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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sunday Wrap Up

Some quick thoughts on what transpired yesterday.

First, on the Michigan-Iowa game...

* Michigan's offense misses Manningham more than they care to admit. Whild Arrington has played well and Breaston is great for picking up first downs, U-M simply can't stretch the field like it does with him in the game. Period.

* I'm troubled by first and goal situations which result in just a FG. Without Manningham, we simply must be able to muscle the ball in the endzone from that close.

* While the defense came up huge after the turnover, I was surprised the D didn't get to Drew Tate more.

* On College Scoreboard Final, Lou Holtz just named Michigan as the most disappointing team of the day. Can't say I blame him (although Cal, ND, UT, Oregon and some others didn't exactly tear it up against lesser foes, either).

* I say it all the time but I can say without hesitation that Michigan's crowd totally SUCKED. They give no home field advantage to the team most of the game. Period.

I was sitting in section 4 and mostly it was a complete embarrassment. The only thing that pisses me off is that I forgot to bring my video camera so that I could have taped it and put it on YouTube for all to see. What a joke. More to come this week on this in its own post.

* On the flip side, the couple thousand Hawk fans lining the upper rows of the Big (Quiet) House, at times, seemed to be making more noise than the other 100,000 alleged Michigan fans at the game.

* Speaking of embarrassments, I have something to share with our readers about my MZone cohort Benny who was at the game with me that might leave many of you shaking your head.

* While a team can never look ahead in this day and age of college football, there is absolutely NO reason Michigan shouldn't be undefeated when it arrives in Columbus next month. The three teams they play before that...what's the word I'm looking for?...Oh, yeah - Blow.

Around the Nation...

* Do you think, when Sparty was down 38-3 in the third quarter, school officials were already typing up the press release announcing John L. Smith's firing today? But the bigger question is -- are Spartan fans happy about the win? I mean, if he runs the table and they keep Smith, are Spartan fans going to lament they were part of the greatest comeback in 1-A history?

* Is ND good because of yet another 4th quarter comeback or are they a charade masquerading as a BCS contender for needing another miracle against a mediocre team?

* Everybody is calling yesterday's Texas-Nebraska game a "preview" of the Big 12 Championship Game -- just another reason I think conference title games suck copious amounts of hairy ass. How much would it blow if Michigan-Ohio State was simply a "preview" of anything? A big game like that against a top rival should be a one time only deal for all the marbles. That's what makes college football great -- each game is for all the marbles. Rematches and crap like that is for the pros where every game doesn't matter.

* Ohio State looked damn good in their destruction of IU. So much for that Iowa win, Hoosier fans.

* After beating G-Tech, Clemson is really starting to impress. How many times do you think Tiger fans are saying, "Damn, if not for that missed extra point against BC. Aaarrrrghhhh!"

* How 'bout FSU -- going from a team that didn't lose a single ACC game for, like, the first 10 years in the conference, to being in LAST place in their division. Wow.

* Damn, was I pulling for Duke to complete their comeback against the 'Canes.

* I'll say it again -- Michigan's win against Wisco keeps looking better and better.

* Shame on you Oregon for losing to WSU. When are you going to play up to your potential on a regular basis under Bellotti?

* Finally, ENOUGH with all the talk about the Big East having three undefeated teams. This week, WVU played UConn, Louisville played Syracuse and Rutgers beat a Pitt team that got stoned at home by MSU. Gee, a real murder's row there, huh? Why are people so impressed that they're undefeated? Hell, folks should be surprised if they weren't. Give Florida, Auburn, Tennessee, Arkansas or INSERT RANDOM MID-LEVEL SEC TEAM HERE any of their schedules and they'd be undefeated, too.

Ok, must sleep. Leave us your thoughts if you dare.


Sports on a Schtick said...

Michigan State lost to Notre Dame in a gut-wrenching fashion. Therefore Michigan State choked on applesauce.

Northwestern lost to Michigan State in a gut-wrenching fashion. Therefore Northwestern choked on Michigan State's regurgitated Mott's.

UCLA lost to Notre Dame in a gut-wrenching fashion. Therefore UCLA choked on applesauce.

How can a place with Charlie Weis have so much food to give away?

Brickeye said...

