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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Two Minute Drill

* The College Football Index explains why things aren't as "bad" for SC this season as some are saying after their scares the last two weeks.

* Former U-M CB Markus Curry was released by the San Diego Charger practice squad after being arrested for domestic abuse. Classy move, Markus. (HT: Big Will)

* Deadspin did a very cool thing - they started The Adam Knox Fund in honor of late soldier who was responsible for the Ohio State flag picture in Iraq. As of yesterday, in four days they raised over $2,300 dollars for members of Adam's unit and other soldiers. Well done, Will!

* Tosu to have the world's largest WiFi network, covering the entire campus. Just think, Buck fans can now tell Michigan fans to fuck off in person while also leaving a comment here telling us to do the same -- all while inside the 'Shoe (HT: BK)

* Was the hit to the knee of UCLA QB Ben Olson by Arizona a cheap shot? Sure looks like it in this picture and post from BruinsNation.


Sports on a Schtick said...

Now folks in Ohio don't even have to be inside libraries to get their rocks off.

srudoff said...

or on someone's front porch! wait that was a player, not a fan

richard cranium said...

No late hit on Olson the guy was falling forward. UCLA definitely is reading way too much into this. Olson just walked at the wrong place and time. If he had been back about 8 inches never would have happened.

Anonymous said...

Does Markus have a shit-stache? that is what I am calling the handlebars that people from Michigan wear.

Anonymous said...

I agree, cranium. The defender stumbled over someone else, then was still trying to get to the quarterback. He probably didn't know the ball had been thrown. It happens in games all the time. The QB just doesn't usually get hurt.

Anonymous said...

Re: calling the Pac-10 and asking for an investigation into UCLA's allegations- I say someone should call the Pac-10 and call for an investigation that many of the teams in the Pac-10 are sucking ass in football.

Anonymous said...

Come on guys, youtube doesn't lie- see, they do still play football at UCLA.

aladouche said...

I think it was a late hit....everyone and everyone's cousin knows the QB is off limits once the ball is thrown.

I know they don't get that in the SEC since they never throw the ball.

Anonymous said...

Or our quarterbacks aren't quite as limp wristed.