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Monday, November 20, 2006

Best Team? Yes. Best Fans? Not Even Close.

In the post above, we took a look at what happened on the field. Here, we discuss what happened off of it.

I sincerely thought things were going to be different.

Benny, IC, a couple other buddies and I all arrived from various points in Columbus Friday evening. Staying on the north side of town, we checked into our hotel then went to a nearby sports bar/restaurant to grab a bite. We all were decked out in our Michigan gear and entered to find a sea of red. When we first walked in, we got a bunch of...looks. They were about as welcoming as those Eddie Murphy got when he entered that redneck bar in "48 HRS." I feared our reception would be the same.

Instead, many Buckeye fans came up to us and offered their condolences about Bo's passing that day and asked how we were being treated. The friendliness was even better than I could have imagined.

Leading up to the game, we had heard much about Ohio State university officials trying to change their fans' well-deserved reputation for, to put it bluntly, poor sportsmanship...and worse. Needless to say, for selfish self-preservation reasons, I sure hoped so.

As we left the restaurant that night to return to our hotel, I joked to Benny I hadn't heard a single "Fuck Michigan" the entire night. Maybe things were going to be different.

Boy was I wrong.


Driving to the stadium around 10 a.m. Saturday morning on High Street, pre-game traffic slowed to a crawl approaching Lane Avenue. Suddenly it started -- "Fuck Michigan!"

Outside our window as we drove in the right hand lane, Buckeye fans who appeared to mostly be around college age had either spotted the Michigan plates on our car, our maize and blue clothing or both. As we continued on at a snails pace, turning right on Lane Avenue, the verbal barrage continued from the passing fans, usually variations of "Fuck Michigan!" (often accompanied by a prominently displayed finger), "Faggots!" and/or various suggestions about sucking cock, and even a girl in front of an apartment building on Lane Ave, just west of High Street, who shouted at us over a megaphone saying, "Chad Henne has a small penis and so do you!" (Note: While she may be right, there's no way she could have possibly known this as we were still sitting in the car).

With traffic barely moving and the "Fuck Michigans!" (among other "greetings") coming at a steady clip (and not exactly sure what parking options lay ahead), we turned right and circled back to a business that had valet parking and assured us we could get right out at the end of the game. Our mistake (we would later learn) is that we were right near High Street and Lane Avenue, so no matter what the guy said, it wouldn't really matter much in a few hours.

After parking, we walked up Lane Avenue towards the Fawcett Center where the official Michigan Alumni Tailgate was. Folks, it's no exaggeration to say that every ten feet, we were met with cries of "Fuck Michigan!" and flipping us off as well as the seemingly-just-as-popular "Fags!," including one classy fellow who, walking past, simply pointed and said to each of us, "Fag...fag...fag...fag..." right on down the line.

Even more surprising, considering the OSU administration's stated goal of cleaning up the gameday experience were all the vendors lining Lane Avenue who were selling every conceivable variation of "Fuck Michigan!" t-shirts. I'm not talking about some guy secretly selling stuff out of a duffel bag but full-on tables and displays as shown in the pictures below. Did they have vendor permits from the University or the city? Who knows. Yet even if they did, I'm guessing Nike and Budweiser wouldn't appreciate their logos used as they were.

Passing the t-shirt merchants, somewhere around the Holiday Inn on Lane (or just past it), a group of Buckeye fans (again, college age or just older) on the other side of a fence at some party (not Hineygate) started in with the usual "Fuck Michigan" calls. That's when I felt something hit my jacket. I looked down to see what I thought was a piece of ice, until I looked at the white all over the arm of my jacket and realized it was a powdered donut. Another had just missed my friend.

Now I was pissed. This was complete bullshit. No opposing fan expects to have a welcome mat rolled out on the road, but when one starts getting pelted, coupled with the absolutely vulgar verbal barrage the last couple of blocks, it's just too much. Problem was, I hadn't seen a single cop during our walk down Lane Avenue. I had seen some at the intersection of Lane and High Street but none as we walked along. Finally, nearing the bridge on Lane avenue, I saw a group of seven or eight standing around talking. Not out among the crowd as the bulk of the folks were clustered closer to the Holiday Inn and Hineygate.

I approached an officer and told him some asshole was throwing shit. He asked if I knew who it was, I said yes and pointed. He said, "That group of guys behind the fence?" Yep. To which he said something along the lines of, "Ok, I'll go watch them" and walked over to "stake out" the scene.

