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Friday, November 03, 2006

Two Minute Drill

* Brian over at MGoBlog reposts a Letter to the Editor of the A2 News from somebody named David G. Winter of Ann Arbor who compares the renovation plans for Michigan Stadium to Albert Speer's designs for the Nazis. Dude, are you out of your fucking mind?

* Josh at BuckeyePlanet dropped us a line to tell us about a wallpaper contest over there for the Michigan-Ohio State game. We'd love to see what folks do as this gets rolling.

* Big thanks to BuckeyeExtra for a link on their site. We're honored to be listed behind enemy lines like that. Thing I love about the Columbus Dispatch is that they have TONS of college football coverage each day. The Detroit News and Free Press? You're lucky to get a single damn story some days during the week. Lame.

* Why Ohio State might not be the best team in the country according to CFN (HT: MB)

* Flip side of that is this article by a Michigan Daily writer saying U-M's "O" must improve before facing the Bucks (Uh oh, I guess this means this reporter must hate Michigan because she had the audacity to question the team in the midst of it's 9-0 season. Damn her! DAMN HER!) (HT: JCS)

* Finally, MSU students show their class after Tigers lose to the Cardinals in the World Series...

(HT: ES)


MGOBLUE94 said...

Wow -- that is what higher learning is all about at MSU!

Glad my choices were Michigan or MTU!


Andy said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
WillinSacto said...

Maybe MSU students meant they are supporting UM this weekend against Ball State.

Howard21 said...

Ummm, Mzone, I didn't quite understand what that young man wanted. His message wasn't very clear to me. Had he been drinking that night?

TitleIX said...

David G. Winter is a tenured psychology professor on the faculty in LS&A

um, guess he self-selected, wouldn't ya say???

Yost said...

Is he really, T? Unreal.

WinstonWolfe said...

MSU fans? Could have swore they were OSU fans screaming down UM considering all the F bombs... that is their mantra, isn't it?

TitleIX said...

yep, and even more amazing is that his wife is a woman named Abigail Stewart who used to head the Institute for Research on Women and Gender, after she was the chair of the Women's Studies Dept.....she is now in the provost's office.

and please, no feminist nazi jokes, K?! :-)