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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Saturday Morning Special

As you await the late kick-off for the Michigan-Michigan State game, we have cooked up a couple time killers for you below.

Also, after the final gun sounds, be sure to check back for our open thread on the game to see what we and other college football fans are saying.

P.S. In case you didn't hear, MSU QB Drew Stanton called the Big House crowd "the quietest 110,000 people you can possibly be in front of." For the love of Ufer, if you're going to the game today, please help prove him wrong.

P.P.S. How 'bout Auburn-Arkansas? Wow!


Anonymous said...

lol @ your futile attempt to create a college football atmosphere at michigan.

just so you know, you will never have a good crowd. the only michigan fans who would read this page are the ones who already half heartedly cheer.

your school is a joke!

TitleIX said...

and your presence here would represent what, Anon????
a life spent in Mommy's basement???

Anonymous said...

I have been told through out the years that the one's who are the loudest and cause the biggest problems are not the one's to worrie about... The quiet are the dangerous and should be feared.So GO BLUE.... Do what you do and keep bringing home them W's

Anonymous said...

Michigan cheats like hell... just to let anyone that is truly blind enough watching this game not to see that the refs appear to be very paid off. They never seem to make a call for michigan state..even when the team was purposely attempting to fake a start to get penalties called on michigan state, and one of their touchdowns was out of bounds. I m sick of watching that suck ass team get babied. Im sorry to all those michigan fans but come on they are not the team of michigan. Support the team that fellow michigan residents can actually get a chance to play on ... and that would be state. Michigan is to busy buying a team and from all over the country and then calling themselves the team to represent michigan. Well fuck off michigan wolverines, stop cheating!

Anonymous said...

Adding to my previous comment i want to see your so called 1st place team play at OSU because just to let you know you people dont have a fucking chance. OSU will more then likely spank michigan. As said previously stated the only reason your team has any chance is everyone babys their stupid fucking ass's. I dont care for michigan for a few good reasons. 1. they lie 2. the school is so caught up in there system of multi cultural community it has made it impossible for a white person to get, im not racist but thats bullshit.. Troy Smith is going to win the Heisman unlike any Michigan player! If you want to say something back to this feel free to email me at twiztedangel1148507@charter.net.. im not afraid to stand up behind everything ive just said

Yost said...

No, I don't think we'll waste our time emailing you. You said it all. It it says so much about you.

Q1Go said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sports on a Schtick said...

Re: USC-Washington

Thank you, new clock rules!

GC said...

Re: USC-Washington

Those stupid new clock rules are bad enough without the refs robbing teams of what little time is left.

Re: Auburn-Arkansas

The thief must have been from Arkansas.