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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

MZone Top 25

Can you believe the college football season is half over? Say it isn't so.

Before we get to our Top 25 in this week's Blogpoll at MGoBlog, a couple thoughts on the weekend that just passed...

* Michigan - what some said was a "boring" game in our comments section, I call a complete, dominating performance against our intra-state rival. Also, not to sound cheesey, but Hart really is the "heart" and soul of this team. As he goes, Michigan will go. I don't think Michigan has had a more consistent player this season.

* While we ranked Florida #2 in our poll, a strong case could be made for putting them at #1. The main reason folks gave for picking this team lower in the pre-season was their "tough schedule." But the Gators are facing it down and then some. Very impressive. And Tim Tebow's "jump shot" was classic.

* We jumped Tennesse up big time in this poll because, with Cal ripping Oregon, the Vols victory over the Bears becomes that much more impressive. Couple that with the fact that UT's only loss is by one point to Florida and this, to us, is the best one loss team in the country.

* USC got lucky. Period. While there is no guarantee the Huskies would have scored if given one more play, they definitely should have been able to run it (after the final Husky first down, the clock should have been stopped with 4 or 5 seconds left, not 2). Nice to see Spartan Bob moved to SoCal. Furthermore, this is the second week in a row the Trojans have looked less than impressive.

* Clemson is the one team we might have to look at before submitting our final ballot. If you saw their game, you know they lucked out against Wake Forest. The Demon Deacons had a collapse of Spartan-esque proportions, giving the game away.

Ok, your turn. Leave us your thoughts on the poll below.

1Ohio State--
2Florida 2
3Southern Cal 1
4Michigan 1
5Tennessee 8
7Texas 1
8California 6
9West Virginia 1
10Notre Dame 2
11Auburn 8
12Iowa 4
13Clemson 5
14Georgia 3
15Georgia Tech--
16LSU 9
17Missouri 3
18Oregon 9
19Arkansas 7
20Rutgers 1
21Virginia Tech--
23Boise State--
24Wisconsin 1
25Washington 1

Dropped Out: Oklahoma (#17).


Anonymous said...

"USC got lucky. Period. While there is no guarantee the Huskies would have scored if given one more play, they definitely should have been able to run it. Nice to see Spartan Bob moved to SoCal. Furthermore, this is the second week in a row the Trojans have looked less than impressive. "

What? Why? The rules say the clock runs when the ball is set...the refs set the ball, and ran the clock. Stanback just simply didnt snap the ball in time. This one is NOT the refs fault. Washington had PLENTY of time to line up and snap the ball as the clock was started and they failed.

Yost said...

The clock should have been stopped with 4 or 5 seconds left, not 2.

Allaha said...

The ballot is typically thoughtful, but two comments:
1) Tennessee has two solid wins and one "good" loss, but they also have a one-point victory at home against 2-2 Air Force. Is that truly worthy of a number 5 ranking? Also, is it reasonable to boost Tennessee eight spots given the win that lifted them was over a Georgia team that beat a winless Colorado by a single point and Ole Miss by only five points? . . . Tennessee is good, but not Top 5 good.

2) What has Louisville done to merit a number 6 ranking? They do not have a win against a ranked team (the only ranked opponent at game time was then number 17 Miami); indeed, their opponents have a collective losing record. . . . I know that I complain a lot about strength of schedule, but it is almost immoral to reward Louisville (and W.Va.) with such lofty rankings. Consider their key injuries, and it is hard to believe only five teams would beat Louisville.

Nonetheless, props to you for putting your ballot out for public comment -- if only coaches and journalists were so brave!

srudoff said...

me thinks georgia should have fallen more than 3 slots after barely winning two games against inferior opponents and then getting crushed at home against UT

Yost said...

Good points, guys. Good points.

Yost said...

PS Although, looking at it again, if we move UT down, who moves up to that spot and based on what wins? At least UT has a couple.

I think it all comes down to this year, there aren't any outstanding teams, just a couple interchangable good teams near the top.

Allaha said...

