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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Michigan 34 - Ball State 26...WTF?!?!?!?

To all the jackasses who gave me shit for questioning the team's lackluster play recently...

Blow me.

That was a complete embarrassment. No, we weren't "saving ourselves" for OSU. We weren't doing "just enough" to win. We were lucky to win. Period. One of the worst teams in the COUNTRY (not just the MAC) had a chance to tie us with minutes left.

Forget looking ahead to OSU, if we play like this next week on the road, we will lose to IU.

MUCH more to come. In the meantime, leave your comments below.

PS Ohio State would ass rape the Wolverines the way they played today. No if, ands or buts.


Andy said...


This is not going to be a pretty week.

Danny said...

THROW THE DAMN BALL DOWN THE FIELD!!! I'm tired of all this run right, run left shit. We know that Michigan can run the ball, show us that you have a passing game to go with it. If I'm a defensive player I'm pissed at the offense and the coordinator for not scoring and allowing teams to stay in it.

SCALZI said...

Unable to watch, but it's clear what happened.. once again "playing down" to our opponnents. I really hope the team gets focused this week. I think the "ESPN Machine" has already done irreperable damage to the team by pimping the game on the 18th.

The King said...

There went our chance to get into the Title game even if we lose close to OSU.

GoBlueHuss said...

Curious question to all my older, fellow Blue fans - did you guys ever witness such a similar "embarrassing victory?" I'm finding it very hard to find anything to like about this "win."

Brad said...

The only positive thing out of this is the coaches can use it to refocus the team. Not that they don't deserve some blame (even the demi-god English). I actually feel better about IU (who was making me a little nervous) and OSU, because this game will force the players and coaches to realize half-assing it doesn't cut it.


Since the comments will get ugly, try to keep in mind WE WON. We're 10-0. That's the bottom line.

surrounded in columbus said...

in the long run, there are no "bad" wins. that's about the only thing that could be said about this near debacle: they didn't lose.

they weren't ready from the top (Lloyd "i'd rather have a bye" Carr) down, they didn't take these guys seriously, and they tried to coast when they had a lead.

i'd like to think if they had been playing someone better, they would have at least looked/played more intensely. they never looked like they were engaged.

either this will be a wake up call (let's see how they respond this week) or a sign of things to come.

i'm putting my faith (and hope) on the former.

Yost said...


SO true. So true indeed.

KatieG said...

embarrassing. what happened to our crushing defense? that was simply, embarrassing.

TitleIX said...

coaching? sucked.
receivers? no hands.
offense??? where?
no mercy for Brady Hoke either--let the 1st team play!

and--everyone--including fans were looking past Ball State.
How about the fans in Section 17 with the M #1 Bring on the Bucks Sign...
guess that wasn't you Yost?

PeckHorn78 said...

Well, Ball State had 7 cracks from first-and-goal at the end, but that is certainly the furthest I have ever seen "bend don't break" stretched.....

JMA said...

F*@%ing ridiculous, is the only thing I can say about this game. I have never been a Carr hater, perhaps until today. His whole, I'd rather have a bye stance had to have contributed to this debacle. Henne looked terrible, why can't we throw down field. Why on earth did we not get Manningham some catches to get back in the flow. And why do we have second stringers in there with the game in question. This better serve as a wake-up call because we will lost to Indiana with that team on the field.

Anonymous said...

In all seriousness, that was probably what the Wolverines needed to get the focus back. Now they're going to play like the quality team they are against IU pikcing up an easy win and then go into the Bucks game with their minds on business. You're lucky you got the win today, but be thankful the wakeup call came before you get back into conference play.

guthrie said...

Yost, look at the positive side: at the end of the game when we were on defense I didn't see a single fan jingling keys. So . . . I guess that's something.

zippy said...

Unbunch your panties. Crap teams play above their level. Our heroes play like crap. Life happens.

Screw rankings.

Screw projections.

Bottom line: We won. We're 10-0. Nothing else matters for the next 6 days.

(Except beer and chicks). Screw a cheerleader and drink a beer, then declare victory for another week. At least that is my plan. Fully 50% of the plan is guaranteed to succeed.

