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Friday, November 03, 2006

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Ohio State has released a video shot by a camera crew hired by the university to tail random Buckeye fans around the 'Shoe on November 23, 2002 - Michigan game day. Former OSU Vice President Bill Hall wanted to show what goes on in C-bus on football Saturdays in an attempt to help change game day culture.

As the Columbus Dispatch explains, the footage shows such things as "urine dripping from the stairwell in the Tuttle Garage that fans used as a bathroom, Buckeye fans kicking and beating a Michigan fan, and young adults chanting shortly after the game, 'We want to riot.'"

One thing you won't see in this video is me, your humble blogger. I was at the 'Shoe that day in 2002 and had my own "encounter" with Buckeye fans. No, this isn't the year someone in our group got hit by the beer bottle. That was before. And no, it's not the time the car window - along with the other Michigan car in the lot - was smashed in the morning of the game when we awoke at our hotel. That was 2004. And of course this wasn't the year some Buckeye got in my face or those with me and screamed "FUCK MICHIGAN!" at the top of their lungs. That's every year I've gone to C-bus.

No, this was the year that, since a victory would send OSU to the BCS title game in the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, seemingly thousands of Buck fans were either carrying bags of Tostitos or wearing empty bags on their heads.

Well, as I stood on Lane Ave. (I think that's the name of the street, by the Varsity Club), a group of four rather large Buckeyes noticed my Michigan sweatshirt underneath my coat. One shouted "Michigan?!" and they approached. As I prepared for the worst, one wound up and threw a handful of Tostitos in my face...before brushing it off and saying, "I'm just fuckin' with ya" or something to that effect.

How sad is it when your first thought after something like that is relief as in, "Well, at least I didn't get my ass kicked." Because I was luckier than the Michigan fan in the video below.

Thankfully, a group of OSU students has started a Sportsmanship Council in an effort to change fan behavior in Columbus. In fact, we have gotten a couple classy emails from Eric, an OSU student associated with the group.

Benny and I sincerely hope the group is successful...especially since we'll be in Columbus next month for the game. (and I'd prefer not to be wearing snack items again for the entire day).

(Thanks to our many readers who sent us this link)


Allaha said...

I admit I have never been to tOSU to watch a game -- which, based on the video, is an absolute blessing. However, I am curious as to what percentage of the obnoxious behavior comes from current and former tOSU students. For the sake of the school, I hope none; otherwise, they are doing an appalling job of socializing their students.

Question: to what extent would the situation improve if only current students, alums, and immediate family were entitled to buy tickets (obviously coupled with a prohibition against re-selling tickets)? It is a drastic solution, but the behavior in the video -- coupled with Yost's comments -- suggests it is an equally drastic problem.

Let the abuse flow.

Brickeye said...

One word....disgusting.

theweiler said...

What a toilet. What an absolute cesspool.

Anonymous said...

I've never been to the horseshoe, but I have family in WI and MI. I am a UW-Madison grad. Wisconsin football games in Madison have a lot of drinking as well - and a lot of irresponsible underage drinking.
We had our student section banned for a period of time during the Dave McClain years because it got out of control. As everyone knows, we've had rioting in our stands too and people getting seriously hurt, even killed.

Sometimes it takes a tragedy for behavior and law enforcement to change.

Madtown cops don't tolerate public urination, violent behavior, verbal abuse, vandalism, and littering.
If you are caught or reported, you're pretty much screwed, from what I've seen.

And there are A LOT of cops around on gameday.

I'm not saying there's never ever animosity between drunk UW students and opponent fans, but I've never witnessed anything in Madison or Ann Arbor like what is shown in the OSU video clip you linked...
Very scary, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

By the way, GO BLUE. I hope you beat OSU! Wisconsin doesn't get to play them this year. Wish we had a chance too to take them down a notch.
We've done it before.

Anonymous said...

Awful to watch.
Shame on these OSU fans shown.
This reflects poorly on the entire Big 10 conference.
How can school administrators turn a blind eye?

Yant said...

My God. I've been around most the SEC, and I thought that we were pretty bad. Those people are animals.

Anonymous said...

I went to Ohio State and am obviously a big Buckeyes fan. That was pretty rough, but I'm not sure what's worse, the video or the fact I didn't think that video was that bad. I was honestly expecting much worse from it after reading a couple comments about the clip.

As far as the criticism, I don't think there is any room for degrading and blatantly disrespecting fans of the opponents. Its simply uncalled for, but again that behavior doesn't suprise me one bit. Unfortunately when many Ohio St. fans say they hate Michigan, it means they HATE Michigan, literally.

The drinking was obviously a problem, but is it that much different at other big time football universities? Haven't been to Michigan, but my guess from forum reaction here is that they are much more civil about their boozing. Otherwise, you can take a video of many other colleges and see some pretty disgusting stuff.

Changes need to be made at OSU, specifically they need to somehow get the point across that Michigan fans are human beings, except I'm not sure how the school or student groups are going to change that type of behavior. To some degree though, I think you're making a little more out of it than need be, but I guess this video would be seen on OSU blog if this happened in Ann Arbor.

Anonymous said...

President Holbrook has really clamped down on the open container which has made a big difference. I think the ugliest days are behind us now... hopefully.
There's jerks here and in Ann Arbor and they are most plentiful during "The Game".
I was at the Wisconsin game in '03 as a Buckeye fan and it was appalling how Wisconsin fans were taunting and even threating to hit me.
That was much worse than any 'Shoe experience I've had.

Trick Magnet

Anonymous said...

This is why i NEVER want to go to c-bus to see a game. i've seen games at almost every other Big11 stadium but i won't go somewhere that i cant cheer without worrying that i'm going to get sucker punched.

jeremy said...

A couple of classy e-mails? Well then, problem solved! I'll know not to expect full, glass bottles of beer thrown it my head, or grown men to wipe their ass on my pants. No longer will 8 year olds chuck a batteries at me and flip me off... all thanks to some classy e-mails someone sent to Michigan fans.

Yeah, nice gesture, but it's not going to do a damn thing.

Anonymous said...

Things have changed a lot, because of this. Now there are very strict laws about drinking and having open containers out in public. Many more cops have been used on game days to enforce the new rules, and it's workrd very well so far.

Paul said...

Now we know where it goes when we flush.

MGOBLUE94 said...

Worked?!?! Are you kidding me?

Been to the $hoe 3 times:

1994 Senior Year at UofM: Drove down that morning for "The Game" in C-hole. Parked my car about a mile away so as to not get it vandalized (based on reports from others who had gone down previous years). Walking to the stadium we saw people urinating under bridges, got the usual barage of verbal taunts and F' Michigan (other schools say the same things, but in C-hole they seem to say it with a bit more intensity and meaning). During the game the usual hecklers, but there were also those fans that were a bit more good natured. After the game, whoa fans rushed the field only to get bombed with tear gas. On the way back to the car we still got the verbal abuse that comes with a loss, but what I didn't expect were the three very drunk fans who approached my brother-in-law and I and jumped on my back knocking me down and then after I got back up they got in my face.

