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Friday, November 17, 2006

Now Who Exactly Is Obsessed With Whom?

It's a general feeling among Michigan fans that tOSU is obsessed with Michigan, while Wolverine fans don't concern themselves much with the Buckeyes until the week of the big game. After all, we have major rivalries with Notre Dame and Michigan State to worry about, too.

But there have been a number of commenters at this site that contend that we must be obsessed with Ohio State since we put up posts like The Buckstache during the off season. Of course these are tOSU fans who are visiting and commenting on a Michigan blog.

But I think the question of who's obsessed more can be shown by each university's Web sites. These are actual screenshots from Tuesday night. Click on the pictures to see a bigger version. You make the call.

Michigan's official site:

Ohio State's official site:

I'm just saying...


Matt said...

Hey remember when tOSU introduced Jim Tressel at the Ohio State - Michigan basketball game back when he first got hired? Remember how he said "...you will be proud of our people... in 310 days in Ann Arbor, Michigan"?? See how he distinguished the Ohio State - Michigan game from every other game we play?? Notice how he is 4-1 against Michigan since making that statement?? I hope you guys are taking notes, unless you like that comforting feeling of defeat every November.

Brad said...

Hey Matt, here's a question: Do you think Carr said at his first public appearance 11 years ago that he would beat the Bucks? Here's a hint: no.


TitleIX said...

note the pit bull on tOSU's web site....
apparently tOSU also sponsored University events ALLLLL week in anticipation of the football game.

We are busy dealing with Prop 2, The Royal Shakespeare Company, stem-cell transplants, a national medal of arts, and Lake Erie...as well as THE Game.

'nuff said


Eric S. said...

Michigan fans bash Ohio State for caring a lot more about the rivalry than they do, but think about this, and be honest with yourself:

Do you REALLY think that this would be the #1 rivalry in the nation if our fans acted as ho-hum the rest of the season as Michigan fans? Fuck no. That's why it's such a good rivalry; you may not care, but it's on our minds about 300 days of the year. THAT'S why it's #1. Because Ohio State makes it that way.

Anonymous said...

Classic example of "what is really important at this University." Glad to see the Michigan administration taking the high road...go Michigan, beat those XX*&^^ Buckeyes!!!

And, I'm an ND fan!

You Know This said...

Thats a misleading Screenshot, as there are two other possible pictures that come up when you visit the website. It's really a crap-shoot which one you will get. The other two are about students mapping the pathways of monarch butterflies or soemthing like that, and students developing a fuel-cell hybrid car. Yes, we do have a week full of events, and let me tell you its a blast. While I truly dont believe that either group is obsessed with the other, i think it is important to have the 'Beat Michigan Week's and the 'M-Zone's out there to keep this rivalry the best in all of sports. I will hardly be able to sleep tonite. T-minus 31 hours to kickoff! Things are gonna be crazy in Columbus, Mirror Lake last night was the wildest I've ever seen!

Anonymous said...

Not to go back to this, but lets count the posts this football season you've made about Ohio State. Then lets count every other post. You accusing Ohio State fans about obsessing is throwing stones from glass houses.

richard cranium said...

Hey when you guys go 1-8 against the Buckeyes I hope you keep all these comments in mind. When you have a game at the end of the year hanging over your head then we will see who is obsessed. Ohio State went through a really tough time with Cooper never being able to seal the deal against Michigan.
So keep acting elitist and talk to me in 4 years when your record sucks against Ohio State.

Jim said...

Hey Jobu needs a refill!

Seriously, what's the obsession with tOSU's obsession? Would you rather be obsessed with beating OSU and actually have a decent, recent record against them, or keep claiming you're not obsessed. No offenses intended. We (Gamecocks) have the same argument with Clemson- if one team isn't so obsessed with beating the other, why do they post more at our site, have more signs in their locker room that say, "Beat ______", etc. etc. Our recent (lifetime actually) record against the Taters suck, sure wish we knew if we were obsessed like they were whether that trend would be reversed.

Andy said...


I can guarantee you even if Michigan were to lose the next 4 or 5 games in a row to the buckeyes -- the university administration would not allow the football team (via success or failure) to hijack the entire identity of the institution.

Call me an Elitist all you want, but the purpose of the school is to educate people -- not to field a winning football team.

That being said, I hope Michigan wins tomorrow. But if they do not, the university will not change because of it.

Anonymous said...

I think part of the reason that tOSU fans/students/alumni think Michigan fans are elitist is because Michigan is so far academically superior to OSU using any objective measuring stick. And yes, we love our football team and desperately want to win tomorrow, but the football team doesn't define us or our university.

Wait, was that comment elitist? Oh well.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lloyd, what have you done for me lately??

Anonymous said...

That is becasue your are all nerds!

Anonymous said...

I am an OSU fan and live for this week. I have grown up in Columbus and learned to cherish the OSU/UofM rivalry. The game this weekend is huge but how bad can it be if the loser goes to the Rose Bowl. What a great thing for the Big Ten to have such strong representation year after year.

Rip - Bo, a great lose to the College football community.

Be safe in Columbus - Yost, God be with you.

Go Bucks.....Beat Michigan!!!!!
Buckeys 28 - Michigan 13

Anonymous said...

Why is there no mention of Bo's death on the UM website yet (2:20 PM Friday) while the OSU website already has a story about Archie Griffin remembering Bo? I guess OSU also cares more about honoring legends than UM.

Anonymous said...

Boy you guys are so right... OSU should focus on academics. How dare they get excited about a rivalry, and use it to sponsor events like:

Beat Michigan 5k run for charity
Beat Michigan blood drive

Yep, best to do away with those. Clearly a sign of a misguided school.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the Fund raiser for the American Cancer Society, the Fight Against Hunger, and Pancreatic Cancer Awareness to top it all off....

srudoff said...

This is posted on OSU's main web page now...


Anonymous said...

OK f...ing nerds, don't care about us, and we will beat you like this every time! Go Bucks!

Anonymous said...

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