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Friday, November 03, 2006

Totally Exposed

Ok, now can we stop talking about West Virginia as a BCS title contender? They had one -- one -- big game to get past in a schedule full of cupcakes (sorry, Rutgers) and they got smoked. Next.

But what I really want to know is, who are the two dipshits in the AP poll that have voted the Mountaineers #1 all season going to vote for now?


BK said...

Watch those two jackasses vote for Louisville now.

OrlandoBlue said...

Watch those two jackasses STILL vote for WVU at #1.

Anonymous said...

One is the half brother of Lindsy England.

Anonymous said...

Louisville would be to obvious...I'm betting Florida.

Anonymous said...

I love watching football, but have never played it and can't say that I can analize all the plays and everything like you guys can... But was there a defense playing in this game? On either side? Over 1000 yards of offense? snap.

amiznit said...

I believe one of the dipshits is/was Jason Whitlock, formerly of ESPN Page 2. He still writes the "10 NFL Truths" column for AOL I think. He's also a Ball State alum, btw.

The King said...

Rutgers isn't a cupcake. That is patently ludicrous to suggest no matter what you think of the Big East.

And let's stop knocking Louisville, shall we? Here's a team that was a mid-major two years ago. They get invited into a bigger conference with BCS tie-ins, and they jump at the opportunity. You can hardly blame them for the league being weak right now. That's no more their fault than it is our fault that the Big Ten is pathetic this year. On top of that, this is a program that got to the top by playing big games...Florida State 2 years ago (while still a Conference USA team), and Miami the last two years. And again, how can you fault them for Miami stinking up the joint this season? We've played some Notre Dame teams in the past that ended up not even being bowl eligible, but you still would never laugh at us scheduling them out of conference. Additionally, they actually scheduled 2 very tough out of conference games this season, the second being Kansas State. Remember that back when this game was originally put on the books, Kansas State was busy shocking "the greatest team in college football history" to win the Big 12 title. On top of THAT, they have a bowl-eligible Kentucky team in their non-conference mix as well...giving them three bowl-bound teams. I'm not sure what else you can expect a team to do, but if you'rre going to knock WVU for not scheduling up to make up for their weak conference, certainly you cannot accuse Louisville of the same crime. Lousiville's out of conference schedule, as planned (again, not blaming them for Larry Coker being a moron), was considerably ttougher than ours was this year. Period. We played two bowl-eligible teams, and one of them is Central Michigan.

If they go undefeated, they'll have done it by beating Miami (who by the way is still in position to win the ACC), as well as two ranked Big East opponents...the same number of ranked Big Ten opponents we'll play. Now of course our conference opponents are tougher, but that's not Louisville's fault. Overall, they'll have played the same number of bowl-bound teams as us (7), and while again many of ours might be tougher, it's notable that the worst of ours is Central Michigan while the worst of theirs is Kansas State.

The point of all of this is that Louisville has earned their keep. They've scheduled not only tough, but brutally, especially considering that they've only in the last 3 years come into major football prominence. That they seek out top competition nationally should be commended. And they've done everything they can in their weak conference, which is to say go undefeated.

At the end of the day, this is simply a team that deserves whatever it is that they're going to end up with, whether it's the Orange Bowl or yes, the BCS Title Game.

(PS: I'm happy they won because I think we'll beat them a lott easier than we'd beat WVU)

Anonymous said...

One of the guys is Scott Wolf that does a USC blog and he has the audacity to put WVU in front of USC and has the whole year. I think that he also writes for the LA daily news. He deservedly catches hell on the USC forum daily for his votes.

Anonymous said...

Sure WVU has been over hyped all season, but I don't think you can say the same for Louisville. They've looked impressive all year. Bobby Petrino is a great coach. And don't forget they're undefeated after losing All American candidate and legitimate Heisman contender Michael Bush in the first game. They were also without their QB for 2 games. You think UM would still be undefeated if they had to play two games with both Hart and Henne out? We'd have probably lost to Central and Vandy with both those guys out. Louisville is a good team and is going to be one of national prominence for years to come -- as long as Petrino stays.

Yost said...


I actually respect Louisville for just the reasons you said -- they scheduled Miami and KSU, at a time when they had no idea these would be off years for them. Unlike WVU and that E. Wash. BS.

Anonymous said...

A team like Louisville has nothing to lose for scheduling programs like FSU and the U and everyhting to gain, so why wouldn't they? Hell, even a loss by Louisville to those programs is stil a boost to their own program because of almost guaranteed TV coverage. I wish folks would stop giving them credit for scheduling big teams. They wouldn't be ranked if they didn't, but they don't necessarily justify their current ranking by beating those big programs when those big programs are having god-awful seasons. Lousiville playing the OSU/Michigan winner would be bullshit. They need to earn their spot in line first. Defeating way-over rated WVU and Rutgers along the way is not enough. Let them run a gauntlet of 4-5 top 15 teams and 2-3 other top 25 teams first like the one loss SEC teams do before they make a claim.

Quiet Storm said...

You know they're going to vote for Notre Dame now right?

Anonymous said...

BOOOOOOOOOM http://www.insidesocal.com/usc/archives/2006/10/the_top_25_6.html
caught red handed

Anonymous said...

I think you all make really valid points about Louisville and I don't think anyone is bashing them as much as they are the 2 voters who voted for WVU as #1. I agree that Louisville has done everything the right way.

However, after seeing both teams this year and last night, I am confident that OSU and Michigan would win by 3 touchdowns in a National Championship game.

So L-ville deserves that #3 spot for sure, but I can't see how any AP voter could possibly not give their 1st vote to OSU or Michigan.

matsut said...

I'll guess that those two WVU voters stop the contrarian bullshit and give them to either OSU or UM; probably OSU.

That game was great fun to watch, and Brohm's one hell of a player.

Pat White? Warrior.

Steve Slaton? Pussy. He should have been agitating like T.O. or Keyshawn: "I've got a RIGHT hand, fuckers, put me back in!", and instead he wandered around the sidelines shaking his head and flexing his tingly hand while his team struggled and died on the field, and then he came back in when it was too late to make a difference in their fate. That was their whole season. PUSSY. For fuck's sake, Bobby Carpenter was WEEPING on the sidelines after he broke his leg vs. Michigan last year, he wanted to be on the field so bad.

guthrie said...

I'm pretty sure one of the guys voting WVU number one in the AP was Chris Dufresne at the LA Times. He puts his rankings in the Times every week and I would imagine he's got an AP vote.

What's weird is that his reason for having them number one, as far as I can understand, is that he believed they were most likely to run the table and end up in the championship. Huh? Not because you're the best team but because you've got the best shot of being undefeated? Whatever.

Yost said...


I emailed him and he was nice enough to email back -- he does not have an AP, but merely puts up his ballot in the Times.