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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Saturday Recap

Some general thoughts on yesterday's action to get the comments flowing...


* The defense held PSU to 119 net yards, -16 rushing and only 11 first downs. VERY impressive. However, with those kind of numbers, the game shouldn't have come down to the wire as it did. The offense must step up and put the game away. Bad things can happen when you let a team hang around.

* According to the Detroit News, the Wolverines said the Beaver Stadium crowd was the loudest they've played in front of before this season. “It was really loud,” Henne said. “It was definitely a lot louder than the crowd noise that we prepared with in practice. I was screaming at the top of my lungs just so everybody could hear. I think most of the time we got the plays in and the line understood what we were doing.”

Carr praised the PSU fans as well. “I think the venue here, the stadium, the crowd, the students is as exciting as any I’ve been in,” Carr said. “I thought, ‘How exciting for every guy who played in that game,’ because that crowd was really special.”

Must have been all the keys. Doh!

* Steve Breaston, who grew up in Pennsylvania, is still hearing from Penn State fans upset that he didn't choose to attend his home-state team. Even worse, so is his mother...until early Saturday morning. “They kept my mom up until 4 a.m. making prank phone calls,” Breaston said. “So it was kind of bittersweet, but I didn’t let them put a damper to my homecoming. I had a lot of supporters out there." Classy move, folks. Very classy.

* During College Football Final, ESPN ran a scroll after the M-PSU score stating that Morelli was knocked out of the game due to a "helmet-to-helmet hit." Huh?? Branch didn't hit his helmet. When he tackled him, Morelli's head bounced off the turf.

* Brent Musberger proved once again why it sometimes seems he just speaks to fill air-time instead of having something intelligent to say. First of all, it was the ANNOUNCERS who kept saying, with Michigan up 17-3 late in the 4th, that the game was over, the game was over. But when PSU scored their late TD, suddenly Brent starts saying things like, "The Michigan players thought this game was over!" Uh, Brent, so did you.

Also, after Penn State scored with 3:18 left and three timeouts, Brent said, "Here comes the onside kick." But instead, rightfully so in my opinion, they kicked deep. Then when Hart got his first down on Michigan's next drive, Musberger said something along the lines of, "Folks are going to question why Penn State didn't go for the onside kick." Uh, because there was plenty of time AND Penn State had all their timeouts left. Even with Michigan's first down on that drive, Penn State still got the ball back with 1:44 left. That's plenty of time in the college game when the clock stops with each first down. It ws the correct coaching decision but crappy announcer commentary.

* I liked Michigan passing the ball on third and 5 on their second to last drive. They were playing to win instead of not to lose which was the case last year late in close games.


* The Miami-FIU debacle is a DISGRACE to college football, and the schools, leagues involved and anybody else with a say in the matter need to come down brutally harsh on this sort of behavior. Besides suspensions -- major suspensions across the board or loss of scholarships for ANYBODY who swung a helmet or stomped on another player, etc. -- I believe Larry Coker should be fired. Period. This crap continues to happen on a regular basis at Miami and signals a coach who doesn't have control of his team. The same thing almost happened at Louisville when the Miami Hurrithugs stomped on the Cardinal logo. Now here we are again talking about another 'Cane embarrassment to the sport. Enough is enough. People can't wait until somebody is seriously hurt.

Furthermore, the Miami players simply don't get it as evidenced by this quote from QB Kyle Wright, "It's something they started. And our guys finished it. ... They're going home with a 35-0 loss and they're 0-7."

What are you, 8 years old? Grow up already.

* Poor Adrian Peterson. After breaking his collarbone and ending his season in the Sooners' 34-9 win over Iowa State, many are speculating his college days are over and he'll simply turn pro rather than risk further injury by coming back for his senior year. Who can blame him?

Also, you can't help but notice the irony of playing in front of his father for the first time in 12 years only to have this happen. Wow.

* As a Michigan man, I love Desmond Howard but how on earth does he pick Cal 4th - ahead of Tennesse - in top 5 on College Football Final when Cal got absolutely SMOKED by the Vols in the first game of the season?

* Don't know what to make of the Auburn-Florida game. Props to the Tigers for beating the Gators 27-17 but to not get one offensive TD? Also, Florida was the last undefeated team in the SEC leaving the league on the outside looking in at the BCS title game. Sure, most pundits say this is a result of the SEC being so tough and beating each other up. But with USC having ass-raped an Arkansas team that cracked Auburn last week, could the SEC be a conference of a bunch of really good teams but no great teams?

* Vandy beat UGA. So does this make the Michigan win over Vandy look better or is UGA really that bad?

* Iowa, what the fuck happened? Granted, maybe IU isn't the doormat they used to be but there is no excuse losing that game. None. Zip. Nada. Furthermore, I, as a Michigan fan, wanted you to win. I wanted to play a top 12 team next week, not some team that just lost to Indiana. Shame on you guys.


screwa2 said...

oh, and you forgot to speak up about just how damn'd good them Buckeye's looked.

surely you couldn't have forgotten about that!?

shaping up to be a November to remember, no doubt.

Ploeg said...

Brent Mushmouth is the worst announcer in college football as evidenced by his complaining about Branch's stuffing of Morelli as a "late hit". Why do they continue to use him as an announcer - he is terrible.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the Miami players involved in yesterday's brawl need to be suspended -- for the rest of the season and the university must also consider revoking scholarships. This sort of behavior is an absolute DISGRACE and should not be tolerated!! Sadly, it's no surprise that the U of M is in the thick of this mess -- they've taken to heart the "convict legacy" since the 1980s.