TitleIX said...

oh...and where did Prescott Burgess go??
He came up lame (hammy?) and wasn't on the field or the sidelines for the second half....

on the flip side...glad that Mr. Amazing Team Player Football Guy J. Jackson got six. That was sweet.

bouje said...

You guys need to calm down. Stewart got burned (surprise surprise) for 80 and how many did Sears get burned for? like at least another 60, yeah theres 14 points right there.

Calm down chicken little

Anonymous said...

Yost...this is one time I have truly been livid with you. I dont owe you an apology for shit...how bout you blow me. Give my fucking team a break...and I say mine because you obviously arent a very loyal fan. I don't care how the fuck they win all that matters is that beautiful 10-0 which weve done what twice since 86 right? So just sit back and enjoy this historical season instead of constantly bitching about wins. Now if we fall to tOSU at then end of the year then you can bitch all day...and ill be right with you. But until then live it up bro.

Anonymous said...

Most important thing: UM got the W.

Second Most Important thing: Ball State's Dante Love has the coolest name since "Mister Senor Love Daddy." That's the only consolation for letting a BSU receiver have the nice little day he did.

TitleIX said...

Lloyd's press conference is pathetic..."really everything that happened today was good for our team"
oh, is he gonna coach this up...

if you look at the game stats you think we clobbered them, but the score doesn't reflect the 500 yards of offense, nor the 2 running backs over 100 yards.

Yes he played a lot of "young guys" and that contributed to a lot, and if he had been playing Mike late into the 4th and he gets hurt, what would we all be saying???

I just don't get this team....
And, anyone know why Grady didn't even dress??

once crapped in a hormel chili can said...

You won. Quit your bitchin'.

Andy said...

Anon 1:36 -

I think I am speaking for a more than Yost. F**k off.

10-0 or not... this team was not ready to play football today. At this point of the season, it is as much of a beauty contest as anything. We looked like a pig and got lucky to escape. Meanwhile, Troy Smith and the bucks are rolling again (14-0 in the 2nd) against the Illini.

Andy said...

And, anyone know why Grady didn't even dress??

He kept dropping his jersey ?

cliff keen said...

Anybody buying the "a win is a win" crap needs to have their head examined.

This team has been coasting for the past month, and it finally showed big-time today.

They are overrated, and have been living off a 47-21 win over ND in the polls for the past two months.

And yes, LC didn't help things with his "I'd rather have a bye week" line.

Drop passes, poor blocking, bad play-calling, suspect pass defense, coaches who don't want to be there rubbing off on kids who don't want to be there - it's all there.

OSU beats them by three TD's, and we all have to suffer through another year of hearing about what a genius the guy in the sweatervest is. That is, if they don't lose to Indiana first.

Yost said...

LOL, Guthrie. There was that.

Anon, I think I said it best on the main page: blow me.

A team should be getting better as the season progresses, if you think you saw that today then you're an even bigger jackass than I first thought.

Don't be so dumb, of course I'm happy we won. But it was about as ugly a win as was possible. Henne had to play EVERY snap against Ball St.

Please get a clue.

Anonymous said...

Michigan is not that great.

signed, Ball State

Yost said...


Uh...don't you think you left a couple things out.

First of all, they got burned AGAINST BALL STATE.

Receivers dropped balls that hit them in the numbers which would have kept drives alive.

Coaches pulling the first string out with the game in doubt.

A pick returned for a TD

A safety.

Not being able to punch the ball in for TDs and having to settle for FGs...against BALL ST.

And on and on and on.

B-Man said...

The fact is, children, a "win IS a win..." If you're counting on "style points..." If you're thinking about how we get into the championship game even IF we lose to TOSU, then you're living in a fantasy land with little fairies and tiny little hats anyway. Here's the deal; we WON.. If we win NEXT week, and on the 18TH, guess what: WE GO TO THE CHAMPIONSHIP GAME! If we lose next week OR the 18th, we will NOT be in the title game... Accept it, hope for wins, and quite whining about style points. If we take care of business, none of that shit matters.

JT said...

The guy in the sweater vest is a genius.

Anonymous said...

Mike Hart did not technically break his streak, his fumble counted as a safety, not a loss of possession, therefore his streak is still alive, albeit by rule only and not meaning.

boomstick aka Shop Smart, Shop S-mart said...

