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Friday, October 20, 2006

The Z-Scheme Drill is Pretty Cool

Though we acknowledge the excellent job he's done in Columbus, we rip on tOSU coach Jim Tresell rather regularly here. We make fun of his wardrobe. We point out his penchant for lying. We highlight his looking the other way with player transgressions.

But he's got our ultimate admiration with this clip. Sure, he could have done a better job of reading the cue cards. But if we were biology students at tOSU, we'd think this was worth whatever tuition we were paying. Let's just hope there's a PoliSci lesson from Lloyd Carr out on YouTube that we can unearth.



Allaha said...

If only Tresell could offer an equally clear explanation of criminal law to his players . . .

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and if only Carr could outcoach him. Good luck

Brickeye said...

Damn! Now our gameplan vs Michigan has been exposed! Great Photon 31 Option down the tubes. SHIT!

Brickeye said...

Damn! Now our gameplan vs Michigan has been exposed! Great Photon 31 Option down the tubes. SHIT!

Crabapple Buck said...

Henne will see photosynthesis up close when Pitcock & co take him to the turf on 11/18. Beware LLoyd, we crowned our field when we put down the new turf.

Anonymous said...

I'm actually in this Bio Class, we watched this last week. There's another one of the Marching Band performing the Kreb's Cycle, lol

Anonymous said...

Tressell cheated on his wife when he was at YSU. Probably still does.

Richard Cranium said...

Wow Anon 6:51, helluva accusation especially since you remained *gasp* anonymous. Why don't you go ride your bike to school now and let the grown-ups talk, OK?

WhiteDawg said...

You need to keep up on your news...this is about 3 weeks old. You're slipping

Anonymous said...

WTF? Are you serious? Is that the only way you can get OSU Biology students to learn Bio? I think Tosu should be forced to forfit the rest of their season for this.

IC said...

I think Margot Kidder did a better job reading the cue cards on Saturday Night Live in the 70's than JT did in this clip, and she was hepped up on all kinds of goofballs.

Anonymous said...

My highschool football coach also taught bio.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the players that participated in this clip got payed by Tressel to do so?

Ted said...

Photon 31 was last seen driving around in a leased Escalade getting it's "goose on."

Z Scheme Pimp said...

Those two oxygen molecules that ran off together are making sloppy love right now. Sloppy, wet love.

Anonymous said...

Z Scheme pimp -- wouldn't that require a monagatwa

TitleIX said...

ok--they get points for interesting ways to teach something....at least for biology.
What football purpose does that z-drill serve however???

cottoncandy said...

Penchant for lying? I love the hijinks here as much as the next guy, and don't think you guys have to explain yourselves to anyone. But anyone care to put some facts behind this bullshit?

Anonymous said...

you're right richard. i should have submitted a sworn affidavit. is richard cranium your real name? idiot.

Yost said...


Happy to: Your school officials LIED about checking every school w/ bomb sniffing dogs two years ago. Period.

If you don't believe it, check the news stories. It's fact.

Glad I could help.

cottoncandy said...

Yost, for gawd sake, take a breath and think back to junior high english class, nouns and plural nouns.

The article says "We point out his penchant for lying" the "his" being an individual, a person, a man being Jim Tressel, and your ridiculous response says "Your school officials LIED."

Tell me you understand the difference here.

You didn't say Tressel might be a liar, or that you think he is a liar, or that some say he is a liar: you said he HAS a penchant for lying.

Again, for the love of intelligent people everywhere, point out the facts upon which, on a public forum, you rely on to say Jim Tressel is a liar.


Yost said...

You know what Cotton, we put up with your bullshit on a regular basis. If Michigan fans went on OSU sites and put some of your crap up, it would be deleted ASAP.

But we don't do that here. We let you rant and vent and whatever.

Until you just crossed the line.

You come on my own site and then call me an asshole?

Nice having you. Consider yourself no longer welcome. Please take your comments somewhere else as something tells me they won't be showing up here anymore.

Anonymous said...

Carr and Tressel are both good human beings. Coach Yost, however, like poster Yost were/are not! LOL!

Ali Haji-Sheikh said...

Interestingly, tressel starts off the clip by saying "to be honest with you." Only a habitual liar needs to point out when he is about to tell the truth.

Yost...in addition to his lie about the dogs (classy move falsely justifying harassment of an opponent under the guise of terrorism prevention and then lying about the circumstances), there was the lie about how he voted in the polls earlier this year. Given these public lies that have been exposed, I'm sure there are countless other ones that have never been stated in a public forum and, hence, have not been exposed to the public.

Jim Harbaugh - The Return said...

Cottoncandy you are a dog amongst men.

If you don't like what is posted on a michigan site then don't come here.

Michigan Bloggers don't need to cater to OSU scrubs like you.

This is a Michigan blog, therefore it is going to be anti-OSU, you pile of bird vomit.

Go to an OSU blog if you want Tressel to be worshipped cuz his lying cheating ass is not going to be praised here.

Good Day Sir.

Anonymous said...

I love it. The rivalry lives on. "Your coach is a liar", "oh yeah", "yeah", "oh yeah", "yeah". This is what it is all about.

I wear scarlet and gray glasses and I don't see Coach Tressel as a liar.

The dog thing...I really don't think he knew about it. I do think someone at Ohio State did. I thought it was funny. Just like I thought it was funny when Woody had our team warm up on your side of the field back in the '70's (after which you kicked our ass - which I didn't think was so funny). It is things like "the dogs" which keep this rivalry alive.
As far as the voting, it was a misunderstanding which was well documented. Why would he purposely "lie". Good lord, the folks at the coaches poll know who he (tOSU) voted for. He would have to be pretty stupid to think he could get away with something like that. And if he is truely that stupid, what does it say for a Michigan program that is 4-1 against him?
I love your site. I visit it everyday.
You Wolverines just worry about winning out and so will we.
God bless Nov. 18th.

Good luck,
Go Bucks!!

TitleIX said...

the guy's moniker is "cottoncandy" what kind of image does that bring up???

Pink fluffy sugary shit that gets blown up by hot air and then is time limited in its ability to maintain it's solid state????

consider the source......Yost, consider the source.

Yost said...


He can talk smack and disagree all he wants. Anybody can. Like you said, that's the beauty of the rivalry.

But, don't come to my site and call me an asshole an my own site.

He can go start his own site and do whatever he wants.

Andy said...

Coach Tressel doesn't need to lie... he has many folks all over Ohio that are willing to do it for him

Brickeye said...

First off, I thought it was the Columbus Police Department that called for the dog sniffing. Secondly, if Michigan would of won in 2004 would you guys still be griping about it? I seriously doubt it.

cottoncandy said...

So, you can call Tressel a liar, and respond that, well, "others" lied, and act as if your justification was perfectly sound, but you can't be called an asshole when you were caught being wrong.

Just admit you were wrong jerk.

BaggyPantsDevil said...

Did lsuoverusc change his name to cottoncandy and his allegiance to Ohio State?

There's too many crazy people on the internets.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Tressel speak a falsehood about his poll ballot a few weeks back?