2002: The year this video was shot, I flew in from Denver, CO for "The Game." This time with Ohio plates on my rental car I parked closer to the stadium to minimize my walk through the crowds. I proceeded to the Michigan Alumni Tailgate party, which had to be held indoors. Still much of the same in terms of the verbal assault, but this year in particular seemed a bit more intense (perhaps the impending BCS Title game on the line for the $uckeyes). ESPN Gameday was at this game, which only helped to intensify rowdy crowd not to mention the population around the stadium who didn't even have tickets. During the game still the same verbal showering of explatives. The crowd once again rushed the field, but this time I was sitting in the lower sections, which made it difficult to get out of the stadium, with the throngs of people making their way from their seats to the field and the number of people tailgating outside coming into the stadium. In fact at one point the Michigan Alumni group who had tickets tried to exit the stadium only to be stopped by the herd and in between us getting out and fans coming down the Usher started to throw punches. Finally the cops showed and made a hole for us to exit, while drinks showered down on us from above. Walking back to our vehicle we still got more ... you guessed it! The pakring lots and fields were just litered with garbage and beer cans, and you could just sense that the crowd was getting ready to party beyond the normal bounds of partying. WE got the hell out of there, talk about empty freeways!! I only caught on the news later of the riots that took place afterwards (not to say A2 hasn't had some of those same issues with riots).

2004: I am now living in Ohio (why?) still trying to figure that one out, but hopefully not for long. I drove down from Cleveland in my car and exited on to High St to make my way over to the Michigan Alumni Tailgate party. While I am driving down High St I am getting yet again more verbal abuse. Cans of beer tossed at my car and one buckeye hanging on the passenger door of my car letting me know what he thinks of me and my Alma Mater for 1 1/2 blocks in stop and go traffic. I did park in Tuttle garage that year and was witness to the amount of liquids pooring down the steps and dripping off the staircase. JUST DISGUSTING! Then as we were walking to the game some one decided to throw their folded chair at one my friends backs. Rather than retiliate, which was difficult we kept walking. Yet again another walk of shame back to my vehicle with more ... you guessed it!

I have been to many B11 (not all), but many and here is how they rank in terms of ugliness:

1. O$U the worse fans, they are very drunk, ravaged, foul mouthed, and hold a lot of anger and resentment towards Michigan

2. MSU fans are the second worse, with verbal abuse, things thrown at you (beer) and I was even spat on once. Notre Dame fans would rank here as well!!

3. Iowa a close second in the B11, foul mouthed and no respect of other property (burned my flag while tailgating).

4. Wisconsin fans are just drunk and foul mouthed, but typically good natured and will hand you a beer.

5. Penn St fans, seems that only the woman like to taunt opposing fans. At least that was my experience this fall. They do drink a lot as was witnessed by the aftermath of 8PM start and all day tailgating ... the parking lots were a sea of aluminum cans.

6. Illinois this has been awhile since I've been there (1994), but in general had a good time all around. Just your typcial good nature ribbing. I've heard this has changed.

Still to come Purdue, Minnesota (waiting for the new stadium), Indiana and Northwestern.

Crabapple Buck said...

Thank goodness changes have been made. I was in Columbus for The Game in 2004 and didn't see anything but good natured ribbing. When I go this year, I expect to see a respectful rivalry like when I grew up. I also expect a heavy police presence and with a 3:30 start a bigger crackdown on ANY excessive behavior. I for one am not afraid to either confront or point out to police/ushers, "fans" that can't show some humanity to someone who has made a sacrifice to come to cheer their team in one of the nation's great stadiums.

I have run into idiots in all venues I've visited. It is such a small percentage that I always think its an isolated incident by someone who isn't an alum, but just some drunk letting the alcohol make them brave/stupid. But when there are 250,000 people milling around and only 105,000 have tickets, you have a potential for trouble.

So I say to you UM fans, come to Columbus. Cheer your team, but don't taunt. I will respect your enthusiasum and will not put up with any bullshit from our fans or yours. If I see anything out of line, I'll point it out whether in the stadium or not. I encourage all fans to do the same and I will bet we have some sanity in short order. BTW, I'll be in 6B, so I'll be above where some UM fans will be seated. Anyone wanting to be escorted out of the stadium can try to embarrass my university by acting a fool. I'm sure the other 105,000+ won't miss you.

UM fans will already be having a bad enough day watching their team get beat, they don't need any more abuse. I hope all of the focus is on the greatest rivalry in sports, #1 vs #2, the MNC on the line, and restore the dignity and class to The Game.

Great Blog Yost, I hope we have a great game, there may be a second
chance on 1/8/07.

Anonymous said...

Good for that student group and the administration. It's the first time I haven't seen the typical "it happens at every school...blah, blah, blah" B.S.

I think it's the first step to cleaning it up. Yes, as some love to point out, it does and will continue to happen at every school where there is an intense rivalary. I've even seen some ugly stuff happen between Army and Navy, which may be the most respectful rivalry out there due to the common bond. However Columbus seems to be far worse than most anywhere else. Everyone seems to agree except for some Buckeye apologists. When nearly the entire football world thinks it's worse at the Shoe, it probably is.

Crabapple Buck said...

Here is a link to what steps OSU is making to clean up any gameday experiences for visiting fans http://www.ohiostatealumni.org/newscenter/sportsmanship_council.php

At least it is a start

Anonymous said...

Its funny that that this never "happens" in ann arbor or madison -BULLSHIT..been to both and that video is pretty similair to the situations I encountered. Michigan 2003 I saw 3 of my friends get eggs chucked on them at point blank range and shoved to the ground (apparently we took a wrong turn down some student housing street). More students came over and dumped beer on the people on the ground. That was the most hostile tailgate environment I've ever seen. We had to run for our safety. Wisconsin 2003 same story - except some married man punched my buddy in the back of the head AFTER UW WON THE GAME and shoved him in the street. His wife did slap him however. Point is it happens EVERYWHERE and its rediculous. Don't think this stuff only happens in Cbus however

Anonymous said...

You come to C-Bus this year wearing that scUM bullshit you gonna die!

Matt S said...

Look on the bright side.....this year's game is at 3:30pm!! And, it will be dark when the game ends....! I live here, and have no desire to go to the game.

Anonymous said...

AS a Buckeye, that video will personally make me go out of my way to be nice to UM fans this year. Disgusting. I go crazy for my buckeyes, but in apartment complex's and house parties. I want to be a part of the answer.

Brian Thomas Buckeye

Anonymous said...

Stunned... Being a Nebraska fan and one that travels I thought I had seen it all. Boulder was what I thought the epitome of piss poor fan behavior but this takes the cake. The fact that anyone would say the video wasn't that bad amazes me. It would be a cold day in hell before I would turn a blind eye to my fellow fans acting like fools. Instead of sitting on their hands and saying "it happens" maybe they should be admonishing their fellow fans and telling them that "we don't act like this, this isn't Boulder". Bomb Michigan? Yeah right, nuke C-bus.

ou blonde said...

Wow...and I thought OU and texas fans were rough towards each other.

That video reminded me of the 2004 sugar bowl game and the LSU fans, when you(OU fan) were literally afraid for your life.

The OSU campus was totally trashed out; I would hate to be the one to clean that up!

jeremy said...

Crabapple, you are an oasis in an ocean of assholes, but I appreciate it. I will be there, cautiously, quietly, and apprehensively, but I will be there.

Anonymous said...

