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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Michigan-Ohio State Thread

Since we're already in Columbus - hopefully at the game, and not in jail, in the hospital, or locked in our hotel bathroom curled up in the fetal postion - we had to put up the Michigan-Ohio State thread a little early. So leave your pre-game, in-game, and post-game comments here for all to see.

If you're interested in leaving a note or comment about Bo Schembechler, you may do so here.



Anonymous said...

Good luck in Columbus, Yost!

RIP, Bo a true lose to the college football community.

Buckeyes 28 - M*ch*gan 13

Go Buckeyes!!!!!

Next stop Glendale!!!!

srudoff said...

I don't think we're gonna see much trash talking before The Game this year. Both sides still in shock over Bo.

Good Luck tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

It will definitely be interesting to hear on Sunday how the atmosphere was this year.

I would imagine it will be a little more respectful of the rivalry, and not as ugly as years past. Inevitably, there will be a few drunk idiots on both sides, but overall I imagine it won't be that bad. We'll see...

mgoblue84 said...

Yeah....I just don't have the heart to talk trash...

Gotta love how Anon 11:21 am is already looking towards Glendale!

Looking forward to a wake up call!

You Know This said...

The atmosphere is ELECTRIC here on campus. The lake jump last night was the best I've ever seen. Safe travels and stay for all those coming in from the North. Go Bucks!!

MGOBLUE94 said...

Go MICHIGAN ... Beat the $uckeyes.

Its great to be a MICHIGAN WOLVERINE!!

My prediction prior to Bo passing was 21-17 Michigan


Michigan 24 o$u 13

Michigan will roll up the sleeves and play Bo Smash Mouth football.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Bo for everything you did for UM & its fans everywhere!

You will be missed.

Go Blue, win 1 for Bo!!!!

Anonymous said...

Very Sad. Something that would come from a drama.

Michigan will win one for him by catching those whatever they're called off guard.

Michigan: 30
#^&%*!*$: 17


Anonymous said...

Have a good time.

I'm sorry about the long drive home you'll have after an OSU victory.

I love your site.

Go Bucks

surrounded in columbus said...

for once, i completely agree w/ you.

this game was huge to him & Woody, but it was just a game. their continued friendship over the years should remind us the proper place of this game and the rivalry.

Anonymous said...

Bama fan says good luck beat OSU.

Michigan 24 OSWho 21

Anonymous said...

Buckeye fan, I love your site. I am nervous about this one tomorrow, though. Michigan might win it.

Prove me wrong, Buckeyes.

Anonymous said...

LSU fan says beat the Buckeyes!!
Go Blue!


Zach Landres-Schnur said...

good luck fellas...if you hear any drunk buckeye fans make a crack about bo, you should demonstrate some karate skills.

Ali Haji-Sheikh said...

Something that was passed on to me that sums Bo 'the man' (not the coach) up:

"I'm not a former player, one of the guys Bo loved. I'm a former Michigan Daily sports writer, class of 1984, and Bo never had much love for the media or the Daily during his time at the helm. When you covered the team, it was trial by fire; your questions had to be concise and to the point or you'd get the gruff, difficult guy (it made me a much better interviewer, to this day; I recently was in a press conference and asked a question badly and thought to myself that Bo never would have stood for that kind of sloppiness, even from a reporter).

That said, the measure of a man comes away from his day job, and in my case Bo went above and beyond the call.

It was 1983 and Michigan had just defeated OSU and was going to the Sugar Bowl to play Auburn and Bo Jackson. For the Monday presser after the OSU game, Bo comes in as relaxed as any of us had ever seen him. He's got a handful of cigars in his hand (the presser was a small lunch for maybe a dozen people in those days).

He offers them up to the guys in the room, and I'm thinking "I'm going to get my Dad a cigar from Bo. He'll think that's cool."

Well, the guy sitting to my right was a Daily writer who Bo really didn't like much, and when he said he'd take a cigar, Bo made a joke about his age, didn't give him one and moved on. So when my turn came, I was no fool; I passed on the cigar.

Anyway, when the term ended I went home for the holidays, planning to go to the Sugar Bowl to cover the game. My father -- who was born in Germany and who had seen his first in-person football game my senior year (I wrote a funny column about it) -- had seen Bo on television a few weeks earlier and had talked to me about how impressed he was, etc. So without the cigar, I brought home a Michigan football polo for my dad.

A few hours after I gave it to him, my dad was rushed to the hospital with another heart attack. His open heart surgery -- which had been planned for mid-January -- was moved up to New Year's Eve. I cancelled my trip to the game.

SO I arrive in the hospital on New Year's night, and my Dad is totally out of it. But to surprise me, he had my Mom bring him the polo shirt, which he is wearing while I watch the game. He wakes up at a point where Michigan was leading, asks for the score and says "Well I'm glad that Bo and the boys can do it without me" before dropping back off to sleep.

Now I feel really horrible about not getting that cigar from Bo.

So I get back to A2, I drop Bo a note and rehash this whole story. And I ask Bo if he would mind sending my Dad a cigar.

A week later, I'm in the athletic office to interview Don Canham for aMaize'nBlue magazine (a predecessor to The Wolverine, which I started editing as a senior) and Bo is walking out as I enter.

He stops me, grabs my hand and says "Jaffer, I just sent your old man one of my best five-dollar cigars."

He didn't say that he had sent a hand-written note, telling my father that if he ever came back to a Michigan game, my dad should look Bo up so they could smoke a cigar together (Bo sent my Dad a better cigar than he was handing out at the presser ... cellophane wrapped, and stamped with "Bo Schembechler, Michigan football" on the wrapper).

But here's where Bo was truly incredible. Several times in the years after I graduated, I had occasion to see Bo, usually at some event where he was speaking, once or twice when I was back on campus, etc.

He not only remembered who I was, he always asked about my Dad.

In fact, my wife (back when she was only my girlfriend) had written a story for the magazine on coaches wives, and Millie Schembechler was a wonderful woman ... and Bo had found out that wehad a cat that we had named Millie Schembechler, and he always asked about the cat too.

Last month, when Bo had the heart treatment, I sent a note to the football office. My Dad -- who also has had two quadruple bypasses and who is 82 -- had the same procedure four months ago (and thankfully is doing great); I reminded Bo of the 1984 cigar story -- because I still don't believe he remembers me -- and told him that my dad was doing great, that the recovery was easy and that both me and my dad hoped he'd be back on his feet in no time.

Last week, I got a note back, thanking me for the wishes, inviting me by for a cigar if my "old man" wasn't going to take him up on it, and telling me that not only did he remember me, but that he was proud of what I have accomplished since "leaving the program."

If I don't cry on that note and ruin it today, I think I'll take it and get it framed.

