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Friday, December 01, 2006

MZone Exclusive: Jimmy Clausen Accepts Money from ND Booster

As most college football fans know, Jimmy Clausen, the top-rated high school quarterback in the country, has already made a verbal committment to Charlie Weis and Notre Dame. Much has been made of fact that Clausen showed up at the press conference to announce his college decision in a limosine.

How can a high school kid can afford such things?

Well, in an MZone exclusive, we have obtained the shocking photo below showing Clausen taking money from a Notre Dame booster.

More on this story as it develops.


Anonymous said...

Does Clausen have no close friends? Surely if he did, one of them would tell him to look in the fucking mirror. Right?

Anonymous said...

Apparently everyone hates this emu. I hope he goes winless against us.


From Clausen's myspace page:
"Wat is up mutha fukas, I'm James Clausen better know as Jimmy. Um i go to Oaks but its a bitch thats y im graduating ealry next year so i can get away from that gay ass school and go to college. I have scholarships from just about every major D-1 school.... schools like USC, Tennessee (my bro went there), Notre Dame, and South Carolina. I just like kickin it with the few homies i have cuz everyone else at my school hates on me. Shout outs to Marc Tyler the best fuckin running back in the state, and Sean Wiser the best fuckin receiver. All 3 of us are going D-1 next year, and im going to the NFL."


Anonymous said...

great pic only proves our theories about evolution are correct. The Myspace blog has been discredited as a hoax.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't stop laughing; this is just so funny and witty....

Clashmore said...

ok, that was funny..

but yeah, if you thought that was his myspace page, you have serious problems.

Jim said...

I hope our linebackers and ends get a chance at that prick.

richard cranium said...

Is that a premie-monkey?

Anonymous said...

dude thats some funny ass shit....clausen is a grade A Prick

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


My Space sites are totally reliable. Not possible that you can make one up pretending to be someone else.

MySpace = epitome of crap.

Clausen has about 5 My Space sites.

Yost said...


Premie-monkey? That's Jimmy Clausen.

Anonymous said...

typical micigan pricks. So sad clausen shot down your scholarship offer. Of course you won't acknowledge that. Congratulations on always being #2 and a couple 1/2 national championships.

Yost said...

Yeah, that's why we did it, Anon. You nailed us.

Now I'm going to go curl up in a corner and weep due to your slam at the end. You got us so good. Damn.

Anonymous said...

Man...that's really stupid. Nothing like the fine, subtle wit of a MIchigan fan.