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Monday, November 13, 2006

The Smartest Man in America?

John Giglio, who covers ACC football for the Raleigh (N.C.) News and Observer voted Michigan #1 in his AP ballot. Ohio State got the other 64 votes.

Michigan also got a lone first place vote in the Coaches' Poll. But individual ballots are not revealed during the regular season. Thus, there is no word if the vote was from UT coach Phil Fulmer who, thinking Lloyd Carr might retire after this season, was trying to make up for '97.


Anonymous said...

Nebraska would have destroyed your weak team in 97. Feel lucky you played and mightily struggled against ryan leaf led washington state!!!

Nebraska beats 97 Michi by 20.

No contest.

Neb should have won both polls.

Andy said...


You are an idiot.

Regards, Charles Woodson, Ian Gold and Dhani Jones.

Anonymous said...

Do you think the lone Coaches poll vote came from IU's coach? He made some suspect comments about it after the game Saturday.

Anonymous said...

tressel gave that first place vote to michigan

Anonymous said...

I didn't want us to be ranked #1 leading up to this week. I want there to be pressure on the team to prove that it is #1 by knocking off Ohio State.

In my own ranking (I'm a nerd, but everyone procrastinates), I would have Wake Forest in the top 10. They beat BC and did the amazing in Tallahassee, even if FSU is pretty bad this year. But beating them 30-0 at FSU is no easy feat. Besides, WF has played more difficult opponents than WVU.

Jeremy said...

Really, anon?

Which unranked team did Michigan have to beat -- in overtime -- by cheating?

OSU22UM6 said...

NEB '97, though talented, was not as good as NEB '99. FSU may well have been the best team that season, yet their last regular season game took place in Gainesville--death sentence from '94-'99. One of the two greatest games ever played at the Swamp. Wadsworth and Cowart were outdone by Taylor and Green, sensational game. It is fine for people to question the pass interference call against MIA in OT, but the BLOWN holding call, on OSU's last third down of regulation was terrible. OSU deserved a first down, and MIA deserved the ball on their own ten with a minute to play, trailing 17-14.

Still, that '97 NEB team ran for 200 yards in a single QUARTER against a one-loss SEC champion, UM would not have slowed them down enough, I'll say '97 NEB by ten.

Andy said...

Even Buckeye fans know that Michigan got screwed in the coaches poll in 1997. They were clearly the best team in the country. It's just fun to remind the UMers that they were co-champs.

Anonymous said...

I always think it's funny when OH St fans get their kicks by reminding us that our '97 Championship is shared... considering that the '97 shared championship was what finally forced the NCAA to play #1 vs #2... so, if it weren't for OUR shared championship in '97, you'd be looking at your OWN shared championship in '02 because OH St would never have played Miami otherwise

Yost said...

So true, Andy. LOL. It's always a poke that can raise our hackles.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for admitting it : )

So many UM fans claim they're over it but you can tell that their blood starts to boil just by looking at them after you bring it up.

Andy said...

Never has a team been ranked #1 in both polls heading into their bowl game WON that bowl game and moved down. Highway robbery.

I wouldn't piss on Phil Fulmer if he was on fire...

srudoff said...


It happened 2 years ago! "Never!"

USC rated #1 in both polls going into the bowls - didn't get to play in the championship because of their computer rating. LSU beat Oklahoma in the BCS championship game and jumped USC (who beat UM in their bowl)in one poll while USC remained #1 in the other.

Please try to at least look stuff up before spouting hyperbole

surrounded in columbus said...

"look stuff up"?

tosu fans go around distorting, lying, or plain out ignoring all the "stuff" on ncaa investigations, arrest records, and players' infractions w/ a tunnel vision normally seen only in holocaust deniers, and you say "look stuff up"???

now that's funny.

and before you, like pavlov's dog, drag out the fab five scandal, see your own previous comments in another string on the concept of "topical". that was pretty funny too.

Andy said...

Srudoff: Clearly you understand that 1997 Tom Osborne retirement gift happened prior to the USC/LSU BCS fiasco?

Therefore, my statement "never" in the context of 1997 is correct.

Are you going to spend the entire week starting idiotic fights on MZone?

Beaker said...

I'm embarassed by the Nebraska fan, especially being anonymous. We're not all like that.

It's not clear who the best team was because they never played. Maybe the best thing about '97 was it was maybe the straw that broke the logjam keeping Pac10/Big10 teams from participating in championship games.

Too bad, It woulda been a helluva game

Andy said...

Beaker: Once again you are my favorite muppet.

BTW, I went the Nebraska v. Texas A&M on saturday afternoon. You guys once again proved to me that it is possible for an top college team wearing red to have great fans. I did not see one husker fan before or after the exciting game acting like an idiot.

Congrats. Good luck against the Longhorns in the Big12 title game.

MGoBlue93 said...

andy 7:37 PM... hear hear!

I couple of years ago, I had to drive a friend's car back from Omaha to where we live in Colorado. I stopped at some truck stop in the panhandle of Nebraska for a bite to eat.

The place was packed and about 40 minutes into my stay, a bunch of older guys came over to my table and asked me if that was my car out there with Colorado tags on.

I replied, "yes"... and one of the guys started off by saying, "well, let me tell you about the Huskers this year." This was the summer after the season when NU lost their last two games by 99 points and lost to CU. I guess the CU/NU game is a pretty big deal in this part of the country.

So these fellas came over to my table just to talk about college ball. It was pretty cool. They were definitely proud of the Huskers and I guess just wanted to chat with a stranger -- especially one who may be affiliated with "that other team."

At no time was an f-bomb or a beer bottle lobbed my way. My car wasn't vandalized, I wasn't told to avoid certian parts of town, and nobody urinated on me nor my property.

I do feel for Nebraskans though... NU football is the only sports outlet that entire state has.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

His name is Joe Giglio not John.... glad to see you learned how to read...