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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

One tOSU Group We're Cheering For

We've given a lot of crap to tOSU fans for their behavior in the past. Particularly when Michigan visits. And it's well-deserved. Even blogs that are on neither side of this rivalry have made fun of previous acts of Buckeye fans. This reputation is well-earned and well-known.

But there may be a light at the end of the scarlet and gray tunnel. First the university administration recognizes that there's a problem. They know that should there be ugly incidents this weekend - with the entire sports world watching - it could gravely harm tOSU's reputation as a university. Second, some of the fans realize there's a problem and are actually doing something about it.

The Ohio State Sportsmanship Council is trying to show that Buckeye fans are the Best Fans In The Land. And the best fans don't throw beer bottles at opposing fans. The council is attempting to get Ohio State fans to cheer for their team instead of demeaning the opponent and is welcoming visiting Wolverine fans to do the same. Even if it's not an overwhelming success, at least it's a start. Click on the picture to see a large version so you can read the text.

And we would be remiss if we didn't mention all the great - yes, I said great - tOSU fans who have e-mailed us over the past few weeks, expressing regret for some of the experiences we've had in Columbus in the past, and inviting us for a beer, a burger, and even a place to stay for this weekend's visit. As long as these invites weren't just a setup to kick our ass in person, we'd like to say thanks.

UPDATE: Thanks to SH, who forwarded us this e-mail yesterday from tOSU Vice President of Student Affairs, Richard A. Hollingsworth. Let's hope it works.

Nov. 14, 2006
TO: Ohio State University students
FROM: Richard A. Hollingsworth, Vice President for Student Affairs

What an exciting time to be a Buckeye! Even if you're "just not that
into football," you have to know that Saturday's Ohio State-Michigan
match is a very special game. And, if you are a fan, well, it doesn't get
any better than this, does it?

I'm writing to urge you all to make sure it is a great weekend for you,
regardless of what the final score is. I don't think most of you need
another reminder to obey the law, party responsibly, and show good
sportsmanship. You're already on board with that. But, given the
stakes, I'm going to go on the record, just so everyone understands.

No amount of hype and excitement excuses violence or endangering
your own or others' safety. Any student who is arrested for a crime that
involves endangering people or property will find himself or herself on
immediate interim suspension from the university - which could ruin a
whole quarter's worth of academic progress, at a minimum. Under this
heading come such acts as throwing objects, setting fires, disorderly
conduct, vandalizing cars, assaults, rioting, resisting arrest, and
impeding safety officials in their duties. Students who host parties that
get out of control, who are bystanders at a disturbance (there are no
innocent bystanders), who encourage others to be disruptive, or who
fail to control their guests will also be immediately suspended. The risk
to your academic progress is real - eight students were expelled for
their actions in the 2002 riots following the Michigan game, and there
would have been more had the police been as prepared as they will be
this year.

Police will be enforcing the laws on and off campus, including those
restricting alcohol use. Columbus safety officials have told me that
there will be many undercover officers as well as those in uniform. This
is not the weekend to press your luck with law enforcement. Violators
may face arrest and jail time. If you drink, do so legally and
responsibly. For a refresher on party guidelines and state laws, go to
http://studentaffairs.osu.edu and click on the links in the Celebrate Like
Champs feature.

I hate to keep harping on the serious consequences of misbehavior
because I have faith that if you choose to participate in celebrations this
weekend, you will party hard but party safely. After all, you are
members of the best and brightest classes in Ohio State history - surely
too smart to ruin a great time with stupid decisions. For more thoughts
on the difference between celebrating with class and intelligence and
acting like an idiot, see my column in Wednesday's Lantern. I call it
Fan vs. Jerk.

The eyes of the nation are on us. It's a great opportunity to celebrate
with class and show everyone that Ohio State has the Best Fans in the


Matt said...

