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Monday, October 30, 2006

U-M Students: Fair-Weather Fans?

Yes, the conditions Saturday sucked for U-M's game against Northwestern (41 degrees at kickoff with a windchill of 30 and wild winds). But what do folks expect? It's late October in Michigan. Deal with it.

But apparently Michigan students can't.

The student section was only two-thirds full for the game.

WTF?! You're students, for cryin' out loud! Sack up. Your team is the #2 squad in the country. They're in the hunt for the national championship. Trust those of us who've graduated in saying this doesn't happen every year. Plus it was homecoming! So get your asses to the game and support your team!

What's that? It was cold? Rainy? Tough shit. Have you never heard of a hat, gloves or raincoat?


Hell, even coach Lloyd Carr noticed the no-shows.

"We had a pretty hearty crowd out there today," he said. "They hung around for a while, although we had some students who didn't show up -- and I want to know where they were. If it was too cold, they're not tough. They've got to toughen up."

Apparently those that didn't show wanted to be able to jangle their keys in the warmth of their dorms and apartments.



Anonymous said...

this was definitely not lost on production crew either - they kept commenting on how the stands were nearly 1/3 empty after halftime & panning the camera to NW fans 'sticking it out' for their team.

then they did the pan to key waving UM fans.

loved it - just classic!

Anonymous said...

One of my concerns with the new addtion to Michigan stadium. Everyone keeps saying it will make the stadium louder. Not unless people start cheering more. Otherwise the crickets will just seem louder.

Paul said...

It's too bad so many of the fans cleared out but it can be a bonus for those that remain. I observed the same phenomenon on a rainy day in 1978. Michigan was well on the way to blowing Duke out in the rain. As a result many left the game early. My party was able to move from the north end zone to mid field. We had great seats and managed to keep warm with cheese and cheap wine.

jeremy said...

The fans who left weren't going to be loud anyway. Who cares? I'd rather have it be 2/3 full of people who care than stuffed with key-wavers and cell-phone-talkers.

When we beat MSU in 2004, this blog would not have posted about how great it was to be there. The post would've been insulting and mocking everyone who left.

Stop booing your own team.

Q1Go said...

37 degrees and raining - I remember marching band practice in that weather - I got bronchitis and missed a week of classes. I can understand preferring to watch that particular game from the warmth of South Quad.

Anonymous said...

Thank God the band sits in the student section now or it would have been half full. Also I didn't hear them playing much. Must have been too cold ; )

Anonymous said...

Did you catch the alumni cheerleaders this weekend? They were showing more leg than the current ones.

phoennix10 said...

I admit that when I was a student I would leave after the 3rd quarter on crappy days playing a crappy team with a lead. I lived within a 100 yards of the stadium on Brown street.

HOWEVER, having those days go long by, and living thousand of miles away, I realize how much i miss it and i would LOVE to sit in the Big House again even in crappy weather.

Students have no idea how magical this season is, especially with a defense like this. This is a very team.

Yost said...


"Stop booing your own team?"

First of all, I'm not booing the team. I'm booing the fans. But silently. With my keys.

Second, why is it not fair to criticize something you think sucks? B/c I'm a Michigan fan, I can only say positive things?

Oh, I could make so many analogies but, alas, I won't.

Jeff P. said...

I too, was disappointed with the student section being only 2/3 full. My brother and I drove up from Chicago Saturday morning for the game, and while we were completely wet and frozen, we stayed for the entire game. Kudos to those who did the same! Go Blue!

Benny Friedman said...

Q1Go, people don't get sick from being in cold weather. If you caught bronchitis, it was from another source, not from being outside in 37 degree weather.
There's really no excuse for so many people leaving early on Saturday. The forecast was for crappy weather. It's Michigan - everyone has jackets and gloves. On a day when the weather is clearly going to be crappy, just dress warm.

Anonymous said...

uh actually people do get sick from cold weather, or at least feel like total crap. plus having your feet and hands freeze off is not a lot of fun...

jeremy said...

I didn't say it wasn't fair. It's perfectly fair. I just wish this blog would find more celebrate ore be proud of in being 9-0 instead of the incessant complaints about the lackluster fanbase.

I'll say it again, though: we're 9-0.

Ahh that feels good. OK, carry on.

(But seriously: 9-0. Hot damn.)

Anonymous said...

so does that ruin any of the attendance records?

srudoff said...

i'm sure they're counting "paid" attendance instead of actual attendance so your streak of games in which over 100,000 people paid to attend but possibly didn't actually attend is still intact

: )

Matt K said...