God bless you Bo. It sure was great having you on our side,

Chuck Jaffe
Senior Columnist, MarketWatch.com
Michigan Daily, 1984"

Ali Haji-Sheikh said...

I have my own Bo stories that would exemplify the same characteristics as the story above but not as poignantly.

However, there is one thin I want to make clear (and I think Bo would have wanted to be made clear)...Many have suggested he will be watching the game from above tomorrow with Woody Hayes. They are wrong, he will be watching from above with Yost, Crisler, Canham and Ufer. GO BLUE!

Wolf Blitzer said...

I just got home. What channel is the game on? I can't find it.

TitleIX said...

Thanks for sharing your stories.
I was a freshman in '84 and remember your by-line.


Anonymous said...

"Men of Michigan on to victory,

Every man in every play,

Michigan EXPECTS her varsity to win today."

....from "Varsity" (Michigan's "other" fight song)

As Brian said first at mgoblog....

"Play. Fight. Win. Please."

Anonymous said...

Win this one for Bo. It would be a fitting tribute to the man who won so many national championships.


Ali Haji-Sheikh said...

anon 10:46--In a line of posts dedicated to the memory of a man with integrity and class, your post personifies everything that Bo wasn't. Congratulations on being a first rate asshole.

Anonymous said...

The amazing thing is that the 10:44 dipshit took the time to post that on both of these threads... one of them devoted specifically to the man himself. Nice going.

Anonymous said...

Wolverine stuck with a bunch of Buckeyes here and you wouldn't believe the number of rude assholes I encountered last night. I've heard everything from " I want a shirt that says I killed Bo" to random yellings of fuck you directed at me while walking down the street. I'm sure it will only get worse as the day goes on

richard cranium said...

5 hours and then it's on like Donkey Kong, and this will be one of the greatest games we will witness in our lifetimes.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Michigan might receive the Corso kiss of death

Anonymous said...

House Divided -
That espn commercial is my house! My husband is an OSU fan- I hail from MI...GO BLUE!!! I've been surrounded by crazed OSU fans for 10 yrs now. It's not getting better. Be safe and stay away from the drunk ones.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who would like to have the game video for collection, let me know, i will capped the game and then make a high quality game video

Anonymous said...

this will be AMAZING...I'm in AA right now and people are going CRAZY...win or loose, I love this university so much....GO BLUE!!!!

Anonymous said...

passing going easy...

Anonymous said...

Oh, mama. This is exciting. 7 - 0 Blue!!!

Anonymous said...

great open field tackle...

Anonymous said...

Smith is 4.95 points below his average quarterback rating... low average yards and high percentage completion

Andy said...

Halftime. 28-14 bucks.

Troy Smith looks like he invented the forward pass. Our DBs look bewildered.

I am very impressed. Pretty sure the bucks could beat both Ohio NFL teams combined.

I may need to drink another few beers to get thru this one.

srudoff said...

Coach T is going to try to run the ball control offense in the third quarter as usual :( - I see it 28-21 going to the 4th.

Anonymous said...

michigan does not look like the team they've been all season. In fact, they look pretty pathetic....

Katie said...

I want my Michigan Team back on the field the second half!!!

Bo would be pulling his hair out said...

Why is Jim Hermann coaching the D in this game?

Anonymous said...

hurry up and finish the agony. this is terrible. Bo i am sorry about what is happening

Anonymous said...

Hey hey, ho ho, Lloyd Carr's gotta go... gutless playcalling today, I'm afraid.

Was a deep pass thrown at all in the 2nd half?

Anonymous said...

No amount of dead coaches can help you now.

Go Buckeyes!

Tom said...

Man that OSU offense is pretty amazing. Damn...

Anonymous said...

Damn, so this is Big Ten football, huh? No defense to bolster Heisman media darlings? Game of the Century? Hell, it wasn't the game of the afternoon. I'm really disappointed I didn't watch more of the Auburn game.

Anonymous said...

It's pretty clear that the teams themselves are pretty darned equal.

The coaching won and lost this game again. If Tressell is the Michigan coach, UM wins the game.

Those kids played their hearts out, but a faulty coaching scheme put them in too many bad situtations to win.

And yet they still almost won. Good for the kids.

Boo Lloyd and staff.

Andy said...

Game over.

Ohio State is a great college football team. Congrats bucks. party on and be safe.

No rematch.
Let USC or Florida deal with them.

Anonymous said...

Did Lloyd tell Henne to overthrow all those passes and his receivers to drop them when he did hit the target? Nice try. Equal teams my ass, maybe on def, or lack therof.

And for all the tPSU fans aking snide comments about Bo- just proves you are classless lowers even when you win.

Jim said...

Yes, that's pretty classless of those few (let's hope it's the same prick) OSU fans.

Enjoyed the game, though I was looking forward to a defensive nail-biter in the low 20's.

Tom said...

Congrats to Buckeyes. They were clearly the better team today. Troy Smith is the Heisman winner.

Rose will be a great consolation for Michigan.

MaliBuckeye said...

Great game that would have done Bo and Woody proud...

Michigan has an amazing team; Coach Carr and staff have done an amazing job. Hart and Henne both should be proud of their efforts.

Yost et al: If you're headed to the Rose Bowl, let me know... I want to buy you a round in Pasedena.

Go Bucks!!!

God I hate Ohio said...

Fucking Ohio fuckers (I heard this cheer in a UM-OSU game in A2)

I will be happy to never face Troy Smith again.

As usual, the game comes down to a play here, a breakdown there. Dammit.

I am proud of my team. I will be happy to be in the Rose. No rematch - but only because we don't have an answer for TS. Still.

eddie, eddie said...

A few thoughts..

1). Go Buckeyes
2). RIP Bo
3). Congrats on a great season
4). Enjoy the Rose
5). Go Buckeyes

Anonymous said...

Just like agaisnt Miami a refs call gives OSU a victory. What was the defender (Crable) supposed to do after Smith scrambles around the field then throws a pass right at the sideline. Did ya ever hear of batting the ball down? Maybe if he wasn't throwing but he was in fact throwing right at the sideline. Geez

OSU22UM6 said...

Quite simply, that was a f_____ war. Consider that UM put up 39 points, committed no turnovers--in Ohio Stadium--and barely fell to defeat. Worst game of Smith's career against UM (turnovers nearly ended his streak), but still better than about any other OSU QB in history. If Rutgers can get by West Virginia in Morgantown, send them to Glendale. Otherwise, UM deserves to go, unfortunately, 42-39 won't help their cause as much as 17-14. Great defense by UM in 3Q after tough first half, made Smith turn it over, just came up short. OSU D finally exposed, though ten of those points came following Smith mistakes in his own territory. I think Quinn can still win the Heisman, but he needs a 5 TD upset of USC, which would propel UM into the title game.

Anonymous said...

