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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Michigan Recap

Couple quick thoughts on yesterday's near debacle...


* Contrary to what some commenters said, Chad Henne played great. He completed 68% of his passes, a number that would have been higher if not for some key drops of passes right on target.


* This is the first time the defense looked suspect all season. And before folks fire back with, "But they were second stringers" for a couple of the big plays, the second stringers at Michigan still shouldn't have problems with whoever Ball State puts on the field. Those long pass plays were ugly.


* Brace yourself, folks...but I wanted to give a shout-out to the crowd for creating so much noise on the last minute Ball State drive near our endzone. They got a procedure penalty due to the fact they couldn't hear the count, moving them back from the shadow of the goal line. That is why a loud crowd is so damn important. Now, don't get my started on just why the &^%$ we even needed crowd noise against Ball State...


* I thought the coaches substituted too early on defense. Anytime a team is within two scores, you have to have the entire first string in there (yes, even against Ball State he said talking out of both sides of his mouth from the above).


* LOVED seeing him in the game as second string. However, after running so hard and getting a TD, why did he disappear in favor of Minor? Was he hurt?


* While the staff obviously wouldn't have played him if he was really hurt, Mario Manningham looked much less than 100% out there. As the announcers even mentioned, while his forward speed might be close to normal, his cutting ability isn't there yet


Parm said...

Dude, check the email.

Scott said...

I was wondering if you noticed how loud it got. Seems like that blows the argument that the 'bowl shape lets all the sound out' out of the water.

Anonymous said...

It was a good idea to put MM in the game for a bunch of plays, even if he didn't do anything. Even if he isn't 100% yet, it is good just to get him onto the playing field so that he can get back into the rhythm of things. It is especially important that he is at least able to come out in front of his home crowd one last time. It's just better for MM to make a return to the field in front of a home crowd that shows him love rather than a loud, booing crowd that would throw him off a bit.

He just needs some more time to get back into the swing of things. And he better do that, Goddammit!

Beaker said...

Congrats on pulling it out. With few exceptions, the great teams have to contend with an unexpected tough game. In the end it may serve you well agains Ohio State.

Just be careful you're not looking past Ohio State to your BCS title game with Louisville.

Andy said...

Beaker: you are now my favorite muppet -- I hope you are right!!!!

Anonymous said...

I just have one question. WHERE IS CARLOS BROWN. All we heard about all spring was about how fast and dangerous this guy was and then they wasted his freshman year so far with a couple of garbage carries against either vandy or centeral michigan (i forget which one he played against). Does anyone know what the deal is.

1201 S. Main St. said...

First off, it was WAY too close. I shouldn't ever be thinking "Ball F'ing State is about to ruin our perfect season" EVER.

Nobody here has mentioned penalties, yet. We had 8 penalties for 71 yards including that face mask in the red zone. Very uncharacteristic for UM and not acceptable!

Since most of the negatives have been covered on this blog I thought I'd try to find some positives from the game. And since I don't think it would be right to "praise" the Wolverines for their overall performance I'll give them props Adam Sandler style.

David Harris - He was a monster. 14 tackles, 3 TFL's. He had some bone crushing tackles including that special teams punt return hit. Not Too Shabby.

Ball State - Let's not take too much away from them. They have a bad record, but they've been starting a freshman QB who's finally coming into his own (BTW this is a team who lost by 3 to IU and 10 to Purdue). They're going to be good, and maybe this was a turning point for them. Not Too Shabby.

