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Monday, November 13, 2006

Threat Level: Scarlet

You know it's bad for U-M fans going to Ohio for the big game Saturday when a mainstream newspaper like the Detroit Free Press is warning folks about driving a car with Michigan plates in Columbus.

How sad is it that going to Columbus for a college football game comes with its own travel advisory like the State Department issues for places like the Congo, Burundi and East Timor.


Anonymous said...

I have a feeling a lot of people are going to be injured after Saturday's game, no matter which team wins.

That's just messed up.

Anonymous said...

Waaaaahhh! Us UM fans are civilized...OSU fans are savages...blah, blah, blah.

"Nothing happens to me at Michigan games...only when I go to OSU do I get yelled at at things thrown at me!!!"

Here's an experiment for you Yost...why don't you wear and OSU jersey into the big house next year and see how civilized and polite your own fans are.

Its easy to not see what your own fans do when you're on their side. Stop crying and implying UM is above human behavior that happens at every school.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:33am

It doesn't change the fact that Columbus has been declared a war zone by just about the entire world. The stores had to be prohibited from selling beer in glass bottles. Did you see the video published by the Dispatch before, during and after the 2002 game? Why is it universally recognized that Tosu fans are the worst damn fans in the land? Only in Columbus they do it, and you know why?

Because your fan behavior is simply intolerable. And I'm trying to put it nicely just so you can understand it. No need to lecture Michigan fans on fan behavior, that's like comparing the size of Pluto to Jupiter. Fucking retards. By the way, ask other fans, not just Michigan fans. I think Texas fans have things to add to the discussion.

MGOBLUE94 said...

Just try living in the state down south. I moved here 3 years ago from Denver (Wings fan in Avs territory). They try to brainwash my children in school ... thankfully my 3yr old and 6yr old know the Victors!

I had a 7 Year old boy with a trucker's mouth try to lay down the smack when he saw my michigan garb on. That isn't just one instance either.

Don't dare flying your flag on your house, or fly one from your car, or place those Michigan car magnets on, or even have off color vehicle with just license plate frame.

DevilGrad said...

Memo to Buckstaches:

Everyone else does NOT do it. Find a different argument, shape the fuck up, and try cheering for your team in a manner that doesn't make you look like a Shiite militia.

Thanks in advance,

js said...

Anon 1:33 AM,

Why don't you wear a Michigan jersey to the game this year? I hope your limbs will still be intact after that.

Andy said...

Stop crying and implying UM is above human behavior that happens at every school.

This may be the best line I have read from a buckeye fan regarding fan behavior. Human behavior ? Please.

GiantWolverine said...

See js, that's the kind of talk that just isn't needed. Why do tOSU fans feel obligated to threaten bodily harm to Michigan people? Jealous? Maybe it's just a common practice by Columbusites as a whole. After all, some lunatic from that town took Dimebag Darrell's life.

GiantWolverine said...

Why do tOSU fans have to threaten bodily harm to Michigan fans? That just ridiculous. It's a game. If you win, be a gracious winner. If you lose, show some class. I'm not surprised by this though. Columbus is a city full of lunatics with rage problems. After all, one of them took the life of Dimebag Darrell.

GiantWolverine said...

sorry for the "somewhat" duplicate post guys. I got an error and it appeared that my 1st post didn't go through.

Anonymous said...

This a whole lotta crap! The same statement can be made about OSU fans with OSU vanity plates driving to Detroit. I have attended 3 OSU/Meetchicken game in Ann Arbor and got hot coffee thrown at us, beer bottles smashed at my parked car, people blocking entrance ways not letting us walk to and from the toilet bowl stadium. The fans resemble the coach, a whole lot of crying and complaining.

Screw the BLUE !

Yost said...


JS wasn't threatening, he was telling that Anon to do what he was telling me to do -- As a Buck fan, wear Michigan garb Saturday and see what it's like.

