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Friday, October 20, 2006

Two Minute Drill

As you prepare for the another glorious weekend of college football, enjoy the following...

* In 41 years, no defense had ever done to a JoePa team what Michigan did last Saturday -- hold them to negative yards rushing. Jim Carty of the Ann Abor news asks if this "D" is the best in the nation. (HT: Howard 21)

* First it was Drew Henson who played for the Columbus Clippers in the minor leagues. Now it's former Michigan QB Scott Dreisbach who's playing in Columbus - with the Destroyers of the Arena League. (HT: CS)

* After this season, Iowa takes Purdue's place as having the easiest schedule in the Big 10 as both Michigan and Ohio State drop off the Hawkeye schedule for the next two years. (HT: DW)

* Finally, Frank sends us this great story from the Thursday night UVa/UNC game...

"Before the game, UNC coach Bunting lambasted a backup lineman while the team was coming onto the field. Apparently, a starter got hurt and this was this kid's ticket - an ESPN Thursday night game.

But, on the way out of the locker room, the kid made a rude gesture at the UVa fans. In the wake of the Miami/FIU fiasco, Bunting got in his face and immediately threw him - not only out of the game - but sent him to the locker room to get changed.

ESPN's Chris Fowler praised Bunting for handling the situation the way he did. Then ESPN flashed the image of the player on the sideline, now in his street clothes, with a long face. And can you guess his hometown?




Matt said...

I forgot about Dreisbach. Didn't he throw for four touchdowns in one game? What the hell ever happened to that guy? It seems that I will just randomly hear about a guy who was a QB at Michigan, and not really remember when they were there, or what the hell they did.

Allaha said...

Was I in a drunken stupor last night -- well, I was, but . . . -- or in fact was there a post about Auburn not winning the MNC that suddenly vanished?

The Tiger-Eagle zygote must have power than I realized.

Unky Rob said...

Not having U of M or tOSU on the schedule is reprehensible for any team. I know the conference shouldn't play favorites, but every team should have at least one of them on the schedule. Not sure if that's mathematically possible though.

Crabapple Buck said...

I wonder if because of their schedule, Iowa will be over hyped like Purdue was last year. I find it ironic that both Purdue and Iowa were/will be in rebuilding mode when the schedule favored them. I guess there is some law of football that says you can't have it too good. Its just our luck we lose Indiana along with Iowa for 2 years, immediately improving our SOS.

Anonymous said...

It's bullshit that the league allows any Big Ten team to go through the season without having to play either OSU or Michigan. It would be one thing if the conference had a championship game to even the playing field for teams like that, when they would conceivably play OSU or Michigan for sure, but without one? Can you imagine UGA being allowed to go a season without UT or Florida? Or LSU going the season without Auburn or Florida without a championship game leveler?