I don't understand the point of antagonizing the only portion of the fan base that makes any fucking noise at all in the stadium. I've lived with you calling the Big House the "quiet house", I've lived with your personal crusade against the keys. But this time, you're over the line.

In my 4+ years here, I've never, not once, left any sporting event early. That includes Iowa in 2002, that includes any one of the numerous ass kickings we've recieved in basketball over the years. The kind of people who come to this blog aren't the kinds of people who leave games early, dipshit. So don't go and antagonize the heart and soul of the crowd. Get the fuck over yourself and enjoy the ride.

I don't get it, you're writing because people come here and read what you have to say. What's so wonderful about you? With all the negativity and insults you've hurled MY way, why the fuck should I come back and listen to you?

Anonymous said...

I have to say, the criticism of the team and fans on this blog is getting tiresome. No, the offense is not very imaginative but we're 9-0, and yes, the fans have their stupid keys and leave early, but that's been going on forever and Michigan still has one of the most dedicated fan bases in all of college football.

Please, MZone folks, stick to making us laugh and not to making us ashamed. Much like democracy ain't perfect but is the best system we have, Michigan fans ain't perfect but are the best out there. Let's not forget that.

rob. said...

it really is a chore to get through one of your posts these days. this place was fun over the summer and at the beginning of the fall, but everything on this site is so damn negative now.

i'm a student and that was the first game i've ever left early. my friends and i dressed up to support the team: a blue suit with a maize dress shirt for one, a maize and blue bathrobe for one, and a halloween costume for another. and i had on jeans and a michigan sweatshirt over my usual michigan shorts, maize and blue socks, maize t-shirt, countless wristbands, and the 200 dollar maize and blue shoes i had customized to wear to games. we're fans, you clown - along with everyone else reading this website.

so shut up with the criticizing.

WuTangDynasty said...

Dude it was fricken NORTHWESTERN, arguably the worst team in the conference. The opponent had as much to do with people not showing up as the weather. If it was OSU or ND or MSU the stadium would've been full.

How are we not dedicated fans if we decide to skip one game because we don't want to freeze our nuts off to watch a team with a QB named C.J. Bacher???

Kate from NY said...

Who was at the game this Saturday? Yeah, shitty weather, eh? It rained and poured throughout the entire tailgate AND the game ... it was freezing outside (literally-- we got some sleet too) and the wind was gusting up to 50mph. Our limbs were numb. IT SUCKED! It was miserable! We were SOAKED! and COLD! and now we're all sick ....

But I am proud that I suffered those few hours out at the Big House to watch our Big Blue continue their winning streak to make us proud fans who can brag about being the #2 team in the nation.... I was EMBARASSED by our fans. Everyone who stayed for the game sat bundled up "comfortably" in their 12-inch bench seat. At least 1/3 of the stadium left at half time. The student sectionwas half gone. Assholes. There's no excuse. We are watching a possible National Champion team and we're their support to go all the way and make us proud ... and we repay them by leaving at half time to go get warm and dry? Bullshit. Absolute CRAP! This is our year and all we have standing between us and a national championship is the Buckeyes. I will hand it to their fans-- they wouldnt leave the game like our shitty ass fans. Those of you who left SUCK!!!! And I am pissed off .... YOu dont deserve to be a fan of one of the greatest teams in America. You are a wimp. A class A pussy. ...

And its really sad when the coach leading our Wolverines to a title notices all the no-shows...

"We had a pretty hearty crowd out there today," he said. "They hung around for a while, although we had some students who didn't show up -- and I want to know where they were. If it was too cold, they're not tough. They've got to toughen up."

Think of the cheerleaders and players and coaches and staff who BUST THEIR ASSES for US!!! And we cant sit in a crowd and cheer them on... to thank them for their hard work. Ill say it again to all of those who left... YOU SUCK!

js said...

@ kate from ny

Of course NW fans do not want to leave.
- They already drove 200 miles.
- Their team plays in the Big House once every two years (if that)
- These are fans who actually travel
- Some (most) of them are friends and families of NW's players and coaches

Have you seen a Michigan game at NW? It is packed full by Michigan fans, and they stay until it was way over.

Some students are not as big a fan as other students. So what? That does not give you the right to call them out. Why don't you cheer for your team instead of worrying about other fans?

I'm sick and tired of people complaining about the fan behavior at the Big House. Just cheer your best. Who cares if it's not the loudest in the country or in the Big Ten? Who cares if it's not the tenth loudest in the Big Ten? Did not stop the team from winning Big Ten championships before. Did not stop them from winning NC before.

And no, it was NOT any louder in 1997. If anything, it was quieter.

