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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Pity Poor Sparty?

A couple of weeks ago, after Sparty blew the game to Notre Dame, Yost said that he actually felt sorry for Sparty. I couldn't muster up any pity - there have just been too many shady victories for the men from East Lansing over the Wolvrines over the years.

But after watching Saturday's game, I could finally feel sorry for the Spartans. But it's not because they never achieve to their talent level. And it's not because they continually shoot themselves in the foot with stupid, horrible penalties that kill their own or extend the opponent's drives. Nor is it because of their bonehead plays, and illogical coaching. It's not even the losing to inferior teams - even after occasionally beating highly-ranked teams.

No, I feel sorry for Sparty fans because most of them live in Michigan, and have to experience déjà vu all over again every Sunday when they watch their Lions do the exact same things on a professional level. Growing up a football fan in Michigan I suffered with the fucking Lions. But at least I had the Wolverines to fall back on. For Spartan fans there's no relief. Just a nightmare every Saturday and Sunday.

To understand what I'm talking about, watch the video below - it's a perfect metaphor for being a Spartan and Lion fan. And it's damn funny.


srudoff said...

that is some funny shit

Anonymous said...

Oh man, there's nothing funnier than real people being in horrible pain.

surrounded in columbus said...

i'm not sure which is funnier- the kid screaming in terror & pain- or the woman laughing @ 'em?

just wonderfully horrific!

COWolverine said...

Apparently we as UM fans are the woman who can't help but laugh at Sparty's misery.

hi my name is chubby said...

Just imagine being a USC fan in the late 90s when we sucked...and had no NFL team to make up for it.

Now, imagine that same video in Los Angeles, but replace the fat chick with a liposuctioned housewife, and she'd slip right through the seatbelt. That would be some funny shit.

TheWeiler said...

Hold, I said, hold back that sympathy. I was in (L)East Lansing the last two times Sparty beat Michigan. Everytime I start to feel a pang of pity, I just go back and remember how that felt.

I kind of pull for Sparty when they are not playing Michigan, but that too is dangerous. Remember that when Sparty is strong, Michigan loses recruits to them.

Ideally, they would be Sparty the Spoiler, winning about half of their games, and winning when it is advantageous for Michigan. (Like in '04, when Sparty paved the way for a Michigan Rose Bowl.)

Anonymous said...

You should feel sorry for Texas fans, this is what our in-state rival looks like:


theweiler said...


Anonymous said...

anon @ 2:28

after seeing that, I feel so bad for making fun of UT fans....obviously they are the better ones in Texas