Amen b-man. We would have had to win every game by 50 to be able to lose to To$u and still get in the title game. Voters don't like rematches. By the way, we could be anywhere in the top ten going into Columbus, as long as we beat them.

I notice that no one is commenting on Carr actually calling passing plays at the end of the 1st half, instead of his normal two runs and jog off the field.

I would like everyone who is freaking out to remember a couple of things.

Stewart and Sears won't be seeing anywhere near that much time on the field come the 18th. Unless they have a magical transformation, it will be Hall and Trent out there.

Mike Hart won't be fumbling again until about the third year of his pro career.

I don't buy this "hanging on" to win shit. At no point in time did I fear that the game was going to be lost. I'm as critical of this team's shortcomings as the next guy, but what I saw was a bunch of guys who just didn't give a shit. Who the fuck ever thought they would see Michigan playing a MAC team on senior day?

I'm happy that Ball St. got some garbage time points, maybe now the media will stop giving this team a verbal blow job. Doesn't everyone else want to see this defense pissed off again? The only guy out there that looked angry was Harris. I didn't hear Branch's name get called at all today.

I'm going to the game next weekend, and I fully expect to see Michigan win by two touchdowns. They'll be pissed and actually care again.

Oh yeah, I am soo not worried about the running game after watching Minor today.

Howard21 said...

A win is a win, that's fine and all, but everyone should be worried. Maybe someone else has said it but I'm going to say that we peaked at South Bend. We have played as good of an all-around game since then. There is cause for concern but at the same time hopefully this sobers the team up and makes them realize that the season is still going on until the 18. Anon 1:36 calm down, don't take things so personally, there is cause for concern but there is still a week to go to work out kinks and it's better that this happen against Ball St. than Indiana and have no time to work on anything. Remember it was senior day and sometimes there is too much emotion on senior day and guys try too hard. Still one week so focus on Indiana

Anonymous said...

Radio broadcast said Grady had a banged up shoulder.
I couldn't beleive, at the end of the game when we needed a friggen first down to end it, we couldn't get it and had to punt. Ouch!

Howard21 said...

Correction on last post, we haven't played as well since South Bend

Anonymous said...

Don't be worried about the way Michigan won, rather be worried the offense fucking blows, and that Chad Henne is starting to look a lot like Chad Henne.

By the way, Ohio State's defense is very, very underated.

Benny Friedman said...

We were horrible today. But I don't see how we were "lucky to win." Plus, we didn't play tOSU today, so what does it matter what tOSU would have done to us.
We played down to the competition. But the bottom line is that we're in the same position we were yesterday - win next week and beat tOSU. Nothing's changed, other than we're one game closer.

TitleIX said...

what concerns me is the lack of concentration and attention to ALL opponents. as far as I can tell, tOSU isn't playing half-assed or playing down to their competition. they are steady and strong.

now, maybe you could argue that we are "saving" something, or that today's win is a great coachable moment since it shows just what can happen if you don't show up etc etc and will motivate the team.
but you can't turn that intensity and focus off and on so quickly.

last season the team wasn't physically ready to finish the 4th quarter.
I'm worried that this season they aren't mentally ready to finish....

Wired said...

We sucked today and it was a good thing it was Ball State on the field. None of us like it when Michigan allows it to get close at the end. I literally flashbacked to the way I felt right before "the pass" vs Colorado back in the day. Still, no matter what we say or anyone says we either win the next two or we don't. I am still celebrating getting out of September undefeated.

Anonymous said...

After watching their 2002 Championship season I think all OSU fans would tell you that a win is a win regardless of who you play and how you do it.

Don't worry, a win is a win.

Its not the end of the world....

Trent said...

I am glad Benny is the voice of reason. We need to get to Nov 18 at 11-0. Period. In fact, I prefer this crappy win to remotivate the team. OSU is good, and this team needs every edge going into that game. I hope we are a double digit underdog. Right or wrong, I believe this team will play better as a 10 pt dog than a 1 pt dog.

Benny Friedman said...

Meanwhile tOSU is going thru the motions against the Illini. Troy Smith has actually looked human. It's just like our win over Northwestern last week.
Does it make me think that we have a better chance to beat tOSU because of it? Nope. They'll play better on Nov. 18 than they did today. So will we.

