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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Hazards of Reporting from Columbus

In the clip below, Fox News reporter Steve Brown experiences the joy of doing a live remote from Columbus during the Michigan-Ohio State game.

(HT: CS)


a said...

That girl's mom must be so proud.

TideInTx said...

I heard she was kicked out of school because she didn't say "THE Ohio State".

Anonymous said...

Oh no Bluto, I've been around people whose sobriety is in question. My nerves are frazzled. Pussy.

Andy said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Andy said...

Nice block, too bad our lineman couldn't do that to Vernon Gholston during the game.

I didn't get a great look, but could that possibly be the OSU recruiting video chick after a semester of skyline chilli and ohio beer

screwa2 said...

i think it's prett cool that a grown man tried to throw a shoulder into a woman.

that is just so .....

.... manly!

Jim said...

Someone check Steve's bio at Fox and see where he went to school. Something tells me he didn't get around this type of atmosphere being on the debate team and therefore, not quite used to it. Either that or he's pissed for being low man on the totem pole and had to stay sober and provide reports instead of getting his drunk on off the clock. Maybe he should take tips from Lushberger.

Anonymous said...

That was a SWEET shove...gave her the whiplash effect.

I watched it 5 times...so funny.

I still can't tell what she says afterward though?

Yost said...

She probably said "Fuck Michigan."

Anonymous said...

wow thats one of the funniest things ive ever seen...lol the reporters face is simply classic.

WillinSacto said...

I love the fact that the anchor in NY said he was now going to be on YouTube....how prophetic!

Anonymous said...

Who in the world sits around a tapes FOX NEWS to put it on the internet? Seriously.

Brad said...

"I have been to many sports games..."

Amen to that. Often when my sobriety is in question. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Ever heard of doing a retake; you want live TV you got it Faux News.

If I saw him shoulder the girl, I might have tackled him.