I have been to Columbus for every UM-OSU game since 1994. And every year I get yelled at (acceptable), pushed, shoved and spit on only because I am wearing Maize and Blue. If we win, I don't even wear my colors back to the hotel. I have learned my lesson. And trust me, all I am doing is walking to and from the tailgates/game. I am not as big of an idiot to do anything else. It is a small percentage (maybe 10%) of OSU fans that give the rest of them a bad name, but the rest of the fans do allow it to happen.

I have been tailgating at most of the Big10, and nothing compares to the behavior of OSU fans.

Hopefully the rest of the OSU fans will eventually see that this 10% is giving OSU a very bad image and do something about it. The council is a start, at least they are now acknowledging that there is a problem.

CrimeNotes said...

Oh, Jesus.

""(We) have made the decision to ask Jesus into our lives," read the glossy, parking ticket-shaped pieces of cardboard featuring the photos of Ohio State football players David Patterson, Roy Hall, Joel Penton, Stan White Jr. and coach Tressel. "We ask you to consider making the same personal choice. We aren't perfect, and we don't have all the answers, but we do have forgiveness, direction, and satisfaction through our relationship with Jesus."

"The flier is promoting "The Main Event," an event so main it's being held at St. John Arena with special guests Tressel (head football coach and employee of the state of Ohio), former Jesus in cleats Craig Krenzel, members of the OSU marching band (who will presumably be performing the incomparable "Script Jesus"), cheerleaders and of course Brutus Buckeye, who goes with Jesus like cottage cheese goes with vodka.

"So here's the problem: Why are our football players and our paid-by-tax dollars coach shoving Jesus down our throats like we're Paris Hilton at a ____? (Feel free to finish this one yourself. What do you think this is, UWeekly?)"

More here.

And here.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of f'ing barbarians. Absolutely disgusting. Good luck to any of you M fans that decide to enter that hell hole.

Anonymous said...

As far as that Jesus Quote comment...I am a OSU student and I wrote to that kid Scott Woods.
I corrected him on the "tressel paid with tax dollars" and told him that wasn't true. He wrote back to me. "I know. I F'ed that one up"-

What an idiot. A kid also died in an OSU elevator and he made an elevator joke. What a complete fool.


Anonymous said...

For those ignorant Buckeye fans who say "this kind of stuff happens at every school." Perhaps, but in no where NEAR the same volume and frequency. You disagree? Then answer me this:
How many schools have had so many complaints and incidents that they've had to form a COUNCIL in an attempt to curb boorish fan behavior?
One school. In the entire country. Ohio State. Absolutely the drunkest, most violent fans in the country. You must be so proud!

MGoBlue93 said...

Even SI knows about the culture in C-bus:


Stewart, I have a dilemma. As an Ohio State student, I have two tickets to The Game. Everyone I know is selling their tickets for over a thousand dollars, but I'm standing firm. Do you think it's foolish to pass up $2,000 or more to be there in person? I'm graduating in the spring, so this could be my last chance.
-- Kristen, Columbus, Ohio

Kristen: I realize $2,000 is a lot of money, especially for a college student. For that much, you could probably buy yourself a fairly reliable used car (which your neighbors can then overturn after the game).

Scott said...

OSU's admin deserves a lot of credit for making and releasing this video. I am VERY impressed that they did.

The argument that this sort of thing happenes everywhere is an enabling argument. It justifies this kind of behavior to those who do it. Those who make this argument are part of the problem.

Matt said...

I'm a die-hard Buckeye fan and OSU student, but nothing hurts more than having this huge blemish attached to our name. I love the Buckeyes and the University to death, but I absolutely hate MOST other Buckeye fans. This is a problem that needs fixed, and at least the University is taking steps in the right direction of fixing this.

A small measure of action, but Gameday will not be invited to Columbus for 11/18. Also, Lane Ave. has been patrolled more heavily by police this year than any other year I can remember.

This doesn't mean that this disgusting behavior will be absent this year (due to the magnitude of this year's game), but hopefully we are getting on the right track.

Matt, OSU '09

Anonymous said...

ok please i need someones help...me and my dad are going to the game in Ohio...and so far its just me and him. Does anyone have advice on where to meet other Michigan fans so we dont have to wonder around that sorry excuse for a campus all alone? Please let me know bacause after seeing how disgraceful, and classless Buckeye fans truly are I'm having second thoughts about venturing down there alone...
p.s.-how do i email you guys?

buf68 said...

I was in that band marching to the stadium in 2000, and I can tell you it was horrible. We were wearing parkas (the coats) cuz it was cold. Anyways, on our way to the stadium I was the second one in on our line, and the girl on the end got an entire bottle of beer poured down the front of her uniform. On top of that our busses got egged. I've heard in the past too that people have stolen the license plates off of our busses too. On our way out, after they won, we were told to put mouthpieces in our gloves in case we needed to defend ourselves, and seriously, people were trying to get to us...luckily we had a huge sheriff population around us at that time. The busses actually seemed to go through a frat row (bad move) on the way out that year and we had beer bottles chucked at our bus windows.

In the stands it wasn't much better. One girl near me got hit in the head with a full tin of altoids (you know the heavy metal ones?) and others chucked buckeye nuts amongst other things at us. (but we did get to see tOSU fans rush the field, attempt to pull down their goal posts--unsuccessfully--and get massive amounts of tear gas sprayed on themselves) The only time we ever felt the least bit comfortable was during skull session in the basketball arena there. We showed up big time and actually got some applause out of the buckeye fans for our music.

I understand the hatred the OSU and UM share for eachother, however, I do think that we are a little more civil about the whole thing. Going to the tOSU game twice in C-bus we got like identical experiences (2002 and 2004) and both were awful.

Lichty said...

Thankfully, a group of OSU students has started a Sportsmanship Council in an effort to change fan behavior in Columbus.

Yeah, good luck with that. What sets the C-hole apart from all of the other rabid michigan haters in Madison and East Lansing is the violence. And lemme tell you it is not a just game day alcohol fueled krystalnacht. I have a Michigan flag outside my house in Chicago. My neighbor and her boyfriend - a steroid specimen if I have ever seen one, threatenened to climb over my gate and break my windows and burn my flag if Michigan won the Game, oh and her seven year old son was standing right there when they made the threat. I laughed, and said that would be the mildest thing that happned to a michigan fan that day, but they were serious (Michigan lost - so I never found out whether they would have made true on their promise).

These were adults in their 40's in Lincoln Park, hundreds of miles away, weeks before the Game.

You Know This said...

I'm talkin to my friend who goes to BG last night, and she's tellin me that she's coming down for the game. So naturally I was like, well how the heck did you get ticks? And she answers well I dont.....So I'm like, ok, well, why are you coming down? She replies, well a ton of us are coming down, like 30 or so to come get drunk and party.

These people, are who i believe are the problem. For the most part, the students at OSU that I know are pretty civil. The majority of my friends dont even drink until after the game. But we always seem to get this influx of students. People who couldn't get into Ohio State, yet live in this fantasy world that its perfectly fine for them to come down and get drunk, act like an ass, then leave on sunday, leaving us students in the aftermath. People who have nothing to lose with the University are a majority of the problem. I'm not excusing all OSU students, as I know there are many who are just idiots themselves, and I do feel that it is the responsibility of the students who invite these people down to make sure they're not morons

Erik said...

What a craphole. I know that video was showing the "worst of the worst" but that place looks much like war torn Poland, circa 1943.

I know they have a wide variety of disciplines in Columbus, but The School for the Advancement of DuecheBaggery Must be top notch.

