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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

MZone Dumb Comment of the Week

Over the past year we've seen a ton of great comments on this site. Barely a week goes by where Yost doesn't tell me "We've got some really good readers." And the comments do a great job of keeping me awake and laughing while I'm at my paying gig.

But every once in a while we come across something so mind bogglingly stupid, we just can't believe it. So without any fanfare, we present the first MZONE DUMB COMMENT OF THE WEEK.

It's an easy selection this week. It comes from Sunday's Wrap Up post in which Yost made some comments on the Michigan-Iowa game as well as some of the big games across the country. Then, at 10:09 PDT pure stupidity happened. An anonymous poster wrote the following gem:
If we lose to tOSU again i really think Lloyd should get the boot. Tressel has no trouble beating us at our place, and this year when the two teams are seemingly equal in talent/experience defensively and offensively, there will be no excuse for losing.. except Lloyd.
Now let me get this straight. A guy makes changes to his coaching staff, which he is loathe to do, his teams rips through their first eight games with barely a challenge, has the #2 ranked team, and most likely will be 11-0 before facing the #1 team. Pretty impressive if you ask me. But Anonymous at 10:09 isn't impressed. Nope, if Michigan should come up short ON THE ROAD AGAINST THE NEAR UNANIMOUS #1 TEAM, he should be fired. Boy I'd hate to be this guy's kid and bring home a 1590 on my SATs. I'm sure Anonymous 10:09 brings that kind of perfection to his job cleaning out the fryer and mopping the floor.


EMU stalker said...

OK, I admit it was me. I just want Lloyd to come out of that damn Schembechler Hall sometime.

Anonymous said...

Please allow Lloyd Cooper to retain his job.


Anonymous said...

you hear about Tressel going to the browns? maybe Carr can stay if that jackass goes pro.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:09 = Drew Sharp = Assclown

Scott Boswell said...

Firemackbrown.com was erected in 2001 after an embarressing 11-2 season for the Longhorns. It continued through the 2002 disgrace of another 11-2 season. It was met with fuel during the 2003 10-3 campaign. It continued through the uneventful 11-1 black mark. It mysteriously dissapeared after the 13-0 2005 season. It has not popped up during the current 7-1 season. (Although Greg Davis is on the hotseat with many)

Moral: There are idiots that cheer for every team.

Just because you can't beat your arch rival doesn't mean that you have a bad coach and/or team. I can think of a lot of programs who would kill to be 63-9 over a 5 year span. (Plus 8 consecutive 9-win seasons en route to a 9th) Not to mention, a nice crystal trophy to hang your hat on. I never got the sense of entitlement that some feel.

srudoff said...

how about getting rid of anonymous posters? it's possible and would get rid of a lot of the riff raff here (yeah i know, except me :) ).

blogger accounts are free and if most of the good contributors here already have one - make everyone get one to comment

mp said...

In the past 5 years (Tressel era), we've been manhandled by tOSU exactly one time: a 16 point loss at the Horseshoe in '04. The previous year, we'd done virtually the same thing to the Browneyes here in Ann Arbor.

That leaves 3 other games we've played and lost by no more than a touchdown. One of those years was the tOSU NC season in '02. Another was last year's come-from-behind win that tOSU had to pull off against arguably the worst squad Michigan has fielded since the Reagan Administration due to injuries, coordinators, etc.

Lloyd's beaten tOSU more than he's lost to them, he's won more coaching awards than Tressel and the same number of National Championships. Throughout it all he's run the program with class and integrity. I wouldn't trade Carr for Tressel if you threw Troy Smith in on the deal.

Anonymous said...

isn't one national championship (not to mention 4 division I-AA championships) more than the half championship Carr won?

way to rationalize losing 3 of the last 4 by saying we only "manhandled you once". Tress owns Carr and will continue to, including this year. Carr owned Cooper, but then again, who didn't?

Allaha said...

Trust me: if there is any truth to the theory of genetics, anon's child is not bringing home a 1590.

Anonymous said...

Here's a FACT: if OSU's 2002 season had occurred back in PRE-BCS 1997, even if they would've won the Rose Bowl (a big maybe, USC was damn good that year), the BEST they could've hoped for would've been a split of the MNC with Miami, because the Canes would've played some crappy team in the Orange Bowl and crushed them. More likely, they'd have gotten the shaft, like PSU did in 1994.
So all of you OSU motherfuckers out there, shut the fuck up about Carr's "half title" and thank your lucky stars that the BCS came around before you got fucked in the ass by a bunch of coaches and reporters like our Wolverines did in 1997.
"No team has ever been the consensus #1 team in the land in BOTH polls going into their bowl game, WON the game, and dropped in ranking. Ever."

Anonymous said...

boo fricking hoo

the only true FACT is that we did win an outright, non-split championship. And you didn't. And when we win this year, it will be another FULL championship. gotta love the sound of that - undisputed outright championship. the sort you guys used to win in the 1920's.

And no defensive player's ever won the Heisman despite having a worse season, and meaning less to his team's success, then a future NFL HOF QB. So I guess a few 'firsts' happened that year huh.

Anonymous said...

Are you talking about the guy whose return for a TD beat you Fucknuts?

And you seem to have missed my point entirely, dumbass. By calling our 1997 title a "half" and your 2002 title "full" you imply that your team somehow earned more than ours. And that, of course, is total bullshit.
They both had undefeated seasons and the rest is out of their control.
Tressel has earned no more or less D1-A National Titles than Carr. Period. Fact.

annoying anal anonymous guy said...

By the way, they added a third section to the SAT test, making the highest possible score 2400 points, so your comment about bringing home a 1590 should be changed to 2390.


Yost said...


Anonymous said...

When are both the Buckeyes and Wolverines planning to expand their respective seasons beyond two games? Inquiring minds want to know.