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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Two Minute Drill

* Gary over at Memphis Tider shows what the real BCS nightmare scenerio looks like.

* The Men of the Scarlet and Gray have obtained a transcript of the 911 call Adrian Arrington's girlfriend made to police.

* This is sick: a man pulled a gun on the coach of his son's youth team of 6 and 7 year olds because he didn't think his son was getting enough playing time.

* Scott at Dallas Sports Powerhouse rebuts the popular opinion that the SEC is the toughest conference.

* ESPN's Pat Forde says Michigan's D is just like old times. (HT: Howard 21)


Anonymous said...

Big XII Math:
#7, #19, #20, #21, #22 = #5, #6, #11, #13, #16

Anonymous said...

if you're going to fake a 911 transcript -- at least make it funny you douches.

Anonymous said...

I'd love that BCS scenario...just reverse Michigan and OSU. I love every opportunity for the BCS system to look stupid.

Add to that scenario a bunch of controversy over which 1-loss team to go with and it's BCS haters nirvana.

Scott Boswell said...

anon 11:03

I think you missed the point of the comparison. It's hard to move up to the SEC's rankings when 3 out of the 5 currently ranked teams weren't even in the Top 25 when the season began.

I elaborated a little more in the comments section. Let me know if I am being unfair.

The King said...

There is literally no series of events that could ever lead to Auburn getting in to that title game without winning the SEC title game. As the easiest example of why that's not theoretically possible, if OSU beats UM and UM finished 11-1 (as his projected Rose Bowl seems to indicate), then UM will still be ranked ahead of a 2 loss Auburn team in the BCS.

Beyond that, I also assume he has Cal and Rutgers with only one loss, which would put Cal ahead of a 2 loss Auburn team, and alos might put Rutgers ahead of them.

BC, Arkansas, Missouri, and Notre Dame all might have 2 losses by this guy's predictions, so they WOULD be behind Auburn. And Boise...well...I mean come on. They might finish 12-0 (I doubt it), and get into the Fiesta Bowl, but even if they do, they're not jumping into the NC Game.

beast in 'bama said...

King, I don't understand something about your response. Where does Auburn get that second loss?

beast in 'bama said...

King, let me clarify my question...

Auburn could theoretically make it to Glendale without even playing in the SEC championship game. As of now, if Arkansas wins out, they go to Atlanta to represent the SEC West.

If Auburn wins out, it's possible that they go to Glendale without even going through Atlanta.

Scott Boswell said...

Never say never King.

In 2001, Florida, VT and Tenn (I believe these were the teams) all lost on the same day. Texas played CU for the Big 12 CCG and lost 39-37. Had Texas won, they would have gone to the MNC game. Instead, Nebraska went despite not even winning their conference or playing in the Big 12 CCG. (Over an Oregon team that did win their conference I might add) No one was going to beat Miami that year...so it is pretty moot.

Strange things do happen.

Anonymous said...

Scott, I understand what you're trying to say with your argument re: Big 12 vs. SEC conference strength, so I assume you were the top proponent of Auburn deserving to play for the national championship not so long ago when they ran the table, but wasn't allowed to? The only thing that hurt them that year that was different than this year (had weak OOC schedule then too) was a pre-season top 10 ranking.

continued said...

(Auburn continued) or the lack of a pre-season top 10 ranking that year.

Scott Boswell said...

anon 10:49

Short answer is yes...but you must remember that I am a Texas fan. So, I am probably not the best candidate to ask whether or not ou should be playing for NC. (Although pleased with the results.

However, I'd prefer to discuss/debate anything over on my comments section as to not hijack MZone's too much.

daddy said...

Where was my father when I was benched, damn it #$@*!

ejhuerta said...

ESPN comments about Notre Dame slipping in the polls.

- Enrique

plooder said...

People behaving badly over football, and it's not in Ohio...Whooo

Broken Music Box said...

To the King...

Here's the records I'm talking about. I'm not saying this WILL happen, but it is incredibly possibly and would really fuck with the money hungry morons that run the BCS.

National Championship Game---
#1 Ohio State (12-0) vs #2 Auburn (11-1)

Sugar Bowl---
Arkansas (12-1) vs Rutgers (11-1 or 12-0)

Orange Bowl---
Boston College (12-1) vs Notre Dame (11-1)

Fiesta Bowl---
Missouri (12-1) vs Boise St (12-0)

Rose Bowl---
Michigan (11-1) vs Cal (11-1)

Again, I'm not saying that it WILL happen, or that I even think it might happen. But if it does, that's going to force the BCS to change a lot more than having 3 undefeateds, or having a team ranked 9 or 10 not get into a BCS Bowl.