Matt: Buckeye fan, OSU student

If I see you (a Michigan fan) in Columbus Saturday I will wish you luck, shake your hand, and give you a "Go Bucks" to which you will respond, "Go Blue."

Don't get me wrong, I hate Michigan. But that's only because I love Ohio State so much. I hate Michigan, but I respect you.

Good luck Saturday, Go Bucks.

Anonymous said...

Again, the same people that are Detroit sports fans, some of the nastiest, most brutal fans on the planet, are the ones getting pretentious about fan behavior. Hilarious.

Yost said...

Once again Anon, hear no evil, see no evil. You're right. Columbus doesn't have a bad reputation at all. I guess you have no idea why groups like this are being formed, huh?

matsut said...

I've complained about this sort of thing before, but it really took this post, Yost, to crystallize exactly what I think is the problem here.

The very first act you cite on behalf of the OSU fans you classify as "great" - a qualifier for the description, it would seem - is that they expressed their "regret" for others' bad behavior.

This isn't a qualifier for a tolerable version of OSU-fanhood; it's a qualifier for a decent human being. You wouldn't bring it up in this context unless you really in your heart of hearts were tarring all OSU fans with the same brush, and that's just foolish.

It shouldn't take such validation for you to be able to understand that most of the people who share the fan affiliation with those who have (as we have heard ad nauseum) so grieviously injured, assaulted, and threatened you in the past are not, in fact, accessories to those crimes.

Like I said: when you talk about "great" Buckeye fans and first of all cite their sorrow for your personal harms...well, pardon me, Freud, but you're showing some pretty nasty psychic bruises there.

matsut said...

To be clear: I'm NOT offering any sort of justification for assholery. I'm commenting on an apparent paranoia (lite version) about one very particular version of assholery.

Yost said...

The only bruises I have, M, is from the shit that was thrown at me in Columbus. Instead of analyzing me or all the other legions of college football fans from A2 to Austin who complain about this behavior when they've been in Columbus, instead just try to stop it when you see it happening Saturday.

And I'm not talking about rolling out a welcome matt, but sticking up for basic civility that doesn't include hurled F-bombs at anybody not wearing red.

Anonymous said...

alot of tOSU fans seem to be confused. I am completely prepared to be verbally assualted to the fullest extent when I travel to Columbus this weekend. The only thing i will have a problem with is anyone that engages in physical contact with me, my property, or my family. Other than that get shit faced, yell, and hate michigan all you want...

MGOBLUE94 said...

What do OSU grads and Michigan grads have in common?


They both applied to MICHIGAN!!


Crabapple Buck said...

Yost, I'll be there as always. I tend to stay away from the fray at Hineygate where problems seem to gestate. If this is the week you picked to drink alot at a tailgate, I believe you may have picked the wrong week. I expect a very heavy presence from the gendarmes, which I have no problem with, and should keep a lid on assholery. I will personally be watching the people around my seat in 6B, which is close to the UM visitor section. If I see anybody throw stuff or act in an unsportsmanlike manner, they can expect to be pointed out and turned in for an escort from the stadium or at the least told to act like a responsible adult.

I hope you have a great time in spite of the loss to us since you will have a long drive home. Maybe we can have another picture of the UM players with roses in their mouths after the game, that would be nice! One more thing, don't expect Troy Smith to pose like that marble mouthed jackoff Desmond Howard. He has more respect for the trophy than that. We have a lot of winning to do to make up for 'the Cooper years'. I think LLLLoyd may pull a sphincter before this game is over.

Anonymous said...

As a Buckeye fan, I am grateful that the University is finally cracking down on this type of behavior. I have been to many OSU football games over the last 25 years and I can honestly say that things started to get really bad when Cooper took over as coach. His whole philosophy of coaching and recruiting was so different than Tressel's. I think there is a trickle down effect. If the players are quality, the students see that and respond to it. I don't think anyone can argue that the current OSU team has players with character and class. Anyone watch the player interviews after games or at media days? Classy. They always give credit where credit is due and rarely focus attention on themselves. They are good kids and it is beginning to make a difference in fan behavior. You are always going to have idiots who cause trouble just because they think they have an excuse to do so, but I think this year will be different. For the honor of OSU I hope it is.