By now, my gameday experience was pretty sullied (even before we passed the guy on our way back from the Fawcett who, seeing us, grabbed his neck and said, "What's that choking sound? It's Bo"). There's good natured trash talk (which I don't mind and even expect), then there's what we experienced in Columbus. And no fan of any school at any stadium in America should have to put up with it.

The ironic thing is, many of the older Buckeye fans approached us asking how we were being treated or wishing us luck. In the handful of times I've been to the 'Shoe, this had never happened before. I even had a girl and her friend who just witnessed the latest volley of "Fuck Michigans" shouted our way as we walked along say she was sorry, adding, "We're not all assholes like that."

While both appreciated and obviously very true, the sheer volume of abuse was about equal to the number of friendly comments we received. Thus, such bad treatment can't simply be written off to "a few bad apples" as, based on the similar numbers of positive and negative incidents Saturday, that would then make the many Buckeye fans who were great to us just "a few good apples." No, the problem portion of the fan base in Columbus is much, much bigger than that. Even more surprising to us was the fact that, probably 60% of the "Fuck Michigans!" hurled at our group came from college-aged girls (many with matching "Fuck Michigan" shirts).


But all the above just made me (very) mad. After the game was scary.

We left when Michigan failed to recover the onside kick with about two minutes left, hoping to beat the crowd and the raucous celebration we knew was coming. We decided to cut in a diagonal line toward High Street before heading north toward Lane Avenue.

For most of the way, we were ahead of the crowd. Then we reached the corner of Lane Avenue and High Street.

The crowd was growing by the second. People were streaming out from everywhere. Spotting a group of Michigan fans, we became the targets of every imaginable insult. Of course by now I was used to the "Fuck Michigans" I'd heard all day. But there was an edge to it all now. People were getting right in our faces now even more than before. The entire area was a tinderbox. Unfortunately, our Michigan clothing was like a flame to moths. Drunk, excited moths. Hundreds, if not thousands, of them.

But we pressed on, just keeping our heads down. Not wanting to provoke anyone (or provoke them anymore than Michigan's school colors apparently already do). Making it to our car, we jumped in, took off all our Michigan clothing and started to head back to our hotel, narrowly avoiding getting trapped on a side street in the neighborhood behind High Street and Lane Avenue (visions of that alleyway scene in CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER dancing in my head). And it's a good thing too as, no matter what OSU President Karen A. Holbrook says, things turned ugly with some 40 fires being set, 38 arrests and a car was flipped over by "fans."

Back at our hotel, we talked more about our treatment than the game. We were more upset about the abuse we endured from the moment we got near the 'Shoe than our team just losing to it's arch-rival. We also marveled at how, in the frenzy of the post-game "celebration," we heard way more "Fuck Michigan!" cries than "Go Bucks!" cheers. We never once heard anybody singing the OSU fight song but instead heard "Don't give a damn about the whole state of Michigan" numerous times.

That, in a nutshell, sums up what I believe to be one of the big problems that fuels the unacceptable behavior in Columbus -- it's not "Pro-OSU," it's "anti-Michigan." It's not "we're good" it's "you suck."

Doubt me? Check out Buckeyextra, the Ohio State football coverage of the Columbus Dispatch. The team just won the Big 10 and clinched a trip to the BCS title game yet what does it say in the upper left corner of the page -- Days since Michigan's last victory over Ohio State in football: 1094. Not 49 days or whatever it is until Ohio State plays for the National Title. Not congratulations team. Not way to go! Nope. Anti-Michigan.

And I wish I could say I was the only one. But I ran into Michigan fans on the way home who told similar tales. Which is why I find the Buckeye President's claim that the OSU fans were so good and there were no problems laughable (more about that in the post below).

And which is also why I might not go back to Columbus for a game. Because if Saturday was good, I'd hate to see bad.

NOTE: We'd love to hear about the experiences of other Michigan fans in Columbus last weekend. Drop us an email. Most importantly, let us know if you wore Michigan clothing around the stadium. I talked to one friend who said it wasn't that bad for him in Ohio. Then I asked what he wore. His answer? A red jacket.


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Can't spell Lloyd without 2 "L's" said...


My point was in reference to the "1 catcall in 2 hours" you mentioned about someone wearing MSU garb. Put on U-M gear and see if you get only 1 catcall in 2 hours, since it's quite obviously a trumped up fabrication.

EKJ said...

Second the fan base is more blue collar than UM. Ufer called Ohio stadium 10,000 students and alumni and 74,000 truck drivers. He was right. Why they attract a lower educated crowd I do not know.

Why don't you put your intellect to work on giving your state growth industries other than pizza delivery and dealing blackjack?

Yes, $60 game tickets sure make for ideal blue collar entertainment.