TitleIX said...

1) tOSU fans: real tough beating your chests about crushing pathetic Sparty. The way Sparty is playing, a high school team could beat them. No doubt tOSU has a great team, but be quiet this week. Crushing Timmy from South Park ain't so special.
2) Donna Shalala needs to fire Coker and suspend the team. Period. The woman clearly has cahones--now she should use them.
3) BM's dumb-ass quote of the game? "Well folks, we've got a low-scoring zero-zero game here." really. really???? can't stand him. and he needs to leave dreamy Herbie alone ;-)
4) Can't wait for next Saturday--Iowa at 3:30 and the Tigers at 7:30. OH MY!!!

Anonymous said...

I particularly liked when Brent kept saying Branch's sack was a late hit and both Herbie and Bob Davie disagreed with him.

And as someone who lives in the South and has to watch the SEC every goddamn week, yes Yost, Georgia is that bad.

Anonymous said...

LSU 40
Arizona 3
USC 20

And those scores don't even tell half of the story.

LSU could have won 65-0 with the starters in the entire game. The Arizona USC game was very close.

Anonymous said...

I have heard that Peterson's injury resulted from an unnecessary dive into the endzone (in other words, that he was showing off), but I have not seen replays. Is this correct?

If so, perhaps there is a lesson there. . . .

Scott Boswell said...

Peterson was hotdogging it for his dad.

Hate to see kids go down, but you reap what you sow.

Anonymous said...

Drew Sharp man..

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that Arkansas didn't have their current QB or RB for that USC game. ...not saying they would have won, but it certainly invalidates the direct comparison.

bouje said...

Hey Bloggers.. I have a video from the Michigan Student Section I'd like to share. I think that it would be a valuable contribution.. where should I sent it? Email me at bouje@umich.edu to let me know!

beast in bama said...

If you don't know what to make of the Florida-Auburn game, maybe this will help...

It is Auburn's place in life to knock Florida from whatever lofty perch it may attain - and vice-versa. That is what makes this series so nasty, hateful, and great. So many times, one of these teams has reached some lofty national status only to have the other knock them off. This is true every year in the SEC in general, but particularly for Auburn and Florida.

It is such a shame that these two no longer play each other every year. Last night just added to the list of classics in this great series.

And Auburn's not scoring an offensive touchdown while knocking off the #2 team in the country is nothing new for the Tigers. They did the same thing to 'Bama while blocking TWO punts for touchdowns in 1972.

Ditto Anon 2:53 about Arkansas. They have figured out a lot of things since they played USC in the first game of the season. I don't think they would win if the two met again, either. But it would definitely be closer a second time around.

And finally, someone needs to give some credit to Jake Long of Michigan. I never see his name mentioned here, but every time I watch Michigan play he impresses the hell out of me. With the way they throw money at left tackles in the NFL, he will be a very, very wealthy young man one day.

JD said...

My question regarding the Miami-FIU game is why the game continued past that point.

The best solution for the officials in a case like this is to stop the game, because it was obvious that neither coach could control his players.

So pull up the videotape, and shit-can each and every player that did not stay on the sideline like he was supposed to do. And if that means shitcanning the entire UM team, so be it.

FIU was already in the shitcan anyway, so no biggie there.

BTW - was that Don Strock coaching FIU? If so, how did he end up picking up that particular overflowing diaper?

harry hasselhoff said...

Re: Adrian Peterson - he was tripped up around the 4 yard-line on that TD and was going down either way. The dive appeared to be his way to make sure he got into the endzone - didn't appear to be a case of excessive hotdogging. Tough year for OU fans.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean when you say the Miami-FIU debacle was a disgrace to the schools? You can't disgrace a school that has no shame and no reputation to begin with.

carl tabb said...

Definitely agree with the Hoff. Peterson was stumbling the last few yards and made a lunge to get in the end zone and was kind of hit in the air again, thus causing him to land shitty.

surrounded in columbus said...

did anyone else hear Lamarr Thomas' comment on the Miami-FIU game? apparently, he was an analyst for the local cable broadcast of the game - ESPN Radio has a feed on line:

from this a.m.'s Mike & Mike show.

Thomas went absolutely nuts- talking basically that FIU had a lot a nerve and the teams should meet after the game and "finish" the fight.

it's pretty amazing stuff-

Anonymous said...

The Florida-Aburn Game was far closer than the score indicates (there was an Auburn touchdown on Florida's attempt at a Cal play as time expired).

Anonymous said...

U.S.Car. fan, I am a little biased to the SEC. Having said that, there are a few points I'd like to make.

First, UGA is that bad this year (yes I know we were shut out), and seem to be getting progressively worse as the season goes on. They will be back to their old self in another year or two, however. Kinda like Tenn from last year.

Now, as to how tough the conference is. Coming into this week, half the conference was in the top 25. That's pretty impressive.

I also think that the BCS could get pretty interesting. SoCal still has to play Cal, and then there is the UM-OSU game. That could leave only one of the current top 5 with lossless season. So, the SEC isn't outside looking in, yet.

doug in sf said...

Further to Iowa, the Indiana clock management at the end of the game was awful. Good for the Hoosiers that they were able to win anyway.