Jeremy said...

I'm done visiting this site until the day before OSU. I'd rather stick to celebrating being 10-0 than telling other Michigan fans to "blow me" because everyone alive knows that if we put in our second string against OSU they'll beat us. Hey, also, if you drop stuff, it falls to the ground. Have fun sitting by your blog and hating on other UM fans tonight, guys -- I'll be out celebrating a win with my friends.

By the way, the student section was fantastic and everyone stayed.

Michigan 34, Johnny Sears 12.

Anonymous said...

You guys SUCK!

You should have lost to a very bad 2-7 team.

Had that game been called fairly, especially with that no call pass interference in the endzone at the end, you lose.

Louisville, tOSU, West Virginia, Tennessee, Florida, Auburn, LSU, Rutgers, Boise State would all wipe the floor with you.

Anonymous said...

haha I love it...maybe your scUM education has finally payed off, and you can finally see what we've been telling you for years...Michigan Sucks! umm yeah see on your Nov. 18 when we kick your ass... and keep rippin on your team it's less work for us.
Go Bucks!

Benny Friedman said...

I don't see why everyone's so upset. Michigan won by more than tOSU did. That's all that matters, right? Margin of victory?
Both are 10-0. Both will be 11-0 this time next week. And the game on Nov. 18 will be a classic.

Anonymous said...

You can not get kids to stay up for 12 weeks in a row. It's impossible...considering with everything else that is going on in their lives. Everything is done with peaks and valleys. You only hope that when you are in a valley, that you still win...hence with yours and tOSU's victories. As we showed in 2002, just keeping winning, and the rest takes care of itself. And when it's all said and done, we both will be 11-0 on the 18th of Nov.

Anonymous said...

Thank you anon even though your a tOSU fan you got soom sense/ 2002 experience. and Yost...really just Blow me.

Anonymous said...


OSU22UM6 said...

UM deserves to be #1, OSU's offense utterly disappeared today. They couldn't run the ball, made zero big passing plays, and allowed their defense to play most of the second half in their own territory. Maybe Tressel was trying to prove a point, maybe Boone is critical, but goodness, Michigan's defensive line will dominate OSU on 11/18. They should be the favorite, 17-7 MICH.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if the game will be re-aired on TV tonight?

Anonymous said...

What both UM and tOSU should take away from their games today is the need to focus. Neither team looked great. There is business to attend to before the 11/18 clash. If these games don't motivate the respective teams to do that, then neither deserve the recognition they are working to achieve.

BTW, I wouldn't make any judgments about how the game will be played in two weeks on the basis of either performance today. I'm happy there's a good chance both schools will be undefeated and that the outcome will be settled on the field. It'll be a great game.

Anonymous said...

Ohio State had a bad outing today as well. What does that say about Illinois? Are they going to be an improved team next year? They really gave us something to look at though, how to tear apart the "Bucks". I'm pretty sure we have a better defense then they do.
By the way, Manningham was in the game today...right? Thankfully he didn't reinjure.

Anonymous said...

GO NORTHWESTERN!! Next weekend that is. HAHAHA!

Anonymous said...

Actually, Henne looked pretty good. It was the rest of the team. He made some poor choices in choosing receivers to pass to, but I saw some of his best passes yet, and unfortunately they were dropped. There was one bullet to Adrian Arrington that flew through the hands of something like 4 defenders and straight into Arrington's hands...and then he dropped it. There was that other pass to Carson Butler that was dropped as well.

WuTangDynasty said...

The mighty Buckeyes didn't exactly tear it up today either.


Andy said...

I feel much better after a couple of glasses of wine and a big plate of pasta.

This just showed up in my inbox:

Ohio State is not that great.

Signed, Ron Zook

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:41, you think that Michigan won because of bad calls in their favor? Michigan won in spite of bad calls! That facemask call was bullshit, for one thing.

Anonymous said...

This happens. 10 games into the season with no bye week, and the team gets tired and loses its focus. We saw it today with OSU, Florida, and Michigan, although with a very bad team.

Another problem to me is that against good teams in big games, Michigan plays a planned and prepared attack. In South Bend, the team focused on the game and played like it had nothing to lose. And in College Station, the team kept focused on the game at hand and played a careful and calculated game, both offensively and defensively. Here, the team was just asleep at the wheel. They need to wake the fuck up.

