ohio for quite some time. I have been to both OSU and UM for games. I can tell you that I have had good and negative experiences at both schools. Most fans that I encountered at both schools were great to talk to and would pass a beer to a stranger at a tailgate.

But of the negative experiences, it was far worse in Columbus than AA. In AA it was almost all verbal abuse which I expect when I go to any away game. I was in Columbus in '98 for the MSU upset of #1 OSU. The verbal abuse was constant. We came back to our car w/ MI plates to find our car keyed with the words 'Fuck You' and our tail lights busted out. I will never return to OSU for a game.

I think that problem at OSU is that there are so many people there who don't live in Columbus or never went to OSU. I honestly believe that those people, along with the students cause 95% of the problems.

Anonymous said...

Looking for accurate info on where the student section at Ohio Stadium is located...getting mixed info.

Matt said...

For Christ's sake, I was warned by an USHER at Ohio Stadium to take off a PURDUE cap when the Boilers visited there in '99. I laughed at first and the guy - who was about 80 - said "I'm not joking." Columbus needs a hobby.

slipknut85 said...

i had some osu fans (a couple) sitting next to us in 2003 in AA(i think) they were super cool, we jawed a lil bit but thats it. they were pissed i didnt share my pint of Captain with em. stupid Columbus, assholes lol

Anonymous said...

As a University of Texas Army ROTC cadet who went to the game last year in Columbus, I was STUNNED by the treatment we received...

I felt very lucky to have escaped without being injured and would never want to travel back to Columbus...

Brad said...

Too bad your DEANS can't even spell... I thought you were supposed to be the smarter ones!

Harrassed is spelled: Harassed.

Three contributors on that letter and none of them caught it? Do you have computers in M*ch*gan or are you still using typewriters?

In all seriousness, its gonna be a great game! Good luck to everyone!

Anonymous said...

I won't be anywhere near C-Bus Saturday and I'm a casual Ohio State supporter (Columbus' attitude toward the rest of the state is a huge turnoff).

I have to say, I get a little ill when I keep hearing these stories of maurading arseholes destroying every last shred of dignity the state once had.

I also am well-versed in the behavior of certain European soccer cultures and I must say that the one which resides in Columbus is not too far off from that of England in the late 80s. I think the clock is ticking on the ultimate explosion and Saturday's game just might be the perfect storm for it all to go very wrong.

It may not. The game might be very straight forward. Ohio State may win. Michigan may win.

The intangibles are where it gets messy. If passions get cranked higher because of bad calls or altercations on the field...oh dear.

Dr. Tailgate said...

A few of us are planning to travel down to the game and our Michigan plates do concern me a bit, but I absolutely WILL NOT hide my pride for Michigan and lower myself to wear anything OSU just to stay safe. I will still wear my M hat that I've worn to all the games this year, I may not be as loud as I am in the student section at the big house, but I will cheer for our team!! GO BLUE!!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more with the author of this piece. Things are not the same in AA as they are in Columbus, and this is coming from a dyed in the wool Buckeye fan. I grew up in Ohio, but to my dismay had to spend the last three years of my life in AA. I will admit that OSU students can at times be neanderthals, though I think it has gotten better since Tressel has come to town. However, UM students just don't seem to get into the game as much. One reason may be that they are a geographically diverse school and attract students from all over the country, whereas most students who go to OSU grew up in Ohio and as such grew up rooting for the Buckeyes. I think most of the die-hard UM are the people who have always lived in MI, but not necessarily went to the University. When I lived in Ann Arbor there just wasn't the same hype concerning football games as it exists in Columbus. Overall, despite acting like pure asses sometimes, OSU students care about the game more. Just my two cents.

Buckfan on the Border said...

"Avoid High Street in Columbus"

In the interest of full disclosure, I would recommend avoiding Lane Ave. as well. As an OSU grad, I am embarrased to even have to post that.

While some verbal abuse is to be expected, physical abuse never used to be a problem. But in the past few years, things have changed, and not only at OSU. I have been subject to physical abuse at Purdue, Penn State, and UM (where in '01, as an OSU band member, I was hit with batteries multiple times; my little brother was hit in the head with a C battery in '03, requiring stitches), and Penn State (where in '05, my little sister was hit with multiple beer bottles).

