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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Michigan-Iowa Post Game Thread

Since I won't be able to post immediately after the Michigan-Iowa game, let this serve as the place to leave your thoughts about what transpired.

P.S. If you're reading this before the game, we put up a couple new posts below.


Anonymous said...

I've been meaning to stop by and mention that you guys do good work. I visit quite often, though if any of my Buckeye buddies ask me, I'll lie. Keep it up. Go Buckeyes!

David said...

If hart scores, look out for whatever hand signal he gives. i'm not sure what they mean, but he's been seen showing "deuce four" (on face book) and "C 1" (after the penn state score). anyone have an explaination for this?

Anonymous said...

I'm at my little brother's dorm room at Hayden in East Quad. Looking forward to the game even if the weather is going to kind of suck. All I can say is, GO BLUE and beat the fake maize up.

Man 'o War Buckeye said...

Final Score Prediction: Michigan - 42 Iowa - 10

Anonymous said...

Watching State game while waiting. Spartans are such a joke.

zinzarin said...

What's up with the pass defense? I'm in China, so I can't watch the game, but I'm following it on ESPN's Gamecast. It seems like Tate's finding too many WR open for 1st Down. We're up 3-0, but it doesn't feel good right now. How does everyone else feel?

Anonymous said...

I don't like it.

Andy said...

Too close for comfort.

Mike Hart is a stud.

Anonymous said...

we were worried about this team?

if this team shows up 11/18 it won't be pretty, manningham or not

Anonymous said...

Hart is a stud indeed. Tough win, but I like how our defense got a look at a mobile QB. This will be a good wakeup call for D to fire back up. Drew Taint looked far better than I would have liked. D stepped up in 3rd Quarter. GO BLUE!

UpTheHawks said...

I think the game ball should go to the stone-hands corps, er, the wide-recieving corps of the Hawkeyes. We had atleast 3 drives killed by dropped passes...AGAIN! But you guys were the better team in the all and all. Your game with tosu is going to be a war. Good luck on the season.

surrounded in columbus said...

offense was pretty unimpressive. trouble run blocking early (anyone notice run game picked up w/ Riley out?). play calling predictable. but 126 for Hart & two TDs not all bad.

D? D was huge. and when the game was close, when the O couldn't take advantage of the field position? the D played even bigger.

we may not win all the games, but w/ that defense, we'll have a chance every time.

BTW- listened to the Iowa feed on XM- their broadcasters seemed to think the crowd was pretty loud and effected their play calling.

Yost said...


I was at game and will have much to say later. They were NOT loud except for a handful of plays.

Yost said...

PS Thanks Penalty Kill. Really appreciate you reading. Dare we both start to look ahead to the 18th? Dare we dream?

Matt K said...

Yost, usually I think you're off base when you complain about the noise level and the fans and all that. But today you're right on. On a handful of plays the crowd was LOUD. At all other times I felt the crowd was very "meh". Actually, right after I met up with my roomate at our seats I told him "uh-oh, this place has no energy. Everybody's flat, the team's probably gonna be flat. I don't like this at all."

All that said, I felt all along like this was going to be our biggest trap game this season. I didn't think we'd have much of a problem getting up for the Penn State game. But coming home, after a huge road win in a hostile stadium, I felt like we might have a hard time. And we did. I'm not going to complain though. I don't think Iowa is all that bad, and to dominate like that on D when you're fairly flat is impressive. I'll take it.

Anonymous said...

Even though the first half was tough, the last two games will help the team out when they go south until they smell it and east until they smell it.

The crowd was unbelievable at PSU last weekend. The Hawkeye defense will pretty stout in the first half. These games are good expereinces going into tOSU

Zach Landres-Schnur said...

yeah, so michigan's pretty good. that defense could shut out the Oakland Raiders.

U-Dub Dish

Sports on a Schtick said...

There was an awesome crowd shot of UM fans jangling their car keys. I think it was on an Iowa fourth-down. No doubt Yost was leading the charge.

That image was almost as disconcerting as Bob Griese's Technicolor sweater.

Anonymous said...

Yost, you again are off your rocker. The fans were great as usual. Even the notoriously harsh Michigan Daily rated the crowd "hype" a 3 out of 4. Also, with the keys, that is just what people at the stadium do. It get's people into the fourth down who wouldn't care otherwise. You say they should be clapping their hands, but most of those fans woudln't be doing anything if not for the rememberable "key" cheer. With all this complaining, you are turning into the Drew Sharp "Assclown" of the blogosphere. Congratulations.