Also, I've seen better looking women in the Special Olympics.

tOSU looks like my worst nightmare. The students aren't even tailgating, they are just standing around in their starter jackets with a half warm 12 pack of The Beast and pissing on one another.

And I thought Tuscaloosa was a POS.

Columbus is a wretched hive of scum and villainy...and disease. Can't overlook disease.

Scott said...

I grew up near East Lansing and know plenty of people who live there and plenty of people who knew people who showed up at the riots in the 90's but weren't really into the game. This last poster is absolutely right. A bunch of the worst apples are people who have come not for the game, but for the environment. There is an expectation that there will be a lawless haven for misbehavior that seems to draw these people out of the woodwork. It's the impression that this is ok and that people will get away with it that has to be corrected.

Anonymous said...

If you think this doesn't go on in Michigan, you are fooling yourself.

signed, UM Alumnus

harry hasselhoff said...

OSU starting a sportsmanship committee is like al Qaeda starting a relgious tolerance committee.

harry hasselhoff said...

BTW, Anon 8:36, if this does go on in Michigan, it's in East Lansing, Michigan. I've been to hundreds of University of Michigan football games in my life as a child, a student and an adult and have never, ever seen anything approaching this.

Anonymous said...

Precisely why I NEVER went to a game in that hell hole.

The blonde kid that got right in the camera -- was that Bobby Hoying?!? (lol)

I was born and raised in Ohio and thankfully had sense enough to align myself with a much classier party-crowd. No, that kind of stuff does NOT go on in A2. In my 20+ seasons, I have never seen anything even remotely close to that. The folks in A2 actually CARE about their surroundings and don't trash it like the hopeless morons in Cols.

And the 'U.N. approves bombing MI'? Puhleeze...your streets look like Baghdad with tons shitty beer cans. Actually feel free to litter and riot to your heart's content -- that city is a joke anyway.

I'm SO glad I moved to AZ -- screw Ohio.

CrimeNotes said...

1.) The idea that the people responsible for riots and beatings are subway fans with no relationship to the school is a joke. If that were true, literally every school would have these issues. It's a rationalization. How about that Ohio State cheerleader who drove his car over a bunch of people in a post-game celebration? Why are these dangerous "outside agitators" active in just a handful of campuses? (Morgantown, Columbus, East Lansing)
2.) Nothing like this happens in Ann Arbor. Sorry to be so absolute. Generally the biggest insult paid to a visiting fan is that somebody's grandma offers them the slightly burned cookies instead of the best ones. The dickish incidents are rare, so deal.
3.) In reference to points (1) and (2): I repeat earlier points I've made about quiet Michigan stadium and the fan culture. Drunk fans pounding people = loud stadium and rowdy atmosphere. Octagenarians and cookies = polite applause in response to an overtime win. Every time we wish the crowd was louder, think about the shit that goes on at other schools and ask if it's a good tradeoff.

The King said...

Don't get me wrong, I hate OSU fans vehemently, but to be fair, that UM fan who got kicked at the end got kicked because he was on top of an OSU fan.

Now I'm all for defending yourself, butt to fight an OSU fan in Columbus is just an awful idea...

Anonymous said...

I've been to the 'shoe twice (1990 and 1992) and I won't go back. EVER. That video pretty much captures the essence of life in c-bus. Whoever said love thy neighbor never lived next to ohio. I should know because I have lived in both Michigan and Kentucky. By far the worst state ever.

Lichty said...

But we always seem to get this influx of students. People who couldn't get into Ohio State,

Yeah, and I am sure those people who couldn't get into Ohio State all ride their unicorns to Columbus.

Anonymous said...

Sorry. That's all I can say to those of you relating these horrible experiences in Columbus. It's embarrassing and I certainly wish it would stop.

I haven't missed The Game in C-bus since 79 and have been to a bunch in A2. While I've been physically roughed up in A2, it was nothing like what it must be for a UM fans in Columbus. I hope that the initiatives happening with the Sportsmanship folks helps. It should.

For what it’s worth, I’m one of those OSU fans that will tell the douche bags to knock off the crap when I see it. The folks I tailgate with and those around us will gives passing UM fans grief but also offer a beer and a handshake. Many of us are trying to make up for the regrettable ones.

Again, for the idiots, I humbly apologize.

For the record: We tailgate over on the west side of the baseball field (NW of the Schott)

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you sensitive nancy types should stay home and wring your hands. I haven't been to "The Game" in decades, but if you're the outsider in any group, you're going to get some shit. Deal with it.

Damn you're a bunch of pussys.

Anonymous said...


Zing! Great post pal, will you be here all week?

You Know This said...

Lichty, it's true, its now harder to get into Ohio State than it is to get into most other colleges in the state, save for Case Western. I know people who were forced to go to Miami because they couldn't get into OSU, that is a fact. As much as I dont like Holbrook, she is making a huge effort to make Ohio State no longer a fall-back college, and a respectable place for opposing fans. The reason the influx happens at Ohio State is because there are no in-state rivals, so everyone is cool with Ohio State, we're the only good football college right now, and Ohio has one of the largest college per-capita ratios in the nation

14 and Ohhhh said...

Guys, c'mon.
It isn't always like that. We've been down for every home game tailgating this year - we tailgate right next door to the 3-story building in the video. It is NEVER like that - NEVER. There are places that get out of control, such as the Varsity Club and Heiney Gate (where you can fit thousands of people and there's nothing to do but drink), but for the majority, regular fans are in control and respectable toward the opposing fans - we always invite opposing fans up to tailgate with us. Those that come thank us for a good time, free booze and our hospitality. But then again, they're not Michigan - we wouldn't treat you any different, but some idiots out there don't see it that way. There is something about the best college rivalry that brings out the best (and worst) in people. The worst is what you're seeing on the video.

Agreeing with Matt 7:16 - Police presence is every where this year. You see one in each direction you look. I am certain that will triple for the UM game. They are cracking down on underage consumption and rowdy assholes. It is getting better.

What you see in the video - that was the NC year and we had to beat you to get there. It was a huge game, as the game this year will be also. I admit that I was more than disgusted at what I saw, but it isn't like that every game. I am there and I see it - it IS NOT like that.

For the UM visitor on 11/18 - stay clear of High St and Lane Ave. Those are where the unruly reside on Saturday's. Stick to the tailgating in St. John's, Schottenstein Center and around the Shoe - those are alumni parking areas and they know how to treat people with respect. But the cops around there are open container ticket happy, beware!

Anonymous said...

First of all, I was in Ann Arbor for the 2003 contest (the year AFTER the national championship). As my friends and I sat at our cars, a Frito Lay truck pulled over and the driver got out of the truck and verbally assaulted us. As we walked to Crisler Arena to pick up our student tickets, we were taunted by UNIFORMED POLICE OFFICERS for having the nerve to come to Ann Arbor in the first place. and following a quite impressive UM victory, the entire student section emptied onto the field and sprinted down to the OSU student section and well, let's just say, they weren't giving an engineering lecture with their hand gestures. As an alum of the marching band, I visited michigan stadium 3 times, only to be attacked by penny-stuffed marshmallows, cups of beer and urine, verbal taunts, oh...and when we march through the tunnel to get to our seats, the fans hang OVER the railing to try and pull off hats and other random uniform parts. The drinking in the video is mostly shown on Lane Avenue. It is not campus, it is Hineygate, the largest tailgate party in the country with the highest beer price. I assure you, it is not students. Yes, there are some students there, but it is mostly middle-age men and women who think they are still college co-eds. It has also been severely reduced. But hey, if you're scared, don't come...more tickets for Buckeye fans.