There's a reason why John Hughes movies always featured the snotty rich kids getting their comeuppance: because 99% of the people in the world aren't conceited bastards. Stroll around Ohio Stadium or anyone else's stadium with that attitude, and you're basically asking for it.

Michigan and Ohio State are both fine schools, but they aren't the most elite. Why Michigan alums/students are more apt to have the arrogance to think of themselves as Ivy in all but name I do not know.

And you're not an "alumni", you're an alumnus. See, you learn this kind of thing at OSU.

Chris said...

"But if you see me taunting Harvard or Yale kids about how sucky their football team is or called them crybabies, pussies, nerds, etc., I would expect them to respond. The thing is, I don't. I'm sorry this concept is beyond your comprehension. "

I bet nerd would really get to them. Look, we know, you think you're better than me, and the rest of OSU. I give you much credit for creativity: while I just stick with arrogant prick, you keep coming up with new ways to say you're better than us.

So what you're saying is, you are arrogant enough to insult the lower classes (OSU fans, I assume many other schools), but you are such a little punk your ego won't let you take on the upper classes. Oh, I know, you're saying you're above childish insults, but are you really? You think we're in the mud throwing mud up at you, but I'm here to tell you you're already in here with us my friend. We're all in it. You can either enjoy it, or act like it is below you. And I can tell you this much: football is down in the mud.

Once again, sorry to anyone who was bothered by OSU fans. I personally pledge to come to Columbus in 2008 and watch over anyone who is afraid.

Anonymous said...

Here's a picture of Yost from Saturday's game:

Yost at the game

Anonymous said...

This t-shirt is very offensive:

Buck the Fuckeyes?

I may start my own blog so I can cry about it.

Anonymous said...

Another shot of Yost at the game.

The camera loves Yost!

Good looking crowd

Is that Benny right behind him with the dazed look on his face?

George W Bush said...

Harvard still sucks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris! By the way, one of the previous posters you corrected for using a preposition to end a sentence was actually using the "like" as a noun. But I bet you already knew that. That's what attracts me to you...your attention to detail.

I bet you got a real purty mouth...

Anonymous said...

The comment was way early in this craziness, but crazy posting Chris seemed offended that Wisconsin fans had cheered "eat shit" and "fuck you" INSIDE the stadium.

You can untwist your panties Chris, that chant had nothing to do with you. Those were upperclassmen chanting against lowerclassmen. Amazingly, everything isn't about you.

Anonymous said...


jj said...

Aw, Chris. Thank you for the complement, but it takes very little creativity to retort the idiotic things you say.

"So what you're saying is, you are arrogant enough to insult the lower classes (OSU fans, I assume many other schools), but you are such a little punk your ego won't let you take on the upper classes."

Brilliant! That's it. My ego won't let me take on the "upper classes," even though the summer class of my firm consists of many Ivy students. Hmm. Maybe, just maybe, there's a second possibility.

Maybe, just maybe, I wouldn't go over to another school's forum and call the people there pussies and whiners for recounting their experiences. I certainly wouldn't do so without expecting to get shit back. Do you think that might be the reason, Chris. Just maybe? Oh how I'd love to watch the hamster in that OSU head of yours work extra hard to comprehend the curveball I just threw.

And no, I'm not above name-calling. OSU products are, generally, apes.


Oh Yeah said...

Wow JJ. How can someone with obvious esteem and importance have enough time to sit here on the computer ALL DAY and post 12 or 13 times?

So you still think All OSU fans are assholes without education. Since you are so small minded let me open your eyes a bit. (You may have to squint against that blinding super ego of yours!)

If you ask just about anyone from another country what they think of the people of United states, they would say we are all fat, lazy, greedy, power hungry idiots. Guess what, brainiac...that includes even the snootiest of UMers. These people have heard stories, seen the few idiots that make the news, and make assumptions about the rest of us. That is exactly what you are doing to Ohio State fans. You think you are better than us, you think your state is better than ours. Think whatever you want. But please do not be so delusional as to think yu are right. I think Ohio is better. Cornhuskers think Nebraska is the best. And I bet if you ask any Longhorn, they would say Texas is better than the rest. Just most people aren't so closed minded and arrogant (to snag a word from Chris...who is right, BTW)about it. You sound like a school yard boy who is going to take his ball and go home if he doesn't get his way.

But you go on and puff your hairless chest out as much as you need to. Just makes you seem small.

Now, go ahead and grab your thesaurus and spout off some more big words to make yourself sound intelligent, tell me again how your mentality must be over my head, and that I am unable to comprehend the rantings of an ego maniac. that seems to be your MO, and your only defense. To me it sounds like "I really don't know what I am talking about so I will throw in big words and change the subject."