Troy Smith had one turnover that should have been against him. The interception was when the ball was tipped which he didn't have any control over. And that fumble was a bad snap by Doug Dadish, the other fumble was up for grabs it could have been Dadish's fault or Troy Smith

Anonymous said...

thanks lloyd, again you have been able to tear my heart out and stomp on it.

OSU22UM6 said...

Anon 4:51,

Sorry, following from Romania via internet, only went by description given. #10 is my favorite all-time Buckeye, meant not to be disparaging.

Anonymous said...

multi million dollar athletic program...biggest game of the decade...and its played on a field the quality of a city high school field

Anonymous said...

well the crappy field had a crappy team to play on it. michigan you break my heart. Luckly for Bo , he didnt have to watch such piece of crappy coaching. LLOYD YOU SUCK!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Buckeyes good luck in Arizona come to my state and spend your money.........

One ? though you would think a school that had Jack Nicklaus would have a fucking groundskeeper..........

Im happy the game lived up to the hype.............

Damn that overthrown pass to Super Mario in the first hurt........

That late hit killed me..........

And dont get me started on those two damn long runs and our soft playing corners...........

This one hurts..........

scott (GO BLUE!)

Anonymous said...

this game should be replayed on a neutral turf...and I emphasize turf...both teams deserve the shot at a national championship...

Anonymous said...

These guys played their hearts out-- bravo to the UM players for never giving up. It was a tough loss, but this was a good clean game and everything was left on the field. The rose is still a helluva consolation.

srudoff said...

Unreal game and Carr was very gracious in defeat. Hart however didn't represent himself very well in the post game press conference

Anonymous said...

What did Hart say?

Anonymous said...

I guess this is where I post my anguish? After the attrosity that was last season I vowed to myself not to get too excited about this season until I had reason to be. I've been very humble in victory (seldom clapping at the tv and making random remarks outloud to myself), the Notre Dame game I did get a bit jacked up but got control after I heard Coach Carr say how will this team handle it's success. I had an incredible amount of sadness and tears shed over the last 24 hours of the passing of Bo. It made today's game very surreal, I asked myself if lessons could be learned from all that I learned from Bo in my lifetime. I reassured myself that as a Michigan fan I am blessed to call myself a Wolverine. Today I congratulate tOSU on being the better team. I still want to puke, get drunk and forget about this. I look at the Rose Bowl as a sloppy seconds kind of treat. Where have I failed as a Michigan fan that makes me feel that way about the Rose Bowl. It's been a very tough weekend to be a fan of Michigan, but I will still fly my Michigan flag, wear my gear and mourn the loss of Bo. The game is just a faction of being a Wolverine, I know the players, coaches, band and everyone who could did what they could to put Michigan in a position to win the game. On a weekend we will all surely remember, take solace fellow Wolverines, you are not alone in this time. Be proud, for Michigan truly is and always will be the Leaders and the Best.

vendittelli said...

Anyone notice how Herbstriet was anti-rematch the entire season, and up until Michigan starting mounting a comeback? Then once Michigan showed they might be able to pull out the win, he casually mentioned how great the game was, and that he wouldn't necessarily be against it? He should not be allowed to be doing Buckeye games.

LetsGoBlue said...

Bullshit, Herbstriet is a Big Ten fan and has done a great job in being impartial to the match up. After seeing the game he wanted, as I'm sure we all do, to see a rematch. It was an epic game and I wish the outcome could have been different but stand proud, Stand Blue!

srudoff said...

Hart said OSU's D wasn't as good as everyone thought and that they were "nothing special". Michigan did better against our D then any other team but then again 10 of their points came on a very short field after two turnovers that Michigan didn't really force (yeah they "forced" them but basically they were two of the worst snaps I've ever seen). Henne and Carr were very respectful and gracious in their post game comments.

If OSU's D is "nothing special", what does that make Michigan's? Of course both D's are special but so are both offenses and today the O's won out.

As far as Herbstreit, MANY national sports reporters said no to a rematch until they witnessed this game - Flutie, May, Holtz, to name a few. If Herbie was a huge homer, he'd say hell no to a rematch.

Anonymous said...

so bo never won a national championship deal or alive. kind of sad he is pur best :( Go Blue! Hopefully somebody, anybody will go to the rose bowl.

Andy said...


I watched the Hart comments on ESPNnews... and the most important thing he did say "they (osu) were better and beat us"

congrats on the win.
let's not start to try to create something that isn't there.

bobmurph said...

A few thoughts...

1. If you told me we would score 39 pts and a +3 turnover margin I would have said no way we lose.
2. I hate the Safety blitz on 3rd & 16 in the 1st qtr. Barringer injured on that play...Bucks go on to score. Game changing play call.
3. Should not have taken entire half to go to Dime and Nickel packages against the 5 wide sets OSU was playing.
4. The turf is pathetic! Worse than Big House turf year before we went to Field Turf. BUY FIELD TURF OSU!
5. The 3rd &15 late hit was devastating. Feel bad for Crable. It was a legit call...but you can't expect Crable to be able to pull up and not lay a hit on Smith.
6. Questionable offensive play calling. Why pass on the 3rd & 1?????? Breaston running short of 1st down marker on 3rd down. Where was Manningham in between first and last drives of game????
7. Troy Smith will win the Heisman and deserves it 100% Not sad to see him move on to the NFL.
8. I think there will be a rematch in the BCS title game...don't know if I like that or not.

srudoff said...


He did say that but also made a point to stress "today". They were better than us, today. Regardless, you don't say that your opponents D wasn't as good as everyone thought and then say that they are "nothing special", especially when his own D gave up 42 points and 500 plus yards. I realize he's disappointed that he's now 0-3 vs OSU, but so is Henne and he said all the right things in defeat.

Anyway, great game and, even though it was close, I still think there shouldn't be a rematch and would have said that even had we lost. The Game is the ultimate and playing back to back would trivialize today's epic game IMO.

I'm sure you'll kick our ass next November with Mario, Henne, Hart, et al back - they'll have some chip on their shoulder as well and the game will be in AA.

Andy said...


I agree with two of your points...

1) Hart should not have said what he said after a loss. I give him a pass because he is a kid and he played a great game. Too bad his defense let him down all day long.
2) There should not be a rematch. We had our shot. Someone else can deal with you all in the NC game.

I do not agree that we will "kick you ass" next year. I am convinced we may not win another game until JT leaves.

How's that for elitist?

Anonymous said...

Boy Mike Hart is a class act. What a douche bag.

SCALZI said...

The only disappointment I have is the final score. Great game on both sides, clean and free of controversy.
Congrats, OSU, on a quality win. And, big respect for being classy about Bo. I can't wait until the next meeting.

And, once again, I unequivicolly state: I will have Mike Hart's baby.

Anonymous said...