D. King said...

After shitting on Auburn in your blog poll, I am looking forward to seeing where you put your Wolverines this week?

Anonymous said...


While I am displeased that our defense let receivers behind them -- it was our second- and third-string. I accept the choice of playing defensive backups in the second-half. How many would have been screaming bloody-murder if a David Harris, LaMarr Woodley, or Alan Branch had twisted a knee on an innocuous late 3rd-quarter play? Every one of them. So, the coaching staff spares the starters and provides valuable playing time to the bench, and loses the public confidence??? People, remember, the defense will win this thing for us. When the entire team is playing for 60 minutes, and wins, will you then believe the coaching decisions have been proper? Or will you still want to fire the staff? 10-0 has been done VERY RARELY in the last 37 seasons at Michigan. Don't be spoiled -- have some character and appreciate the season.

And who said, "Throw the ball downfield?" If Arrington catches, and Butler catches, and Mathews catches, bread-basket passes, Ball State doesn't score 26...and we score much more than 34.

Many of today's fans have absolutely NO sense of context or sense of reality. 10-0 is extremely hard to do in ANY sport. We have a chance to be 11-0 going to Columbus and can not have said that very often in the last 40 years. Some of the posters/bloggers that enjoy complaining (under cover of free speech) have lost their minds -- and weren't through puberty the last time Michigan was 10-0; and not born the last time before that Michigan was 10-0.

Wake up. Get some perspective. Quit hanging-out on these boards where the devil is hanging-out (no sense of humor? Check-out Bobby Boucher's mom in "The Waterboy.")

Still, 10-0. Going to Columbus UNDEFEATED. THAT IS THE KEY!

Howard21 said...


Seriously, I'm sure we'll be fine, but to anyone who saw the game (I don't have ESPNU) did the execution and basic stuff look good (other than the drops)?

Stew said...

You guys need to chill. OSU looked just as bad as UM today. How can they not be looking ahead to each other? JT from tOSU played the second half against the Illini as a joke...running on 1st and 2nd down and leaving 3rd and long the entire second half...Carr and JT understand the stakes now...why show anything? Michigan and OSU will bring their best on the 18th...forget about the next two weeks. I expect both teams to play their best games of the year.

Anonymous said...

God Damnit what the hell is wrong with a WIN!!!! and Ohio State did'nt look much better but they won. A Win is a Win and it has notrhing to do with what happens next week.

Anonymous said...

I watched the entire Michigan game and a good share of the OSU game. Michigan looked significantly better than OSU. Like Lloyd said basically M made 4 mistakes (2 by backups). OSU did absolutely nothing offensively the entire second half and Smith took a beating. The "panic boys" above were saying the same thing after the Vanderbilt and Central Michigan games...and concluded that Michigan had no chance against Notre Dame. Prediction: Michigan 20 - OSU 10.

Seattle Wolverine

Anonymous said...

First I like what anon 606 pm said. Nice post. The rest of you You guys frett over this game like a bunch of pansy ass women. not that there is anything wrong with pansy ass women. some of my best friends are pansy ass women, but guys looking at style points and whinning, stop it have beer and watch some more football.

CaliGirl said...

I agree with many of you. As much as I hate to listen to all the jokes at work about how bad Michigan looked...I can still say we are 10-0 and they are not. Furthermore, I did not like how close the game was at the end, however, I do know we weren't playing at the top of our game, nor with starters the entire game. Why would we? Risk injuries and key players to Ball State??? I don't think so!

I agree with Stew; LC and JT know what is at stake here and no matter what, they will be 11-0 going into 11/18 with their poker faces not having shown all their cards.

tOSU looked like crap today as well, how coincidental we both win narrowly. And like everyone said above...sit back, relax and ENJOY what is already going to be a classic football matchup come November 18th!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for beating me to the punch. I was going to slam Mich but you seem to have seen the same game.

Yost said...

Wait, Jeremy, you're n to coming back? Oh, woe is me. Oh, cursed woe!

Hey, my bad for not praising a week performance against one of the worst teams in the country. Really.