I am ready for it, Skippy.

Chris said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Chris said...

"Maybe, just maybe, I wouldn't go over to another school's forum and call the people there pussies and whiners for recounting their experiences."

Well, although you seem to be aware I never did that, I'll point that out again. Nonetheless, I would be very amused to see the Harvard-Yale chatroom fights.

"I say old chap, your football squad was definitely subpar this year."

"Although I concede this point, since the score went against us this year, your fans are nothing but rapscallions and lay-abouts. Why, one had the audacity to insult my ascot! I shall never go to New Haven again, for their fans are surely of the lowest breeding."

Anonymous said...

I was in Battle Creek, Michigan in 2002 (you'll remember that as the year OSU beat Michigan 14-9 at the shoe). I had a "Beat Michigan" bumper sticker on the piece of crap car I was driving at the time, and proudly displayed my OSU gear. In the two days I was there I experienced:
-A 10 year-old in a Woodson jersey give me the finger.
-The windshield of my car KICKED IN.
-I got eggs thrown at me on two separate occasions.
-My sexual preference called into question on numerous occasions.
-The fact that "Buck" and "Fuck" rhyme pointed out a number of times (clever gang, very clever).
Michigan fans, you have nothing to be proud of. If I saw one more "Heisman" pose while I was up there, I was going to scream. Wow, Woodson was good, I get it. Judge not lest ye be judged...

jj said...

oh yeah:
"How can someone with obvious esteem and importance have enough time to sit here on the computer ALL DAY and post 12 or 13 times?"

Wow, another OSU fan who lack imagination to think up of more than 1 scenario. Here's something for you to ponder: Is it possible that rather than sitting in one place all day, I am posting spuratically while in class? Here at Michigan, we have a new technology called wireless Internet. The wonders of the modern age! But I'm sure a sharp guy like yourself already considered that possibility.

So you and Chris are basically saying: Blah blah blah. We're not all stupid, don't stereotype us, oh you're so arrogant, blah. Well, oh yeah, if you look at school rankings, employment data, alumni lists, you would see that yes, OSU are generally stupid. It's not a stereotype when a statement is qualified by "generally" and supported by data. So yeah, keep going on your tangents about how foreigners stereotype Americans, or the opinions of Nebraskans, because it's meaningless in this debate.

"Now, go ahead and grab your thesaurus and spout off some more big words..."

You can see the humor here, can't you? If you can get beyond your OSU myopia, you'd understand that there are people out there -- better people -- who also use words that weren't taught to them by Sesame Street.

And I'll point out again, my first post was not addressed to you.

Anonymous said...

jj said:

"...OSU are generally stupid."

LMAO!!! If you're trying to claim intellectual superiority on an Internet message board, at least proof read your post.

I thought this was a picture of Yost at the game, but maybe it's jj.

Michigan's finest

Chris said...

"I am posting spuratically while in class?"

OK, definitely a parody. Does spuratically mean you are dressed as a cowboy as you post?

"Well, oh yeah, if you look at school rankings, employment data, alumni lists, you would see that yes, OSU are generally stupid. It's not a stereotype when a statement is qualified by "generally" and supported by data. So yeah, keep going on your tangents about how foreigners stereotype Americans, or the opinions of Nebraskans, because it's meaningless in this debate."

OK, you got us beat in school rankings, but seriously, there are literally hundreds of schools behind both OSU and Michigan. US News puts Michigan at 24 and OSU at 57. Michigan is behind Notre Dame it seems; I bet that makes Notre Dame fans happy. Michigan is the second best public school in the country, while OSU is 19th. OSU is Ohio's top public school. I'd like to see this central clearinghouse of alumni and employment data. I wonder how they would even go about getting info from the hundreds of thousands of OSU or Michigan alumni.

Well, there really isn't a debate, just a couple people shouting. We're not debating whether Michigan is a more prestigious school, which it is, but not by nearly as much as your fake character wants to believe. We're just trying to point out that you are pretty much a jerk based on your looking down on all OSU fans, or at least your fake character is a jerk. Part of our argument there is that people will always look down on you for something. For example, it seems Notre Dame fans, as well as Vanderbilt, Northwestern, Rice, and Georgetown could look down on you for attending Michigan, or your character attending Michigan. I'm going back to my original thought: you are a 12 year old, pretending to be in business school. Well, you should learn early on how to be a Michigan fan. Even if you're faking it, you pretty much have the act down stone cold.

Chris said...