I gotta admit I like Michigan's style of play. Its got an old school feel to it. Dominant D, excellent running attack. Bo would be proud. I can't wait for Nov 18th!!! Go Bucks!

archie said...

two thoughts...well if LOU HOLTZ thinks we were disappointing, well, that's all i need to hear. i heard that the guys in the alzheimer's ward at the rest home were disappointed, too, so we really must have struggled.

also - "didn't get to drew tate more?" come on - we had five sacks and several more knockdowns - i don't think he set his feet once all day...i thought the pressure was terrific.

Anonymous said...

To Sports on a Schtick,

Oh be quiet!!!

GO IRISH!!! A Win is a WIN!

Lichty said...

Lou Holtz (after noticing that Quinn had no pressure on him all day) said that Brady Quinn is the greatest QB in college football with the possible exception of Troy Smith.

Yeah, no pressure. No coverage from slow DB's = great.

Oh, and then Lou turned to Mark Idiot May and said, I know Mark was thrilled with Brady Quinn's performance. May of course lapped it up like a true ESPN ND worshipper.

giantwolverine said...

I can agree with your take on the Big East undefeated teams, but after seeing quite a bit of that Rutgers/Pitt game, I can honestly say that Rutgers team is pretty good. Do I think they can take down Auburn, Tennessee or one of the top SEC Teams? No, but they definitely have talent. Their running back Ray Rice is really good and their fullback Brian Leonard will be a high draft pick in the NFL after this season. I love underdog stories and I can remember only just a few years ago those Rutgers boys getting trampled every week like Temple. I would love nothing more than to see them ruin Louisville and West Virginia's season and turn everyone's preseason predictions for that conference upside-down.

As for Sparty, I hope they keep JLS. I kinda like that clown in East Lansing although I think it's more about my hatred for Michigan State and hoping they remain screwed up.

TitleIX said...

Yost--I was at the OTHER end of the stadium in section 39 and I gotta tell you, it was LOUD over there. We stood for a good part of the game and I am without my voice this morning. (in the alum section) And I am happy to report only a few random keys. Also, in the 3rd quarter, the South End started the "let's play football" cheer which then began in our end. So...not loud??? I think that we were at different games.

w/r/t football comments:
I agree, our offense sucked-- the play calling was baffling and we have no deep threat without Manningham.
However, the D was fantastic considering the variety of looks that Iowa showed. Remember, that despite his ADD--Tate is a 5th year quarterback. And big Chandler's number was barely called all day. Iowa took every play that worked against us in the PSU game and ran those and our defense managed to adjust.

I too was disappointed by the team's performance today and if they show up like that again, we'll get smoked by tOSU.

Now we gotta hope for no more injuries before 11/18

TitleIX said...

one more thought...in defense of our STUDENT athletes, and offered in hope of an explanation???
this week was midterms

Anonymous said...

I wish we were at the point where we could be dominant without MM or Hart but by the time we get to the shoe everyone will be firing on all 8.

Let's remove Ginn & Gonzo from the buck O and see how'd they fare. They have been blessed in regards to lack of injuries.

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh when watching UM-Iowa. They showed the crowd at acrucial spot in the 4th quarter and damn if they weren't all holding their car keys. Never have 110,000 done so little to help so so many. Also... if I hear one more word about Brady Quinn an Heisman in the same sentance I am going to puke. Overhyped and mediocre come more to mind.

surrounded in columbus said...

this team is never going to post huge o stats against decent competition/defenses. first, we're committed to running and w/ this d keeping us in games/throttling other offenses, we're going to stay w/the run. Hart had 30 yds in the first half, 100 in the second.

second, the D is going to give up passing yds over the course of 60 minutes. teams are going to give up trying to run and throw the ball- a lot. the key is to prevent scoring and punish the qb. we sacked Tate 5 times and "hit" him almost twice that. we held them to two fg's.

like it or not that's the game plan. it's not perfect. it's certainly not comforting, but @ 8-0, even i have a hard time questioning it.

on another note- WTF is up w/ the sod @ tosu? they replaced it after the BG game so it would have 2 weeks to settle, but it was horrible yesterday. you could see sand kick off players shoes w/ every step. at each time out, a divot crew came out to pick up the clumps and stomp down the turf.

if you look at the game on tv, you can see a huge, albeit faint "O" in the grass to the left/north of the painted block o. it's the footprints left by the band from performing script "ohio"!!