TitleIX said...

hey--Anon 6:06
I was at the 1997 Rose Bowl victory for the championship as well as that year's Michigan/Ohio State game here in A2. And even then, puberty was decades behind me. So close your pie-hole about that, ok?

Those of us who lived thru that championship can tell you that that team routinely hit on all cylinders. You could count on the playmakers to catch, run, and/or pass. And not just on the sidelines or the edges, but right down the middle of the field.

This team? 50/50 if Breaston will catch it. We worry if Grady hangs on to it or loses it when he hits the line. Yes, Henne is doing better but his receivers (save for Mario) are iffy. Arrington dropped a perfectly thrown TD ball today. Shitty TE play all the way around as well. Red Zone offense is spotty at best. Running back situation? Completely dependent on #20. So, yes, it's great that we are undefeated with the opportunity to completely ruin the Buckeyes in their sandbox. That will be the sweetest victory EVER>>>

If you were at the stadium today, then you will agree that the crowd was NOT happy on the walk home. No one was whoopin' up the 10-0 record like you claim we should be. There was amazement that Ball State was in it til the last tick of the clock and continued recognition that with each game the stakes increase logrithmically but that the team's attention to that fact may not be keeping pace.

We Fans, including the thoughtful and erudite ones like Yost, Benny, Baggy, King, Surrounded, srudoff (the moron), and yes, even my bro' Andy have experienced MANY a Michigan season. Decades of them, in fact.

We got away with one today, as did tOSU. If tOSU had killed today then my concerns would be even greater. I am calmed a bit by their lackluster performance against the Illini, making our game play today less notable.

Nevertheless, our team has to play all 11 before the 18th, and if they half-ass another one, then the opportunity for the magic we sense now will be gone....

Sorry...The Champions of the West don't 'settle'.

Yost said...

Title IX,

So true. Look, I'm THRILLED we're 10-0. I'm guessing not many M fans thought that would be the case going into this season.

That said, it's not wrong to expect better from a team in the hunt for the National Title in the LAST home game of the season!

Furthermore, style points DO count in the current system. Period. How you play is just as important as winning. Ask teams like ND and Aub that dropped after WINNING games.

The King said...

Hart's fumble was his first in 666 carries.



Howard21 said...

Really if we weren't complaining what would we be doing. Second guessing and speculation is all the control a fan really has. So why not just accept that and not take posts so serious. Really worry if they look like this after the indiana game, but to not have a little concern would be stupid.

Anonymous said...

Hey Titleix you said We Fans, including the thoughtful and erudite ones like Yost, Benny, Baggy, King, Surrounded, srudoff (the moron), and yes, even my bro' Andy have experienced MANY a Michigan season. Decades of them, in fact. as if dropping names and agreeing with the owners of the blog adds some weight and credence to your arguement.

One question What's the object of the game?
If you answer like I think you will next question.
Why are you bitchin?

Benny Friedman said...

Style points might matter for Auburn and ND, but not for Michigan. If we win the next two - even if they're both in triple OT, we're playing the national championship game. The ONLY number that matters is getting to 12 wins.

Anonymous said...

From Anon606pm
To TitleIX

You callin' me out? What you basically said was, "I was there" man, I know what it's like, I have credibility -- just ask Benny, and so on.

I agree that this team didn't fire on all cylinders today. And, I agree that our backups may not be ready for prime time. That is obvious.

And "The Champions of the West don't settle." Thanks, for the comeuppance. I thought I paid good money for my degree.

Anyway, now that you have everything off your chest, the point of my 606pm post was that we still have achieved something that has been rare -- even for the Champions of the West -- in the last 40 years. Take the win. Keep your powder dry. Don't canabalize your own fans. Get to the 18th.

And if you're a fan, you'll accept my hearty Go Blue!

TitleIX said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
TitleIX said...

and to Anon 6:06
I return the heart felt GO BLUE!

how about a reality check for those of us who remain skeptical?
what's happening on the tOSU sights?
are they concerned with their performance today too??

Anonymous said...

The student section was a joke today, they're a disgrace. Not only did the majority not even arrive until the game was right about to start, but the top half was pretty empty. I'm sick of this, you students should be embarrassed.

Anonymous said...

