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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Saturday Pre-Game

To kill time until the late start of the M-Penn St game, don't forget to check out Part II of Baggy Pants Devil's look at the Nittany Lions below this post as well as the following...

* Excellent news about injured OSU wide receiver Tyson Gentry: he has regained some movement in his extremities following a neck injury last spring which left him partially paralyzed. (HT: LM)

* Brian at MGoBlog has his usual, excellent preview of the week's game.

* A man in Columbus, OH, who couldn't find steady work, come up with quite an interesting plan to make it through the next couple of years until Social Security kicked in: he robbed a bank then turned himself in to the security guard just so he can get jail time. Yes, but did he have a Buckstache? (HT: SG)

* Carr thinks crowd noise at Beaver Stadium will be big challenge for Wolverines. And I bet it's not because they wave keys.

* A group of Michigan fans in Chattanooga dropped us an email to tell us about an interesting ritual they have when they watch U-M play at a local bar: they yell "Cupcakes! Cupcakes!" whenever kicker Garrett Rivas kicks an extra point or FG. Their reasoning is that with Rivas putting on the pounds each week, Carr much reward his good kicks with cupcakes. Ok, so it's not the old "Hey, Norm" drinking game but it's a start. (HT: JR)

* The Heisman Pundit gives his picks for the weekend.

Finally, in case you didn't see our post yesterday, the MZone will be hosting a show next Tuesday from 8-10pm EST at www.NowInLA.com. If you'd like to participate in this interactive event, please be sure to register with the site before next Tuesday. For much more information, click here.


BaggyPantsDevil said...

Uh, was Part Two of Pennsylvania State - Khakis, White Socks, Black Shoes going up today?

I think folks worried about Mario Manningham's absence could use some reassurance concerning Penn State's likely offnsive production. Or likely lack thereof.

TitleIX said...

Actually, I think Rivas is a Taco Bell fan.....
he's definitely into that FOURTH MEAL of the day....

Colin said...

some of the kids who sit behind us at football games use "don't trust that fat fuck" shouted in unison as their rivas good luck charm.