Buckeyes win!

Anonymous said...

If you have Mike Hart's baby, chances are he'd say you were "nothing special" in bed!!!


TitleIX said...

I'm just sick.....
I HATE that we are 5-6 against tOSU.
But, 3 of those wins are with Troy Smith at QB, and he is clearly the best college football player in the nation today. Heisman for sure.
Jim Tressel had a great game plan and why we are so freakin' stubborn about sticking to the plan vs. adjusting to what the other team does is just beyond me.
I too wonder about the defense on the field when they've got 5 wideouts.
For all those who said I didn't know shit about the field---sod off.
If you consider that home field is worth 3 points some might say this was a tie.
However, how can we not convert on 3rd and 1?????
How do we go 3 and out after a turnover??????
And where the f' was Mario?????
And Burgess for that matter?????
AND the Zebras blow.

Just makes me sick.
They beat us. Troy SMith is fantastic. period.

Anonymous said...

TitleIX - you still have The Royal Shakespeare Company to look forward too. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Yes I realize it is to not too.

TitleIX said...

Sorry smartass, they've already left A2 as well.
This is why I hate losing to tOSU...because of brilliant pundits like yourself.
No matter how gracious any of us Michigan fans are in defeat, some tOSU lovers just can't match the sentiments.

Your football team was superb today.
You, anon, are a pain in my ass

mjh21 said...

Michigan - particularly Henne and Hart - have a lot of heart (Hart's comments after the game makes it sound like he has a 10 cent head, though).
But. . . if we don't have a tipped ball for an interception, two completely unforced fumbles, and a phantom pass interference call on Michigan's last drive: we win by 14 to 17 points.

Rematch? If so, we will handle Michigan decisively - no way you guys go another Game without a turnover, and no way we turn the ball over three times in one half again.

I'm not just gloating, objectively it would be hard for you guys to play much better on offense than you did today, and the game is not even close without a 3-0 advantage in turnovers.

Troy Smith must give Michigan nightmares!

Anonymous said...

I am more sad for our guys than I am for myself. They gave their all and never gave up. I can't ask for more. GO BLUE!!!

TitleIX said...

congrats to you sir.

srudoff said...


don't go all Penn State and blame the refs! ;)

i thought they were pretty good overall. roughing the long snapper???? never seen that one before but, like crable's call, they'll call that every time to protect the players.

they missed a 15 yard facemask on one of ginn's punt returns and the 'faceguarding' call on o'neal was questionable because he wasn't actually 'face' guarding, he was trying to slap at mario's hands while the ball was in the air but kept missing them because of mario's separation. they'll always call that when the defender's not looking back at the ball though.

anyone that went to the game have any comments on their experience with Buckeye fans?

srudoff said...

apparently we posted at the same time titleix. thanks for the congrats. my last comment was a dig on penn state fans, not you :)

Anonymous said...

ohio state 41 michigan 38

TitleIX said...

right you are...many opportunities for success that did not involve zebras.
I spoke with a friend who was in row 3 near the endzone in the former bleacher end. I could hear the verbal abuse being hurled her way over the cell phone BEFORE the game.
Afterwards she said that it was pretty much the same but not horrible. she and her husband high-tailed it out after the game

TitleIX said...

case and point, Anon ^^^^^^^^^^
your eloquence amazes

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:00- Super classy.

Leave it to a buckeye to ruin their win & further perpetuate their horrid reputation with the f-bombs.

Everyone is saying good win, good game, good qb in smith. Is that foul language necessary? Shows the intelligence level I guess.

mjh21 said...

Annon at 8:00 does not represent OSU. Believe me, the people who care about the program and university - and repect Michigan and this rivalry - are as disgusted by that kind of thing as UM backers are.

I am suprised that I haven't heard any UM fans talk about the fact that even with three turnovers in the second half - which almost never happens with a Tressel team in a big game - UM still couldn't within striking distance. If there was ever a game for the taking - this was it. A rematch would not be nearly this close.

Anonymous said...

michigan played well, but lost to a better team. my respect to the michigan team, but all the arrogant and pretentious michigan fans make me sick. yeah, better look forward to that Royal Shakespeare Company, and we will take the win every time!

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:36-

You don't sound too respectful. Respect is not saying "my respect to the michigan team" and then name calling (pretentious). If you don't like what you read then get off the michigan football bog.

Scarlet & Gray Matters said...

All your turf blamers... OSU played on the same turf too. In fact, Datish said the ball got stuck in a divet which caused a bad snap. I didn't see anyone get tripped-up by a divet... I'll watch a replay tomorrow and report back.

It was a battle for the ages. Best of luck in the Rose.

bobmurph said...

This game was a perfect example of OSU's superior coaching staff. Questionable play calling on both sides of the ball for Michigan. Any drops? No bad penalties (can't blame Crable for the helmet to helmet).

The blame for this loss has to fall squarely on Carr.

Anonymous said...

Let's see... Carr and his staff lead this team to a
11-1 record & a bcs bowl. Just because he is not great against sweater vest & tennis shoes does not mean he should be fired. OSU was (& is) #1. No shame in losing by 3 pts. to the #1 team lead by the heisman winner to be at their home stadium.

You buckeye fans should want him to stay around with that 1 & 5 Tressel has on him just like UM liked Cooper & John L.

Anonymous said...

2 Anon 8:36 - you are a little whinie, just like your mike hart in the post-game conference. what a cry-baby! that was a true michigan class right there!!!

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Wow.... Tressell is now 5 and 1 against Michigan!!! Since the Dead Schembechlers said they are changing their name, I think the "Used Carr's" would be perfect.

Good luck in the Rose Bowl !!

Anonymous said...

Carr has done a hell of a job with this team. He kept them together through a tough year last year and led them to an 11-1 record and hopefully a BCS bowl win this year.

Carr is not like Cooper. Michigan has not had teams ranked in the top 5 every year going into "The Game" only to lose to a team they should beat. In the six games Carr vs. Tressel each has had three teams as the favorite by my count. Carr has coached bad 2 times in this series and unfortinately for the UM tressel never has.

Anonymous said...

One great game. It's only once in a blue moon that a game matches the hype. Wish the field could have been up to par but OSU did try to provide one.

Hope you win your bowl game (unless we meet again).

(signed) AN OHIO STATE FAN (but not a fan of a lot of Ohio State fans)

Brickeye said...

I would like to say good game to the Michigan fans. It was a VERY hard fought game and wouldn't of had it any other way.

Eric S. said...

Thoughts on the game, from a Buckeye student:

#1 - The tribute to Bo was awesome. Every fan in the stadium was ABSOLUTELY silent. Really a touching moment.

#2 - Damn that was a good game.

