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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Michigan Has Its Share of Jerks, Too

I have been very hard on unruly Buckeye fans here on this site. But today, I need to shine the asshole spotlight on some of our own.

Last Saturday, I got four tickets to the M-MSU game for a good friend of mine who is a Spartan alum. We grew up together and I've known him all my life. In fact, I was the best man in his wedding. But what happened after the game was disgusting and has left me very angry.

My friend, his wife and another couple were cutting across the golf course after leaving the stadium. Because the game was over as far as they were concerned and my buddy's friend's wife is 7 months pregnant, they left in the fourth quarter. Thus, the golf course was pretty empty.

As they headed to their car, another car filled with four Michigan "fans" pulled right up behind them and, instead of going past, came within a foot or two of my buddy's friend and began hurling anti-MSU insults. When the car continued to stay right next to them, coming very close to the pregant woman, my friends told them to back off, the woman was pregnant. That's when things got very vile as the four "Michigan fans" began shouting comments along the lines that the pregnant woman was a whore and her kid would be nothing but a Spartan whore, too.

Folks, if I didn't know this guy as well as a do, I wouldn't have believed it. But I'm disgusted. Just disgusted. And those "fans" who did that are a fucking disgrace. I really wish I'd been there.

Finally, you know the ironic thing about all this? While the three others went to MSU, the pregnant woman actually went to Michigan. I'm wondering if the assholes in that car actually did.


Anonymous said...

I'd agree with your guess.....

....and therein lies the problem for graduates of UM, OSU, and MSU.

We will all continue to be painted with the brush of the so-called "fans" , most of whom never attended any college - much less the university they "support" - and many of whom escaped from high school virtually unscathed by any form of education.

I hate to pine for the "good ol' days", but it really was better when these people went to the pro games and left the college games to the alumni and students.

Matt said...

OO! OO! Can we tell terrible fan stories, too? Like at the Cal-Tennessee game, the Cal guy who erupted in MFs and vile screams in the middle of the pre-game stadium prayer? And I get that they don't do the prayer thing in California (and most places). But "FUCKING PRAYER ATFUCKING FOOTBALL GAMES THIS IS FUCKING FOOTBALL!" at the top of your lungs in a silent stadium? Manners? Anyone? I've never savored every moment of a blowout so completely.
he told a guy with two 10 years olds to fuck off, too. he was a real cuteypie.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised it took so long for you to figure this out. IMHO, these are not fans and we should never call them as such. BTW, don't fool yourself in believing that graduates from UM,OSU,and MSU don't act this way. Jerks come in all stripes and colors.

surrounded in columbus said...

all schools produce jerks, drunks, and all sorts of others who exhibit unacceptable behavior. the real difference between and amongst alums/fans is how those types of people are accepted/rejected or otherwise viewed.

at some schools, the type of wretched behavior you described would be thought "funny", encouraged, or at least tolerated under the guise that the visitors "had it coming" or "had no business showing up anyway".

amongst michigan fans, i'm pretty sure this kind of stuff would be roundly condemned. sorry your friends had that happen. even cow farmers and hotel clerks deserve to be treated better than that.

Anonymous said...

I agree re: whether these "fans" even attended UM. The biggest jerks often have never even attended the school they are supporting, much less attended any college. I don't mean to sound elitist, but them's the facts.

Anonymous said...

Funny to see such pouting on a site that mainly exists to make fun of other colleges.

Richard Cranium said...

Now you know what we were saying all along!!! Now quit being douchebags and recognize that most asshole fans are either 18/19 yr. olds who haven't graduated yet or adults who never went to Ohio State, but love it because it is a winning program, and I mean who else do we have the Bungals? Clowns?

PeckHorn78 said...

The sad fact is that the majority of the worst fans tend to be those who had never actually attended the school- but the real root of the problem are those whose entire personal self-esteem seems to be tied to the college team they "support."

CrimeNotes said...

I am 100 percent behind the Cal fan who disrupted that Tennessee prayer. If you hillbillies tried to force me into prayer, I'd be screaming too.

Unless the prayer was for a bolt of lightning to come down and smite Phil Fulmer. Then, I'd pray.

Anonymous said...

It truly is a sad sight nowadays.

I went to Ga Tech and visited my friend who went to Florida in Gainesville for the LSU/UF game last weekend. We were at The Swamp, a popular bar, and these LSU fans walked in. Unprovoked, a bunch of UF fans started to chant "FEMA, FEMA!" They continued on with other Katrina jokes. Needless to say, my friend was mortified of the lack of class UF fans showed that night.

Anonymous said...

Can we get a PG-13 rating for that first video for 'Massive amounts of Ass-crack"?

Anonymous said...

my bad ^^^ thought i was posting on the OU video above

Anonymous said...

let's be careful. i'd hate to fulfill the stereotype that u of m fans are arrogant by suggesting that rude fans must not have gone to college. anyone sat in the student section lately? i say this as a recent alumni who wouldn't sit anywhere else - might as well watch it at home if i'm going to have to sit with a bunch of old people. but the behavior displayed by some u of m students made me ashamed to be associated with them. for the most part, it was just immature behavior intended to embarrass and annoy the rare brave soul in green and white sitting with us. and this was in the first five rows - graduate students, seniors, etc. there seemed to be a direct association between a person's allegiance and their worth as a person. there is no respect for someone who roots for another team, no respect for an old and great rivalry. it doesn't help when the game is later and people are drunker. my question is - how, as michigan fans, should we react if we are next to people who are being rude to our opponents? is it accepted stadium etiquette to tell them to stop being stupid? does anyone have any experience with doing something to stop behavior that embarrasses the rest of us?

