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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

MZone Top 25

This week's Blogpoll ranking has caused great debate in the MZone office about what to do with Michigan. Let's be honest, they didn't look like the #2 team in the country last week. But, if you take the totality of the season -- and the fact that who would you put there instead? -- we left them in the second slot.

Among our other rankings...

While Louisville was impressive in their win against WVU, we've never been on the Mountaineer bandwagon so the win, while good, wasn't as huge to us maybe as to some others. Couple that with the fact the Cardinal defense didn't look as good, we moved them to #6 but not higher.

The big decision for us was who is #3. It came down to Cal, Texas and Florida. And while UF also struggled Saturday, we picked them simply due to the brutality of their schedule.

As mentioned in our weekend wrap-up, with each passing week, we're becoming bigger believers in Colt McCoy and Texas (or maybe just Colt McCoy as he's looked so good. And this kid is just a freshman?)

Amazing how LSU was 9 seconds from potentially dropping out of the poll (or way down) having not beaten a decent team. But after besting UT in a thriller in Knoxville, they're right back hovering around the top 10.

The team one could argue we're not being fair to is Oklahoma. There only two losses are to Texas and the controversial loss at Oregon. We're going to have to pay close attention to them in the coming weeks to better gauge them.

Leave us your thoughts on the ballot below in the comment section.

1Ohio State--
4Texas 2
6Louisville 4
7Southern Cal--
10Notre Dame 2
11LSU 2
12Tennessee 8
13Wisconsin 2
14Rutgers 2
15Oklahoma 2
16West Virginia 5
17Boise State 2
18Virginia Tech 3
19Georgia Tech 3
20Wake Forest 3
21Oregon 4
22Boston College 8
23Texas A&M 5
24Maryland 2
25Oregon State 1

Dropped Out: Clemson (#20), Washington State (#24).


Anonymous said...

Time to put Wisconsin in the top ten.

Allaha said...

Great ballot. Two points:
1) UM did not look good, but no team is more deserving of the 2 slot.
2) I like Arkansas in the Top Ten. After a terrible beating to start the season, they have developed tremendously as a team. If they win out, including the SEC championship game, it will only add more chaos to the BCS pairings.

Anonymous said...

The No. 2 team in America doesnt hold off Ball State at home. Put away the blinders. An SEC team should be at No. 2.

Yost said...


Who? Like Florida that beat Vandy by 6, the same Vandy Michigan beat up on earlier in the year?

Arkansas? Who got throttled by SC at home?

Sad thing is, in this year of parity, there are no clear cut great teams, only good teams.

matsut said...

I'm wondering if your becoming bigger believers in Texas has any effect on your assessment of OSU's win in Austin...of course, there's the question of how much better Colt and UT are now than they were two months ago, but that begs the question of how much better the Buckeyes are now, as well. I'm still of the opinion (of course) that the OSU win in Austin - albeit sort of boring - is one of the signature wins of the year by any team.

matsut said...

I'm not really challenging you there, either. It's just that, even on Sept. 2nd, Texas was a high-quality, "complete" team. Given that Notre Dame doesn't have a defense, it would appear that Wisconsin is the only "complete" team you guys have faced all year, and that Texas is the only one we've faced.

Anonymous said...

Wisconsin hasn't beaten anyone... anyone. If Wisconsin goes to the top 10 without the benefit of a great pre-season ranking, then the Cocks also belong (as rediculous as that sounds) there because their losses are also only to highly ranked teams.

Aggies still in top 25? Is that a make-up call for that hilarious (and harsh) A&M Corps blog you had a few weeks ago?

Anonymous said...

You insane pessimists REALLY need to read Ronald Bellamy's underachieving All-Stars more. There's not even a debate as to whether or not Michigan is #2, not should there be.

Anonymous said...

Ark-and-sauce should probably be ranked ahead of USC. I would like to see the outcome of that game if it were to played now

Anonymous said...

I think USC has to go. They will lose to Cal and possibly ND. Cal is also a little high. They got waxed by Tn. If your reason is they are a different team now, why is Ark so low? They lost without Mcfadden. The SEC will beat themselves out of the race.

ShaunTX said...

Thanks for the props for OU, I like where you have them ranked and see them in good shape to move up if they continue their winning ways.

If they win out, I think the media will bring up the "loss" in Eugene again, which will be hilarious. OU is a 1-loss team, and just coming off of 2 road wins over Top 25 teams. I am satisfied - especially when you think about what Stoops has had to overcome this year with the team.

ou blonde said...

Thanks for the OU love!

I’m just happy to see the Vintage Bob Stoops again, where he is not afraid to make some gutsy calls!!

1201 S. Main St. said...

I don't think you're giving Louisville enough credit. They're better than #6. Louisville is getting marked down for playing in the Big East. BEC non-conference record is 32-8. And Louisville could beat everyone you have ranked ahead of them...not that they would, but they'd have a legit shot.

Mark Schlabach at ESPN sums it up well in this column


Anonymous said...

From a USC fan. I strongly believe the 3 best teams right now are

1) tOSU- I'll give them their one cliff hanger for the year, all teams have at least one.

2)Michigan- Winning on a big "D", offense needs to step up soon.

3) Texas-That freshman QB is gaining confidence, and yes it would be a different game if played today, I still think tOSU would prevail.

Florida has a big hill to climb to move up, SC, FSU, SEC Champ. could easily stumble.

Louisville has to run over Rutgers and Pitt to gain credibility.

USC has little chance to jump so many teams, however, if they win out, they definitely will have earned their place in the Rosebowl.

Fight on! Beat the Ducks!

jeff said...

I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank you all for paying attention to Clemson for the lone week that they appeared in the top 10.

Two games later, after the highest scoring offense in the nation failed to put together 20 points in two games, Clemson waves goodbye to the top 25. Herbie and his bandwagon picked Orange for the Orange Bowl. Me? Today I picked my lofty expectations off the floor with a spatula.

At least my second team is Michigan (everyone needs two to root for)