JT - 4
LC - 1

Go Bucks!

kristy said...

I am all for the Maize and Blue and will never falter. I like that poster about the best fans. Both teams have huge followings and dedicated fans. Hopefully it will be a fun weekend all around, except for that osu losing thing.lol
As a side note, some of my family belong to the "dark side" (hahaha) and went to the IL.State game. My son was there and the fans from ISU were throwing F-bombs constantly and just looking for a fight while sitting in the HOME teams' seating area!!!Let's teach our youngest fans about sportsmanship and fun without stupidity! GO BLUE!!!!:)

srudoff said...


what's the difference between the Unabomber and Charles Woodson???

the Unabomber actually graduated from Michigan! (it's true!)

Notice no spelling errors when OSU sends out a note to their students???? kinda refreshing no?

finally, Yost - you ignored my bet in the other thread - you going to take me up on it?

Scott Boswell said...

I got a bottle to the back walking out of the Shoe after the Texas game last year. It was thrown from above by a guy insulting my family tree.

I had no blue on me WHAT-SO-EVER. So, you can think that Columbus has class...but it doesn't make it true. The fact that the tOSU president had to write a letter in apology for treatment should tell you something. It also means that I wasn't the only person who was mistreated.

How did I retalliate?

I invited several OSU fans to our tailgate in Austin. We talked about football, ate some BBQ and drank some beers. (Plastic bottles of course) After we lost, I told everyone that made eye contact "grats" and drove home to Dallas.

MGOBLUE94 said...


And the difference between Ted and Maurice? Maurice played at the NEW Thug o$U

Any former o$u players ever serve their country as President?

Love the rivalry!



Andy said...

Here we go...back to the elementary school playground compliments of srudoff...

[Attempting to change the tit-for-tat banter]
Scott: What type of BBQ do you serve @ your tailgate in Austin ???? I am an equal opportunity eater -- but love Rudy's and Saltlick best.

srudoff said...

good one Andy - mgloblue posted an OSU joke, i retorted with a michigan joke and i'm the one going to elementary school playground tactics!

love it!

Andy said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Andy said...

You are right... mGoBlue94 posted an OSU joke on a Michigan blog during buckeye week. Pretty outrageous behavior I must say. Unfortunately for us -- this about the 20th little tit-for-tat battle you have engaged in this week on this blog.

I love the fact you are here and active every day... but it must get a bit tiresome for you after a while. I recognize that you are a big Ohio State fan. I recognize that you are intelligent and spell with uncommon vigor. I recognize that your football team is incredible. I recognize that your school is... well... getting better. But do you honestly think that you can change the loyalties of the Michigan fans on here with all your anti-wolverine tidbits? How many times this week do you need to post the Woodson/Unabomber joke?

Given your avatar and approach to almost every post, it is hard for anyone here to take you for more than an attention seeking troll.

For the record, I silently read many buckeye blogs and resist the temptation to lash out when I don't agree with the content - maybe you can do the same ?

srudoff said...

It's all in good fun for me honestly. I don't think of it as tit for tat nor do i think i'd ever change anyone's loyalties. it's a good time to be a buckeye or wolverine fan and i'm enjoying the hell out if. i'm the kind of person that would rather try to give balance to a rivalry like this than go to a site that's one sided and just go with the herd.

i don't come here calling names or spewing hate - most of what i post is an attempt to bring humor in the spirit of this blog.

just my .02

(oh and that's only the second time i brought up the unabomber compared to the billionth time the word buckstache was mentioned here :) )

Scott Boswell said...