the ironic thing is that tosu suffered from it far more than IU. in the first quarter, there were several incompletes on O and some missed tackles on D that make it look the players miscued.

when you were there live, you could see the real problem was the sod giving way under the players which screwed up the timing of cuts on pass routes and D players ability to adjust to IU's cuts. it somewhat negated tosu's huge speed advantage in the first quarter.

you could see players taking softer cuts/changes in direction as the game progressed. and by the end of the game, the sod looked like the tee of a driving range in september. seeing how they just resodded the field, it will be very interesting to see what the grounds crew does between now & the end of the season.

theMUHMEshow said...

I am SO SICK and TIRED of people saying that the crowd doesnt give a home field advantage.

I was DOWN ON THE FIELD for the fourth quarter and it was AS LOUD as any venue that I have ever been at. Including as loud as any Piston game I have ever attended (including two NBA Finals)

The crowd was loud yesterday bro...

Yost said...


Really? 110,000 were as loud as 20,000 plus at the Palace, huh? Gee, pardon me for not kneeling in praise.

I'm not being a jerk but am being honest in saying go to OSU next month, or Iowa some time and tell me if Michigan is half as loud as these places.

Our fans SUCKED yesterday. To give a home field advantage, you don't simply cheer full throttle during a couple third downs.

To TitleIX, I could see across the field from my section and saw the students standing all game. And from that vantage point, they seemed loud (although folks who saw it on TV noted all the keys out there).

However, on the other side, it blew Muhme. Just sucked. And if that was the loudest game you've ever been to, I'd venture to guess you've never been on the road to watch Michigan play a top team.

And comparing 110,000 to 20,000 is not a compliment.

Yost said...

PS Do you think that EVERY Michigan game on TV the announcers mention that the crowd isn't as loud as you'd think for having 110,000 fans or opposing QBs say it's not that intimidating just because? Are they ALL liars? Seriously.

beast in bama said...

"How much would it blow if Michigan-Ohio State was simply a "preview" of anything? A big game like that against a top rival should be a one time only deal for all the marbles."

What if it were a "preview" of the game in Glendale in January? Who's to say at this point that Michigan and Ohio State aren't the two best teams in the country? If it's a close game on Nov. 18, why not have rematch in Glendale? As a neutral fan whose favorite team doesn't deserve to be there (Texas), I want to see the two best teams battle for the MNC! I am not going to let this go, by the way.

As for the Big East, let's leave poor Rutgers alone. They deserve every bit of success that they're having this year, and you don't hear a word from them about rankings or BCS or anything of that nature. They're living the dream this year and having fun doing it. I say God bless 'em and hope that they earn a trip to a BCS game (except Glendale) as the Big East champion.

Anonymous said...

The students are usually not that great when it comes to noise, but yesterday they were pretty good. They were yelling on top of their lungs. It's just that UofM whores away its best seats to the alumni, and students are cramped into a corner where we barely have any effect on the overall sound level of the game. The key shit has to stop, and students could be louder, but I think much of the blame lies with the non-student fans at the game.

About yesterday...so it was one game. It sucks, but MM will hopefully get better soon and the coaching staff will give the team hell to get its act together. But this is also the same team that beat Penn State in College Station, and that did involve somewhat deep plays.

They'll work on it. They better.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Lou Holtz is an ND-loving biased ESPN asshole. Big surprise he doesn't like Michigan!

Aram said...

I really don't know which game you people are going to when you complain about the crowd noise. Really. It was loud yesterday. It's been loud for every Big 10 game this season. What do you expect to be different?

Anonymous said...

If we lose to tOSU again i really think Lloyd should get the boot. Tressel has no trouble beating us at our place, and this year when the two teams are seemingly equal in talent/experience defensively and offensively, there will be no excuse for losing.. except Lloyd.

Matt K said...

Jesus, Yost. If you keep up with the negativity, I'm gonna start a petition to have you banned to the Schembechler Hall blog. Is it that all Michigan fans have to have something to complain about? We're the #2 team in the country, freaking try to enjoy it every now and again.

And for the record, I was at the Penn State game. The crowd was loud. Not as loud as people make it out to be, but it was loud. Why was it loud? Because they fucking blare their PA system right up until the time Chad Henne put his hands under center. Seriously. If that's the price of having an "indimidating" home field advantage, count me out. I'll take the band and the fans every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

bouje said...

