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Saturday, November 18, 2006

MTV Announces Jackass III: Columbus

(from MZone wire reports) Los Angeles, CA -- MTV has announced they will begin production on the third installment of its wildly popular JACKASS movies, with shooting set to take place this weekend in Columbus during the Michigan-Ohio State game.

The movies, based on the MTV show of the same name, features star Johnny Knoxville and co-horts performing such dangerous stunts as getting lit on fire, tasered, blasted by pepper spray, hit with a stun gun and crashing into various objects. But this movie will be the most dangerous yet as Knoxville and his crew travel to Columbus and will dress as Michigan fans outside the 'Shoe on November 18th.

"I've been hit in the nuts more times than I can count, shot by just about any projectile you can imagine and have broken more bones than Evel Knievel but this is the first time I've been really scared," said Knoxville. "Steve-O suggested we go to High Street and sing The Victors after the game if Michigan wins. I told him he was fucking crazy. I'd rather have somebody staple my ass cheeks together with a nail gun...which would've probably happened anyway."

Knoxville even admited he's hoping the producers will reconsider shooting in Columbus and instead go with his original idea of filming in the Pakistani tribal region, with Knoxville dressing as a Muslim woman without a burka as Knoxville feels that will be safer.


Anonymous said...

Well, I figure since you're talking about jackasses I'll put this here. Drew Sharp on "Quite Frankly" just predicted a buckeye win. Moron!!!

Scott Boswell said...

Remember what happened the last time ESPN hyped up a team as much as they are the Buckeyes?

Longhorn fans do. Michigan wins...mark it.

WhiteDawg said...

Ok Ok I'll give it to you...That is funny

Andy said...

Drew Sharp not picking Michigan??? Shocking!!!

Anonymous said...

in all honesty wasn't michigan fans last year who threw bear bottles onto the field when they got their ass kicked by notre dame

Anonymous said...

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