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Monday, October 30, 2006

The 'Shoe Might Need a New Nickname

What is up with the turf at The 'Shoe? I was watching the Bucks demolish the Gophers (my God, how happy are OSU fans that they didn't get Glen Mason as their coach?) and it was like they were playing on a beach. The sod seemingly just disintegrated with each cut or run.

Michigan had the same problem a couple years ago. They tried everything to fix the grass (replacing it, I think, twice) before finally switching to Field Turf in 2003.

If the same problems continue in Columbus, looks like Ohio State may have to go the same route. Either that, or they're going to have to change the nickname of The Horseshoe to The Horseshoe Pit.

Thank you, goodnight! I'll be here all week. Enjoy Mr. Anka.


Horsehoe Grounds crew said...

Just like our team... there is nothing wrong with our turf. How dare you make a negative comment on the greatest football program in the country ?

Just wait until you get down here in a few weeks and we will sick the ball munching dog sniffers on you.

Oh yeah, Fuck Michigan

Eric S. said...

Wow...the above comment seems... unnecessary.

That said, I think it was 5 weeks ago they replaced it. At the time, we heard "Just give it a week, it'll settle in." ... So much for that plan.

Anonymous said...

Please ignore my fellow ignorant Buckeye fan above. He'll be far away from the Shoe during the game burning a dumpster.

With that...very funny photoshop...so subtle I almost missed it...but very funny.

Great blog...keep up the good work!

Yost said...


Thanks for reading.

Crabapple Buck said...

Maybe if you put a beach in your stadium you could get more students to show up;>)

Crabapple Buck said...

There are reports that OSU is replacing their turf again today. Sod coming from a different farm in Groveport OH. New grass with 19 days to take root. No beach I guess.

Anonymous said...

It has been confirmed that they are replacing the field before the game of the century. Thank god, and hopefully this will help limit the impact on the game. Was at the game Saturday and the photoshop might not be because you could see the sand kick up half way up in C deck. It was awful.

Anonymous said...

How about "the pimple?" Which of course would make the buckeye fans...

Anonymous said...

I apologize for horsehoe grounds crew (he can't even spell "Horseshoe"), because I am a Buckeye fan who, too, was at the game on Saturday in A-deck and the turf looked horrible. It looked decent at the beginning but as the game wore on, it was clear that there were mud spots that had been painted green and there was sand everywhere. I don't like the idea of Fieldturf, but if its the only choice, it is what it is.

TitleIX said...

This field is their 12th player..
Right, put down 'new' sod that will root in time for Nov 18? Not so fast my friend!
instead of mud (which would allow cleats to grip) the field will be more like slippery carpet on your kitchen floor...rolls of sod slipping out from under everyone


Anonymous said...

I don't think the 1st posters name was spelled wrong, he/she just missed the space bar. horse hoe??? This would also explain his/her pet dog, the "ball munching dog". Pass the peanut butter! JEEZ!

Anonymous said...

Sorry titleix, but that's simply not going to happen. The rolls of turf literally weigh a ton a piece. Once it's set, it's ready for use.

The field really started to fall apart at the end of August due to the excessive rainfall Ohio saw this year. It was originally laid in 2003, so was near the end of its life anyway, but if you check Davidson's photo gallery from the o-zone of the night practice in early August, the turf was gorgeous then. The game against Penn State really finished off what was left, so it was replaced the day after that game.

Since then, the new turf suffered two frosts and another month of heavy rainfall, so it went dormant before it could ever root.

The new stuff is coming from a different turf farm than the first batch last month.

I'd anticipate it's a one shot deal, and OSU will move to field turf for next year. It's been discussed at length this year because Tressel wants the state high school playoffs at the Shoe, and AD Gene Smith want to make the Shoe available for rock concerts again, which have been off the schedule since the VCA and Nationawide Arenas were built, and the Shoe was converted from artificial to live grass in the late 90s.

Besides, if OSU wins The Game and punches their ticket to Glendale, the field will be torn apart, piece by piece, by fans like it was in 2002. People were literally ripping off pieces to take home. Then OSU AD Andy Geiger eventually thought to finish the job by stripping the top layer and selling it in jars to fans, which I'm sure more than paid for several new future fields.

Horsehoe Grounds crew said...

That's right bitch... you caught me with the animal sex thing. I feel so ashamed now. (However I have to admit I do like to beat off to the Teddy Ginn & Troy Smith highlites on youtube).

Go Bucks
Fuck Michigan.

