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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Just Got Back in Town

Much to say about the game and the environment in Columbus. But need to catch up on some things and gather my thoughts on everything. Benny and I will have a very full day here on Monday.

Also, if any reader has a screenshot, picture or link of the post-game celebration on the field where the police in the 'Shoe surrounded both goalposts, please email us. Much appreciated.


bobmurph said...

BCS Rankings

1. OSU 1.00
2. Michgian .926
3. USC .919
4. Florida .884
5. ND .820

You Know This said...

Glad to see you made it back and safe. Can't wait to see your pile of info tomorrow.

eddie, eddie said...

The BCS standings are good news. Assuming USC (and Florida) win out, there will be no rematch.

Anonymous said...

What's the big deal about the goalpost guarding? Nothing happened. They just wanted to make sure they stayed up. Those things aren't cheap to replace....and people can get hurt when they come down.

TitleIX said...

the goal-post-guarding looked really cool on TV. Two triangles around the posts, with a sea of red on the field.

Anonymous said...

as far as I'm concerned, the national championship was played yesterday. Good job bucks, well played. Now as far as the remach is concerned, I don't think anyone can argue that Michian and ohio state are the 2 best teams in the country. I would love to see that game on a nutral field with a Michigan victory and a split national championship.

Anonymous said...

they defended the goalposts for the students safety and the safety of the athletic departments checkbook

Tom said...

They're just impressed because it was the first time anything was successfully defended against someone in scarlet and gray all day.

Jim said...

I guess the Big Ten doesn't issue penalties for fans on the field? F'ng SEC commissioner a-hole prick. We got fined for fans on the field, ripping down goal posts, etc., ofc the student govt association payed the fine for the school.

Enjoyed watching the Big Game. What was up with Michigan trainers' choice of cleats for the Wolverines? I don't recall seeing any Buckeye's slipping. That's unfortunate though I really rather watch college ball being played on grass than carpet.

Well, the rumor mill CSTV is reporting Spurrier is going to Miami, so if Blue fans kck Lloyd out, I'd up my contribution to the Gamecock Club to have him down here. Helluva class act gentleman and coach.

Eric S. said...

Hope your stay was (relatively) good.

On the goalpost front, it's actually impossible for them to take out the goalposts. They're buried about 50 feet deep in concrete. The cops were there for safety.

And the triangle of cops + sea of scarlet = really cool looking.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you want pics, so you can write another blog trying to putdown Buckeye fans. Get over it already. You guys were two unforced turnovers away from losing by a couple more scores! The garbage TD at the end just covered up the fact we were leading by 10 to 14 pts. for the whole game. We have way way way too many athletes on the field for UM or anyone else to stop. I'd love to see a pic of thousands of Buckeye fans storming the field, right on the front of this website. Hail to the Victors, Bitches!!!!!!!

screwa2 said...

tom (above) nailed it on the head - and i'm sure this may be Yost's take on it as well - tom maybe stole his thunder though.

Anonymous said...

they also did the defend the goalpost thing on '04. this is nothing new

Anonymous said...

I am all for a re-match. Will be played on a nuetral field instead that piece of shit field that definately gave the suckeyes an added meaning to the term home field advantage. I agree with mike hart, a whole different outcome will occur if the re-match happens.

Go Blue !!!

Andy said...

Anon 3:27

It isn't hard to put down fans like you.

It is too bad you can't match the humble nature of your coach and the excellence of your football program.

srudoff said...


You can owe me the $10 from my bet offer. I'm sure you recieved no physical harm down there


Eric S. said...


Take a look one post above. It's too bad "bighouserocks" can't match the humbleness of OSU's program either.

Michigan played an outstanding game of football. Ohio State won. People need to stop crying about the field, the refs, and everything else. Short of Mike Hart, the rest of the Wolverine football team and coaching staff had only classy comments concerning the game.

Jim said...

Yost, Benny, et. al.,
I'm all for a credit card age verification requirement to be able to post here. Maybe it would weed out some of the TT kids posting here (read: Anon 3:27). Hats off to you for allowing anonymous posts (if blogger.com allows you to restrict it that is).

B-Man said...

Congrats to the Buckeyes, and to football fans in general. We were all treated to an outstanding, and very surprising game. I doubt that anyone expected such prolific offense!
Regarding a rematch, I for one would be all for it. I do agree, though, with Buckeye fans who argue that if they were to lose in a rematch, it would be unfair, as they've already beaten Michigan once. But I also feel that it's only fair to analyze the "quality" of the loss for each one-loss team... Michigan's only loss was in a very close game, on the home field of the best team in the country! How are they not more deserving of the Championship Game than the other one-loss teams? This is just another example of how messed up the BCS is, and how badly some sort of playoff is needed. For what it's worth, I'd love to see a rematch where Michigan wins and a split championship is awarded. Of course, this won't happen because that would basically translate as the BCS admitting they are incredibly flawed and in need of ANOTHER makeover!

Anonymous said...

Great, now there is a possible chance to add another "L" to LLLLLoyds name if michigan makes it to the BCS Championship. Isnt it bad enough michigan fans have to go through another offseason of being reminded of this loss?