Yost, you're right: this year there are no dominant teams, and many are roughly the same in terms of talent and achievements. Moreover, there is a lot of volatility even with respect to a given team (e.g., Tennessess whipping Georgia and Cal, but eking out a victory over Air Force), which makes it even more difficult to have a true picture of how teams should be ranked.

Your argument has convinced me: I cannot make a good case for ranking anyone else (with one loss and a decent schedule) above them. . . . Should it now be Barrister Yost?

Yost said...

LOL, Allaha. No, just Yost With Too Much Time on His Hands.

matsut said...

Yost: I'm not sold that the case for the Gators at #1 is "strong", but I can't dispute that their 2006 resume makes such an argument possible. I won't bore you with the reasons I think OSU's the best, but I do - of course.

I'm thinking that there's a group of three teams that from here on out can basically write their own ticket to Glendale: Ohio State, Michigan and Florida. Our matchup Nov. 18 is shaping up as an elimination game, and if Florida runs the table, they're pretty much guaranteed to be in the top two.

Then there's a group of five teams that, really, can only make it to the title game with various degrees of help from others: Tennessee, Louisville, Texas, Cal and West Virginia. Their scenarios are too numerous to mention, but their only chance lies with one of the three above screwing up somehow.

The wild card, of course, is USC. It seems to me that there are good reasons to think they won't win the rest of their games, but, conversely, there are also good reasons to think they will. But then, it wouldn't be the BCS without a good monkey wrench, would it?

On the Blogpoll: Missouri is probably better than Georgia and maybe Clemson too. Also, I think, having seen plenty of them both, that Iowa would almost surely win vs. Notre Dame. It's hard to know, though, exactly how to rank 10-19.

matsut said...

More good reasons for an 8-team, seeded playoff using some version of the current BCS composite rankings and maybe a selection commitee.

MW said...

I'll split the difference with you on SC - they have looked only Good Enough the last two weeks... but they got no break at the end of the game. If anything, UW got about 20 seconds of free, unaccountable time to get ready before the ref finally enforced the rule and ran the clock. UW put up a terrific fight, but truly did run out of time.
That said: I think SC's last two games, since they did end in legit wins, will be forging experiences. Carroll's teams peak in November, and Booty is in full stride.

beast in bama said...

For the life of me, I don't see how a Michigan blog can rank Michigan below USC at this point in time. But enough of that...

What is going to happen if there is only ONE undefeated team at the end of the season? I still think Florida is going to lose a game (maybe this week), USC looks vulnerable, and there's got to be at least one loss between Michigan and OSU. Hmmm... What then?

Finally, look out for Arkansas. Houston Nutt is the Voodoo Witch Doctor of college football. He has a little Tommy Tuberville doll in his back pocket, and for 10 years he has tortured that man's SOUL with it.

With LSU losing to Florida, the Razorback's ticket to Atlanta is all but punched.

Anonymous said...

Missouri better than UGA and Clemson? Are you smoking crack?

I also disagree with putting SoCal ahead of Michigan, but see you guys trying your hardest to dispriove any biasness in your poll.

UofF running the table regardless of what tOSU of Big Blue's record should give them #1 in the votng polls if there is any justice in the world. Having only 2 tough games in a regular season does not make Johhny a #1 team. BCS should take care of it regardless.

bigndfan175 said...

how is Michigan not ranked higher than USC - frankly the way TN played the top 5 should look like this:
3.MI - demolished my beloved Irish on the road
4.TN - lost by only 1pt to FL and demolished GA on the road
5.USC - can barley win on the road against Ty "my handicap is now a 2" Willingham

Thomas said...

how can LSU still be ranked, the have only played two games this year and they looked like garbage in both

Anonymous said...

You drop Oklahoma out of the top 25 but move Georgia down only 3 spots?

Anonymous said...

I'm a Cleveland area OSU fan, and I must admit that this is an excellnt blog site. I really think that you should have ranked UM above USC, considering that thrashing you gave MSU, and the Trojans' struggle against UW. I seriously hope that the Wolverines are undefeated entering that November showdown with TOSU. It'll make that matchup even more special. GO OSU and go UM (until November 18)

aladouche said...