Our defense saw a good preview of Troy Smith in Nate Davis. With the exception of two big plays (See below) we handled them farily well. If nothing else, it's a wake up call for UM going into OSU. Not Too Shabby

Backups - Most of Ball State's rally in the 3rd and 4th came against our backups. We played a ton of people -- Fuck, we let Ross Ryan punt once! We even let Leon Hall return a punt. But most importantly we got a ton of our backups in this game. Everyone who's ever played sports knows what a big difference even a little PT in a previous year makes for a player the following year. We got 2nd stringers meaningful PT deep into the season. This was the first time I saw so many of the backups in at one time, though. Many of them have gotten PT in previous game but they've been rotated in with the 1st string for a play or two here and there. Not Too Shabby

We got torched for 55 yards and 64 yards when, I believe, the secondary had Morgan, Stewart, Sears and Brown in together. 2 Frosh, 2 Sophs. That's 109 yards of Ball State's 345 total. Chalk those two plays up to experience, and the defense doesn't look so bad. Not Too Shabby

BTW: don't give me the "We shouldn't be thinking about next year, we're undefeated this year" line. We should be thinking of next year, too. DeBoard and English have been very good at rotating non-starters in for a play or two whenever possible. There's no substitute for experience and no one wants to see 7-5 again. But, I'm disappointed we haven't seen more action from any of our backup QB's this season.

3rd Down Efficiency - 7 of 14 while holding Ball State to 2 of 12. We were also 1-1 on 4th down conversions. Not Too Shabby

Garret Rivas broke Anthony Thomas' all time scoring record. Nice to have a FG/PAT kicker you can take for granted. Not Too Shabby.

BTW - Is UM in a Bizzaro World, when all the lineman slim down for the season, but the kicker packs on an additional 40-50 lbs?

Offense: We put up over 500 yards of offense on BSU. If not for the 2 turnovers that directly resulted in 9 points... I could say Not Too Shabby.

The Defensive Front 7 - Held BSU to under 50 yds rushing. Not Too Shabby.

Michigan's Fans - So loud in the 4th they created problems for BSU's offense. Not Too Shabby.

Rushing - Michigan had 251 yards rushing at half (1 shy of season high for entire game) and ended game with season high 352. We had two RBs with over 100 yards and a 3rd with 68. Not Too Shabby.

Record - 10-0. Rank #2. Not Too Shabby.

Hiding Playbook - Hiding playbook from OSU and still winning. Not Too Shabby.

The King said...

I think it's safe to assume that the game plan with MM was alwyas just to have him run a couple of live routes on Saturday but never show him the ball, so that he could start getting the feel back without risking contact yet. Next week you'll see him get touches.

Against Ohio State he'll be playing QB, FB, WR, and SS.

Also, let's give a big shout out to Fat Ass for breaking the all-time Michigan scoring record on Saturday. I know Remy Hamilton, Fat Ass, and you sir are no Remy Hamilton.

Anonymous said...

First, I am perfectly ok with Brandon Minor taking over once Mike Hart leaves. The kid is fast and makes great breaks. Call me crazy, but if you have him playing more games like that (against tougher opponents like that) with a good, consistent Michigan team, he could be a Heisman contender senior year. But then again, it is WAY too early to start talking about that. But I think that the coaches are trying to get him ready for the next two games so he can make important contributions to the running game. I like this 3-RB rotation. Or should I say, 4 (Hart, Minor, Jackson, Grady). On the other hand, I don't see Grady playing that much the next few games.

Give Sir Twinky some credit. He may have missed one FG too many, but he comes through in clutch situations. Yeah, I am a bit pissed about that missed FG against Texas, if I recall correctly.

boomstick aka Shop Smart, Shop S-mart said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Brad said...

King, if I recall correctly we did attempt to throw to MM once when BSU was showing single coverage, but then they quickly rolled a safety over for double coverage and the incompletion. I expect to involve him more next week.

Yost, BSU scored 3 points against our first string defense. You don't like the "second stringers" reasoning, but that was their inexperience showing. It doesn't necessarily have anything to do with physical ability. It will pay off later. I'm sure Hoke and Parrish for BSU saw Sears and Stewart were in the game and decided to immediately test them. Game speed is a lot different than practice and it showed with those two. FWIW, I think Sears will end up a decent DB, Stewart I have more reservations about.

MGoBlue93 said...

For anyone who was at the game, I'm looking at the box score and it says that Burgess was 3 for 3 in passing. Now I understand throwing a gimmick play into the game but 3 freaking passes? WTF happened?