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Friday, November 24, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a great holiday.

Yost & Benny


Anonymous said...

Thanks Yost and Benny. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving. Keep up the good work. Michigan will get them the next time. Go BLUE

jim masterson said...

Yost & Benny; Have a Happy Thanksgiving with your families. This was a magical year for UM.

Jim said...

Happy Thanksgiving Yost, Benny, and everyone else.

Anonymous said...

i'm a Texas alum and an addicted longhorn fan...buddies turned me on to your site during the BCS lst year. Michigan has become my favorite big10 team JUST because this site is so intelligent and articulate. best college football blog on the web. Nice Hustle fellas. so gulp...Go BLUE

Anonymous said...

Thankful for this site. I'm an old dog (wolverine) who learned a new trick this year on blogs. You are the best. I appreciate your humor, your insight, and your dedication.

Tom said...

I'm an '87 Michigan alum working in Korea. Thank you for running this blog. I enjoy it on daily basis. My most viewed sites are ESPN and here. Please keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Michigan fan that was born and raised in Ohio. I am surrounded by the most obnoxious, classless fans in history. They remind me of the poor Roman slobs at the coliseum waiting and cheering for mutilation and human debasement. And some of these folks are my family. Yes I am the only free thinker in the brood. Anyway I have been searching for a Michigan internet home and have found it with this site. Nicely done. GO BLUE!!!

Anonymous said...

I am an OSU fan, and not one of the idiots that makes us all look bad. My good buddy is a UM fan and told me to check out this site, and I am glad he did. Even though you pick on OSU quite a bit, you do have some intellgent points. I do apologize for my classless brethren, but just know that we are all not like those distasteful few. I am one who roots for UM in every other game except The Game. This year was a year of dreams for me, and your team desreves a lot of credit. They played their hearts out. That is what made The Game this year a classic. Maybe we meet again inthe NC game, and if we do, I wish you all the best of luck. Thanks again for a great, entertaining site.

Anonymous said...

Quinn sucks.

Grammar Monkey said...

Noticed you guys struggle with it's vs. its. All these should be "its".

Oklahoma lost it's quarterback
MSU throws it's hat in the ring
just losing to it's arch-rival

It's always means it is or it has (a contraction), its is always possessive:

Yost said...


I know the proper usage. That's not the problem. It's putting these posts up at 2am that causes the mistakes.

Sr. Grammar ape said...

you are forgiven, and this incident will be removed from your record.