#3 - Were there some douchebag OSU fans? Of course, but that's not unexpected. All the Michigan fans I talked to after the game were very complimentary. And I quote: "Our stay has been phenomenal. You guys have been great hosts." I was glad to hear it.

#4 - Thank you Corso. You never cease to amaze me.

Good luck in the Rose Bowl, like on any other night than 11/18, I'll be cheering on the Wolverines. Well, I guess if you're playing 1/8, then I won't then either. But good luck nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

Could someone give me a link for joining the Lloyd Carr fan club?

I'd like to get a lifetime membership.



Anonymous said...

I want to ask everyone a serious question I don't care if your a Michigan, OSU, or any other school's fan Do Michigan Fans in Ann Arbor treat the other teams fans as bad as OSU treats us? you wouldn't believe the things I saw today the shirts are one thing there funny but when people who are clearly not as intoxicated as they would lead you to believe are verbally attacking men and women 3 times their age thats not sports thats just plain disrespectful.

Anonymous said...

RIP Bo, hope you and Woody enjoyed the game. Great game but unfortunately someone had to lose. The kids played a great game and should not hang their heads. Lloyd is not JC, though he also isn't JT.

Good luck at the Rose and some of us Buckeye fans hope you win.

Anonymous said...

The majority of tOSU fans aren't that bad, or at least only treat UM fans with good natured ribbing. There are jerks in every crowd and unfortunately, they seem to come out of the woodwork at times like these. The F Michigan is somewhat humorous in a very juvenile way and probably used by folks who never attended tOSU or any other college. You don't normally hear that from true fans, just the assholes which follow every team. I've seen it from UM fans, PSU, etc.. Couch burning is rowdy students, while the car burning is the choice of the dregs that live just south of campus. Gives all of us a bad image.

Anony said...

To the true tOSU fans on here-congratulations. It was a great game. We already knew Troy Smith was going to win the Heisman; that first half just semented it. I am very much looking forward to seeing him leave Columbus! :) If our teams don't meet again come Jan. 8, good luck and please, for the love of God, beat U$C (eh, I have no beef with Florida or Arkansas). Please.

Getting the 3(?) turnovers and only getting 3 points out of it was disappointing, but I could not be any prouder of the game Henne and Hart played. Hopefully their play will continue on to the bowl game and next season.

With that said, I was a little disappointed in hearing what Hart said. Think it, tell your teammates, coaches, family, friends, girlfriend or whomever-but don't say it right after the game at the news conference. He's a kid that got caught up in the emotion of a loss. He'll learn.

Should there even be a rematch? Honestly, hell if I know. Part of me wants a rematch just because I want to beat tOSU. The other part wouldn't survive another round. My take is this-the two best teams should play for the MNC, and if the two best teams come from the same conference in a given year, then so be it. I don't buy that whole "Michigan had their shot" crap. If they're the second best team, then they're the second best team. Now, if you truly believe that USC, Florida, Arkansas, or even ND are the second best team in the country, then fine by me and let one of them play OSU. But that's a bunch of BS to say, "well, Michigan may be the second best team, but they had their shot so let's go to the next team on the list."

Anonymous said...

Check this out...


tonight's pick 4 in the ohio lottery...

4-2-3-9 now that's eerie

about the rematch - if UM played us again and beat us - what then? we'd be 1-1 against one another but you won the last of the two so UM gets the title?

UM only led for about 6 minutes. they only had one possession with a chance to take the lead and went 3 and out on that possession. 2 of their scoring drives were on super short fields after unforced turnovers. OSU had more than 100 yards more offense. the final score was close but honestly it wasn't as close of a game as the score.

Anonymous said...

Ohio Lottery pick 4 winning numbers......4239.

No Joke.

wolf blitzer said...

jim tressell eats babies and pretty much makes me throw up in my mouth.
in his spare time, he also touches me here on the doll.

Anonymous said...

Very excellent game. Congrats to both sides on a good season--Ohio State for actually keeping that #1 spot through some tough tests (2 games against the current #2), and Michigan for far exceeding most people's expectations.

As far as the championship game--if this season doesn't scream the need for a +1, then I don't know what does. Would anyone be against this: Ohio State plays the SEC champion (1-loss Florida or Arkansas) in a bowl. Michigan plays USC in the Rose. Winners play each other for the championship.

Anyway, great game.

Anony said...

As far as the championship game--if this season doesn't scream the need for a +1, then I don't know what does. Would anyone be against this: Ohio State plays the SEC champion (1-loss Florida or Arkansas) in a bowl. Michigan plays USC in the Rose. Winners play each other for the championship.

Agree with this statement 100%.

Anon 10:40-that's freaky.

And I don't know if you were just addressing the whole rematch conversation, or me, so let me just break my feelings on the whole mess down to the nitty gritty. I want the two best teams playing for the MNC. The two best. We know tOSU is the best, #1 team in the country. The question is #2. If at the end of the season USC has proven to be the second best team in the country, then I'm all for them playing you guys in AZ and our boys going to Pasadena. But right now, I simply don't think they're the second best team. Arkansas is the best in the SEC, but really, how much weight does that carry now? Florida just beat up on a 1-AA team, and as bad as FSU has been this year, it wouldn't surprise me in the least if they struggled against them. And ND? I have one thing to say about them: 42-21.

Like it's been said before, still a lot of games yet to be played, and hopefully it will all work out in the end. But come Jan. 8 when I turn my tv on to *shudder* FOX */shudder*, I want to see OSU about to play the next best team in the nation. End of story.

Plus, like I said, I don't know if I could take another round of UM-OSU.

One more thing-I am thoroughly impressed with Troy Smith. I really wanted to find something in his press conference after the game and in the interview with the Gameday guys to hate, but I couldn't.

It's been a hell of a long night.

Trevor Pitt said...

Great game Michigan lovers (I mean that in the consensual sense).
Even though the outcome wasn't what he'd like, I'm sure Coach Bo is cracking open a tall one in the "Big House" in the sky. RIP Bo.

What a game! Looking forward to next year's match. Good luck in the Rose Bowl, go Big Ten!

Now let's get back to common ground and root against Notre Dame for the rest of the season.

OSU22UM6 said...

UM is the #2 team (or, if you're generous 1-A) in the country. Simply and succinctly, no one has a better loss, nor is anyone else responsible for the only Ls in two gaudy opponent resumes (for now perhaps). USC would have a nice resume, but the L to the Beavers looks bad, turnovers aside. ND has NO argument, at all. The most interesting candidate is ARK, yes, dominated at home by USC, but in the first game, and with a still-recovering McFadden. If they beat both LSU and FLA, that's quite a winning streak and an undefeated conference record. Their computer rating is dismal, helping UM which may stay #2 in the BCS tomorrow. I think ND can beat the Trojans, the question is does the SEC champion, if both have just one loss, leapfrog UM? Should the Razorbacks win their next two by double digits, they may have a shot. I say no, Michigan, absent two more double digit victories by USC, deserves not a rematch, but a chance at the national title as the #2 team. No matter what, OSU has to play a one-loss team in Glendale, may as well be the best of them. Wouldn't the SEC howl if Wisconsin got a third BCS selection to play a Texas, etc :)

WVA blew it, LOU blew it, TEX blew it... Gotta be Michigan, see you in Glendale.