NDomer said...

I was at the '03 game when we (ND) got our butts kicked and shut out by you guys. Now if there was ever a day (before this yr obviously) where UM fans could throw it in our faces it was that day and it wasn;t that bad. The usual stuff was said but at no point was anyone I know in fear for their own safety.

ESPN said...

Urine Stairwell Lives Here

Chick Pissing Behind Car Lives Here

Incoherent Slurring and Chanting Lives Here

College Football Lives Here

Anonymous said...

C-bus can't claim all the assholes.


Anonymous said...

As a Michigan fan this is the reason that I have never applied for a job at tOSU even though I stand a good chance of being offered the job. I could not deal with behavior of that nature year around.

Anonymous said...

It's not even tail-gating. It's high school lunch recess, just add cheap beer. Maybe I've been sheltered from such scenes by tailgating only at SEC venues. I'm not saying the the scenes shown in the video are typical of Big 10 schools- but I do know I've never witnessed anything of that scale at any SEC hosted game I've attended. Hell, from the way that shithole looks and the people act in that video, there's not a shred of pride to be had in Columbus, only hatred for anyone that dare oppose their point of view. Where's the pride when you can't avoid shoting an obscenity at an opposing fan spending money in your town, filling your hotels, bars, and eating establishments. Where your colors, hoop, hollar, get hammered, but for god sakes, show a little dignity, and for fuck sakes, get better beer you poor asses!

Anonymous said...

BOTTOM LINE, you fools would be talking about THE GAME if you honestly thought you had a chance of beating The Ohio State University. Instead, you grandma's are whining about the atmosphere in Columbus(no different than Ann Arbor). Whatever makes you feel better about your 7-5 team in disguise.

Anonymous said...

Obviously my disgust and need to whip out the comment above before the boss catches me at the M Zone again really hampered my grammer.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Is it this bad for every visiting team or just Michigan?

Maybe they should require fans to pass a breath alcohol test prior to admission to the game?

If it was this bad in Ann Arbor the mayor and president of the university would cancel the games.

Anonymous said...

7-5 team in disguise is a funny ass comment. If any team in the top 30 ranked programs had OSU's schedule, they would only have 1 loss. There are a few teams in the top 10 that if they had OSU's schedule, they too would be undefeated. Get over yourself.

Anonymous said...

I love it. This is what it means to be a Buckeye fan? Like pigs in a sty.

The powers that be will give it lip service but it's only going to get worse. Count on it.

Anonymous said...

Imagine what will happen if Michigan beats the Buckeyes on Nov. 18th? What a beautiful thought.

Yost said...

First off, props to Penalty Kill and a number of other Buckeye fans who left comments today. Believe me when I say I understand it's not all Buckeye fans.

What stuns me however are some of the other comments from Tosu fans saying, basically, if you come here, you should expect "to catch some shit."

Hey, I do. In fact, that's part of the game. What I don't expect - nor should ANY fan at ANY college football game is to have that "shit" thrown at me in the form of bottles, cans or food items.

Finally, does this happen in A2? I'm sure it does. But, as pointed out, I honestly don't think to the extent it does in C-bus.

It's like saying there is crime in Detroit and crime in Des Moines. True, but they aren't remotely on the same level.

Anonymous said...

ok, whats the big deal? what the hell did you expect. Its like 60,000 or something like that idiots wasted by noon. Any big ten college would have this fate on a game day of this magnitude. I lived in columbus for a while, what you just saw is fairly mild. You should see these drunk morons flipping blue cars.. because they are blue, yep. I had a friend who had michigan plates on his jeep, he had to ride around with a taiser, and had to use it a few times. gotta love mob mentality.

Anonymous said...

[quote]I know people who were forced to go to Miami because they couldn't get into OSU, that is a fact.[/quote]

Anyone who knows anything at all about college admissions is howling with laughter at this statement. OSU is the safety school for kids that couldn't get into Miami, not the other way around.

The school in Oxford, Ohio is far more rigorous and selective than Ohio State. The only possible reason a student wouldn't be able to get into OSU and yet still able get into Miami is if they somehow missed the application deadline in Columbus...

But nice attempt at trying to pin the thuggery and shameful displays in Columbus on game days on the other state schools...

Anonymous said...

If you're going to Columbus for the game take a rental and a big can of mace. The dinky key chain spray bottles is not enough.

Go Irish said...

As a Domer, I always hope that an opposing fans experience is pleasant. We/ND tends to hold ourselves out as above the fray and I can't stand it if any of our fans ruin it for opposing fans. I really enjoy good natured abuse, that's what makes a rivalry fun.

I had the opposite treatment this year at the ND-UM game. I had to walk through the throngs of joyous UM fans on the way back to my car. Yeah they rubbed it in our faces, but nothing too bad. I appreciate that. I've been to Michigan & Purdue & while it's a bit rough, never did I feel unsafe.

I've had some bad road games - Miami is the worst with the spitting & beer, Lamar Thomas only proved their attitude (I'm actually glad we cancelled that series because of how our fans began treating their fans). BC is maddening because they are only bad when the win, so I just laugh. At Tennesse you just get sick of Rocky Top, but it''s mostly fun.

I'm quite proud to be from ND when I read stories like this http://dailybruin.ucla.edu/news/articles.asp?ID=38555 . I truly hope that every visitor to ND comes away feeling the same way. (Look, I know there are idiots everywhere, including ND, I can't stand when the idiots end up messing things up for the remainder of fun-loving college football fans.)

I live in Ohio, went to the Fiesta bowl last year & have to hear it from tOSU fans all the time. I hope that things are getting cleaned up in Columbus & hope to get there some day. If so, I'll follow the advice of some of the sensible tOSU posters above. Avoid the bad spots & find the fans that are there to enjoy the whole experience.

Anonymous said...

Why is that so hard for Ohio State fans to admit that OSU is worse with regard to their fans? I mean first, Columbus is poorer, more dangerous city. Second, Ohio State isn't known for it's academic selectivity, leading its student and alumni base to be, generally, less intelligent and more neanderthal-like. Third, the ONLY thing OSU has to be proud of is its football team. Successful alumni? Nope. Top notch academic programs? Nope. World-class jerk fans? Check.

Ignats75 said...

I've been an tOSU season Ticket holder since 1978. I've been to Ann Arbor every other year since 1981. I've been spit on, punched, and assaulted too many times to count in Ann Arbor. In the last few years, those incidents have not occurred. Things changed in AA. I don't know why, but I'm glad for it.

I have not watched the video, but I know what it shows. The behavior disgusts me. Part of it is the deterioration of standards throughout our society. Part of it is the general anger and anarchy that percolates just below the surface in our society. Much of it is alcohol fueled, obviously.

Ohio State people were appalled at how they were treated last year in Happy Valley. It does happen at many places when you mix ingredients like Night games, lots of alcohol, and passion. My first thought when I heard this years game was moved to 3:30pm? Uh-Oh. And thats sad.

