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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Florida is now destined to lose

As I've said in the past, anytime a coach starts bitching about the BCS or the polls while he still has games to play is just asking for a loss. Earlier this season, Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville fell into the trap when, the week after complaining about the current system, his team went out and lost to Arkansas. Then, for good measure, they got smoked by UGA a few weeks later.

I firmly believe when a coach starts looking ahead and talking about crap out of his control, a team senses that and becomes unfocused on the task at hand -- winning the next game.

Now, Florida's Urban Meyer apparently is falling into the same trap. After the Michigan-Ohio State game, and all the talk about a potential rematch, the Gator head man had this to say:

"If that does happen, all the (university) presidents need to get together immediately and put together a playoff system. I mean like now, January or whenever to get that done."

Meyer then want on to state the reasons why he thought his team should face the Buckeyes in the BCS title game January 8th. Even though they still have two games to play.

So just remember who to blame if -- oops -- Florida loses one of its final two contests.


Jim Harbaugh - The Return said...

Urban Meyer is a Darsh.

Can't spell Lloyd without 2 "L's" said...

No, he is a douche. How the hell was '96 any different??? What a dickhead.

Dools said...

Three words: Urban Meyer Wiener

Jim said...

I hate Urban Cryer as much as anyone else and agree with what everyone above me posted, but at least high profile coaches are more and more having the marbles to publicly complain about a seriously flawed system.

DevilGrad said...

PIG . . . SOOEY!
PIG . . . SOOEY!
PIG . . . SOOEY!
PIG . . . SOOEY!
PIG . . . SOOEY!
PIG . . . SOOEY!

C'mon folks, who's with me here?

Anonymous said...

devilgrad you are probably right that AR-Kansas will beat Florida in the SEC Championship game, but Urban better watch out in Tallahassee, FSU has blown for most of the Year, but with Jeff Bowden announcing his resignation and things changing up FSU might fire up those outstanding athletes they have and they love nothing better than messing up Florida's title hopes.

beast in 'bama said...


You forgot the WOOO! Where's the WOOO? Ya gotta have the WOOO!


beast in 'bama said...

As a Texas fan, I can't believe I just did that...

I'll slink away now and be thankful for Colt McCoy. I'm so ashamed.

Andy said...

Let me preface this by saying that I don't believe Michigan should get a rematch unless USC, Florida & Arkansas all lose.

BUT.. didn't Florida win the 1996 National Championship by beating an FSU team that it lost to in the final regular season game of that year?

His comments seems a bit hypocritical coming from the coach of a school that actually got a do-over.

Anonymous said...

96 was just a little different. Florida lost and dropped to 4th in the polls. They wouldn't have won the title if
1. They had lost the SEC championship game to a top 10 Alabama team
2. Nebraska had beaten Texas in the Big12 CG (remember the 4th and 1 pass?)
3. Ohio State had beaten undefeated Arizona State in the Rose Bowl
4. Florida hadn't waxed FSU 52-20 in the rematch.

So yeah, this year is a little different since Michgan dropped...what, wait they didn't drop after losing a close game.

Allaha said...

I think the post is somewhat misleading. Meyer obviously recognizes UF has to win out, and he says that USC is also a legitimate candidate for the MNC game assuming it wins out. The true focus of his comments, however, is that we need a playoff system to avoid ambiguous situations such as this one. I agree with the need for a playoff.

Anonymous said...

You’re right! Meyer shouldn’t be worrying about anything but beating FSU. You’d never read about any coach in the Big Ten making such comments.

But, I’ll say it for him and Petie, Michigan should not play a rematch in the BCS title game. Not because Michigan isn’t at least the second best team in the country. They clearly are, but, because the BCS is not about finding the best team in the country. If it was about finding the best team there would be a playoff. The BCS is about making money, period. A match up against the SEC or PAC 10 champion is much sexier, for many reasons, none of which take away from UM.

Anyway, what is the best you could hope for? Beat OSU, earn the title, and spend eternity listening to Ohio people bitch about how it was a split and the championship should have been shared. Would you want to listen to that? Would you want to share anything with OSU? Or, would you want to win the Rose Bowl?

Anonymous said...

I like how he complained about how bad a rematch would be, how tough it would be to beat a team twice, yet took a job in a conference where more often than not you will have to beat a team twice just to win the conference.

Anonymous said...

I wish proponents of a playoff system would stop using the possibility of a Michigan vs. tOSU rematch as an argument against the current BCS system. In most playoff scenarios, Michigan would surely qualify if there were even one at-large or wildcard entry, which could then create the dreaded rematch. Things will be much clearer in December when all of the games have been played, and the current system pairs up the 2 best teams. If Michigan is one of those teams, then they earned it based on those 11 games they won.

MGoBlue93 said...

Where did Urban Meyer come from...

That's right Utah. Where he complained in Mack Brown fashion (recall the lobbying to get in the 05 Rose Bowl against U of M) that the BCS isn't fair to the non-BCS schools.

Utah eventually got in but when Urban Meyer was interviewed earlier this year, he actually had the stones to say that Utah should have never been a BCS team that year.

The moral of the story is two-fold:

1. Urban Meyer has no credibility.

2. Urban Meyer will say and do whatever is best for Urban Meyer.

By way of comparison, when was the last time that Pete Carrol whined about the rankings... and all the guy does is be in a position every year to compete for the national championship.

Anonymous said...

Urban Meyer needs to check himself before he speaks. His team has not played great football all year (17 - 16 vs unranked South Carolina) and still has FSU and Ark to play. First win your games, then you can bitch about the BCS.

mgoblue93 is right, he will do what is best for him. If any of you recall, he brought BGSU out of the dumper in football, then told the press he would not leave his kids for another job when Utah came calling, that his team had just come together and planned on staying for his recruits. The very next week he annouced that he took the job at Utah. What an a$$hole. I would never let my kid play for a guy like that.

Anonymous said...

Michigan is very strong but Florida deserves the shot at the BCS National Championship. (The facts: Florida had the toughest rated schedule in the country. Florida won the toughest conference championship in the country. Michigan did not win their conference. Florida's record against Top 25 teams: 3-1, Michigans record against Top 25 teams: 1-1. And, most importantly, Michigan already played and lost to OSU.) On top of that, Michigan's 1 top-25 win was against Notre Dame, enough said. With all this being noted, how could you possibly deny Florida the chance to play Ohio State?? I like Michigan, but you're an idiot if you think they deserve a shot more than Florida does.

Anonymous said...

the comment missed up north is the one that "cryer" said reguarding that if Michigan was to play and beat OSU,that He would not recognize the Wolverines as Nat.Champs !!! Nice,huh !?! watch the game and see if the gaytors are getting trounced at the half will cryer take his ball and go home ???