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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Saturday Pre-Game

As you wait for the games to start...

* We'd like to welcome Hello Heisman to the blogosphere. The site is run by frequent MZone contributor Howard21.

* The Wave turns 25...and most fans still don't seem to understand it's not a cheer you do at a football game when the home team is on offense.

* Ohio State is taking the subtle approach in their Troy Smith for Heisman campaign. (HT: DW)

* Speaking of the Bucks, alum Jack Nicklaus is dotting the "i" for their homecoming game today. No word yet if he had to gain 250 pounds in order to get the honor.

* Lloyd Carr is a semifinalist for the George Munger Award (coach of the year)


Allaha said...

Congrats to Carr, and UM fans generally: this year, there is no coach that has done a better job of exceeding expectations and burying the demons of the previous season.

WhiteDawg said...

Heard that Prescott Burgess may be wanted by Columbus Police? Just thought I would give you an update. Not to be a dick about it or anything.

TitleIX said...

Hey Guys---
Jim Carty is stealing your stuff....the front page of today's AA News football section is all about Bob Ufer.
Carty could join Sharp in the Assclown brigade by the way.

and--as an aside--can't even watch SportsCenter this morning-- replay after replay of those damned Cardinals.....

Anonymous said...

Jim Carty gets his cue from ESPN. I think he's having wet dreams of Colin Cowherd or somthing!