MGOBLUE94 said...

This season is MAGICAL! NINE and OOOOOO baby with 2 cream puffs and THE GAME to go!

We should be celebrating, but at the same time I do feel Yost's fustrations.

If we finish this season 12-0 none of the insessant whining by Yost will matter!

If we finish this season 10-2, then Yost might have had some valid points along the way!

I feel that the Offense has taken a couple of steps backward with injuries we have right now, but hey it is 9 weeks into a very tough schedule and people are bound to be a bit banged up.

That doesn't excuse the rest of us, those of us who come out to each and every home game or travel to games. We have a JOB to do, and THAT JOB is to show up and help our team get motivated week in and week out. THAT JOB is to give our team HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE!

I am an Alumnus who buys student seats when I can, because I do like to stand and make as much noise as possible. (side bennies: cute college girls)

This season I have sat in:

SW corner (CMU) where 20 something alumnis were telling me to sit down or go to the student section. "We are alumni we've earned the right to sit and watch a game" If that person who said that to me is reading this right now. I still say to you then GO HOME AND WATCH THE GAME!

MIDFIELD: Section 44 (Wisky) 9 rows behind the bench. I was pretty much the sole person getting section 43, Section 44 and Section 1 off their dead lame asses for a game that was tied 10-10 at the HALF. What needs to happen during a tight game, I ask? What influences are there that might help your team during a close game? hmmm...NOISE?!?! PSU fans made it difficult for Michigan to play in the 1st half because of noise. Several drives were killed because of FALSE STARTS. What caused those FALSE STARTS? NOISE!!!

Upper Deck Section NK (@ PSU) row 66 I along with the many die hard fans cheered in 34deg windy conditions at 8PM - 11PM in Beaver Stadium after the WIN the team showed their respect to us by coming over to our corner and cheering with US!

NE corner: Section 47 (MSU) row 95 (possibly the worst seats I've sat in 16 years of Michigan football). Thanks Aero Deptartment. The crowd was more worried about the tigers and cheering on their victory than watching and cheering on Michigan pummel sparty.

NW corner: Section 31 Row 32 (my student season tickets that I buy from current students). I was saddened by the lack of noise from the students during the IOWA game. Their attitude and noise level was irely similar to the Alumni sections with one exception STANDING!

As for the NU game this past weekend. The stands were nearly FULL during the 1st quarter, but once it started raining again they started to clear out. The day was just nasty and miserable, but I for one stuck it out and did my best to make up for the lack of voices in the stands. As Lloyd said THEY ARE NOT TOUGH! What I say is that they are NOT APPRECIATIVE for what this team is doing and will continue to do over the next 3 games!

I've paid and earned the right to stand on my bleacher seat, scream until my vocal chords no longer function for the entire week afterword and bang on my cow bell trying to motivate the team and the fans around me.

THAT BEING SAID WE ARE PLAYING BALL STATE THIS WEEKEND! SHOW UP, WEAR MAIZE, AND MAKE SOME FUCKING NOISE! Show the seniors and the team that you care and appreciate the hard work they've done all season. Waive your keys around too, just make SOME NOISE!!

MGOBLUE94 said...

sorry for the typos ... was writing in fustration and off the cuff!


UpTheHawks said...

As much as I hate to admit it, we had the exact same problem at Kinnick Stadium this weekend for Northern Illinois in the student section - Iowa student section was about 1/3 empty.

I bet Michigan and Iowa wasn't the only place this happened at and my theory for why this happened is that it was Halloween weekend, ie we all got slopppy drunk the entire weekend. I don't care who your team is playing the next day, if you have a chance to see hotties wearing French maid, nurse, and Eve outfits - the Eve one was really good ;) - you go out and party. My guess is that my roomate and I had the typical student experience for those that were at the game - stumble home at 2:30am Saturday morning, finish the pizza, wake up at 6:00am, down a RedBull, walk to the stadium and pick up a case on the way, start drinking again....ah, student life.

I wouldn't get too worried guys. Half of the students in student sections are the casual fan anyway. When you have Halloween weekend, shitty weather, and a shit opponent, your going to lose those fans. I'd wage the house that next week and senior day the student section will be its regular full self again.

plooder said...


Don't worry. I'm sure that all of the UM fans that you have been deriding all season will find themselves screaming desperately and futilely at their televisions on Nov. 18th.


scott said...


Please. I was a sophomore in '97, and I've been to several games this year. The stadium was DEAFENING in 1997. This year's it's OK-to-good, I'm not complaining, but it's not even in the same ballpark as 97.

Colin said...

