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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Say it isn't so, Michigan fans!

So early in the Michigan-OSU game, on one of the Bucks' first drives, Benny and I look over...and actually see some Michigan fans jangling their keys. We just shook our heads (but not our keys).

Well, we thought that was bad until we got this email from Mike in Los Angeles:

I'm writing to tell you that I was watching the game at Hollywood Billiards, which is where the UM Alumni Club in LA watches the games. There must have been at least 700 Michigan fans there, it was a great turnout and a fun time (except for the 2+ hour wait to get a beer from a waitress). However, I thought you'd be interested to hear that on 3rd downs, people actually jangled their keys INSIDE THE BAR. I know that being loud inside a bar doesn't exactly help the team, but it was still pretty infuriating to hear a bunch of keys jangling instead of clapping and/or yelling. I guess most of these people haven't read your blog yet.

Ok, now that's scary.


theweiler said...

That shit would never have happened at Gotham Hall.

Anonymous said...

Same thing happened here in atlanta. we went to The Line @ 285, a um alumni club bar. there was probably 300+ people, most of us standing since there wasnt enough tables. But alot of people pulled out their keys on 3rd down (even on offense???), which made me think of the mzone lol. but it was fun and just like being at the game with everyone screaming and making noise (take notes big house spectators).

Q1Go said...

Ok, don't all yell at me at once, but I've always enjoyed the key thing, and here's why: I never thought it was about noise. I always thought it (and the ohhhhhhhhh that goes along with it) were about luck, like rubbing a rabbit's foot or something. We're sending good vibes to our defense at an important time. If you had witnessed the bar I was at in NYC, you wouldn't worry about us not being noisy enough. Ever.

CrimeNotes said...

People shake their keys at bars in New York. I have no problem with key-shaking, even though I don't do it myself. What I do have a problem with is people shaking their keys at the wrong times, like on third down when it's clear that we're going to have to defend on a fourth down.

Break of Dawn said...

I too was at Hollywood Billiards this past Saturday, but did not have possession of my keys to jangle as I'd given them to the valet on my way in. That I am all but forced to use valet parking to go to a sports bar on a Saturday morning, is another issue entirely. I make mention only as an example of a...SOLUTION: to eradicate, or at least minimize, the jangling of keys at Michigan Stadium (and at road venues across the Big Ten for that matter) simply provide valet parking.

Mwolv said...

I was at Fox and Hound in Dallas, where some thing of the order of 300-400 michigan fans showed up. As much as I agree with you about the key thing, I dont really think that stopped people from making noise and clapping. I mean people were doing the key shaking, but also jumping up and down, screaming their heads off. Yost - Just stick to making it loud. I (and it seems a lot out there) have no problem with the key shaking.

Anonymous said...

That is hysterical!!!!

I totally did not know what you were getting it when I first read your post. Why would Michigan fans do that? Jangling your keys? What could that possibly accomplish?

After searching your blob I found your article explaining the "key plays". I have to admit, I went to The Game in A2 last year and I thought the silence was a result of OSU stealing UM's momentum, not a noise impediment.

Oh that is so precious. I'm in tears, no joke, tears are streaming down my face from the laughter.

Since you came down to our house for the game this year you can tell all your Michigan buddies what real a stadium filled with real fans is supposed to sound like on game day. I think I got my voice back on Tuesday.

Go Bucks!!!

harry hasselhoff said...

Same thing at Park Avenue Country Club in Manhattan, the official NYC Michigan bar. Probably 500 or 750 M fans and everyone had their damn keys out on 3rd down. But then again, nobody on the team could hear the keys all the way in New York.

Comment from watching the game at the bar that I filed under "Never thought I'd hear that!" came from my friend who went to Pitt when he said, "man, I should've gone to Michigan, the Michigan chicks at this bar are smokin' hot!"

Anonymous said...

Me and my buddies tried starting a new tradition on 3rd downs in the student section. After every season it would pick up, but never had the momentum. It's simple, so if you like it, maybe we can get it going. It goes...3 quick claps (representing the down), followed by 3 quick kicks (what we want to happen on the next down) repeat those steps and then clap and yell after the second set of kicks. Simple and wonderful. Do it.