From Anon606 (aka "Logician Blogger Anon Person" -- I like that, Logician)
To Title IX

I agree with you on many points. I wanted the entire second- and third-string in the game the entire second half. The risk of injury weighed on me the entire second half. And, yes, it bothered me that our starters had to play to seal the game. And, yes, if today's team goes to Columbus and plays OSU's best team, it could be...bad. And, yes, I said, "Unacceptable" one-hundred times in the second half.


I was never concerned that we would lose the game. As poorly as we played in half-two, I was not concerned about defeat. Winning the game was all that mattered today for us, for OSU, for Florida, for many teams. In an eleven-game gauntlet to Columbus, one or two may not be your "A" game (credit to Tiger Woods, circa 1997). But, who cares as long as they bring it in 14 days.

Yes, I'm not on Bob Jones Kool-Aid, I was disappointed today. But, I post to get people off the kettle and them to try to enjoy some of a 10-0 season, about to be an 11-0 season, and VERY DAMN WELL could (75% likelihood) be a 12-0, no 13-0 season.

I, personally, appreciate your having been there, as I have. I just called you back on callin' me out.

We'll be there next week. WIN.

We'll be there in two weeks. And WIN.


Logician Anon

Yost said...

"I was never concerned that we would lose the game. As poorly as we played in half-two, I was not concerned about defeat."

Really? With Ball St having seven -- SEVEN cracks at the endzone from inside our 10 with under 3 minutes left?!

Uh, just what exactly would it take for you to be concerned?

Nobody is saying we aren't the best team -- by a mile -- but the best team doesn't always win.

We got lucky to at least not end up in OT today the way things ended.

TitleIX said...

Logician Anon 606--
I pulled my last diatribe becuz the horse is soooo dead right now that even I'm tired of it!

Here's what I REALLY am hoping for....
2 more wins and a trip to AZ so we can have Yost and Benny host a huge ass tail gate for us all to celebrate together in person!
or, at least rent an internet cafe so we can blog?? (kidding...)

The Rose Bowl in 1997 was one of the best football atmospheres EVER and it would be amazing to celebrate like that again.
This team can do that, if they focus--and I definitely want to party like that again!
The other amazing thing about that trip? The BAND who Marched in the early AM for the Parade and then played and played and played during the game and for eons afterwards. A-Maizing.

I'm sure you know that Coach has been showing the movie, The Cinderella Man, to the team as this season's motivator.
This team is now up off the 7-5 mat, and I want them to go for the KO!!!



harry hasselhoff said...

Easy guys, it was ugly, but it was a "W." It's SO DIFFICULT to go undefeated because of games like this - teams don't have trouble getting up for big games, its getting past these games. I can't believe I'm agreeing with Lou Holtz, but he does know a lot more about coaching then any of us yahoos, and he put it well when he said that a good team only needs to play great 3 times a season and has to simply get the W's the rest of the way through. Probably truer when you play the service academy slate at ND, but still a worthwhile observation.

Plain and simple, they didn't take Ball St. seriously, Sears and Stewart suck and there were some inopportune mistakes. On the upside, the offense was pretty good.

And please Yost, try to take it easy on the negativity this week - yes, it was ugly but they're 10-0 and how many times have we been able to say that in the last 50-FIFTY-years? Twice before ('73 and '97), that's it - so enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Yost... did u ever graduate from UM? what the fuck do u mean by blow me? to your fellow freaking loyal readers most of whom are michigan fans?

REMEMBER THIS - ITS GREAT TO BE A MICHIGAN WOLVERINE!!! STOP your freaking whining, and give my team (yes I do agree with anon 1:34) a break.

Andy - u still holding on to OSU rolling on Illinois? STFU!


Anonymous said...

All the good teams have struggled against crap teams this year. This was the first time we did. OSU struggled today against Illinois. Auburn struggled against Ole Miss last week. Tennessee struggled against LSU today (and lost!)

It's not like we suck, and we DON'T.

Wired said...

We all can at least be happy that this will all be settled on the gridiron, and not by sportswriters or coaches with their agendas. GO BLUE!

rob. said...

anyone else notice how long it took for the defensive staff to get the plays in on those last few drives? no one on defense was set when ball state was snapping the ball. they were out of position play after play. i mean, criticize the coaches for sure, but besides two blown coverages by two backup corners, it wasn't that bad..

