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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Our New Favorite Ohio Band

In our thread about Bo's passing last Friday, we got a very classy comment from the Columbus-based punk rock group The Dead Schembechlers who said the following:

BO SCHEMBECHLER: OSU'S MOST VALIANT FOE: The band is crushed to learn of the death of Bo Schembechler. We named this band after Coach Schembechler to honor him as the face of Wolverine football. We have never wished ill will upon him in any way and have always wished him the best. When we learned that Bo had seen our web site and was amused by it we were delighted. We were simply delighted. He said to those with him as he read it, "See, I still matter in Columbus!" That may have been the greatest understatement in football history. We believe that he took the band's name as the compliment that it was meant as and that he was flattered by it. We wish to extend our deepest and most heartfelt sympathies to his family. We are truly sorry for their loss.

In addition, in the wake of Bo's death, the band has decided to disband with their appearance at last Friday's "Hate Michigan Rally" their last. They also vowed to donate all proceeds from the show to a charity chosen by the Schembechler family.

Our very best to the band in whatever future musical endeavors they pursue.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of bands, what did the UM fans think of Ohio State's marching band halftime show?

Yost said...

I thought it was absolutely amazing. Really impressive.

Anonymous said...

I saw this comment shortly after hearing of Bo's death. Very class in deed. Rather than disband, maybe a name change, perhaps "The Carrs" in keeping with similiar band naming.

Anonymous said...

That would be the "Used Cars".

jeremy said...

I thought it was cooler when the MMB did the same thing in 1998.


Anonymous said...

I read the article in your link. Am I missing something? It is just a general discussion of the UofM band.

Anonymous said...

Details on the halftime show? What did they do?

Anonymous said...

I posted the comment and link from the Dead Schembechlers -- they did not send it over.

After I heard about Bo passing I went to their site (before it crashed) to see if they had any reaction or comments (to be honest I was expecting something rude).

I cut and pasted the paragraph. I thought other M fans would like to see it.

You Know This said...

Did the UofM show in 98 have the boat sink in the ocean? I know they didn't have the 'Pirates' or 'LOTR' shows for obvious reasons. The E.T. one was a thing of beauty, and oh, how the nerds cheered on Darth, Yoda, and the X-wing! haha Truly shows why they are The Best Damn Band In The Land!!

You Know This said...


Best i could find, cuts out before the finale when people really started going nuts

jeremy said...

I was referring to the following passage, Anon 7:19--

"Hey, I dislike "Titanic" as much as the next guy, but that whole thing with the band members grouping in the shape of that old sunken ship, complete with the fire extinguishers for steam, was quite creative and entertaining, and very cool. And to think: I was starting to worry that band members had fire extinguishers out there in case a tuba exploded or something."

You Know This said...

I know, i was just asking if they did the sinking too?

Jeremy said...

Oh, sorry. Yes, they did. The breaking and sinking; the whole mess. It was a legendary show for years (arguably only topped by 2005's Monty Python show).

Honestly, though, I hope it has the same effect for OSU crowds it did for UM ones -- it got them to pay attention during halftime and realize the importance of the pageantry and tradition of Big Ten marching bands.

Katie said...

Truly a class act of this band. I wish them the best of luck in their future pursuits.

As for marching bands, halftime is always icing on the cake for me at a game, although I would have liked to see the Ohio State's Band half time show, I fear that I wouldn't live to see tomorrow if I went to Columbus!

Anonymous said...

As a Michigan fan I was truly blown away by the performance great job tOSU it was very entertaining. Next time I'd like to actually hear the MMB without all the boos lol. Great job though.