Maybe an OSU fan made the shirt though I guess. Shirt vendor just seems so below Michigan fans.

Note: I find the shirt somewhat amusing, and am not offended. I find the picture especially amusing, given the placement of her beer.

jj said...

Good job attacking typos rather than anything of substance.

Hey Chris, try looking at the rankings for business programs, engineering programs, law schools, med. schools, and countless other graduate programs. I'm sure a smart fellow such as yourself (even though the best you could do was OSU and UC for law school) will realize that UMich, as an institution, is superior to those you've mentioned. Still, the point is moot because I wouldn't go to those school's forum to talk trash in the first place.

Regarding employment data: various rankings provide such data for comparison. You can also browse each schools' website.

Chris, go ahead and believe that I'm fake, that doesn't affect me one way or the other. It doesn't change reality; you will end up with a poor paying job (let's not debate this, we know employment opportunity for UC Law grads), living in Ohio, with student loans for 2 very bad schools. Sad, considering you don't seem completely retarded for an OSU grad. UMich alums, however, will spread across the country, working at top Wall Street investment banks, law firms, research hospitals, etc. Whether or not I have a great job does not change this.

Go Blue!

Jim said...

Wow, this thing still has legs.

Oh Yeah said...

So I see you are SPURatically posting nonsense again today. Give it up dude. We are here to push your buttons because we can. So we do! And you take that bait every single time, yet you never have anything new to say! I think you are full of yourself, and full of shit. (Probably means the same thing, though).

So you go on and sit through classes that are either above your head or too easy to bother with because you have the time to post during class.

So how old are you really? Are you an under grad or a grad student? Either way, we are looking at an 18-24 year old. No wonder your views are so limited. You are still living off of your parents' money and have absolutely no knowledge of life outside of snob-ville. Good luck to you buddy. (Or should I say Partner, as you cowboys say.)

Notice how no other Michigan fans are pulling such a superiority complex? Maybe because they are a little older and have some life experiences outside of the prom to make them see that not everything is about which school you went to, how much money you make, and who you hang out with. Maybe when you grow up you will come back and see what an arrogant little prick you are portraying.

By the way, what exactly will be your summer job? i am curious as what it is you will be doing to make $2100 a week. (Yeah right.) Its just that I haven't seen too many companies offering 96k to a kid with no job experience, no degree and a huge chip on their shoulder.

Chris said...

I wouldn't consider "spuratically" a typo, but whatever.

I won't even bother addressing most of the personal assaults, because those are just rude. I can tell you UC Law grads are doing just fine in the region and around the country, and yes, I do want to stay in Ohio to practice, so I'm fine with that part of your insult. I don't need to insult millions of people to build up my ego, but it seems you do. I have a lot of respect for the University of Michigan, and they are a great rival, but you personally, are not worthy of any respect (assuming you're real, which is a big assumption).

Who exactly do you think you're convincing of anything here? We already know Michigan is a more selective school, and OSU is about 20 spots below them in most rankings. Good for you, I doubt you or I altered that very much. But while I have been a non-rude OSU fan, you have been basically the rudest person imaginable. I won't hold it against the other Michigan fans, although I notice that all kinds of OSU fans apologize for rude OSU fans, but not one Michigan fan bothers to correct you. Even though I still think you might be an OSU fan pretending (as internet trolls often do) to be a Michigan fan for comical intent.

You say you wouldn't go to the other schools' forums to talk trash, so is it the fact that OSU fans came here to reply to Yost's original post what bothers you so much? Aww, I'm sorry, widdle JJ got offended because big bad OSU fans came in and took his forum. That's just adorable! Go check out a Notre Dame forum around the Michigan game, and see what happened around that time of year (great game by the way, I was happy to see Michigan beat those papist bastards).

Oh, and your little persona here remains an arrogant prick. I'm still laughing that you called it "B-school." I hate HATE people like your persona. it would be funnier if it weren't such an accurate parody. Like numerous posters have said, the slobs always defeat the snobs in movies because 99% of people cheer for the slobs. It wasn't over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor, and it isn't over now my friend. The uppance of your fake persona will come...

Go Bucks!

Jim said...

jj and Chris - It's kind of liking watching a cat-fight- you don't break it up because you hope someone gets a shirt ripped off, but in this case I'm guessing neither of you have big fun-bags that anyone wants to see. You guys are getting no where with each other (not your goal I know), but more, you're probably giving the other side more ammo and possibly hurting your standing in your respective fan bases.

Folks logging in now aren't going to read the 220+ posts above you to follow along from home, so they're just going to take cheap-shots at your most recent posts.

