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Monday, November 27, 2006



In the "What took so long?" category, NC State has fired football coach Chuck Amato and his shades after seven mediocre seasons.

While he was 49-37 overall and led the team to five bowl games, the Wolfpack was 3-9 this year, finishing with seven straight losses.


ASU fired head coach Dirk Koetter after yet another so-so year in the Pac 10. Koetter went 40-33 in six seasons, including 7-5 this year.

After being informed he was being booted by ASU AD Lisa Love, Koetter said everything there is to say about his expectations for the program stating, "When you meet that new coach, just make sure the first thing you say to him in that awkward moment isn't, 'Just beat U of A. That's all you have to do to keep everybody happy. We know that's not true."

Yeah, way to set the bar so high, Dirk. I'm sure going 2-19 ranked teams and 21-28 in the Pac-10 had a bit to do with it, too.

Oh, and the Sam Keller debacle didn't help either.


MSU is close, oh so close, to hiring Cincinnati's Mark Dantonio as its new football coach. Dantonio, a former Sparty assistant, led the Bearcats to an 18-17 mark in three years as head coach.


beast in bama said...

Yost, you missed one! Mike Shula is out at Alabama. Apparently this happened overnight.

You always hate to see a proud alum, a former player, get canned.

His amazing wife Sheri will be missed...

Jim said...

I think Sheri was told she can stay.

IC said...

I can understand why NC St. fired Amato, but why did they have to can his shades?

IC said...

"Dirk Koetter is a coach who plays by his own set of rules...

Lisa Love is a boss who has to dismiss the man she loves...

See what happens when a firing turns up the heat on an all-new 'Paradise Valley', Thursday on FOX."

Anonymous said...

There are already rumors floating around Tempe that the Sun Devils are going to go after Ron English.

Anonymous said...

Koetter licks balls

IC said...

Though usually mentioned as a former Sparty assistant, I stongly suspect Dantonio's experience as an assistant to Tressel at tOSU and Youngstown St. was a much bigger factor is his hiring.

Scott Boswell said...

Gene Chizik, the Texas DC, is going to Iowa State as the HC.

Rumors are that Miami's Shannon will replace him.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised about the Shula firing. It was coming for sure next year if he didn't produce. I guess some of the boosters didn't want to wait another season. That's a tough job for whoever takes it.

It's nice how Koetter got an extension on his contract last year. Well played ASU. Go get one of the USC coordinators.

Andy said...

Dantonio hired by Sparty

Great hire if you don't mind a loss to Temple every couple of seasons...

matsut said...

Dantonio is most likely going to do very well at MSU. If nothing else, he'll at least get them to play something resembling defense and take better care with the ball on offense.