You stay classy, MZone.

Yost said...

Matt K writes:

"I've lived with you calling the Big House the "quiet house", I've lived with your personal crusade against the keys. But this time, you're over the line."

Gee, didn't know you were carrying such a burden, "living" through that, "disphit."

And if you didn't leave the game early, then what are you so peeved about? "Get the fuck over yourself." ("You're so vain...I bet you thought this post was about you, you're so vain.")

Then there's the Anonymous "dipshit" below you who writes:

"...yes, the fans have their stupid keys and leave early, but that's been going on forever and Michigan still has one of the most dedicated fan bases in all of college football."

Uh...so they don't make noise and leave early. Gee, you're right. Very dedicated.

And to those who skipped the game because it was "just Northwestern," that is fucking weak. Period. Justify anyway you want but there are only six or seven home games A YEAR and this is the #2 team in the country. So bundle up. You'll live.

So JS, what gives me the right to call folks out for being shitty fans, uh...it's my blog. Don't like it? Fine. Don't read or start your own. See how easy that is?

As for the "negative" comments, it stuns me how some people only see what they want to see. We can put up 10 positive things, but some folks only notice the negative.

But, when we do point out something, why is it unfair to criticize that which needs improvement? I can say the D played great but the offense didn't and some folks react as if I insulted their mother.

Furthermore, when it seemed like the entire blogosphere was talking about firing Lloyd and dipshits were starting FireLloyd websites every other day, we never once wavered in our support.

This site always told folks to relax and stood up for Lloyd and the program. Doubt it? Look back over the site.

But I'm sure Matt, Rob, Watung and those few readers bitching never once complained about Lloyd or said he should be canned, right?

Finally, to fans such as Kate In NY who froze their asses off to cheer their team on. Props to you. Well done.

Apparently some understand that we were only calling out those who didn't show or who left at halftime of a close game.

Howard21 said...

People, people,

breath in, breath out. Remember, it is their site, they can say what the hell they want to. If you don't leave games early then don't be offended, if you did, then be offended but deal with it. The best part of watching that game was in the 3rd qtr. (i think about 6 min left) they showed a younger lady standing up in a section where everyone was sitting down and she wass trying to get people fired up. two people behind her, one was a fat lady, looked so pissed and jsut kept shaking their heads and trying to look around. It was classic. Everyone looked her like she had a third arm out of her head and she just kept standing, props to you girl who stood up against the masses.

Yost said...

Thanks, H21. And some of these folks are forgetting it wasn't just us -- the very idea for the post came from the fact that Michigan's coach called those that didn't show out as well!

CrimeNotes said...

The MZone is in fact excessively critical, as am I, as well as all of my friends, Bo, some guy in the Fishbowl that I heard about, my sister's dog, and Don Canham's ghost. It's part of the Michigan football culture, the way big boobs and whiskey are part of SEC football culture. Lose the overcritical gestalt and you might as well go to Notre Dame.

theweiler said...

This blog would not be interesting were it uncritically upbeat about every aspect of Meeechigan.

GC said...

Anyone else see that State Farm commercial where one guy in the stands is trying to get the crowd fired up? Even the cheerleaders and mascot look at him oddly.

Yost, it could be worse....

Anonymous said...

Yost and Benny,

love your blog, check it out daily...keep it up...and I am very much looking forward to pics I can forward to my friends in the buckeye nation prior to and after November 18!

Go Blue!

season ticket holder since 1995

Anonymous said...

As much as all the bitching pisses me off, we need to remember the bottom line:

Fuck Ohio State.

Howard21 said...

Does anyone else feel nervous about osu's efficiency. I keep mentioning it and will probably post on it too. They seem so well rounded on offense. Can we really expect Trent to lock down Ginn; Hall to lock down Gonzo; the front 7 to shut down Pittman and Smith on every drive. I think we really match up well but does their balance and efficiency become a problem. Emphasis on the Trent vs. Ginn thing. I know he beat him in a race but he ain't on a track no more.

js said...

I was responding to kate from ny who used the terms "class a pussy" and "wimp".

It's your blog, you can use it any way you want, but I presume there is a reason why you have a comment section.

Please, I was there too. It wasn't loud. Yeah, it was kinda loud in the student section, but it was not loud anywhere else. By no means was it deafening. The only games it was REALLY loud was during the OSU and Iowa games. I remember the crowd completely silent and even booing the team during much of the Iowa game. Yeah, that was great. Of course Johnny from RBUAS claims that the end of that game was the loudest single moment in the Big House history.

Kate from NY said...

