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Monday, October 30, 2006

MZone Top 25

Before we get to our Blogpoll for MGoBlog, some thoughts on the weekend...

* Ohio State is hands down the best team in the country right now. They don't dick around, they just go out and take care of business.
* As stated, Michigan's victory wasn't pretty but the defense was suffocating (and to the folks who commented we were "holding back" something for Ohio State, please. Do you really think Carr wanted to play Henne all game or only be up 10-3 late in the third quarter? The sad truth is, our offense isn't the same without Manningham. In the last three games, Henne has just two TD passes after throwing 12 in the first six games).
* While USC made a valiant comeback attempt against Oregon State, they were completely outclassed for three quarters. This game could have and should have been a blowout if not for some missed opportunities by the Beavers. The Trojans were very sloppy. But with the schedule USC has left, they have a great chance to work their way back into the hunt.
* Props to Texas for coming back but once again, they danced with defeat. And Texas Tech isn't exactly a power. However, Colt McCoy continues to impress.
* Anybody else notice that since Tommy Tuberville complained about the BCS rankings, etc., his team has looked like shit? They barely beat a crap Ol' Miss team.
* Still can't tell how good Wisconsin is because the only truly good team they've played this season is Michigan (which they lost).
* Wazoo is the best 3 loss team in the country.
* Man, I loved seeing Miami lose again even with all their suspended players back.
* What the hell is wrong with FSU? A down year is one thing, but with the talent they have, they should never be losing to teams like Maryland (sorry, Terps).

1Ohio State--
3Florida 3
5California 4
6Texas 2
7Southern Cal 4
8Arkansas 5
9Auburn 4
10Louisville 3
11West Virginia 1
12Notre Dame 1
13LSU 1
14Boston College 2
15Wisconsin 2
16Rutgers 1
17Oklahoma 4
18Texas A&M--
19Boise State 1
20Clemson 8
21Virginia Tech 5
22Georgia Tech 1
23Wake Forest 1
24Washington State 1
25Oregon 1

Dropped Out: Missouri (#19), Nebraska (#22).


Anonymous said...

Man Carr really laid down the law with Arrington this weekend huh? Missed the first 5 plays of the game - which were ALL runs! - Then caught a TD pass on his first play of the game.

You guys must be proud

Yost said...

Hey, dipshit, I'm neither proud nor disappointed until the facts all come out.

There is controversy as to what happened that night.

So don't trip as you get off your high horse.

Allaha said...

Good ballot: kudos for the rankings of W.Va and L (and the implicit recognition that given neither team has played a quality opponent, it is simply impossible to know how good either team is).

"[M]issed opportunities by the Beavers. The Trojans were very sloppy." . . . Perhaps the headline should be: Beavers Withstand Assault By Trojans.

Crabapple Buck said...

If you consider that the weather was not condusive to throwing the ball and the defense could just play the run, it is no wonder you only got 17 points vs NU. I just hope there is decent weather for November 18 so that we can have a classic matchup without half the weapons in storage.

Oh yeah, I'm going to the game and don't want to freeze my arse off!

Anonymous said...

"The sad truth is, our offense isn't the same without Manningham."

Why is it a sad truth that our offense isn't as good without one of the best weapons in the country? Is it a sad truth that Louisville's offense may not be as good without Michael Bush or that Penn State's offense is struggling this year without Robinson? When you lose a phenomenal playmaker, it only follows that your offensive production at that position should drop off. It's not a sad truth, it's logic.

I'm just thankful we get this unbelievable weapon back this coming week (knock on wood).

surrounded in columbus said...

i'm not sure mario in the line up would have made a difference saturday against NU. against Iowa last week? sure. but last saturday the weather was brutal for passing, regardless who was playing receiver.

just a thought on winning ugly: having lived in c-town in 2002, i tend to recall a fair number of 10-6, 13-7 type games for tosu on their way to the fiesta bowl.

and i also remember the rest of the world talking them down because of their offense, poor scoring, and close games others thought shouldn't be close.

finally, i remember how invincible miami was supposed to be, w/ it's flashy, unstoppable offense and athletic defense. nobody gave tosu a chance in tempe.

like no one gave us a chance in south bend.

like no one is giving us a chance in columbus in 3 weeks.

the rest of the world have begun talking us down because of our offense, poor scoring, and close games others thought shouldn't be close.

and tosu is now invincible because of it's flashy, unstoppable offense and athletic defense...