Anonymous said...

I have felt this way for a long time and will continue to feel this way. As long as Lloyd is charge, Michigan will never get BCS Championship or finish any season as #1. NEVER!

Anonymous said...

I probably wouldnt feel this way if Michigan had won. But they didnt. Lloyd just cant pull it off. Sure he made changes after last years fiasco. But those changes were not enough to beat Ohio St. I personally am not ok with being the #2 team in the nation. I want to be #1. And just say michigan does get a rematch and win, it would end up as another split championship. 1-5!! That is terrible! that is unexceptable! Thanks Lloyd. Thanks for nothing.

Anonymous said...

The dead Schembechlers our now The F@*K YOU LLOYD'S

MGoBlue93 said...

can't blame Crable for the helmet to helmet. The blame for this loss has to fall squarely on Carr.

bobmurph 8:49

Are you serious?

I'm reminded of a line from the movie Billy Madison:

"what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul."

I know it has become fashionable for to put the coach down when things don't go the fans' way but nobody is responsible for Crable hit but Crable himself! Is Carr wearing a freaking helmet? Did Carr instruct Crable to get penalized? Get a clue man.

And as far as going deep on 3 and 1... yeah it failed for Carr that makes Carr stupid. But Tressel calls the exact same play and he's brilliant... that logic is ridiculous.

Maybe you need to check out about what Bo said about all of Carr's critics.

Yeah, tOSU coming out with that 5 WR set caught U of M totally off guard. If you want to blame the coaches for that... go ahead, it's more reasonable of an argument. I'd wager though tOSU was probably working on that since August and the first time anyone saw it was Saturday.

Carr did an incredible job this year. He cleaned house in the spring. When the nation was comparing the demise of U of M and Miami(Fla), Michigan went about their jobs and earned a Rose Bowl birth.


Anonymous said...

This year the rose bowl is for second best. I suppose i should be used to second best. Ive had to settle for 35 years of second best with this team

js said...

@anon 1:12
Yeah, never! Lloyd Carr NEVER wins a championship. Wait, what? He already won one? That can't be true! He can NEVER win a championship.

There is more to a coach than winning championships. Why didn't Bo get fired?

I feel for Lloyd. I know he doesn't want to use Bo's passing as a motivational tool or an excuse, but deep down it's gotta affect him.

The team played a great game. The defense were disappointing in the first half, and I'm sure English was the most disappointed person in the world at halftime. But, to his (and Lloyd's and the team's) credit, they fought back in the second half. We would not be in the position to win the game had Crable not made that mistake if the defense didn't play well enough to start the second half.

The offense was impressive, but I keep on wondering how different the game would have been if Manningham caught that bomb.

js said...

[sorry for double-posting]

There is more to a coach than winning championships. Why didn't Bo get fired?
And why did someone else get fired eventhough he had a chestful of NCs?

I'm proud of Lloyd just as I'm proud of Bo. (Well, maybe not that much, but it's close.)

Anonymous said...

Lets face it. Coaching matters big time in this series. Anyone who watched the Cooper era knows this. Carr is not a bad coach but year after year he is outcoached by Jim Tressel. Michigan controlled both offensive and defensive lines, had a plus 3 in turnover margin and probably have more future NFL players on both sides of the ball. Tressel not only changes from year to year but adapts from game to game. Few coaches at any level are better.

Anonymous said...

Actually Ohio State's Offensive Line controlled Michigan's D-Line pretty well, perfect example was the Pittman Touchdown Run which was blocked to perfection. Also Troy smith got a lot time in the pocket, sure he was hit a couple times, but he had enough time to throw to his play makers and allowed them to score/ make big plays. Ohio State's Defensive Line also had a pretty good game, not amazing or anything but enough to make big plays when they needed to.

mjh21 said...

Very disheartened that so many UM's fans' first instinct after losing the game for all the marbles is to begin lobbying for a do-over on a neutral site.

As to the game itself, ask yourself a couple of questions:

1. Could Michigan's offense play any better than it did? No turnovers, 140+ and three touchdowns on the ground. Henne looked as good as he has ever, and my God your O-line got away with so much holding in pass protection.

You gave us your absolute best shot and it simply wasn't enough.

2. Is there any way we would ever turn the ball over three times in one half again? Two completely unforced errors with the fumbles and a tipped ball for an interception and UM turned that into exactly 3 points. If they hadn't won the turnover battle 3 to 0 we cruise by 14 to 17.

3. Can UM ever hope to get such a lopsided percentage of the close calls to go their way again? From Malcom Jenkins interception reversal, to the non-review of their tight end's almost identically trapped catch, to the non-existent pass interference call on O'Neal on their last scoring drive - an awful lot of things came together for UM to even stay in this game.

Please stop the immediate politicing and sit there and suffer like the loser of this game does every year. The "We should get another chance" rhetoric sounds like the most sour of grapes and belittles the stakes that were on the table before the ball was kicked off.

Do you guys deserve to play for the national title if there is another one-loss team? NO. Would you get drug by us in Glendale. You betcha'.

I AM BRUTUS said...

It's pathetic to remind anyone claiming Meatchicken was set back by the field conditions that Ohio State played on the same field, but apparently it needs to be done.

On behalf of all Ohio State fans, I apologize for not knowing Meatchicken needed such pristine conditions to put on an adequate performance.

What will be next year's excuse? Meatchicken ran out of Massengil in the locker room?

Anonymous said...

mjh21 - You're complaining about calls being bad in favor of Michigan? Are you kidding me?

I'm not going to sit here and nit pick and say we got screwed by the refs because we should have played better and overcome that. But to say the refs favored Michigan is just ludicrous


mjh21 said...


I didn't say that the refs favored Michigan - I said that a disporportionate amount of the close calls went their way. I only mean that it would be unlikely that the close calls would break their way again.

That was also only one of several points I made about why the game wasn't as close as the final score suggested and why - implicitly - if the tables were reversed I absolutely WOULD NOT be clamoring for a rematch. You had your chance to win THE GAME, the Big Ten, and a trip to the NC Game. You lost. My message to the UM fans arguing for a do-over is simply this: Sit there and suffer for a year like I would be doing had we lost. That's what this rivalry is about.

bobmurph said...

I know it has become fashionable for to put the coach down when things don't go the fans' way but nobody is responsible for Crable hit but Crable himself! Is Carr wearing a freaking helmet? Did Carr instruct Crable to get penalized? Get a clue man.