I've yelled at tOSU fans that threw beer on the Wazzou cheerleaders at Gme day afew years ago. I intervene whenever I see unsporting behavior by so called fans. If any fan of any school sees their fellow fans abusing opposing fans, they need to intervene. If they don't, they are part of the problem.

I applaud the effort to change the atmosphere in Columbus. I hope it helps. Just like the idiots that came on here and denied it was a big deal, there are idiots denying that it does happen elsewhere. I can't do anything about how Wisconsin fans treat Iowa fans. I can do my small part in C-bus. If we all do, things will be better. If you do in AA. It will be better too.

But don't sit here and tell me it doesn't happen up there. I've seen it.

Ignats75 said...

Oh, by the way, GREAT BLOG! The Halloween Party almost got me in trouble at work!

Clove said...


First, kudos on the site. I do enjoy it, even though I am OSU alum.

A huge problem, I feel, is that the majority of those causing the trouble are not OSU students or alumni. They are Columbus Staters who live by OSU's campus, or rabid fans who never attended college. However, there are students who do cause problems, that is undeniable.

I had the pleasure of going to the game last weekend at the 'shoe, (first time in years), and the environment seemed to be tame compared to what I remember. Of course, it was against the gophers and not the team up north.

Hopefully my fellow Buckeye fans will show that they do have class and not be as vicious as they have been in previous years.

Just a note on other B11 schools:
Illinois and Wisconsin i think are the worst other than OSU.

Penn State is a great place to attend a game if you ever have the chance.

Enjoy the game on the 18th.
Go Bucks.

surrounded in columbus said...

you really nailed the problem, and the cure.

back in the '80's, the difference between the A2 crowd and the cowtown crowd wasn't much. however, the two have headed in different directions since.

Michigan implemented more restrictive alcohol policies in the late '80's/early '90's and have steadily stepped up enforcement over the last decade (hell, we used to carry kegs covered by a coat into the stadium sometimes). it's been slow, but i've seen a change in the crowd over the last 5-10 years. simply put- fewer drunks, less problems.

tosu has slowly drifted the other direction. '90-96, i never thought twice about my personal safety. the last ten years, it's become a greater concern. not a coincidence, in the early '90's there was the hineygate, the varsity club, and then private tailgates. since then the hiney gate clones popped up, the police lost control of the open containers on lane, and the problems got worse, not better.

simply put- more alcohol (vast amounts more) readily and easily available on lane lead to rowdier, more destructive crowds, closer to the stadium than it should be.

tosu deserves credit for starting down the path of curbing the liquor and taking control. the changes to lane (fewer fences, wider side walks) along w/ greater police presence/enforcement will help. but it will take time.

Anonymous said...

I've been to games all over since 86, had snow balls thrown at me at the "Snow Bowl" in Happy Valley, pushed around in Iowa and generally abused in Lansing. The difference with UM fans is that when someone gets out of line from our side, someone, including myself, will straighten them out. The 8pm game at Happy Valley this year had lots of folks at the bottom of the bottle on both sides of the field and when one of the boys wearing maize and blue started spewing garbage, a couple of Michigan gentlemen told him to shut up or walk. He didnt return at halftime. PSU fans in general are a class act and though they want to win as much as the next guy, the after game was typically congenial.

The Jerk said...

I always suspected that tOSU stood for Tosser-U. Good to have confirmation.

Anonymous said...

I must commend the folks at ND- they were incredibly hospitable this year, and in every year I've been to the game. Sure, there were some taunts, but nothing which wasn't good natured rivalry.

Never been to C-bus, no interest in going. I've been in enough fights in my life, I don't need to put the beat down on some hillbilly. PS, it's not just U-M fans- every other Big Ten fan that I've talked to who's been down for a game has complained.

Anonymous said...

I am an Auburn alum and and I live with a Michigan alum in Atlanta. He got me to check out this video. All I can say is that I am in shock. I have never seen such filth and total lack of class, and I have been to several different SEC stadiums. I never once feared for my safety or heard a chant like "I say f*ck, you say Auburn!" I felt like I was watching a liberated war zone. Truly sad.

Anonymous said...

These are the same kind of drooling redneck retards that keep voting republicans into office. It's no wonder our country and entire democracy are going straight down the crapper.

Anonymous said...

I have never been to Columbus before, but in this video it kind of looks like the cities in the movie Behind Enemy Lines, which is really bad. If Michigan beats tOSU this year the apocalypse will begin in C-Bus.

Anonymous said...

Having driven up to aa a few times for the big game I have to say that I hope the fans of that school up north don't think of themselves as a bunch of angels. I've been spit on, had beer thrown on me, been called everything in the book and few other things too. Jerks are everywhere, not just C-bus. Having said that, I've also had total strangers up there give me beers and share their food, and have seen the same happen to m fans down here. You just have to keep pushing the bad ones down, but not to the point of being a total buzzkill. It is, after all, The Game!

Go Bucks! Peace, out...

Kenny said...

I've been to the game 7 consecutive years, this year will make 8 and I definitely will have to agree Columbus is by far the worst treatment I've ever gotten as a fan. Sure I expected some of it since it is the big rivalry and from what I had been told from people who had gone before but it has never been as bad as I've been told. I guess I've been one of the fortunate ones, I've only had beer cans tossed at me once and I've heard plenty of cussing directed at me but I just keep walking and ignore them as tough as it is. I also make sure to roll in a group and I'm not a small guy either so I guess that helps. I've got some friends who swear they will never go back, one who had a cup of wine poured over him back in 02. It's good to know the school is trying to do something about it as well because this is too good of a rivalry to be tainted by this type of behavior. Every single Ohio State fan I've ever encountered outside of Ohio has been great, I'm willing to be like most have already said that the bad behavior comes from locals who use it as an excuse to act like aholes.

I've always parked in the lots closest to where the alumni tailgate is held, I'd recommend that to all Michigan fans making the trip down there this year. Can't wait to make it down there again.

Go Blue!

blue2004 said...

kenny does your last name start with a C? And do you originate in California?

Anonymous said...

If Ohio State and the City of Columbus were serious in combatting violent behavior from bad fans, this is what they should do. Take as many cops as you can and dress them undercover in Michigan gear, and have them walk around a few hours before kickoff. I am sure in no time they will make many arrests for assult, threats, and other various crimes. This will help spread the word that this type of behavior will land you in jail!

TitleIX said...

that's what C-bus needs.

look at all that refund $$$ just laying around on the ground...
I mean, that's at least a week's paycheck for those suckeye yahoos, right??????

Anonymous said...

Awful, disgusting, disgraceful....

I've never been to an Ohio State game and I'm sure I'll never go to one after watching this video. The Ohio State fans surprised me --I never thought I would see behavior that is worse than what I've witnessed by those who support the University of Miami in Florida -- maybe the two schools can challenge each other for the Most Disgusting Fan Behavior Award.

2009 said...

Imagine the chaos when USC visits tOSU in 2009. They'll have implemented those new rules by then, right?

BaggyPantsDevil said...

The 18th of November can't get here soon enough. I can literally feel the tension building in the two fanbases.

The thing I find most amusing is the comments from obvious Ohio State fans saying Michigan fans are whiney and thin skinned. Although there are a few scenes of fairly appalling Michigan fan abuse in the video, so much more of the video is showing something else.