I have to disagree with muhme and the other students who stood up for the student section and fans in general.

Before the game they were PATHETIC, walking to the game there was no intensity, it was like the game was fucking ball state.

Then once I got into the stadium, it didn't get loud until that turnover in our end when they were in field goal range. After that YES it was pretty loud, but before that it was fucking pathetic.

The students sucked yesterday, plain and simple.

BTW Yost, I still use my keys and will continue using them, but I open my mouth too.

Anonymous said...

If you want to talk about loud, Clemson fans managed 117 Db on an open field during the Gameday taping. Although that is well short of the 126 db recorded in Death Valley during last years Miami game.

Anonymous said...

195 straight crowds of 100,000+ crowds and you're treating it like it's a new and frustrating development that we're not as loud as we "could" be. In other news, isn't it frustrating that stuff falls DOWN when you drop it instead of UP?

The students are loud, there's no denying that. Complaining about everything else does no good.

BaggyPantsDevil said...

Agree completely about the offense missing Mario Manningham. Although I said Michigan could still beat Penn State and Iowa without him, I think his presence would add at least one and possibly two touchdowns turning these games into the decisive wins they should have been. He’ll be needed against Ohio State.

Call me anachronistically old school, but I think a 1st and goal from the 4 yard line calls for four straight rushing plays until there’s a touchdown. Period.

Again, the defense was excellent. Opposing teams are going to occasionally gain some big yards passing the ball but I think the risk is acceptable considering how much more frequently the defense simply stops them cold. After all, Iowa only scored six points. I also thought Drew Tate did an excellent job avoiding the pass rush and he still got sacked five times—and hit pretty hard plenty of other times—and made inaccurate throws. Against this defense, I think the best a good quarterback can hope for is avoiding a fetal-position-thumb-sucking-sobbing-for-his-
blue-blankee meltdown a la Brady Quinn.

I’m still not so sure Clemson is all that good or if it’s simply the combination of Chan Gailey and Reggie Ball negating the abilities of Calvin Johnson.

And, yeah, I saw the end of the Duke-Miami and thought a Duke victory would have been a fitting end to Miami’s week.

I thought Wisconsin looked pretty good even in their loss to Michigan. I thought that was the rare case of an unranked team losing a game that then justified them being ranked.

Oh, and Bob Griese mentioned that Michigan Stadium is not that loud on the field—and he has some experience with it—and said—forgive me Yost—it’s because of the shape of the stadium.

Yost said...

To the moron that said Lloyd should be fired if they lose to OSU next month,

Please have your doctor adjust your medication levels as your insanity is starting to show.


That is the excuse -- the shape of the stadium. But trust me when I say I saw it with my own eyes (and Benny can back me up) that our section completely sucked. In fact, I heard the guy behind me (who I didn't know) bitching about it. If 110,000 people all screamed on a flat, grassy field it would be loud. But the percentage of our fans who make noise is much lower than other stadiums I've been to.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure visitors to this website actually screamed at the top of their lungs during the game. Bitching about it here probably won't make any difference.

Go Blue!

Anonymous said...

Get a decibel meter and start doing comparisons. Look at average point differential between home and road for supposedly loud and quiet teams. Etc. Whiny bitching without useful evidence makes you sound like a tard.

srudoff said...

man looks like perhaps arrington might be in some trouble. good thing the "facts" won't get out until after the iowa game huh? we've seen this with marlin jackson in the past "player x assured me there was nothing so i'm going with that".


also nice to see the well spoken manningham comment on his injury status "I don't know nothing". got that right.

Anonymous said...

I was in Section 31 with the rest of the students for the Iowa game. I was out on Row 4 so not only was it fucking loud, I could feel it. It was fucking loud down here, and I definitely feel that if the student section was on say, the east side of the stadium in front of the press box or something like that, we could really affect the game. I'm not an acoustics engineer but it might have more to do with the layout in addition to people not giving everything their voice box can handle.