How I see the voting

Ohio State - Wow another "solid" win over a nobody. You get a few props for Texas. still can't vote against them for #1

Florida - Man I thought for sure they were gonna lose...i think i hopped on the ESPN (we love LSU) bandwagon.

Michigan - I gotta give it to them, they seem to be clicking on both sides of the ball...They play ohio state now (with manningham) they win 7 out of 10 times.

USC played like shit...and they still won...thats impressive but unless they change their playing ability, they will lose...Where's auburns smack talk about the WSU score?

Lousiville....impressive without Brohm and Bush.

West Va - you are lucky to be this high, why don't you actually play a real team?

Tenn - It was an impressive win over UGA in a hostile environment...But honestly UGA was way fucking overrated...But i thank you, you made me some serious $ in vegas this weekend.

trojan mike said...

USC is hangin on by a fingernail. I got to hand it to them, they are fighting out the wins, although the last two weeks have not been good for my heart. I doubt USC will go undefeated, but after the Hogs beat Auburn, makes our win at Arkansas look that much better to me. USC's year will be next year or the year after that. FIGHT ON. I can see Michigan being ranked higher at this point than USC. Yost, I think you are trying to not look like a homer, but if you want to put USC above Michigan, it's ok with me.

Anonymous said...

The team USC put on the field against Arkansas was a far different team than played Udub. As players use the next month to get healthy (ASU, bye OSU) USC will be a far stronger team.
BTW if you watch the replay of the last play Udub ran the receiver was bobbling the ball on the way down and didn't secure it until several additional seconds had run off the clock then the whistle blew...Ty got a defacto timeout by walking on the field and arguing before the last 2 seconds and the center still couldn't get the snap off
You Michigan guys have though USC gets every call since C Whites phantom TD in the Rose Bowl...The zebras screwed SC throughout most of the Udub game...

Anonymous said...

I TY was not all over the field screwing with the refs but rather getting his team ready they would have gotten the ball off in time.

The clock was right if you watch when the recieve finally stopped bobbeling the ball.

Udub used the Texas playbook with Stanback on Offense. He Sprinted for 1st downs like young when all his recievers were covered.

BaggyPantsDevil said...

Just to clarify, a complete dominating performance is--to me--inherently boring. There's little drama and little doubt about the outcome.

Michigan has dominated the entire season so far and done so with a monotonous regularity. This is in no way, shape or form, a criticism of this team. Every team should strive to be so efficient in dispatching opponents.

The snag with this sort of dominance is that the games can't be very entertaining to anyone except us Michigan fans. They're obviously frustrating affairs for Michigan's opponents and are likely seen as uninteresting by third parties.

This is fairly evident in this weeks rankings. Florida jumps up to number 2--and I'm not saying they're not one of the best teams in the country right now--largely based on style points. Michigan has simply beaten its opponents so effortlessly they've almost made it look too easy. Not to mention they still have the top ranked rushing defense inspite of three straight opponents that run the ball well (ranked 22nd, 8th, and 9th nationally when played).

Michigan's trump card is the Ohio State game. Since a win there is necessary for a trip to the MNC game anway, Michigan really only needs to be in the top four or five.

Also, the loss of Mario Manningham for at least the next couple of games actually does provide some drama now. Wins without him might actually impress some people and make the games more interesting (I still wish he weren't injured). Some may see a crisis, but I see opportunity.

I see Louisville and West Virginia mostly as frauds. Both have easy schedules and neither team has faced a single conference opponent. If anything else, they could have played some tougher competition to make up for the Big East's shortcomings. At least Louisville did try, how were they supposed to know Miami was going to suck.

Did you know Missouri is the only unbeaten Big 12 team? Who'd have thunk that?

I think some of the luster if off that Auburn-LSU defensive epic from earlier in the year.

Southern Cal may be the only unbeaten PAC 10 team left, but they won't stay that way. Even though their toughest games are at home, if Washington can play them that close, Cal or Notre Dame can beat them.