Saltlick and Rudy's are pretty good. I prefer Ironworks and Stubbs in the way of BBQ. I went on strike with Stubbs for hosting the Ohio St. fans...but I'll get over that :)

But, this was home cooked stuff. (Dove breasts stuffed with jalepenos and cheese wrapped with bacon, brisket, Earl Campbell hot links, etc.) We had to start marinading the night before just to get it done right.

I miss playing Arkansas because nothing is finer than a hog stuffed with veggie + Maker's Mark coming straight off the smoker. I know beef is king in Texas...but we'll make an exception when the circumstances call for it.

Andy said...

I like Ironworks for lunch when I am at the convention center. Don't really care for stubb's -- I will admit it is a good place for a concert, not so great for bbq (in my opinion). If I need to eat in that part of town, I would much rather go across the street to the Jaimes for tex/mex.

However, nothing in Austin can beat North Main BBQ in Euless, near the DFW aiport.

Anonymous said...

Some of the younger generatio fans should be reminded that Michigan and Ohio State football traditions are intertwined. The hatred exists, but so too does the mutual respect. But after this game is over, win or lose, I respect Ohio State and have always cheered them on in their bowl games. I've always wanted the Big Ten to do well.


TitleIX said...

RUDY'S or have you been holdin' out on me Andy??? ;-)

love to srudoff, tho cuz at least he is sometimes clever with his anti-M shit...
There is a very scary picture of a Buckeye fan on the cover of today's Michigan Daily....
et tu Brutus srudoff???

and--how was your trip to the courthouse?
oh wait, ESPN scooped you:
"Michigan junior wide receiver Adrian Arrington moved one step closer on Wednesday to facing trial following a misdemeanor charge of domestic violence. But the pending charge should not affect Arrington's participation in Saturday's game between the Wolverines and Ohio State.
At Arrington's pretrial hearing in Ypsilanti, Mich., on Wednesday, a new court date of Nov. 30 was set for what is called final settlement conference, according to a record in the Ypsilanti court criminal division.
Because no resolution was reached on Wednesday, Nov. 30 will be the final opportunity for a resolution or jury selection will begin on Dec. 4.
Arrington was charged following an Oct. 13 incident involving his girlfriend, Jodi Hupe. According to a police report, Arrington pulled his girlfriend from a vehicle.
"Mr. Arrington maintains he did not assault his girlfriend and more importantly, his girlfriend maintains that she was not assaulted," Arrington's attorney Chris Easthope of Ann Arbor said Wednesday.
Michigan coach Lloyd Carr has said that he does not believe the facts of the case, as he knows them, warrant suspension. The courts have said Arrington can travel to road games and home for the holidays."

NO spellchecker on ESPN.com ....

Anonymous said...

Question - Has the behavior at Ohio State football games always been this bad, or did it get bad in recent times?

Anonymous said...

la tex-The behavior started going in the cooper era, as he had little control over the kids he coached, let alone the conduct of 'fans'. The magnitude of this lack of control was felt in 2002, and Coach Tressel and the AD here have been making efforts, as you already know to clean it up. Just like any other Buckeye, I blame everything bad on Cooper ;)

Anonymous said...

A great place to find out everything you ever wanted to know about DETROIT AND MICHIGAN

Anonymous said...

As a lifelong Ohio State fan and Clevelander, it is always interesting to see fan reaction that turns itself against the opposing team.

In my view, those who focus on "hating the opponent" as opposed to "rooting for our team" are wasting their time and effort as fans and are hooligans. Plain and simple.

As a Clevelander who is also a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, pulling for your team needs to mean that the opponent shouldn't matter if you are really a fan. Your team winning is to be the focus at all times.

If you are rooting for your team in enemy territory in this day and age gratuitous verbal and even physical abuse is, sadly, par for the course.

I like that Columbus is finally recognizing and taking steps to defuse hooliganism. But as individual fans, it is up to everyone to conduct themselves with a greater degree of decorum and civility.

Go Bucks!