Chris - good luck in law school... Bearcats had a huge win last week, congrats. While pulling out stats, numbers, and precendents are great, shooting from the hip will win you more decisions.

JJ, I wish you were the jj from EDSBS, that dude is funny as hell, something you haven't demonstrated with your posts here yet. If you're logging in and posting here from class because you're bored, you're an idiot for pissing away a chance to really learn something in whatever class you, your parents, or the state tax payers have paid tuition for you to attend. Good luck in your $96k summer internship position in NYC, not everyone gets that chance.

Me, I'm out of Sam Adams so I'm heading to the store to get more and plan to eat a crap-load of turkey this weekend watching the Cocks lay the wood to the Tigers.

jj said...

I understand that logic and consistency isn't your forte, but really...

"I won't even bother addressing most of the personal assaults, because those are just rude."

OMG, how rude! OMG, personal attacks! Unlike you calling me an arrogant prick. That's just fine.

"You say you wouldn't go to the other schools' forums to talk trash, so is it the fact that OSU fans came here to reply to Yost's original post what bothers you so much? Aww, I'm sorry, widdle JJ got offended because big bad OSU fans came in and took his forum."

Hilarious. "Bothers [me] so much?" My first post:

"Remember Buckeyes, you might've won the game, but we win in life. Michigan alums are heads of corporations, world-class doctors, partners at top law firms, distinguished academics, and accomplished leaders. Michigan draws students from across the country and open doors everywhere. It's great to be a Michigan Wolverine!"

Your reply:

"Well, I'm done trying to speak reasonably when this is the kind of crap that Michigan fans are using against us. We're all drunken idiots, incapable of being productive members of society. You win, whatever. I can't stand people like you, who make me so angry I go against my better judgment..."

Again, hilarious.
Chris, I'm going to try to explain this to you again. Please let me know if I need to slow down. This is a Michigan forum. If your Buckeye brethrens are going to come here and talk smack, expect a response. Did I complain about the fact that they're here? No. I countered by simply making (true) statements about their societal positions relatives to Wolverines. I'm sorry if that was too much for you to handle, Chris. I'm sorry if that makes me an arrogant prick. I'm sorry that despite your wishes, it's unlikely that "comeuppance" will doom my life.

Chris said...

My alternative theory to JJ being fake, which I already posted but not as a link, is below. I'm going to say this is also probably a good explanation for a lot of the OSU fans who come on here to act like jerks, and isn't too far from the anonymity in large groups which (with some help from alcohol) probably results in most of the asshole behavior in Columbus.

Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory

Chris said...

"If your Buckeye brethrens are going to come here and talk smack, expect a response. Did I complain about the fact that they're here? No. I countered by simply making (true) statements about their societal positions relatives to Wolverines. I'm sorry if that was too much for you to handle, Chris. I'm sorry if that makes me an arrogant prick. I'm sorry that despite your wishes, it's unlikely that "comeuppance" will doom my life."

OK, I understand that your response is probably motivated partially by stupid OSU fans, partially by losing the game, and partially by joking, but I think your insults go a little bit farther than my insult (calling you an arrogant prick). But whatever, that's a stupid argument to have, and I really do wish I could stop calling you an arrogant prick. It just seems so right.

I just want to point out that I don't wish any harm to come to you. I'm more hoping for an epiphany, like George Bailey in It's A Wonderful Life, and you'll realize that we're all in this together. Maybe your daughter will marry an OSU fan, maybe a doctor who saves your life will be an OSU grad, or maybe the friendly OSU grad janitor at your big corporation will take a bullet for you, but I do not wish any harm to come to your fake persona.

Anonymous said...

I was there and saw many of the things you described. We also were called "Douche bags" quite a bit. Finally, I was sick of it. After one OSU student called me a Douche bag, I replied, "speaking of Douche-bags, your mom needs to use one!". You should have seen the little punk, he was speechless. They talk and talk, but for the most part they are nothing but little sissy's with nothing to say when you confront them.

Chris said...

"You guys are getting no where with each other (not your goal I know), but more, you're probably giving the other side more ammo and possibly hurting your standing in your respective fan bases."

Well, although I don't understand what ammo I am giving to the other side, since I've generally contained my insults to jj and other Michigan fans like his fake persona, I am probably annoying people with my long posts, and perhaps my lack of insults of Michigan is hurting my standing with OSU fans. But as you guessed, I'm really doing this for my own entertainment. I am avoiding the upcoming exams, and I just can't stop posting on this thread. It is too much fun.

jj said...

Chris, that cartoon is a fine display of your online research skills. An OSU education is not so useless, afterall.