You're equating my statement that the Crable hit was a result of Carr's coaching (in this game)...which was not my point at all.

About Crable...helmet to helmet hits are going to happen. If it was a bad penalty (unsportsmanlike/late hit) I would "blame" Crable, but in this case I "blame" the rule.

About Carr...I'm not trying to take anything away from the season he and his staff have put together. I never thought preseason that Michigan would be 11-1 this year and go to the Rose Bowl. Overall, I am VERY pleased with the team and Lloyd's performance this year. However, there was A LOT of questionable play callling in the game yesterday. The one play that keeps going through my head is the Gonzalez touchdown where he was covered by LB Chris Graham. That play was on the 3rd (?) OSU offensive drive of the game. Why hadn't Carr/English made the adjustment to put more DB's in when OSU had only run the ball 3 or 4 times TOTAL at that point in the game??

I've never been a Lloyd basher or called for his head. Lloyd is a great coach, but Tressell is a better coach. And that has become increasingly frustruating over the past 6 years.

Anonymous said...

It's still great to be a Michigan Wolverine!

42-39 said...

You can't spell LLLLloyd without 5 Ls!!!!

Why no post-game blogging by the M-Zone? Come on, share your thoughts! Certainly you have something to say about Crable's helmet blow in the 4th, or that the field wasn't good enough, or that you SOMEHOW deserve a rematch in Glendale.. but knowing you guys, you'll probably just comment on how CLASSLESS we are in Columbus, and how scared you guys were walking around in your Michigan garb before and after the game. Good luck in the Rose Bowl, Wolverines!!!

42-39. In Tressel We Trust

Damir said...

Can someone explain the use of Meatchicken instead of Michigan? I just never got it and it doesn't seem to make sense like TSUN or scUM.

Oh Yeah said...

Going into yesterday's game I was sick to my stomach with nerves. I went to Ohio State during the Cooper years and know first hand the frustrations of sitting on the losing side of the game. But since we have won the last two, it just seemed like it was Michigan's TURN to win. And Michigan certainly gave us a scare. They played one hell of a game and I am so glad they were able to pull it off.

Yes, Jim Tressel is an awesome coach. It was proven again yesterday. But to call for LC's job after an 11-1 season with a beginning rank so low down, is a great coach! Cooper was a good coach....until it came to Michigan. If he loses his job over THIS game, something's wrong in Michigan. They had one hell of a season, and are still going to a big bowl.

As for Ohio State fans...claims of being scared to wear your Michigan gear is crap. People all over the place had on their Michigan garb and aside from ribbing...(which is to be expected!)....the claims of viscousness is uncalled for. Ohio State just has the most passionate fans anywhere. Now if you are afraid to wear your Michigan gear TODAY, I understand. (ha ha)

Oh Yeah said...

But to call for LC's job after an 11-1 season with a beginning rank so low down, is a great coach!

That was supposed to say "But to call for LC's job after an 11-1 season with a beginning rank so low down, is crazy. If anything, it proves he is a great coach!

eddie, eddie said...

I have a compromise. Ohio St. will welcome a rematchin Glendale, if Michigan agrees to use John Cooper as their coach.

Anonymous said...

Week 13 USAToday poll shows #2 USC, #3 Michigan and #4 Florida. USC is 20 points ahead of Michigan and Michigan is 20 points ahead of Florida, Interesting how all this could play out

Brad said...

Hey 42-39,

In case you didn't notice (reading comprehension presumably not being your strong suit), the M-Zone boys WENT TO THE GAME. Kind of hard to blog when you're not actually, you know, at a computer. They'll have something up soon enough.

TitleIX said...

Mr. 42-39 brilliant poster guy:

At current count there are 135 posts regarding yesterday's game, under the thread that clearly states that Benny and Yost are in C-bus and won't have much internet access....ERGO...no new posts from them (yet).

The rest of us true fans of the game have left respectful and reasonable comments about Troy Smith, a very good game plan, and a sound defeat. And NO rematch.

Interesting that you are looking for whining on this site from M fans about a myriad of things that overall had no effect on the game.
To quote my buddy Wm. S.---
"The Lady doth protest to much"

If Michigan HAD won, would we need cheese to go along with YOUR whining????
I mean, honestly, it's posts like yours (along with other select tOSU 'fans') that give the rest of the Maize and Blue Faithful fuel for our ire.

Take your win and relish it.
But sheez, stop with the little-brother-esque poking, prodding, whining, gloating, and taunting. It really is small.

Anonymous said...

A great place to find out everything you ever wanted to know about DETROIT AND MICHIGAN

TitleIX said...

ahh shit...

"TOO much"

Anony said...

Michigan fans offer their congratulations, and OSU fans (some of them) act like jackasses.

For those saying "if there was a rematch do you think OSU would have 3 turnovers in one quarter again" let me ask you this-do you think our defense would give up 500 yards again? It would be a different game, for the better and the worst for both teams. It doesn't just go one way.

And noone is arguing for a rematch. We're discussing the possiblity of one from both sides of the arugment. Soooo sorry if we offend you mjh by talking about how good USC, Florida, and Arkansas are compared to us. I think a lot of us UM fans don't want a rematch, but right now the situation is very much a possibility.

I just want the two best teams playing in the game, period. USC could easily prove they're the second best team the next two weeks and I would be fine with them in the game. And if that's the case, like I said before, I hope OSU goes out there and crushes them. If I can't have a UM MNC, then seeing USC lose twice back-to-back in the MNC game would be the next best thing.

js said...

Well, seeing Florida crushes the Buckeye in Glendale would make me smile (as long as we crush the Trojans in the Granddaddy). I know it's farfetched given how good the Buckeyes are.

Again, Michigan can probably give the Buckeyes the best game, but NO REMATCH if at least one of USC, Arkansas or Florida wins out.

EKJ said...

mjh21 - You're complaining about calls being bad in favor of Michigan? Are you kidding me?

I'm not going to sit here and nit pick and say we got screwed by the refs because we should have played better and overcome that. But to say the refs favored Michigan is just ludicrous

Well, Michigan had 3 drives kept alive by penalties, one of which (the first pass interference call) was absolutely ridiculous and another (the "you can't touch the long snapper" thing) is something I've never heard of before. (No complaint on the last pass interference call.) And then there was the overturn of the Jenkins interception, which people who saw the game on TV told me was less "indisputable" than the officials insisted it was. There was a blatant face mask against Ginn that was missed, and arguably another helmet-to-helmet on Smith in the first half.

The gameday atmosphere was a lot of fun, but I'm getting too old to do this very much longer. Especially since heartbreaks in this series tend to run in cycles (Michigan in the '70s, us in the '90s, and now you guys again), and inevitably this current cycle is going to end.