TitleIX said...

a few thoughts----

1) Beaver Power!

2) The D will carry this team to Arizona. The best way to stop tOSU? Get thee to Troy!

3) AA should have sat the whole first offensive series, not just until we needed a pass play. And--Lloyd pulled Mike when he was still under 95 yards keeping him safe, so maybe he is a bit more focused on winning than discipline? Or--is that comparison apples and oranges? Discuss....

surrounded in columbus said...

we still have no real idea of what Arrington did or didn't do. all of the allegations come out a single police report w/ no other corroboration to date. that includes not only the alleged violence, but the alleged drinking as well.

there won't be any punishment for the criminal matter until that's come to a conclusion. it may end up being severe. the whole case may be dismissed and turn out to be a whole lot of nothing.

as for the discipline on saturday, it was for a team rule infraction. we don't know what rule, so it's hard to judge the punishment.

imafreak said...

We really missed Manningham the first 2 games of the season also. Except he was in the line up and the offense still made you want to claw your eyes out. Manningham had 1 TD, on the one bomb thrown, in the first 2 games. The next 3 games, against percieved strong opponents, he had 8 TDs. It's horrible to watch but very much like '97. This is what DeBord does. Get to Nov. 18 with no losses and then we will see what is up.

ix, are you comparing Arrington sitting to Hart coming out? If you are I don't understand what the point is.

klak said...

In the last 6 years, this weekend was the first FSU loss that didn't hurt as bad as the others.

Because we finally have a spark. We have a playmaking quarterback. We have the guy that can turn nothing (Jeff Bowden's playcalling) into something (a scoring drive?). As long as Xavier Lee continues to play like he did in that game, and as long as our receivers can CATCH A DAMN PASS, our future looks a lot brighter than it has.

IC said...


Excellent points.

Most every year in most every sport, there is a favorite that seems invincible. Just this year there have been the Pistons, Yankees, Red Wings, Colts, Duke/UConn (hell, probably some team in the WNBA) that were near consensus choices to win it all late in the season. The exact same expressions of awe and certainty of ultimate championships being made about tOSU were said about these teams. Are any of them hoisting a trophy?

The only thing that matters is how a team plays once it reaches the playoffs. In the case of Michigan football, that means how we play in Columbus on the 18th (assuming of course we avoid the catastrophe of losing to Ball St. and IU.)

tOSU looking more impressive than we did vs. Minnesota and Iowa means about as much as the Pistons dominating the Hawks and the Colts destroying the Texans. In other words, it means nothing.

srudoff said...


Is The Game being played on a neutral field like the Fiesta Bowl was? I'm trying to give you your reach of a comparison but The Game is in the Shoe. HUGE difference.

Also, comparing this game to the ND game is funny. If no one gave you a chance against ND, it's because of the unwarranted hype that ND got. OSU's hype is highly warranted (as is the hype that UM's D is getting).

The great thing for OSU's Offense is that Coach T runs the #1 O against their #1 defense in practice every day. So Smith, Ginn, etc have played against a great D day in and day out (same goes for our Defense). From what I've read, most teams don't do that.

Should be a good one in 3 weeks but I'll stick to my contention that there's no way Troy let's this team lose his last game at the Shoe

surrounded in columbus said...

oh, i get the difference. in 2002 when they were hyping miami as "the" team of the century, it was wrong because they really weren't.

but now that you/they're anointing tosu (the way they anointed miami), it's really different because tosu really IS the team of the century- so it's not hype (like our defense?), right?

all that aside, what i meant is that the set up of the game, the hype, the david & goliath matchup discussions, and the very real feeling that THIS game is really the game for the MNC (perhaps even you will allow that should the impossible happen and tosu lose, michigan would be favored against the field in glendale), is all very similar to 2002, right down to your pissing our defense as being over hyped (heard that a lot about tosu in '02, too).

srudoff said...


