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Friday, October 06, 2006

Two Minute Drill

* Even the national media is piling on Sparty as evidenced by this article on SI.com. (HT: CMB)

* In ESPN's Thursday night game, FSU lost to NC St 24-20. Ouch. How does Florida State lose to a team that lost at home to Akron?

* Andy is on his way from Texas to A2 for the game, but before leaving he put together this clip of Super Mario highlights, complete with theme music.

* In the category of "Shit Michigan Fans Could Never Relate To," Nebraska players said one of the reasons for their troubles last week with Kansas was the fact that the crowd was too loud to hear some audibles. Only problem was, the 'Huskers were playing at home! Oops.

* Chad Henne tries to do his best Matt Leinart impression but comes up short as it looks like he's drinking a Red Bull in that first picture. (HT: ZB)

* And do you remember this...?


srudoff said...

Chad Henne = Lloyd Christmas

OCBlue said...

Mike Valenti?
Whats his major malfunction?
How do you grow up in upstate New York and become an MSU football fan without being forced to as a legacy?
Thats Dumb and Dumber!

Anonymous said...

I love how Dhani Jones spikes the Sparty reciever in the middle of all of this.

beast in 'bama said...

Would you believe, in his last 10 games, Bobby Bowden has a record of 4-6? The winningest coach of all time!

He's already lost two conference games this season - he used to go 10 years without losing two ACC games.

If there are many more games like Thursday's, dadgummit, he just might take his whistle and go home for good. Thursday night might have been a watershed moment for Bobby.