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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Squealing Like Piggies

Yesterday, Yost mentioned the impressive season of the Arkansas Razorbacks. I was glad to see that because Arkansas deserves praise for its strong start and merits attention as a possible championship game finalist.

Here are a few reasons to shout "Sooooo-eeeeeee!!!!"

* Let's look at their performance on the field. Yes, they were eviscerated at home by USC in the first week, 50-14. But USC is a legitimate Top Ten team and Arkansas hasn't lost since. Included among these eight consecutive wins is a 27-10 shellacking at Auburn (yet--though they share the same record--the Razorbacks are ranked five spots behind the Tigers in the BCS. What a fanstastic system.)

Arkansas does have two tough games remaining--home vs. Tennessee (Nov. 11) and home vs. LSU (Nov. 24). They also play at Mississippi State. If they win these three games and face Florida in the SEC title game, and should they win that game (and I realize I've gotten into a lot of "ifs"), how could they be denied the chance to face the M-tOSU winner, unless USC goes 11-1?

The Razorbacks would have one early season loss to a very good team and wins over LSU, Florida, Auburn, and Tennessee. An 11-1 Notre Dame team would only have one comparable win (USC), as would 11-1 Cal (USC). Texas could possibly claim two (Oklahoma, Nebraska-A&M-and probably Nebraska again count for one). As for an undefeated Louisville? Come on! West Virginia and Rutgers don't come close to stacking up to the SEC foes beaten by Arkansas in this scenario.

* As I have expressed previously on this blog, Arkansas has way-underrated helmets. I stand by my claim that their headgear is top-5 material.

* Earlier this week, Arkansas coach Houston Nutt said that Casey Dick would take over as the team's starting quarterback. This Nutt-Dick pairing has to be the most hilariously homoerotic match in college football since coach Jerry Scrotum and quarterback Teddy Schlong led East Carolina to a Tangerine Bowl win in 1964.


beast in bama said...

I doubt the Hogs will make it through Tennessee, Mississippi St., LSU AND Florida unscathed, but with Houston Nutt, you never know.

He is hands down the most entertaining coach to watch during a game - pro or college. His ADD is off the charts, and he has a whole section of his playbook specially designed for midgets (Auburn could tell you about THIS year's midget play).

We have a lot of fun with Houston down here, but when his job is on the line he always produces a stellar season like this one to keep De Fuhrer (Frank Broyles) happy enough to keep him around. He is truly the Voodoo Witch Doctor of College Football.

And the whole Nutt/Dick combo is probably just Houston's way of fucking with everybody. He might have had the kid change his name just for yucks.

Other Andrew said...

Certainly Arkansas deserves some credit. But why does everyone seem to forget their game vs. Alabama? If the 'Bama kicker didn't have one of the worst performances I've ever seen, that's a Hogs loss. Yes, they escaped, but they absolutely didn't deserve to win the game. I realize they've improved, but to me, that kind of keeps them towards the bottom of the top ten, rather than the top.

Anonymous said...

They also have a QB named Johnson, I think it was last year Nutt yanked Johnson in favor of Dick.

Anonymous said...

And don't forget they played the Cocks last week.

Anonymous said...

If Ark-and-sauce wins out they should be right with with all the other 1 loss programs bleading there case for a shot, that is of course the scarlet knights can upset the louis Armstrong Cards

Anonymous said...

the bama game was a win you cant penalize them for that

Anonymous said...

The hogs got on track when their new offensive coordinator went to A2 to learn U of M's offense.

Now, if they could learn the defense as well, they might be on to something.

Still wearing a grin on my face from the bowl victory over Arkansas a few years back. I got tired of hearing how they would destroy Michigan.

Scott Boswell said...

Oh, to be at College Gameday in Fayetville...

Anonymous said...

The Bama game was close because Bama actually has a talented team this year. The close losses have slowly demoralized the team. Bama had Florida on the ropes (in Gainesville) and had Tenn beat...but then fell apart at the end of both.
The other thing to remember about the Hogs agains USC is that McFadden was hurt. Take him off the team even today and they would be at the bottom of the SEC

Scalzi said...

What if Tenn puts Jim Bob Cooter in ? Dick vs. Cooter ?
And if Arkansas plays USc in a bowl ?
Dick vs. Booty ?

beast in 'bama said...

Throw in Pete Carroll in his Halloween costume, and that's a party I don't want to be within 5,000 miles of!

TitleIX said...

that may not be far enough, given the picture.....

Scott in Columbus said...

I wonder how the Razorbacks would do in an 8-team NC playoff.I suspect that they would pull off an upset. ---But they would have to make the final 8.