JS ... I hope you realize that you are alone in your "let the fans act as they want" piss-pore attitude. You’re a bandwagoner Michigan fan who shows up to say he went to the game but my money is on the fact that you are that weirdo fan who sits the whole game and doesn’t make a peep and then brags Monday morning how he was at the game... you suck and don’t deserve to be Michigan Wolverine fan. Loser. You were that asshole who left at halftime because you are a pussy and now you have to justify what a big fan you are. You suck JS. Go become a buckeye because we don’t need your kind on our side.

Mgoblue said it great ... "That doesn't excuse the rest of us, those of us who come out to each and every home game or travel to games. We have a JOB to do, and THAT JOB is to show up and help our team get motivated week in and week out. THAT JOB is to give our team HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE!"

So, maybe it was Northwestern-- but who would have thought that #3 USC would have lost to unranked Oregon State ... for example. The first loss in 27 games... is that what I read? These games happen all the time. So, go ahead and pre-judge... but let me guess, if Michigan lost that game-- the empty stand would be the first place you’d go to blame for a loss... and your lame ass wasn’t there because you are a big pussy who can’t deal with cold.

And not for nothing -- but there are some people who would DIE to go to a Michigan football game. Those of you who left because it was "cold" (pussies) or it was "Northwestern" (half-ass excuse) ... you can’t appreciate what you have. And sadly, you take the privilege of having a seat in the Big House for granted. You’re ungrateful assholes.

I apologize for those of you were either A) were there and STAYED there or B) those of you who didnt make it because you couldnt find an "extra" ticket to go ....

js said...

@kate from ny

Wow, you are really full of vitriol. Lighten up. You love to scream during games, I get it. I love to scream during games too. But I don't see how calling fans who don't scream or those who left early ungrateful assholes are going to make any difference.

Look, we have the same "noise" problem every year. Is it getting better? I don't think so. Is it getting worse? I'm not sure. Is calling the fans out the way to go? I don't think so. More importantly, I'm sure the readers of this blog are not the "fair-weather" fans. The fans who left early (or did not show up) probably don't make any difference in terms of noise anyway, so why are we persecuting them?

BTW, there are people who would DIE to go to Michigan game? Seriously? All they have to do is go to the Union and talk to some scalpers. I'm sure tickets for Ball State are not that expensive.

MGoBlue93 said...

I've been lurking silently but I cannot bite my tongue anymore; Kate is totally right... and js, et al., you are bunch of fucking losers... who cares if it's cold, you sound like the whiney parents on my youth soccer team. So what if it's NW... it's Michigan football for pete's sake!

Do you ingrates have any idea how special Michigan football is? And you take it for fucking granted because it's raining and it's NW? This isn't the freaking Wizard of Oz and you're not going to melt. If you were half your salt, you'd support the school.

When I was in the service and overseas, me and my fellow Michigan men and women would have given anything to be at any Michigan game. Often our passion led us find creative ways to show our support... like borrowing mobile satellite terminals and “borrowing” satellite signals to we could catch a glimpse of the game in some godforsaken 3rd world armpit of the world... but since the statute of limitations hasn't passed yet, I digress. And you douche bags are sitting pretty in A2 with your damn keys and leaving at halftime because it's cold!

I've been all over the world and met lots of different people and come to realize that Michigan is a special place because of the experience. Other schools have homer announcers... but nobody has Bob Ufer. Other schools have lots of social clubs and IM sports, but at Michigan, you've got to be a complete loser not to be involved in at least one campus activity. Other schools have alumni associations but Michigan has the largest -- it's just that most of us don't live in Michigan at all anymore. Last year when the Tigers played the Colorado Rockies, it was the only series sellout in Denver all year... one night practically the entire UM Club in Denver showed up and packed Coors field. Colorado idiots (read Avalanche and Bronco fans) finally shut the hell up about Detroit and Michigan for a change and were thoroughly impressed at the passion.

So js, Matt, Rob, Watung and all the other bandwagoneers, you absolutely have the 1st Amendment right to call out Yost and Kate; but your reasons are suspect at best. And by exercising your right to run your mouth, you make yourself a target for the people that can see through your self-righteous baloney. So you've got two options... support the damn team and quit taking everything for granted or go hang out with Colin Cowherd; I doubt you went to my beloved U of M but if you did, turn in your "Michigan Man" card now... you don't deserve the title!

js said...


You have/had your right/priviledge to go to games and support your team, and you rightly exercised it. Good for you. I wish there are more of us like that, but the fact of the matter is some students and alumni are not like that. If your point is to turn those people into "Michigan Men", calling them losers and douchebags will surely do the trick.