Beaver Stadium is loud, much because the stadium stands are built in a very vertical manner. Same for Ohio Stadium. I mean, from an engineering standpoint, part of the problem is the structure of the stadium itself. Certainly people can yell louder, and I know the students are doing their part. I did see some students just shake their keys and not making much noise at all. But for the most part people were yelling while doing so. Personally we need modified acoustics in here and less old people sitting down at the game, maybe a toked up PA system with Wolverine roars and shit, but that's just how Michigan is - its simply traditional. And that's what Michigan football is about, like it or not that's the kind of culture Bo built here.

Anonymous said...

Sparty won't win out. They'll probably lose to Minnesota or some equally terrible team and that'll be that.

Besides, any team that can give up 38 points to Northwestern's pitiful offense, there aren't many teams that they're going to beat.

Anonymous said...

Part of the reason for the lack of noise is the poor acoustics of the Big House. Most stadiums have an upper deck to keep noise in, the Big House doesn't.

But yeah. I was hoping for some better noise. But at least our Defense played really well again (remember OSU allowed a TD against them and we didn't).

And yeah, their comments about Brady Quinn are bogus. He's the most overrated QB. He plays crap teams, and when ND plays good teams like Michigan Brady Quinn gets stuffed. (The game should actually have been 47-14, as one of ND's TDs came off an ND receiver (McKnight) hugging and pushing a Michigan DB away, I haven't seen more blatant offensive pass interference in my life).

yancey said...

completely disagree witht he conference championship game comment, their a great thing to weed out teams, if every conference had one we might no have so many undefeated teams or one loss teams at the end of the year

PS painful to be in Tallahassee this fall

Chris of Dangerous Logic said...

I've got the highlight reels up on YouTube.

Link through my blog.

Anonymous said...

Listen I love the blog and everything that you write but you gotta stop bitchin so much about the crowd noise. It's just the way Michigan fans are, for many reasons and factors the crowd just isn't loud. It's been that way for many years and is not going to change by complaints and requests to put away keys. And honestly, we're 8-0 and not going to blow it at home if we do at all so GO BLUE!

CrimeNotes said...

1.) On Manningham: I'm sort of impressed that we played both Penn State and Iowa relatively well without him. The sky didn't fall. The irrational optimist in me hopes that it'll actually allow for the offense to rework itself come out with some surprises in Columbus the way that it did in South Bend. Now that we're past Penn State and Iowa, maybe there's an argument the offense will end better for having gone through this -- assuming that Manningham is back and solid by OSU.

2.) We looked better against Iowa yesterday than we did against Iowa in 1997.

3.) I heard Corso (though not Holtz) say that Michigan had the most disappointing performance on Saturday. It's not that inflammatory because Michigan was, in fact, not at peak form.

But I do think it's a little absurd to see ESPN constantly venerate the comebacks that Sparty and Northwestern had against two moribund teams. I don't know how BCS contender Notre Dame wasn't more disappointing, inasmuch as it needed last-minute heroics to squeak ahead of a team like UCLA. A comeback is a comeback and a win is a win, and a game like that may be more entertaining to watch than Michigan's steady low-fi play against Iowa.

But I think needing a comeback against piss-poor UCLA is more disappointing than another pounding from our car-crushing defense.

For instance, if we need a late-game comeback against Northwestern, that's when I'll be disappointed.

For perspective: Michigan's defense didn't allow a single touchdown and had five (!) sacks; Hart averaged 4+ yards per carry; Henne threw 200+ yards without Manningham. I can live with that kind of disappointment even when it makes Lou Holtz cry.

Ben R. said...

For all of Lou Holtz's bonehead comments, I did like what he said in regards to Mike Hart's almost-fumble to the effect of "You shouldn't even have to review that play. If Mike Hart lets the ball come out, it's not a fumble." Not his exact words, but that was the general tone.

Andy said...

Srudoff: Give me a break. A police report with no charges filed ?

That would get him a couple of extra buckeye stickers in columbus. If there are charges filed, rest assured, it will be dealt with.

Maybe if Arrington sucker punched someone in a game and then collected some extra cash from a booster after his performance against Penn State he could win the heisman next year...

Also -- If I were you, I would not get into the habit of comparing police blotter or the academic performance of the top 2 football teams in the Big 10. You will look like a bigger fool than you already are.

Michigan = 71% grad rate (at a much tougher school) vs. Ohio State = 55% grad rate

The King said...