Chris said...

"Chris, that cartoon is a fine display of your online research skills. An OSU education is not so useless, afterall."

I actually saved that link when I first saw it, because it makes me laugh every time. So don't chalk that up to research skills. You'd be amazed how often it is needed on the internet these days.

Sean said...

As a Buckeye fan, this is kind of a double-edged sword for me. I used to be one of those drunken assholes on game day, jumping in front of traffic without a care in the world because the Buckeyes had won the game.

Now that I'm a little older, I realize just how big of an idiot I was. There are better ways to celebrate.

My epiphany was in 2002 after the Michigan game. I was living over on 13th avenue, right in the heart of the riots. We were in an apartment building just a few houses east of Indianola, otherwise known at the time as "Riot Central".

I watched as an amazing amount of fans flipped over cars and proceeded to set them on fire. One of those cars was a very good friend of mine, and I had to help him "identify" his car the next morning, which was literally seven steel bars. That's all that was left. Twelve thousand dollars, gone in the span of a couple of hours. At least his insurance covered it.

I actually have a couple of friends who are Michigan fans, and while we like to talk a little smack to each other every now and then, it stays friendly. We respect the rivalry (We don't watch the game with each other), have a little fun with whoever the loser was, and it's over.

I'm called a bad fan by a lot because I can actually converse with Michigan fans. I'm told that I should hate everything about them, yell out "FUCK MICHIGAN!" like everyone else, and everything would be fine.

I can't do that. That's not the kind of fan I am now. Maybe four years ago, I do that.

The game I watched on Saturday was nothing short of spectacular. It actually lived up to the hype, although I didn't expect over 80 points to be scored. It was simply amazing.

What happened afterwards sickened me. Ohio State fans, old and new, have pretty much accepted the fact that they are considered the Big Ten's "Asshole fans", and most of them decide that they may as well run with it. While I hate Karen Holbrook with a passion, what she and the school are attempting to do is something I commend.

The problem is that it just won't work.

I welcome in anyone to my tailgate parties, whether you're a fan of Ohio State or the team they're playing that day. You're going to get a little razzing if you have the opposite jersey on, but it's all in good fun. It never gets out of hand and generally leads to friendly arguments about different things in college football.

The best time I've had this year was the season opener against Northern Illinois. We welcomed in a few NIU fans to our tailgate because their grill wasn't working properly. We shot the shit with them, shared our food, and generally had a great time.

When the game was over and we were going back to our tailgate spot, the NIU fans came up to us and thanked us for what we had done. They said they had heard horror stories about Ohio State fans and their public intoxication. I told them that those horror stories are usually true, but occasionally you find good fans.

Anonymous said...

I was at the game and i was wearing michigan clothing and i got more then i can count fuck michigan and little kids saying. After the game i was with one of my friends who is and ohio state fan he said i bet michigan fans are alot meaner then osu fans i wanted to throw him of the bridge. I told him that we are the best fans in the land and we care more about are team then say fuck the other team thats why we are going to kick buckeye ass in ann arbor next year fuck yeah!

Anonymous said...

I am a Michigan fan that came all the way from Arkansas with my buddy an Ohio State fan. I expected some harrassment but the barrage of insults was ridiculous. I mean cheering for your team is one thing telling me to "fuck my mother" because I am wearing a certain color is stupid. I didnt take offense as much as I just grew tired of it. I wanted to watch one of the greatest rivalries in sports in a great atmosphere. I got to watch the game ,
but my friend and I both agreed we would never step foot in Columbus again.

Anonymous said...

i hate 2 tell u people but honestly u all are crying like big blue babies...ur saying that if i went 2 AA with S&G i should expect EVERYONE to greet me nicely with only a few 'comments' next yea the arguement could switch but OSU fans wont say nething because we have COMMON SENSE

im glad USC is gonna kick ND ass so u hav no chance to have the honor of getting the beating you deserve

Anonymous said...

I will first delcare my bias as an OSU fan. Certainly things were better in C-bus than 2002. I think a couple of posters above have noted that much of the problems at OSU games have little to do with the students or actual fans attending the games. They are due to drunken idiots who come down to the parties around the campus. Things around the Shoe will continue to be a problem because of this situation. I have gone to many sporting events over the past 25 years and must say that the behavior you describe is not all that unusual. Just reading through this blog a few things came to mind:

I went to a Browns game when I was 10 and sat in what was to become known as the "Dawg Pound" near a woman waving an Eagles pennant. Needless to say, I got my education on four letter words that day.