Anonymous said...


i'm sure the people at your kids' school were trying to "brainwash" them to be buckeye fans so they wouldn't have to ride the short bus to and from school anymore.

surrounded in columbus said...

two thoughts-

first, this string demonstrates one of the real, significant differences between the two fan bases- if a tosu fan posts a story bemoaning ill treatment at the hands of michigan fans, you don't have droves of the michigan faithful lining up to defend it, deny it, or somehow try to convince you that you "deserved" it. we may have fans who behave badly, but we don't have any that defend it.

second, this could be the best year ever for a michigan fan to attend the game here. tosu's administration (if not its fans) was truly embarrassed by the negative press they got last year after the UT game. this was further amplified by the very positive press UT got after this year's game. tosu has really put some effort into avoiding any more post game debacles, and there is every indication that police/security presence they plan for crowd control this saturday will be nothing short of draconian.

beast in 'bama said...


LOL on the "Warning to Tourists" sign. Reminds me of a small town in northeast Alabama.

I'd love to know where that's from.

MGoBlue93 said...

TO: all the anon's implying that because the buckstache dregs of humanity dish it out in C-bus then the folks in A2 simply must do the same too...

Sorry... that dog won't hunt! That's your best take? Pluuuhhhheaze! For starters, the U of M administration has never had to hire a film crew to tape fans's behavior at a game. How many vids U of M fans pissing on Buckstache fans can be found on YouTube. U of M isn't asking ESPN's GameDay to stay away on the day of The Game. U of M alumni has not had to form a "sportsmanship council". Ann Arbor is still selling bottled beer this week... I could go on and on.

MGoBlue94, I feel your pain... I’m in Colorado Springs... the funny thing is, it's usually the Evangelicals (Ted Haggard and Focus on the Family clones) who flip you off, vandalize your car, and scream Red Wings Suck down in this part of the state!

Steve from F-Town said...

"Here's an experiment for you Yost...why don't you wear and OSU jersey into the big house next year and see how civilized and polite your own fans are."

I stood right next to 3 OSU students wearing Smith and Ginn jerseys in the Big House last year in the lower half of the student section. Following the game, we all shook their hands, congratulated them, and wished them a safe drive home.

Stfu, please.

TitleIX said...

Have your cameras ready folks...
all those heading into the war zone feel free to document the "love" the wonderful fans of C-bus bestow on you....

facts is facts

Eric S. said...

Two things:

#1 to Surrounded in Columbus - Thanks for noticing. It's not only the administration. The vast majority of fans feel the same way.

#2 - That wasn't a hired TV crew to document the gameday atmosphere in 2002. That was the recently passed away VP of Student Affairs Bill Hall, and he did it to change the atmosphere in Columbus. Has it changed since 2002? Absolutely. If you think otherwise, you're wrong.

Anonymous said...

I undertook Anon 1:33 a.m.'s experiment a few years ago -- as a result of a lost wager, I was forced to wear an Ohio State jersey to an OSU/Mich game in Ann Arbor. A Michigan fan a few rows behind me kept tapping me on the shoulder whenever UM had a good play. It was annoying, but I survived.

Interestingly, I did catch a bit of hell from an OSU fan who found out that I was actually a Michigan fan in disguise. Luckily, he was extremely drunk, eventually vomited in the aisle, and was escorted elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

My sister, a current UM student, just forwarded me an email from the student assembly and alumni association re: the official Michigan tailgate in Columbus. It included some of the same "warnings." No joke.

* * * * *

"...We know that it can be uncomfortable being in an opposing team's environment, especially when the stakes are so high. We would like to offer a few suggestions in order to help you stay safe and have a positive experience this weekend:

--Try carpooling to the game; if possible, drive a car with non-
Michigan license plates.

--Keep your Michigan gear to a minimum, or wait until you are
inside the stadium to display it.

--Stay with a group.

--Know and obey the laws regarding alcohol use.

--If you are of legal age to drink, use alcohol in moderation.
Stay in the blue.

--Stay low-key; don't draw unnecessary attention to yourself.

--If verbally harrassed by opposing fans, don't take the bait.

--Avoid High Street in Columbus.

If at any time you feel unsafe, you should call 9-1-1 for assistance. U-M campus police also will be available in Columbus to support our fans. You may call them with non-emergency concerns at (734) 216-9159."

Anonymous said...

You know it's bad when U of M has to bring its own police force to protect its fans. I'm a Michigan student and got the same e-mail, and quite frankly, it's absurd that an e-mail like that should even have to be sent. Good job, Columbus; you continue to be the class of the NCAA football,

Me said...

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