You people who think if we play like that we're getting smoked by OSU are balls out insane. No, we wouldn't score enough to win, but no team in the country with the possible exception of West Virginia has the offense to "smoke" our defense.

Give the D some damn credit before you call our team's performance a "letdown." It was a landmine game against a dangerously angry Hawkeye team, and one half of our team not only showed up as expected but EXCEEDED expectations...for the 8th week in a row.

Anonymous said...

Notre Dame is barely a top 20 caliber team right now. Even with the hype, they should not be ranked in the top 15. They could easily have four losses against their schedule, which is average at best.

That being said, was anybody else "CERTAIN" that ND would score in that final minute after UCLA's 3 and out. I even turned the channel after the punt b/c I didnt want to puke when it happened.

Luck of the Irish is bound to wear off one day. Too bad UCLA didnt go for the juggular when they had the chance...maybe people will soon realize that Charlie Weis is an average coach (although a good recruiter) who hasnt proved anything to this point. Doubtful, but who knows...

DW said...

To the students credit:

The freshmen section tried to start the wave during the mid-3rd quarter. The upper-classmen promptly nixed it, much to the freshmen's dismay. I was happy to see that they still have sense enough to squash an innappropriate wave.

Anonymous said...

it was Lee Corso, not Lou Holtz

Howard21 said...

Stupid freshman and their stupid wave... man I miss being a stupid freshman and just being able to do any damn dumb thing that comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

Heyt "King"...

WVU the team that could smoke the Michigan defense? Seriously. They run, run, run. And then run some more.

It would be running into a brick wall against Michigan.

No, no, no. A team that could spread the field; use their line and an elusive QB to avoid sacks; hit quick passes at a high-precentage rate to 4 or 5 different receivers; use either the edge or the power run to keep Michigan off balance; and have senior leadership at QB, that my friends is a team that could "smoke" the Michigan defense.

That team has a name: The Ohio State Buckeyes.

Ali Haji-Sheikh said...

Maybe this explains the differing perspective on the noise levels at the game. I was in section 39 (corner of endzone opposite students) for the first half the game and section 1 (midfield) for the other half. The crowd noise appeared noticeably louder in the first half than in the second half, despite the fact that I'm sure the stadium as a whole was louder in the more critical stages of the game in the second half. It is clear that most of the noise during the game came from the student section who (once they showed up) made alot of noise throughout the game. However, the further you sit in the stadium from the students the less noisy the stadium seems to you. There is no doubt that a large part of the stadium (most of the East side) was totally lame on Saturday, so much so that during the M-I-C-H-I-G-A-N cheer that wraps around the stadium you could barely hear the I and C (the letters for the Eastern sideline seats). I noticed alot of tickets available for the game, saw alot of empty seats and heard that many "die hard Michigan fans" chose to go the Tigers' World Series game instead, or to leave early (you know who you are!). Maybe that was part of the reason for the lamer than you would expect non-student fan base.

srudoff said...



read it and weep, ass

Anonymous said...

What was going on with the kid getting kicked out for throwing hotdogs at halftime in the student section?

TitleIX said...

you are living up to your plate, buddy.
when tOSU's President says--"This is an extraordinary leap for us, especially when one considers that the university only fully implemented competitive admission standards on the Columbus campus in 2003. Just five years ago, the graduation rate stood at 56 percent,"

You know that Andy's post was spot-on.
or were you exhibiting that ascerbic wit and sarcasm that we have come to appreciate only from you????

BuckeyeFan said...

The turf at OSU has been pretty bad all year. At first, they said it hadn't been replaced since the renovation, and that new turf would fix it. Thus far, it hasn't.

My theory is fairly complicated. This summer, a large construction project began on several buildings near the field, and some of the dirt and maybe some fungus or something got into the stadium and is messing with the turf. Add to that the fact that the turf is now below the level of the Olentangy, and tack on the extraordinary amount of rain that central Ohio has seen this fall, and you have a recipe for a sloppy field.

I hope they fix it soon, because people have been talking about going to FieldTurf, but I really like the 'Shoe having a natural grass field.

I'd also like to ditto brickeye's comments in that I like the way you guys play the game.