Anonymous said...

Great game. As a neutral observer (a Syracuse fan, feel free to mock), I thought it was one of the most enjoyable games of recent memory. Lots of emotion, lots of offense, lots of big plays. Nice to see a big game live up to the hype.

I'd love to see a rematch, but I do think if USC wins out they deserve the shot at Ohio State in the National Champiosnhip game based on overall number of quality wins. If Florida wins out, I still like Michigan. If Arkansas wins out ... they'd have wins over Auburn, Tennessee, LSU, and Florida. I think I'd have to give them the nod over Michigan, unfortunately.

I wonder if Michigan will be hurt by the pollsters by not having anymore games to play. USC, Florida, and Arkansas still have two chances apiece to impress pollsters and computers. As close as the standings are, it's not going to take too many people to start to lean another way.

If only there was a playoff system we could see it settled on the field.

Andy said...

Planet Killer: It was settled on the field. Ohio State won. If USC wins out, I am more than happy to let them take their shot.

Eric S: I agree, there are bad fans on both sides. After all was said and done yesterday - I walked away from yesterday with a new respect for the entire OSU program. The field (however horrible) is not an excuse because both teams had to play on the same surface. Right now -- I can only hope the Teddy Ginn Jr will formally announces that he is going to the nfl and bringing Gonzo with him.

Funny story about the slippery surface yesterday... I was watching the game with a Gator friend -- about the middle of the second quarter after another defensive lineman slipped down, he turned to me and said "andy, I don't think the new shoe contract with kenneth cole is working out very well for the wolverines..." Pretty funny considering the agony I was in at the time.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back. Just wondering what everyone thinks about possible bowl matchups.

If USC beats ND, does ND still make a BCS game?

If so, the Rose will get the first two picks.... do we see a rematch vs ND in the Rose?


bobmurph said...

For all those not in favor of an OSU/UM rematch for the BCS title, consider this:

If USC finishes #2 in the BCS the Rose Bowl will get the first two picks of the remaining BCS eligible teams, likely setting up a UM/ND rematch in Pasadena.

If I had to choose between an OSU rematch or ND rematch I'm choosing OSU. Sorry, Bucks fans, but it's not Michigan's fault that the BCS is such a flawed system. Not to mention, the BCS alternative of a playoff could potentially set up a OSU/UM rematch as well (although I'm in favor of a playoff with only conference champs, no at-large...but college football doesn't seem to get much right so I doubt the playoff system they set up would get it right either).

bobmurph said...

you stole my thunder anon 5:35

TitleIX said...

Andy---that's pretty funny. You've got some clever friends

I love all the yahoos posting insults about what they THINK Yost and Benny et al will say or post.
Stop ruining the win for your fans, K? cause you just prove the point. Thanks. Buh-bye.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

other bowl thoughts.....

assuming West Virginia beats Rutgers...lokks like Louisville, WV and Boise will be in the BCS games

TitleIX said...

it's going to be a great 2 weeks waiting to see what happens with all of these games and then going thru the permutations......

ain't college football great!????

what will we do after Jan 8th????

Anonymous said...


I'd much rather see Michigan pillage ND again than OSU play a motivated Mich team in the NC. Just to see Brady Quinn cry again. And to wipe the pompous smug look off Charlie "Genius" Weis's face.

Anonymous said...

I like all of the buckeye fans on this sight being peckers again. People are saying good game & congrats. What more do you want?

Things like the refs and the field play a part in the game just as much as play calling & execution of plays. Did the turf & refs make the game for osu/ break the game for um... no, but to say it did not play a role is ridiculous.

Congrats OSU, please be good winners & leave the name calling out of it. It is classless.

Aram said...

the Event Staff people all told us that they didn't particularly care about the destruction of the goalposts, but were more worried about people seriously injuring themselves in tearing them down. they were greased going about halfway up the uprights, and they kept the power triangle of cops around both of them even when the only people in the stadium were the Michigan Marching Band and about 50 students lingering in the stands...

I'll see if I have any pictures. I'm sure I do.

steve g said...

I am in favor of a rematch if USC loses to ND, someone beats Arkansas, and then Arkansas beats Florida. If not, UM doesn't deserve to play tOSU again. Also, I want UM to have another shot at tOSU because I don' think I can handle 2 MNC's for Tressel and I think UM is the only team that stands a chance against them.

GoBlueWolverine said...

Anon 6:18, stop making excuses. The field and referees were the same for both teams. They are better than us, we just need to man up and deal with losing.

And to play the classless card again and again is lame. I was in Columbus yesterday and the fans were fine. Nothing was thrown at me, other than a few "Fuck Michigan"s.. and I was wearing my Mike Hart jersey.

