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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thanks for Listening

Thanks to all who joined Benny and I, along with a few special guests (including ESPN Dream Job finalist Grant Thompson), while we hosted our live Internet show, COLLEGE FOOTBALL AMERICA, on NowInLA.

If you want to participate in the future, check out NowInLA to register (it's free). That way you can comment live as well as upload pix and video.

Also, if you have any good stuff from last weekend, don't forget you can share the pictures and clips live as the show happens. We'd especially like to get some Michigan and Ohio State students with video/camera cell phones so we can do live "before the storm" reports from each campus. Let us know before our next show.

Thanks again to all those who participated and listened.


Anonymous said...

If I ever see this at a game, I am going to start smacking people...


to be fair - the crowd did seem to get loud during the broadcast... but the keys are just lame

goblue85 said...

Yost and company,

Great site keep up all the good work. Good luck to your up and coming college football america show. and of course.... GO BLUE!!!!!

Yost said...

Thanks, 85.

Yost said...

PS Thanks for that pic, Anon.

Anonymous said...

Nice pic, and correct me if I'm wrong, but the students/fans with the keys are clearly not also shouting at the top of their lungs. They also don't look like they'll be hoarse from shouting on Sunday morning either. But it's the design of the stadium, right?

Anonymous said...


Any comments on Arrington's hearing getting moved to three days before The Game! will be hard to keep him in the game if anything bad comes out.

i still predict it will all be swept under the rug internally.

Anonymous said...


Not sure if you have seen this excerpt from a new book on Tom Brady but if you follow the link to about 2/3 down you'll read this little tidbit:

"This is the journey Tom Brady has taken on. It began in a family wherein the spirit and documents of the Second Vatican Council mean as much to his development as any playbook. It moved along to college, where the whims of incompetent coaching nearly brought it to an end..."

Truer words have never been spoken.

Scott Boswell said...

Thanks for hosting us Yost. Look forward to next week's show.

Scott and the Dallas Sports Powerhouse team

CaptainMarvel said...

Great Show!

dkneebone said...

Great show guys. I had alot of fun. Hope to listen next week.

Yost said...

Thanks for listening, everyone. Much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Is this show going to be archived? It's hard for me to listen at that usual time.