My father witnessed a drunken Reds fan badgering some Astros fans at a Reds homegame. Saying things like "Oh, rooting for the visiting team, huh? I bet you root for Iraq, I bet you root for crack!" When a large fella from our neighboring state to the south told him to shut the hell up, he didn't and got the shit beat out of him. The fans in the section lobbied security for the big fella from KY not to be kicked out because the guy had it coming.

I once made the mistake of wearing a Cubs hat to a White Sox- Blue Jays game. I got told countless times where I could stick it and to get my ass back to the North Side before I got shot.

Cubs fans can be some of the most rabid and ruthless fans on the planet. However, I attibute it to much of the same effect as what goes on around OSU. I have worn my Reds hat in the bleachers at Wrigley and got nothing but love from the true Cubs fans. However, I have seen drunken stoopid Cubs fans tear the hat off a Reds fan at the Reds stadium and throw it onto the field.

A couple years ago I took my 11 year old cousin to a Bengals-Broncos MNF game. He wore his Champ Baily jersey. The people close to use ribbed him a bit in good humor. But as the game wore on and the alcohol flowed, those a few rows back began to send some F-bombs his way (especially because Champ was getting toasted). I thought it was a bit much to be throwing F-bombs at an 11 year old.

One of my favorite stories comes from my best friend. He is a die hard OSU fan and has been his whole life. One year for Xmas his mom bought him a Michigan sweatshirt. To this day I can't tell you why other than they had them really cheap at the JC Penny Outlet. Anyways, he wore it a few times because it was a nice sweatshirt and his mom bought it. Dumbass decides to go to the first "Midnight Maddness" for tOSU basketball team and wears his Michigan sweatshirt. He said he got quite the earful including when he went to the bathroom. He said one guy just starred him down and said, "Nice shirt Fag!"

I have seen countless other fist fights, name callings, objects thrown, and pure stupidity over the years. I'm not sure anything compares to Texas Tech fans tearing down the goal posts after beating A&M and trying to ram them into the A&M fan's section. That is pretty insane. By in large, most of these incidents are fueled by alcohol. When I was a kid, I was able to get a good laugh out of the drunks, but over the years I've began to see things take more of an edge. I love to talk a little friendly smack with visiting fans and also get to know them and talk about our teams. Fans of sport are by in large great people. They respect each other because they respect the game. The other breed of fan who is there to party is a different animal.

I'll end with one final story. My friends and I love to go to games and are know to consume some frosty beverages. We've had our share of verbal sparings with other fans, but nothing serioius. We are fans of the game. A couple years ago we were at a Reds-Cardinals game. We were in a section of mostly families and we policed ourselves, eliminating our F-bombs and other inappropriate behaviors. A few Cardinal fans were behind us and we had fun chatting with them as well as the others around us. Jim Edmunds climbed the fence and made one of the most amazing catches I have ever seen. Even though that catch may have cost our Reds a win, we turn and high fived the Cardinals fans behind us. It was a lot more fun than turning around and saying "Fuck the Cardinals."

By the way, where can I get one of them "Fuck Michigan" shirts? Go Bucks!

Anonymous said...

As an OSU fan, I am embarassed by how some of the other so called "fans" treat the fans of other teams, and I apologize for that. But, it happens everywhere, even in Ann Arbor. I have a friend who went to The Game in Ann Arbor back in the 90's, when you guys were handing us our ass every year, and he said that he would never go back. He told me that he was ridiculed all the way from the golf course where he parked, into the stadium, and then all the way back to his car after the game was over and UM won. He was literally scared for his life on the way back because he was physically threatened a couple of times.

My point is, OSU fans are not the only ones who need to check themselves. Those "die-hards" out here on both sides really need to see that it is a game that is to be played with good sportsmanship both on and off the field. Unfortunately, emotions run high for the game, and alcohol fuels the fire. I don't condone, nor am I making excuses for the behavior of these fans. All I am saying is that OSU is not the only one at fault for poor fan performance.

Anonymous said...

I love lamp.

Anonymous said...

On Saturday, I attended the USC/Notre Dame game. As a USC graduate and football fan for many years, I was proud of both teams as they battled on the field. After the game, I was embarrassed to wear my USC clothing as some USC fans shouted obscenities at the Notre Dame fans as everyone walked back to their vehicles. I suspect that most of these people have nothing to do with USC other than the fact that they had enough money to purchase a game ticket at stubhub. In fact, many of the fans were wearing Oakland Raider clothing. When we travel to South Bend to watch the games at Notre Dame, we are always greeted with open arms and only playful attacks against USC. It is disappointing that Notre Dame fans are not treated equally as well when they come to Los Angeles.

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