Anonymous said...

horsehoe grounds crew,

You are sick. Who admits beating off to GUYS (smith & ginn clips on YouTube)? Honestly, this post was not ripping on your beloved horseShoe (note spelling) it was an observation that many other buckeye fans have agreed with. Relax, take a prozac & don't post anymore.... you are totally annoying.


Horsehoe Grounds crew said...

Dude come on...just go ahead and admit it. You'd forget your manners and give Troy Smith a hummer if it meant beating scUM again !! I know I would in a second.

You Know this said...

Yes, the stadium is getting resodded as I write this. The semis were pulling up as I walked to the RPAC today. Hopefully we get some sun the next couple of days so the roots will set this time...

TitleIX said...

"sod"--british slang for "f&*@" as in "sod off"
also from the word, "sodomy" which should need no explanation thanks to Hummer Anon above.....

should we be surprised that SOD and tOSU are linked in this discussion???
me thinks not


Anonymous said...

horsehoe grounds crew-

You referred to me as a dude & FYI I am a 33 yr. old woman. That is why I find it sick & wrong that you beat off to Smith & Ginn. Not that just old ladies like me find that behavior sick, any human would. I find you offensive. This post is about a football field & you turn it into something nasty. I don't mind Buckeye fans posting here as long as it is not filled with foul language, chest thumping (or any other body part thumping) and silliness such as our band fags are better than your band fags banter. Take a cold shower, perv.

Learn to spell too.

Anonymous said...

One more thing horsehoe grounds crew
(I keep spelling it wrong for you)-

I am SURE that if Troy Smith & Ted Ginn heard that you beat off to clips of them on YouTube that they would be equally disgusted & ashamed to have you as a fan of theirs.

Get some class.

TitleIX said...

lemme get this STRAIGHT 33 yo female Anon.....
you are offended because horsehoe expresses his man-love for the buckeyes, but then you go and refer to all band members as FAGS???????
uh, is that not offensive????
er, does that not question someone's humanity????

horsehoe proves that tOSU fans are sodded up, but don't go and join them in the mud, K???

Anonymous said...

Go Bucks. That said, new turf is being installed today. It will have almost 3 weeks to rest until the game (the previous field had only 2 weeks and a couple of freezes didn't help). OSU is considering artificial turf for next year but I hope it does not happen. Let's hope the best game of the best rivalry in college football is played on this grass.

Horsehoe Grounds crew said...

Is there some rule that states that in order to root for the buckeyes you can't be a little bit gay ?

I love my team...and... I willing to show it. If that makes me a pervert - so be it.

Go Bucks

Anonymous said...

First, I was in the band and sooooooo many people refer to band members as such. Thus, I AM a band-fag and proud of it.

Second, my point is that why is that we can't have a post about something as simple as turf with out it turning into a pissing contest? It is annoying.

Third, if you want to express your so called love for your team by "man-love" keep it to yourself. Nobody wants to hear that.

I am sick of the my dad is stronger than your dad mentality. I don't need to be scolded, thank you very much.

TitleIX said...

I didn't even get started.

this site is all about tossing shit back and forth-particularly with the yahoos from C-bus. DId you expect a Moo-U type dissertation on grass varietals and their ability to grow with Prozac-laced water????? puh-leeze

And, somehow it's ok for the guys to post all the boobies they want, and to try and get some Texas cheerleader ass without any comment or expression of disdain, but then some dude talks about his man-love and you are going to get all prissy and send the horsehoe packing? (as it were....)
How about some internal consistency or simple logic??? or at least acknowledge your own homophobia...

So, lest we attract a crowd of slobbering boys screaming "GIRL FIGHT"--I'm done. Age and sanity trumps.

Anonymous said...

Sanity huh? Whatever...

Eric said...

In addition to the two frosts and the early "winter" that hit Columbus, the grounds crew is struggling with the new level of the playing field. When they renovated the stadium they lowered the field level 12 feet, thus putting it below the water level of neighboring Olentangy River.

I, for one, prefer natural turf but the technology of "field turf" has improved drastically in the past few years. That being said I think they should convert it after the season and from what I've read it sounds like they will.

Nice blog. May the best team win on Nov. 18th. Go Bucks!

Anonymous said...

Most stadia turf is replaced every 5-6 years. Beaver Stadium is currently on year 2 of the cycle (if anyone remembers the field conditions during the Iowa-PSU 6-4 debacle back in 2004).

Stadium turf is like fish bowl water, since it's essentially seperated by concrete from the rest of the environment and SOLELY dependent on humans for nutrients, et al.

And like fish bowl water, you just have to change it every now and then. The sod usually takes a few weeks in the fall to take root.

-PSU Turf '05 Alum

Eric said...


You're really pushing the envelope with your "sanity" plea.