Mainly, it's that Ohio State fans are a vile and wretched lot, who drink horrible, cheap beer while milling around in mindless clusters throwing trash everywhere until the need to urinate anywhere and everywhere overwhelms them. Columbus looks worse than some of the places I've deployed to and that's pretty bad. I can't help but imagine that there is unexploded ammunition under those flattened Natural Lite cans.

The whole video has me wondering if I'm really looking at America and not some savage, impoverished, primed-for-a-coup-d-etat Third World country. Are the people in that video really citizens of the world's richest, most powerful country with access to all of humanity's knowledge and technology? They sure don't look it.

When I see the people in the video, I don't think, "Oooh, Ohio State fans are intimidating;" I think, "What fucking species are these pathetic creatures? Even my dogs have figured out where it's appropriate to shit and piss."

As for the Ohio State fans trying to put a stop to such behavior—because I do know that that video doesn't represent every single one of you—best of luck to you, I sincerely hope you're successful and this great game will be remember for what happens on the field not for the mayhem that occurs around the stadium. I will tell you that it will likely take a heavy hand on the part of the police—or National Guard—to accomplish it.

Anonymous said...

would you walk in iran with an American flag shirt? I am disgusted by the behavior, but I hate to say it, if you walk downtown C-bus on game day with a michigan shirt, you are asking for it. this is the nature of the beast. For UM fans coming to columbus, I suggest bringing a change of clothes to go in and out of the stadium. its going to be insane

Yost said...

Anon 9:09pm,

The root of the problem is summed up for the whole Internet to see in the utter stupidity of your comment.

Comparing a college football game to tensions in the Middle East is ludicrous, but unfortunately, is the mentality of too many in Columbus.

It's a football game, jackass. People should NEVER fear for their safety because of clothing at any sporting event across America. Ever.

You Know This said...

No, seriously, people who can't get into Ohio State CAN get into Miami, starting with this year's freshman class. President Holbrook has really brought in the reigns on selectivity trying to make Ohio State a fall-back college no longer.

Honestly, there are people that walk around in UM jackets all the time, right around campus. During our involvement fair this year, a girl walked in the middle of the Oval with a UM umbrella. In not one of these occasions was anyone accosted, or abused, which is why I feel the problem lies outside the Student arena. As I've said before, thousands of people with no affiliation to the school crowd the city as if watching the game on TV 20 blocks from the stadium is so much different than watching it 3 hours away. I, for one, will be doing my part on 11/18 to show some hospitality, and I'd be proud to have a drink with you back at my residence after the game.

P.S. did you see the Daily Show tonite? If not, try to catch it tomorrow. They did a shout out to Michigan, i'm sure you'll like it!!

Anonymous said...

the abuse in that video is pretty terrible, and part of me is glad that i wasn't an OSU student in 2002. any michigan fan that got abused like that deserves a gigantic apology.

with that said, i am now an OSU student and was during the 2004 game. i was in or around the stadium all day, and though i saw some verbal stuff ("michigan sucks"), it was never anywhere close to what is shown on the video. part of that is probably due to the game being less of a deal (as if it ever isn't a big deal) than usual, but i also think that part of it was that C-bus police learned some pretty important lessons from 2002 and quickly clamped down on fans.

i hope 2002 won't be replicated before or after the game, and honestly, i don't think it will.

buckeye lifer said...

"you know this said": take a step back and think about what you just said: a girl at the INVOLVEMENT FAIR. I think you're comparing apples to oranges when you consider the atmosphere of the involvement fair and the third week in November.

And about being denied at tOSU and admitted into Miami U?? Check out any admissions standards and you'll see for yourself how the two schools stack up. I can understand a bias toward your school, but in this case you have no idea what you're talking about.

UpTheHawks said...


And I thought the French were classless pieces of shit!

All I can say is GO MICHIGAN! You go into the lions den this year with no fear Wolverines. Show those tools that they can do there worst, but there will still be a healthy dose of Blue in the horseshoe.

Ignats75 said...

Just for clarification:

According to Miami (OH) own website, 78.94% of all applications to Miami are offerred Admission.
Link: http://www.miami.muohio.edu/admission/academiclife/stats.cfm

tOSU does not put that Stat on their Website. I do know anecdotally that the %age of applications accepted at tOSU is nowhere near that high.

Test Scores are virtually identical between the two schools.

So if test scores are the same, but one school you have an almost 80% chance of acceptance and another school gives you about a 50% chance, which school would be your safety school?

Granted at one time, tOSU was mandated to admit ANY resident of Ohio. However, those days are long gone. Now, back to football.

Erik said...

Wow, thanks for those enlightening non-facts about tOSU's admissions percentage.

It's good to have some hard numbers.

Anonymous said...

I went to a number of UM-OSU games with my dad, a former U of M football player, in Columbus. I don't know if it was the fact that we were obviously a father-daughter pair or if it was because he always wore his old and tattered M jacket with pride, but we were never treated with anything but respect while at the 'Shoe. And that was even while we were sitting with the OSU season ticket holders during a Michigan win.

I think posters are absolutely right when they tell you that there are just places that U of M folks can't go during the game. Stick to the alumni areas--they still all have to drive home rather than stumble to their apartments at 3 a.m.

Anonymous said...

ok, this kind of stuff happens at a lot of place...I go to miami university, and we played you guys two years ago up in the big house. as i was walking to the stadium in my miami gear, we were all hosed with water from a party that was taking place. good thing it was good weather, or the rest of the day would have sucked, because 10 or so of us were just drenching. we all took it with a light heart and just kept on walking (because we honestly thought we had a shot of winning, and if robinson's punt return wasnt called back, who knows), but yea, good luck the rest of the season. as for students coming to miami as a backup, i havent met anyone here yet that has happened to, but i will keep checkin the streets of oxford. osu is a fun place to party, but i would never want to go to school there, because faculty and advisors give individual attention here.

Ignats75 said...

I don't actually think either one is a fall back school. The conclusionary statement was more a tongue in cheek response to a previous post.

Back to the subject----If there are 101,000 tOSU fas in the stadium on a given saturday, I can confidently say that 100,500 are appalled and embarrassed by this video. For you math majors that equals 99.5%. Unfortunately, 500 idiots can do alot of damage physically as well as to a reputation. That is what is happening here. I am saddened by this, but unfortunately, not surprised.

But in classic fashion, lets go after the law abiding fans tailgating at the cars in parking lots and ignore the idiots. We call that a proactive police action. Yeah, I can't have 1 beer before I go into the game, but Cletus can pound down a twelve pack at Heiney gate and then go out and spit on a Washington State Cheerleader. Makes perfect sense to me. Kind of like gun contro,l laws.

Anonymous said...

From US News & World Reports (2005 stats):

Acceptance Rate: 69%
Freshman Top 10% of HS Class: 41%
ACT 25th-75h percentile: 25-29

Acceptance Rate: 74%
Freshman top 10% of HS: 39%
ACT: 24-28

Jebus said...

As terrible as this is, it is incorrect to say it is "random" fans. This is 10% (maybe) of the drunken idiots that show up. But 10% of 150,000 is still way too many. For it to have been a "random" sample, they'd have to include the tailgates where people kick back, grill, play beanbag toss and generally have a good attitude and class on gameday.

I don't disagree that this is awful behavior of a subset of fans, but I do disagree that this is the dominant behavior presented on Gameday in Columbus. It's like saying the film "Jackass" is a documentary about 18-30 year old men.

Ignats75 said...

