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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Good-bye to a former Wolverine

In the glorious history of Michigan football, only six teams have ever been 11-0. Three of those occurred under Fielding Yost in 1901, '02, and '05. Of course the 1997 National Champions ended 12-0. And this year's team is working on an eleven-game winning streak.

But there was one other 11-0 Michigan team, in 1971. That team lost to Stanford 13-12 in the Rose Bowl, and was quarterbacked by Tom Slade. Slade died Sunday at the age of 54 from leukemia.

A Michigan man through and through, Slade provided color commentary for Michigan games on WUOM, and had a dental practice in Ypsilanti Township. Among his patients was his former coach, Bo Schembechler.

So when you watch this Saturday's game, take a moment and think of Dr. Slade and how much he would have enjoyed being able to watch this 11-0 Michigan team.



Anonymous said...

ugh - two shitty weekends in a row for his family :(

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Dr. Slade's passing. I attended the marrow drive held at the big house. Here's a recap along with some info on how to get involved (it took like 5 minutes):

Me said...

A great place to find out everything you ever wanted to know about DETROIT AND MICHIGAN