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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

MZone's Unsung Player of the Week

You were a four-star prospect coming out of high school where you rushed for over 4,000 yards and were a member of the National Honor Society.

This is your fourth year at Michigan, but you've only started two games. You've seen as much action on special teams as you have coming out of the backfield.

You were a key part of road wins at Iowa and Northwestern, rushing for a career-high 105 yards against the Wildcats, but carried the ball only eight more times the rest of the year (all against Indiana) thanks to an injury.

You were buried on the depth chart in your senior season behind an All-American candidate, a sophomore and a true freshman.

But there were no complaints. No transfer whispers. No quitting. Instead, when the other backups had trouble gaining any yardage and hanging onto the ball, you answered the call, carrying nine times for 59 yards. You helped ice the game in near-icy conditions. You allowed Michigan fans to not worry about a fumble every time someone other than Hart carried the ball.

And for that, Jerome Jackson, you are the MZone's Unsung Player of the Week.


TitleIX said...

Mr. Secure The Rock College Football Hero Guy....

Anonymous said...

How about for the year, since I believe this is the first time this award has been given.

Anonymous said...

Good Work Jerome!

Matt S said...

I appreciate his commitment, and good to see for his hard work.

Andy said...

Jerome Jackson is the 2006 version of a story we see all the time. High School All American comes into the program and never really gets a shot. Continues to work hard and is rewarded with something special at the end.

1) The team is more important than the individual.
2) Wins are more important than the statistics.
3) Pride is more important than glory.

Anonymous said...

I'd play Jackson before Grady

Anonymous said...

I think he should be Hart's backup from now on
-Wayne, Columbus, Ohio

Anonymous said...

Here, here!
Another reason why I LOVE this website. You guys always seem to have the same thoughts as I do.
When I was watching the end of the NW game, the whole time I was thinking, "Why the FUCK isn't this SENIOR the 2nd-string RB??? Every time they put him in a game he's the 2nd most effective runner we've got!" Yet we continue to feed the ball to OVERRATED Grady and not-yet-deserving Minor. I'm sitting next to my brother (who played for Bo, by the way) and he's telling me "Jackson should be the back up. He's a senior, and he's always produced when called upon. And he doesn't fumble. I guarantee he'd be the back up RB if Bo was still coaching."

Anonymous said...

I watched Grady all 4 yrs. at EGR & have been a fan, but I too agree that Jerome should be #2 RB. What a great attitude. I heard his post game interview and he just said he would do whatever the team needed & would go whenever called. What class.

Hope to see more of you, Mr. Jackson!

matt said...

well said, my friend, well said.

Anonymous said...

you's a bitch, you's a dime, you's a measly penny!!!

NOt bad after all, eh!!

Yost said...

I totally agree that Jackson should be #2 from this point forward until proven otherwise.

Not only does he deserve it, but quite frankly, I haven't been that impressed with Grady yet.

CaliGirl said...

Well Put!

Go Blue

mgoblue84 said...

"But there were no complaints. No transfer whispers. No quitting."

Those who stay will be champions!!!!

Go Blue!

Can't spell Lloyd without 2 "L's" said...

Thanks Jerome, and thanks MZone for pointing it out. Grady cannot be trusted in critical spots to hold on to the ball, and Minor just isn't there yet. Jackson's gotta be the guy spelling Hart. I'll feel a helluva lot better on Nov. 18 with JJ with the rock than Grady. (Sorry Kev.)

Anonymous said...

Yeah it's really too bad he hasn't played more. He has a lot of talent and I wonder what might have happened had he played 2nd string. Whatever we're still 9-0. But I say have plans for him in the OSU game. There must be some way he can come to use.

He has gotten the raw end of a deal, and he has handled it with so much class and maturity. For one thing, LC probably wants Grady to have more experience for once Mike Hart leaves. And another thing is that Jackson was suspended for summer training after his involvement in measly penny. That is too bad. He probably would have been playing more otherwise. But he handled this all well. Speaking to the Daily, he said that he harbored no ill will toward any of the coaches and said something like he understood why they disciplined him and that it helped him grow up. What a mensch.

I'm really proud of the Michigan program for attracting players who are not just immensely talented but also mature. (I'm a big fan of Lamarr Woodley--he's also a good guy and all around mensch in addition to being awesome)