Miami (OH) own website contradicts those numbers.

loblaw said...

I graduated from OSU in 2005 and went to Ann Arbor for the game in 2003. I am not sure if it was retaliatory from past experiences in Columbus or what, I am not going to speculate. But I had a golf ball chucked at me from a patio, saw a female OSU fan get her hat stomped in the mud and a beer dumped on her head, and watched some guy get thrown in a water puddle. In addition my friends car was vandilized and we were verbally threatened essentially everywhere we went (the latter is inconsquential).
I am not going to suggest that OSU fans are more civil in anyway, but please, get off the high horse already. Its a minute portion at both schools that sully the credibility of both fan bases. the I have never seen more debauchery and questionable behavior under the guise of "fan" than I saw for the two days I was in Ann Arbor. I kept waiting for someone to say "gotta s'pport the team".

Lj said...

After growing up in Metro Detroit I attended OSU for undergrad before law school. As an avid OSU football fan I saw many situations similiar and tried to stop others. However it is not fair to blame only OSU fans. Though it is not an excuse for the behavior of the few bad Bucks, it is important to note that such behavior occurs in Ann Arbor as well. In 2001, while sitting in the Big House with my friends (then Michigan students) wearing a plain jacket and black OSU hat (I didn't wear my jersey as I didn't want to antagonize) I was hit with no fewer than 8 marshmallows with batteries shoved inside.

Fans on BOTH sides need to realize that rivalry doesn't excuse such behavior

Anonymous said...

First topic: Gameday at Ohio State. The video is correct; the behavior around Ohio State is abhorrent. I think that, in recent years, Ohio State has recognized the problem and made an effort to correct it. However, that effort was focused in the wrong direction. Ticketing a 50 year old President's Club member at a private tailgate for open container does nothing to address the problem.

Until the powers that be at Ohio State take on the private business interests that have created that drunken mess on the north side of Lane Avenue, we'll continue to have one of the worst gameday environments for visiting fans. There is absolutely no reason that 50,000 rednecks with no connection to the university (and no tickets to the game) need to stand around the stadium and power drink all afternoon. Get rid of that element, and you'll get rid of 90% of the problem. Sadly, I don't think that the university has the balls to fight the private businesses that have created and nurtured that environment and continue to profit from it.

As for admissions to Ohio State, it's the 6th most selective undergrad university in the Big Ten. There was a twenty year aberration where, because of a backwards ass 4 term Governor, we lost ground to the rest of the Big Ten and Miami was allowed to have their brief moment in the sun, but those days are long gone. Admissions between it and Miami of Ohio are about equal, but the momentum is with Ohio State. The only reason that Miami isn't falling further behind is that they're trolling every suburb in the midwest trying to convince Notre Dame and Michigan rejects to come to Oxford. Top 10% students from in-state are choosing Ohio State over Miami in record numbers. Why wouldn't they? Ohio State is the higher ranked school that offers all of the opportunities of a major, Big Ten research university. Miami of Ohio is an overgrown boarding school that offers a backup school for white, suburban Republican kids. BTW, the 2006 numbers break down as follows;

Acceptance Rate
Miami of Ohio 78%
Ohio State 73%

Average ACT
Miami of Ohio 26.46
Ohio State 26.40

Students from top 10% of hs class
Miami of Ohio 39%
Ohio State 43%

2007 applications to Ohio State are up 37%, so I'd guess that Miami of Ohio will continue to slip behind.

Kenny said...

blue2004, yes on both counts.

Anonymous said...

quit whining you fuggin pussies....funny how you didnt post the report from the columbus dispatch from 2 weeks ago showing michigan had more arrests at their football games than osu...actually osu was last

Yost said...

Yeah, maybe that's because Ann Arbor actually arrests cretins at their games.

Anonymous said...

fine IJ if we get the Michigan students to stop throwing Marshmellows at you do you think you can get your fans to stop beating the shit out of ours? Because I would really enjoy not having to hide my car every time I go to an OSUck game...and I would prefer to keep every drunk fans food in Ohio Stadium off of my Michigan gear.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:36pm seriously dude are you retarted? Not only do you enforce the classic Buckeye stereotype by calling is "fuggin pussies", but then you go on to mention the fact that Ohio State has the least amount of arrest in their stadium. Of course no ones going to get arrested if no ones there to arrest them. At The University of Michigan we are under control, and unruly fans face consequences such as being arrested. Unlike your University where the common practice is to assault the other teams fans. So of course no ones going to be arrested...it doesnt mean those things aren't still happening.
For the sake of any little respect I do have left for tOSU I'm just going to go out on a limb and assume your one of those redneck Buckeye fans whom never attended Ohio State, and only come around to make the University look bad. Right?

GroverDill said...

Never hought Id say it: My opinion of UCLA nad Cal fans just went way, way up.

I have pity on anyone who has to travel to Ohio to watch a game. That is just pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:28

You're kind of clueless aren't you? It's the no-class trash that can't hold a real job that vote democrat. They're the ones always looking for the handouts and too lazy too work for anything. The democrats are always trying to help those who can help themselves but just won't. Fuckin' dumbasses.

Anonymous said...

I have had a gun pulled on me at that shithole

Anonymous said...

Just kidding but it probably has happend

Stew said...

yost...this blog is hilarious...even as an OSU fan I can appreciate your humor. I agree…there are definitely some a-hole OSU fans…most of them are rednecks from the surrounding area and have no affiliation with the school. There are a number of OSU fans embarrassed by these idiots. If you or any of the creators of this blog are coming in for the game. Shoot me an email personally, and I will see that you are setup with hassle free pregame tail gate!

Yost said...


Thanks for the comment. Much appreciated.

Thanks for reading and may we both be 11-0 come the 18th (which looked in doubt today a bit for both of us!).

Stew said...

yost, 11-0 is not in question...one of the biggest regular season games of the last forty years...this is my yahoo email...scbus75@yahoo.com...if you come down...email me and i will treat you to a great pregame! No A-holes...Your shit is hilarious...buckstache is the greatest!

Anonymous said...

Never seen more white trash in my life. And I'm from Missouri. I hope OSU fixes this problem. What a $hithole. Trashing your own town. Are we in Fallujah? Miami of Florida and OSU are the worst fans ever. D-bags.

Anonymous said...

Classic video, I am out here in California thinking I might have to go back and check that out. Those girls are a little hard on the eyes, but they look good to go (pre-puking of course)

Anonymous said...

People that live in glass houses should not throw stones. I went to the 2003 game in AA wearing OSU colors. My daughter and her friends were tailgating and had marshmellows LOADED WITH NAILS thrown at them. I had foul language that would turn a sailors face red yelled in my ear at point blank range several times. It was the only road game that I was ever at where i actually feared for my physical safety. Suffice to say that I would never go back!

threadogie said...

wanted to add my comment: in the early 90's we always drove up to the Big House from Toledo and our cars were always vandelized along with many others with OHIO plates. windows busted out, doors keyed. the point is this shit happens dosen't matter if it's C-bus or Ann Arbor. there was always a very abusive drunk Michigan fan directing insults to any Buckeye that unfortunately obtained scalped tickets in the wrong section. still we had fun running out on the field, high fiving the Bucks after Earl Bruce's last game~ the last thrill before a redneck coach took over.

Bill said...

Michingsn will be at the top again this year and take it to the trojans. I got my College Football tickets on reserve