Parm said...

Much later, just home from the bar and work, but who the hell are you guys to question Yost's comittment to UM? You're fucking retarded. Seriously. If it weren't for him and the rest of the guys who put up this site, you'd be arguing with the jackasses on the MLive forum. Enough said.

Now, a win is a win. I had to watch us almost get beat in front of a lot of Buckeye fans who- although they were cheering for the Fighting David Lettermans just to piss me off- really wanted us to win so we'll have a real showdown on the 18th.

If you look at the Bucks title, they barely won more than a few games (phantom pass interference not included) but the thing is... THEY WON. So, we get our shit together, take care of business, get our heads on straight, and kick ass on the 18th.

Maybe this is what we needed. Either way, don't bite the hand that feeds you, you fuckin' jackholes. These guys bring us quality content every week. As always, GO BLUE!

Andy said...

Anon 10:08:

Football is a funny game. The internet can be even more fun. It is very easy to wait for all the games to end and then start dropping comments like "I told you so"... I wrote the "rolling" comment when it looked like the buckeyes were headed towards their typical 44-0 whitewash of another big10 team.

You are correct. In general, it is great to be a michigan wolverine and we are undefeated. However, I don't care to fall back on annoying cheers when my team plays below their exectations and barely beats a terrible team.

My thoughts at this point:
1) It is great to be undefeated after 10 games.
2) We have a fantastic team when they play up to their ability.
3) Ohio State is also VERY good. I dare say they are the best (read: most complete) Ohio State team I have ever seen.
4) November 18th can not get here quick enough for me.

Anonymous said...

Well, in all honesty, we as OSU fans now know how you feel and while many Ohio State fans have been talking shit, I must say we must come down from our high horse because well we looked terrible too. At least on this one we can agree. Hopefully both teams will pick it up and be prepared for the 18th. On the plus side, at least both teams are still undefeated and let's just hope this was a wake up call for both. Plus if it makes the Big Ten feel any better at least Florida barely beat Vanderbilt!!

Anonymous said...

We don't have the greatest athletes in the nation. We have mostly in-state recruits and we schedule teams that some would find difficult. We were up 23-7 on Indiana before blowing that one 24-23. Purdue was spanking us until we woke up at the end and only lost 38-28. To go to the Big House...and make it actually somewhat of a game--to lose by 8 to the 2nd best team in the nation....damn it, I'm proud of them. Yes, we are a MAC school and we hail from the medium-sized Hoosier city of Muncie, but have some respect.

Don't spoon-feed me the bulls*** that we were playing the 2nd team D, because Michigan is never supposed to play that way--2nd, 3rd strings or practice squad--Michigan shouldn't have allowed that. Ohio State did look bad as well. Troy Smith sucked the big one. Heisman my ass.

The Wolves better wake up and not look past a team again, otherwise my friends in Bloomington will send you all a nice, big F--- You message

Anonymous said...

mzone sucks.

the michigan football team, coaches, fans, however, do not.

Yost said...


Easy solution for you -- don't read it then.

Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

it does help, and thus, i have stopped.

Yost said...

Yeah, I can see that, Anon. We'll miss you. No, really.

Anonymous said...

Boy, a few thousand extra hits have made you bitter. I remember not too long ago you used to start even the negative comments with "thanks for reading."

WillinSacto said...

Hey, I think this game was a wake-up call to the team that cannot, CANNOT half-ass it, even if its Ball State. You knew that they were going to come in pumped, because, 1) its Michigan and 2) playing in Michigan Stadium. You have to take care of business on the field and frankly, I don't think UM did that today. They got away with one.

If the guys and coaches don't learn anything from this game, then they have every right to lose to tOSU and lose a shot at the BCS Title Game.

Anonymous said...

Yost dont listen to Anon...althought I'm pissed as hell you keep raggin on the team i love this blog you got goin, and i dont know wat id do without it. I respect your opinion (dont agree with em all) and i love wat youve done with this thing...keep up the great work...and Go Blue!

Yost said...


I appreciate that. Hey, it's just my opinion. That's it.

And that doesn't mean I don't bleed maize and blue!

Thanks for reading.