I am by no means trying to justify the actions of OSU fans on gameday. I concede that Columbus is probably the most hostile gameday environment in the country. If only there was a way to keep the yahoo non-alumni away.

Anonymous said...

Here’s a simple way to help deal with unruly Buckeye fans. Have undercover Columbus police officers walk around wearing Michigan gear and if anyone assaults them they pull out their badge, smash them in the face with a baton and then arrest them. Once people hear a few stories about this I’m sure they would be a little less inclined to fuck with strangers.

Anonymous said...

As a lifelong Buckeye fan I have to admit that the state of Columbus is disturbing at best. Living in Philadelphia the past three years and seeing the news reports on what many consider the rowdiest pro fans around is nothing compared to the crap I hear about OSU. The off-campus undeclared, soon to be ex-students need to take a hard look at their behavior. Assault, arson, and rioting are not characteristics that the University/Alumni want associated with The Ohio State University. Don't get me wrong I am all for good natured ribbing, but when it is all said and done this is still just a football game. With that said... GO BUCKS!!!

Anonymous said...

In this day of digital video and youtube, get out there and capture what goes on.

The media, in my opinion, has never made a strong effort to uncover the madness.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Bowling Green fan that lives in Columbus and made the mistake of supporting my team the year after the mythical NC. buckeye fans showed multiple times how classless they are. Ask most BG fans and they would give their own stories of being treated like dirt. Because of that I refused to go to the game this year and decided to just watch it on tv.

Also, osu has the Columbus media in their back pockets. They are all buckeye fans and will never try to uncover any wrong doings. When osu does something wrong, it's never on the frong page like their important field turf stories. It's on the back page in a brief.

Anonymous said...

I find it ironic that in your defense of Michigan fans and in explaining how afraid you all are, all you are ultimately doing is contributing more to the rivalry. The original blog even shows that you are expecting this message to provoke Buckeye fans. The hieghtened intensity around the OSU/Michigan game is the result of over-anticipation and alcohol consumption. The fact that you are all trying to de-humanize Buckeye fans is ridiculous. You all are as guilty as Ohio State for painting the other side like they are as violent as militant Iraqis and the fact that you all are contributing proves that there is another side to the issue. Take the advise of your dean or provost or whoever sent that e-mail, use common sense and dont answer the other side if they act like assholes and try to harass you.

Shane P said...

Dear U of M fans,

I was at last year's Texas game and they were treated pretty well. This was from the UT fan that I was with and they 10-20 that I talked to. They were more taken back at what I party it was, and a good time they had. Let's get things straight: All the hatered is only directed at U of M fans, not your whole state, or other teams. My wife went to MSU, is from MI, and she hates you too.

On another note, did anyone see your school's newspaper Editor in Chief on EPSN's Cold Pizza this morning? What a D-bag! I've seen more excitement from someone that had a labotomy at a funeral.

But if you are treated like crap at all it's because Ohio State fans don't want you in Columbus. Period. I don't go to the south side of chicago cause I'm white and a preppy. It's not too hard to understand. When I go to WI for a game I don't wear OSU clothing cause they are the same way.

"Ohio State is an embarassment to the Big Ten. Its just so sad." Kate from NY, Ohio State is the big ten and you're most likely very unattractive.

Just a guy from Chicago who hates U of M. Feel free to read my blog, there is nothing anti-MI in it at all.

Anonymous said...

I dunno what u guys are toalking about. Last time I came to Michigan, I was harrassed like crazy...thrwn shit at me, got hit twice too. It does happen in A2 as well. Look Im form Michigan, I supported Michigan till I came to OSU...that being said i know what its like in A2 as well. And how is it that this rowdyness thing gets overblown only during the Michigan games. That being said, theyre will/always be fans form both sides that ar crazy but to generalize it to the entire fan base is appalling. WEll in any case GO BUCKS...best of luck BLue u guys r gonna need it.

And to the guy who said hell never kiss a buckeye even is shes hott.....damn u need to grow a f*n dick and a couple of balls too!

Anonymous said...



The whole country is against Michigan!!!

Anonymous said...

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