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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Saturday Pre-Game

With a 3:30 start, that leaves a lot of time to kill before kick-off. As such, here are some MZone nuggets...

* As many of you might know already, former Michigan football coach Bo Schembechler fell ill yesterday and was taken to an Ann Arbor hospital's cardiac care unit where he is reported to be in good condition. Schembechler, who has a history of heart trouble, was about to tape Big Ten Ticket, a local TV show which previews Michigan and MSU football games. No word yet if the thought of talking about John L. Smith's team is what made him sick. (HT: MB & Howard21)

* While I bitch and moan about the lack of noise at The Big (Quiet) House, apparently there is too much noise at Auburn. The SEC sent a letter to school officials warning them for violating a league rule by blaring music between plays during last Saturday's game against Florida. The music violated the SEC's restriction on "institutionally-controlled computerized sound systems."

Hmmm, wonder if the Big 10 has such a rule and the person controlling Penn State's computerized growl has read it?

* This is how you know folks in Ohio live in a news vacuum: the theft of an Ohio State flag stolen from somebody's yard makes the newspaper. But Iraq? Never heard of it. (HT: DW)

* Sure their football team is in a tailspin but MSU has at least given its students something to cheer about this fall: East Lansing is relaxing the punishment for people who get drunk and wander into the wrong house. Unfortunately Spartan students, no changes were made to the city's couch burning laws. (HT: Glenn)


Anonymous said...

I was down in Ohio and grabbed a Buckeye flag from my boys neighbors house...I am sacraficing it before the game on the 18th lol

Howard21 said...

What's the deal with arrington? Everyone and their dog has the inside story over at Mgoblog, but no one seems to know. Yost, Benny, you guys hear anything with your spy-cams in LC's office?

Anonymous said...

Arrington is being accused of hitting his girl.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Ohio is gonna elect (i really wish) a new Dem. Governor and Dem. US Senator, so their paying attention to what's going on in the world... hopefully. It was Blackwell that took it... I saw him wipe his ass with it and set it on fire.

Mikey said...

LOL! That MSU picture is funny. She looks too happy.

Anonymous said...

Kinda new to this site. I'm a Bucks fan but I gotta admit its a great blog.

The remark about Ohioans living in a news vacuum is sad but mainly true, but you can't blame someone for making fun of a state for electing and re-electing George Bush, Gov. Taft, or Ken Blackwell.

As far a football goes, Fuck Michigan.

Andy said...

As far a football goes, Fuck Michigan

Welcome to the site Anon. You will fit right in with the rest of the bucks here. Don't get so focused on this place that you forget to call your parole officer.

Anonymous said...

38 times was the tally for hearing this obnoxious noise at the Michigan - Penn State game in Happy Valley on October 14, 2006.

Anonymous said...

Bad link - let's try it again. 38 times was the tally for hearing this obnoxious noise at the Michigan - Penn State game in Happy Valley on October 14, 2006.