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Friday, October 13, 2006

MZone Follow-Up


Yesterday, we told you about the 23 year-old man who was stalking Michigan coach Lloyd Carr. Well, Thursday Tobi Akinmusuru was arrested and charged with using a computer in a crime, malicious use of telecommunications and malicious annoyance by writing. He faces up to one year in jail if convicted.

Police also learned that Akinmusuru was standing outside the Michigan Union on Tuesday with an aluminum baseball bat and making threats that referred to Carr and others in the football program (had he been in the Diag or inside East Quad, chances are nobody would have even noticed the strange behavior).

A quick Google search of Akinmusuru's name reveals he's an Eastern Michigan Student and, get this -- on the Dean's List. Boy, if that doesn't speak volumes about U-M's Ypsilanti neighbor, I dont't know what does.


In another story yesterday, we told you how the Wisconsin marching band was threatened with banishment by the Badger chancellor due to rowdy events which transpired on their recent trip to A2 for the M-Wisco game. At the time, nobody was talking about what happened.

Not anymore. Brian Cook revealed on AOL's Fanhouse the charges:

- A female band member told to suck on a sex toy in an apparent hazing incident.
- Women being forced to kiss other women in order to gain access to bus bathrooms.
- Women being forced to draw pornographic pictures for older male band members, recite obscene limericks or stories, and read aloud explicit accounts of their sexual preferences composed for them by others for older male band members.
- The practice of women swapping shirts with males.
- Demeaning and abusive demands for younger band members to run errands and refill beer cups for older members.
- Upperclassmen have been reported to have "taken over" the dorm rooms of freshman women, supplied alcohol and demanded they join in the drinking.
- In 2004, band behavior in a bus led to the driver pulling over and calling for police.

In a related story, Benny and I have started talking music lessons and hope to enroll at Wisconsin in the near future.


Mike said...

"Yeah, my p**is just went... Hmmm" ~ Ray Ramano, SNL

Anonymous said...

This one time at band camp ...er... Band Bus, I stuck picolo in Yost's Ass.

Mr Wiley is just jealous he can't get woman on woman action.

Theri Maa, Bhanchod! said...

i think we found the final contestant for the co-ed showdown!!!

Theri Maa, Bhanchod! said...

btw, as an alum of EMU, i shed a tear for humanity when our criminal upbringing in Ypsi can't get us to even stalk a hot chick like a pro

On the other hand, most chicks at EMU were handing it out like candy, so maybe this guy needed a real challenge

Anonymous said...

What do you tell a Badger band co-ed?

Suck bitch, blow's just a figure of speech.

doug said...

Okay, well. When I was in band (a different one) we did many similar things, except that the hazing of younger female members was left to older female members, generally.

Anonymous said...

Is there a video if this bus trip anywhere?

TitleIX said...

ok--A) NO way those are band chicks
B) pretty sad that band dicks can only get action thru harrassment...and that you all are hot about said band chicks