Finally, I don't think that WVU would have a chance against your defense- they haven't proven they can throw the ball well at all, and you guys do very well at stopping the run. The guy who said Troy Smith and Co. present the most dangerous threat to your D was accurate, IMO, because the weak link in your very good defense is your secondary.

surrounded in columbus said...

interesting theory on the turf. i took my tosu fan son to saturday's game and couldn't believe the condition- especially since it seemed to slow tosu down a lot more than iu.

i have to say the field turf at M has the same aesthetics as grass. seeing how both schools played on old style rugs for decades, i don't it's too much of a break from tradition.

Anonymous said...

"M"oron blogger-

Did you comment on MM's use of the english language? Did ANYONE see gameday's interview with Teddy Ginn? That guy sounds RETARDED! He talks like Bobby Brown... with the moving jaw, too big of tongue. Face it, these guys are not brain surgeons. Football is what they do and that is it. Let's quit comparing players IQ's. It goes back to that pissing contest/ whose dad is stronger. Stick to football. And, I am not a buckeye hater. I am a UM grad & one of my best friends is a buckeye, but honestly. That guy (Ginn) sounds just as stupid as MM does. Admit it.

PS- The cheerleaders looked a HECK of a lot better saturday.

srudoff said...


so what you're basically saying is, UM has been pushing academics for a 100 years and it took ohio state 5 years of trying hard to match your results?

: )

surrounded - you have a tosu fan for a son? there MAY be hope for your family yet! he obviously got his brains from his mom ;)

surrounded in columbus said...

and his looks.

Anonymous said...


Did you even go to OSU?

Andy said...



read it and weep, ass

Perhaps you should read the article before you cover yourself with buckeye stickers.

The 6 year graduation rate for all students has risen 15%? Wow. One would think that the overall graduation rate would remain constant for all students.

I was pointing to the football team, which still lingers near the bottom of the Big 10 (and the nation) with a whopping 55%.

But what the heck, you do put a lot of kids in the NFL...

srudoff said...


your last comment is a good point. players that go to the nfl do NOT currently count towards graduation rates (same in hoops for nba entries). i don't know how it affects the numbers but i'm pretty sure OSU has a much higher rate of players leaving early for the nfl than most big ten schools.

also, i didn't know you were stating player rates and my bad for calling you an ass.

theweiler said...

The Big House was loud from Section 38, but only on third downs. By the way, I went to Game 2 on Sunday, and CoPa was *much louder*. But filled with a bunch of drunken vulgarians. (Guess you can't have it both ways.) Mathews had two very tough catches. And Henne was sharp on the drive after the interception.

youknowthis said...

In response to surrounded's post about script Ohio.....

This happens everywhere we go, even on field turf. When you have a couple hundred kids, some of which are well over 200 lbs, walking in the exact same spot, that mark is gonna happen. You could even see it at the Fiesta bowl last year when the band split to do 2 scripts

Andy said...

No harm -- I thought you were signing your post rather than calling me a name...

srudoff said...

now THAT was funny!

Anonymous said...

Can't say I blame him (although Cal, ND, UT, Oregon and some others didn't exactly tear it up against lesser foes, either).

Uh, at least Texas was playing a ranked opponent, the only team higher than #12 to do so.

Carry on.

Anonymous said...

Here we go. The 10 Holy Commandments of Being a Michigan Football Fan:

1. Thou shalt stand and remain standing at all times.

2. Thou shalt be twice as loud in thy Big House than thou wouldst at other stadiums. Shaking thy keys is no excuse for not being loud.

3. Thou shalt form a "Z" with thy hand when Zoltan Mesko is punting, and only when he is punting.

4. When thy Wolverines are winning, thou shalt stay until the end. When thy Wolveriens are losing, thou shalt stay until the end.

5. Thou shalt NOT say "Remember Drew Henson."

6. Thou shalt not do any wave of any kind when Michigan is on offense, defense, in the red zone, or on any critical play.

7. It is a sin to throw someone up in the air after a score when there is a lack of men to catch them when they fall.

8. It is not a sin if thou dost not know the name of the third string tackle. However, it IS a sin to not know the name of Sir Mario Manningham.

9. Thou shalt not get tired of hearing "Hail to the Victors," and thou shalt clap after every rendition, even if it is played twenty-two times.

10. Thou shalt not sell thy tickets to fans of opposing teams

Anonymous said...

I was in section 37 and the crowd was loud. Maybe the other side of the stadium is filled with old people.