I KNOW they teach reading comprehension in Columbus. I said the hype regarding UM's D IS warranted.

All of "the setup" of the game is out the window because the Fiesta Bowl was on a neutral field and this is a home game for one of the teams.

Besides that, where are you reading all the David and Goliath comparisons? Show me something in the national media that says this game will be a blowout of any proportion. Everything I've read says that it will be a great game, that UM has a great chance but that OSU will most likely pull it out. David and Goliath?? hardly.

Again, show me some national stuff saying otherwise.

js said...

National stuff:

Week 17 USA Today Poll
1. Miami (61) 12-0 1,525
2. Ohio State 13-0 1,463
Week 17 AP Top 25
1. Miami (74) 12-0 1,850
2. Ohio State 13-0 1,773

Week 10 AP Top 25
1. Ohio State (63) 9-0 1,623
2. Michigan 9-0 1,547
Week 10 USA Today Poll
1. Ohio State (63) 9-0 1,575
2. Michigan 9-0 1,500

Yeah, it was supposed to be a close game. That's why nobody pick Michigan.

imafreak said...

js, what are you trying to say? You show some polls which demostrate OSU was a clear #2 in 2002 and yet beat number #1 Miami in a close game. Then you have numbers which show OSU is now a clear #1 with UM #2 by about the same gap as existed in 2002. Then you seem to suggest that it will not be a close game because no one is picking Michigan as #1.

Do I have it right?

Good God man, where's the sense in that?

I'd love to argue with you but, seriously, I can't figure out what your point is. Does every higher ranked team win in a blow out in your world?

srudoff said...


ya got me! there's some great national proof that it's David vs Goliath and that UM has no chance!

excuse me while i walk away wounded...

now how about some national media predicting a blow out? or that UM has NO chance? or that it will even be more than a double digit win?


Anonymous said...

Any reason why ND dropped in your poll by one spot, despite the lackluster showings by teams ranked ahead of them? And moving Cal up four spots on their bye weekend? Just curious...

Yost said...


Believe it or not, it's not anti-Irish, it's just an (admittedly inexact) guesstimate of how teams stack up based on new information gleaned from watching games each week. The reason for the drop was more a rethinking of Arkansas and moving them up.

Anonymous said...

I think that USC finally woke up in the 4th quarter albeit a little late. However, if they play like that the whole game every game the rest of the year look out. Also, the loser of the OSU/Michigan game will drop below USC because of the weaker schedule. If USC doesn't lose anymore this year.

The key to Michigan winning the OSU game is to run it down their throat, control the clock and knock the beejeebers out of anybody coming out of the backfield especially Troy Smith, he hasn't really had much pressure, sustained pressure on him this year. Go Blue!!

js said...


If it's supposed to be a close game, meaning one with a relatively high probability (~45%) that Michigan wins, then if there is some difference of opinions about that probability, some "experts" who think that Michigan will beat tOSU should rank Michigan ahead of tOSU.

The fact that nobody ranks Michigan ahead of tOSU seems to suggest that all the "experts" agree that tOSU will beat Michigan. Even the ones that give Michigan the best chance to win do not think that it is over 50%.

Of course you can argue about the mean and standard deviation of this distribution, but it is very impressive that nobody picks Michigan.

PS: A non-blowout prediction looks something like this:
2005's Week 15 USA Today Poll
1. USC (55) 12-0 1,543
2. Texas (7) 12-0 1,495
Some "experts" actually thought that Texas can beat USC.

WillinSacto said...

Yost quick question since I live sorta near Hippie..I mean Berkeley. Four spots for Cal after a bye??