But at least U-M cares about the game again. The "Michigan State is really our big game" stuff that we started to hear at the height of the John Cooper era is a thing of the past, apparently.

Anonymous said...

JS 5:00 am if you consider a split championship ok. Thats on you. Its been 58 years since michigan has had a outright champion. 58 years!! lets stop settling for second best.

Anonymous said...

Michigan is #2 in the AP and #3 in the Coaches' poll. More importantly, it's still #2 in the BCS. . . .

Anonymous said...

christ, lloyd has already proven he is no match for osu and tressell. please NO REMATCH!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not in favor of a rematch; however, I do want the two best teams in the country competing for the national championship game. Wasn't that the reason for having the BCS? If the 2nd best team is UM, then so be it.

If losing late in the season is reason for not going to the championship game, does college football "win" when the UM-OSU game will be moved to Labor Day (so the losing team can try to move back up in the polls like ND)?

A rematch game won't be the same. It can't be. Both teams will have seen the best the other has to offer (and adjust). But it would be a true championship game of the two best teams, by far, in the country.

The other solution would be to just eliminate the BCS and go back to the old system where we just drink plenty of beer and argue about how our team really should have been the "mythical national champion". Oh how awful that would be; how last century.

God, I miss the old days!

Anonymous said...

Kudos to the Wolverines for a great game. Your boys came out and gave us everything we could handle. A worthy opponent indeed.

We are very sorry for the loss of Bo, all of COLLEGE FOOTBALL lost a great ambassador, and a great man. I'll bet he and The Old Man had a hell of a conversation yesterday afternoon.

The best of luck in your bowl game, unless you know what happens!

Go Bucks

-West Norwich

js said...

@anon 12:22

Er, yeah. Apparently I consider that a championship. Ask Woodson, Griese, Tuman, Streets, and the best defense Michigan has ever had if you don't believe me. Is it Lloyd's fault that Nebraska got the other half of the championship? Maybe he should've instructed Tai Streets to kick one pass to Jerame Tuman? Maybe he should've announced that he's retiring to garner some sympathy votes? Come on.

But that's not even the point.

If championship is all you want, then I guess you don't mind having a coach who has a bad reputation, does not care about his players, and cheats as long as he wins. I think Carr is doing this the right way and I don't want my Michigan team built any other way.

Anonymous said...

Leave Lloyd alone. he did just have a mentor & friend pass away.

Yes, Tressel is an awesome coach & probably did outcoach UM. But, they call the plays & the PLAYERS execute them. So, are the coaches the ONLY ones who deserve the praise and/or criticisms? Not in my book.

Jim said...

Lot's of Lloyd haters, but Lloyd not once told his team to over-throw passes, drop easily catchable passes, or lay the wood with series extending helmet to helmet hits out of bounds. In all honesty I wanted Michigan to win- for the love & tradition of football if nothing else, but I just had the feeling starting half-way through the 2nd quarter that Ohio State was pretty much in complete control of the game. I know there were times when I got excited Blue would overcome, but I'm not convinced it was as close as people think. Somebody did though, I see BCS rankings have you at 2 still. Congrats! Lots of generosity for the ND and Wisconsin wins, although I think all teams in the SEC except Bama, any school in Miss, Vandy, or UK would also have only one loss max with either WI or ND's schedules.

Anony said...

"you can't touch the long snapper" thing is something I've never heard of before

I haven't heard of that before either ekj! Can anyone explain the rule and the reasoning for it? I think Davie said it was to protect the long snapper, but I wasn't really listening to him (it's very easy for me to just tuneout him and Musberger(sp?) now). When was the rule added?

js-that would be nice as well! I have nothing against Florida and out of the three teams in the state, I like them the most. But their offense against remotely good teams is bad and getting worst with every opponet. Maybe WCU helped them improve on that side of the ball, but I very much doubt it. Right now I would take Arkansas over Florida in the SEC Championship.

Anonymous said...

Nice Try Bo, but it didn't work, and you're still dead! ha

Jim said...

My guess is that Anon 3:49 not only didn't go to OSU, but didn't even graduate high school. Probably issued a GED by the State of Ohio in hopes he would get his trash ass off food stamps and get a job changing oil at Quickie Lube. Too bad he spends his minimum wage working on his dirtbike, drinking Beast, and beating his live-in girlfriend.

Anonymous said...


Stop piling on Michigan has made this rivarly as much a we have, as much as I HATE THEM, we need to respect them (and they us), they're not that different than we are.
Go Bucks! and as much as I hate to say it...Go Blue...you've earned it!

-West Norwich

Todd said...

I just have a couple questions that i hope someone can answer for me about the game yesterday... Why did Lloyd Carr throw 35 times and so much early when Mike Hart was getting 7 yards per carry?

Also... I know you were down, but the best way to keep the OSU offense off the field is to pound the football and take time off the clock and i know he was trying to confuse them and that's fine to do on the first drive, after that, do what got you there...

Also... where were kevin grady and brandon minor? You can't win with one horse and those guys have been important in taking the load off mike hart and confusing defenses all season. Michigan's offense did play great, but the run defense was disappointing.

Answers to those questions would be greatly appreciated and GO BLUE!!!

Todd said...

"Show me a good loser and I'll show you a loser."

That is just one of many quotes that made Bo so great. You were great Bo and are missed dearly.

You had the best seat in the house on saturday and you forever will as long as Michigan plays football.

Rest in Peace. You were the best!

You Know This said...

Anony and to the rest pondering the whole 'hitting the snapper' thing. There are two rules on this, in high school, at least in Ohio, you can't make contact with the long snapper until he is 5 yards downfield. In NCAA rules, you cannot make contact with him until he raises his head. I didn't see the play as I was at the game, so I can't give any bearing on whether or not that was a good or bad call. Something like that is so rarely called though, that I would err on the side of the refs. It was probably pretty blatant, especially the way both teams were going at it.

Anonymous said...

To you know this said: I went back a looked at the play and it was a good call.

Go Bucks

Anony said...

Thanks for the explaination you know this.

Brad said...

Todd, your answers:

Michigan early was attempting to use the same gameplan that worked against PSU, a similar tough road environment. PSU loaded up to stop the run, which OSU also tried to do early, and thus you throw early to get the safeties to back off and create running room later. Notice Hart had IIRC about 57 yards at halftime and the majority of his 142 after the half. OSU was forced to respect our deep passing and give Hart room.

Grady is hurt (shoulder), Minor is still a frosh and I doubt the coaches trust him to pass protect & pick up blitzes, so if you put him in OSU knows it's a run coming. Hart keeps the D off balance. Plus I don't think the coaches trust Minor yet not to fumble in a game we couldn't afford to. For the same reason even if Grady was healthy I doubt we would have seen him.