Try to be a humble loser in the way their coach is such a humble winner

Anonymous said...

all this business about jim tressle "owning" lloyd carr is bullshit. the only reason that sweater vest is ahead of carr right now is because of the brilliance of troy smith during the past three years. even though he looked like he was sleeping during most to the game (guess he was a bit bored) he still managed to carve up the wolverines.

and michigan really needed to make a bigger effort in the first half to establish the run. mike hart is the one guy who can really carry the team and will them to victory (similar to troy smith's influence) but i felt they didn't go to him enough in the first two quarters.

a rematch does feel appealing at the moment...but personally i'm still disappointed by this business on playing in glendale, arizona on january 8th, what the fuck? i guess i'm old fashioned but i'll take usc in pasedena on new year's day every time, without second thought.

Anonymous said...

Goddammit. Sure I would love to see a rematch. I don't know, crap. I wanted to see Blue beat OSU at the shoe with Troy Smith, Ginn, Gonzales, and everyone. I wanted to see us win under the toughest conditions possible, proving how good the team is. I want a win away more than a win at home, if that makes any sense. I just wanted to see a natl championship year when we win at OSU, with a tougher schedule.

Maybe I'm a sore loser, but we didn't play to our potential. The defense could have been better...should not have let those two rushing TDs go by. Henne shouldn't have messed up those long passes. There are so many "if only"s. It's just really frustrating, because I wanted to see the most quality Michigan win ever, and my heart was broken. It's nice that it was close, but there are things that could have been done to make it a win rather than a close loss.

Anonymous said...

"roughing the center"????? what kind of call was that? oh well, tOSU won, on to glendale

Anonymous said...

Regarding comments about the field condition being an advantage for OSU: it was new turf that OSU had not even stepped on prior to the game. Yes, it was bad, but OSU did not have any advantage as such. And I have seen worse -- the turf at the 1969 Rose Bowl was worse than that stuff (god I'm old).

Hope you win your bowl game (unless you're playing in AZ)

Bo Bucks, on to Glendale

Anonymous said...

Roughing the center is a rule that has always been there, but nobody has ever been dumb enough to violate it.

Yost, I don't know where the link is to email you guys, but there is a decent pic of the goal post guarding at www.the-ozone.net. It is pretty late in their set of photos for the UM game.

I am a Buckeye fan and I have to say that I have nothing but respect for UM. They came out and fought and even when things looked bad, they kept fighting. Hart is relentless, and Chad Henne may have played the game of his life. I think the Buckeyes were just the better team.

Anonymous said...

Go Blue Wolverine-

I am NOT being a bad loser. I am referring to the jerk buckeyes that come on here dropping their f* michigans and go blows and such. Win & say good game like I am saying congrats & GREAT win for osu.

I am NOT making an excuses as far as the grass goes. People keep saying that the UM fans are using it as an excuse. It was not why we lost, but yes it is a factor in the game. I know they all play on the same field, but to say it did not affect some players game (AGAIN... NOT AN EXCUSE) is crazy. We are allowed to comment that the field sucked and that is ultimately my point. Just because some people have commented on how bad it was does not mean that we are blaming the loss on the field. Jeez... relax & quit reading into my simple post.

Anonymous said...

Regarding my post 11/19 at 8:12 PM:

I meant to sign my message "'Go' Bucks". What got typed there was a typo and no disrespect to your late coach was intended.

MGoBlue93 said...

I don't like the new rankings one bit. I was outraged at OU getting in after being waxed by K State. I was even more put off by Nebraska backing into the championship game. If I had an integrity, I therefore can not be excited at the prospect of a rematch.

Glendale should be a 1 loss SEC champ against tOSU. Pasadena should be U of M against USC.

Go BLUE!!!

Anonymous said...

I think the NC game will be OSU vs. USC or UM. If we don't get a rematch (USC is getting healthy so I don't see them losing to ND or UCLA) I would like to see UM play Texas (assuming they win the big 12)in the Rose bowl again if they have McCoy back. I think it would be the most logical choice if USC plays in the NC game.

Anonymous said...

Who cares if we lost the Big 10 title, BUT end up getting a reprieve and another shot at the NATIONAL title?

I mean, obviously I would've loved to beat the Bucks in C-Bus, but we didn't. So now I hope ND (ewwww) beats USC and then we should get a chance at the only title that matters.

I have no problem hoisting the trophy on Jan. 8, even if we're 1-1 against tOSU. I know it isn't the NFL, but I'm sure many times teams have lost in the regular season to the team they eventually beat in the Super Bowl. That's life and I'll take it, but I won't complain if USC gets their shot b/c we blew our chance. Now I can just hope ND can win against SC.

Eric said...

First, I want to say that I am a HUGE Ohio State fan. Michigan played an amazing game and I commend them for their valiant effort. However, I don't believe a rematch is warranted in this case and any UM fan that says otherwise is just a homer and not looking at the situation objectively.
Why should OSU have to prove themselves twice? I could go on and on about why but someone already put my words down on paper. Read the opinion of someone who I'm sure hates tOSU and UM equally...a Notre Dame fan. I could not have said it any better.


P.S. I actually want USC to reach the BCS title game yet again just so
tOSU can beat the shit out of Pete Carroll and his smug Hollywood ass!!
I swear the man has made a deal with the devil!!

Great thread and thanks for being objective. Go Bucks!!

Anonymous said...

I have a screenpost of the police guarding the goalposts. What email do I send it to?