The King said...

Oh good, finally some support. I've been the Michigan fan who hates most Michigan fans for years now.

CrimeNotes said...

I don't want to say that drunken rudeness and a loud and rowdy crowd necessarily go hand-in-hand, but I do think there's a bit of tension between wanting Michigan Stadium to be more raucous yet simultaneously worrying about Michigan fans being jerks. The boozy, out-of-control fan culture at other schools is part of why their crowds are so intimidating. By and large, a Saturday at Michigan Stadium is safe for grandpa, Aunt Mabel, and your sister's six-month-old. This is part of its charm.

I don't think there's any excuse for being such dicks and I've only ever observed Michigan fans being extremely nice to visiting fans. At the same time, I do think a little perspective is in order -- not just by comparing the incidents described in this post and its comments to European soccer fans, but also to the Tigers fan I saw get suckerpunched at Yankee Stadium for no apparent reason, stories my LSU friend has about open racism, and the widespread physical intimidation I've hear about from Columbus. There's rank verbal inappropriateness, and by contrast there's implied or open violence; there's douchebaggery, and by contrast there's racism.

I also agree with anon 8:43 that there's no reason to assume that these people weren't students. But I also think that if the goal is to fire up the Michigan Stadium fanbase, there will be more of this.

CaliGirl said...

I would agree with many of the posters above. I have discovered over the last couple years, and working in the sports industry, TRUE fans (that actually attended their respective schools) are for the most part classy and 'get it.' Fans just for the sake of being fans are typically the obnoxious ones...why is that???

However, Richard Cranium, I have met SEVERAL a$$holes that ATTENDED tOSU. One is a "friend" of mine that insists on texting me a couple times a week just to say Michigan Sucks...ummm ok! Glad to know it is on your mind 24-7. I have to limit my time with him, as it takes a lot of energy to listen to him bag on the Wolverines.

Although, living in California you see a lot more SC homers than anything.

SIDE NOTE: Funny incident though...I was working this past weekend, wearing my Michigan sweatshirt of course, and some Arizona Wildcat fan kept yelling Michigan *ucking sucks! Having to be professional I couldn't respond...but can anyone tell me what their record is this season? OR ANY SEASON FOR THAT MATTER??? Yeah, that's what I thought. Thought that was funny and wanted to share....fans everywhere can be obnoxious and ignorant.

Anonymous said...

You know, somewhere on some blog or message board, some poor guy just shared his feelings with the world in describing how he and his buddies were on their way back home after a great game against MSU when they got accosted by some disgruntled MSU fans who wouldn't get out of the road and let them by yelled rude things at him and his buddies saying stuff like, "My pregnant wife and my unborn child could kick the crap out of you- just wait 'til next year!" While the pregnant woman jumped on their hood and tried to plant a flag.

I kid, I kid

Matt said...

I am so tired of the samed tired comment that only people who have attended a school are "true" or "real" fans. I didn't go to Michigan, yet I will wager that I am as big a fan of the school and program as any of you.

Do I at least get to be closer to a "true" fan because my mother and aunt have four Michigan degrees between the two of them? How about because my family has owned season tickets for approximately 30 years? Does it count that in those 30 years our seats have only been empty less than five times? We don't even try for a profit when we can't go, we sell at or below face value.

I bet my family has donated more money than yours too. We also buy tickets for away games through the season ticket holder program. Does that make us "true" fans? Guess what, the two alums aren't even the ones footing the bill for those tickets anymore. I pay for them, because it is me who goes to the majority of the games. I'm also the guy in my section who stands for the majority of the game, only leaves to have a quick smoke while in the line for the port-a-let, and to get a sausage.

Your gross generalization that only students and alumni are "true" fans makes me happy that I spent my money on an education elsewhere. It is bad enough that I have to deal with asshat fans from other schools, but I also have to deal with the "true" fans from the school I have supported since I started watching football with my family when I was five.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the previous poster. Excuse me but I have neither lived in Michigan nor attended the school, but am one of the biggest UM fans you'll meet. Do you have to live in that particular state or region to be a fan of that particular team? Is that a requirement that I missed? I have suffered through the good and the bad. I am NOT a band wagon fan nor I consider myself a "so-called" fan. I live in Indiana and my fiancee and I make the drives up to A2 to root on the Maize and Blue. I have followed the Michigan football and basketball teams from as far back as I can remember and have never once acted like the fools you have told about. What makes you think so whole-heartedly that they didn't attend UM. There's assholes everywhere. Whether they DID or DIDN'T it's wrong nonetheless PERIOD.

Anonymous said...

Good point Matt. Seeing the word 'fans' in quotations marks when describing a jerkoff at a game and seeing folks (like me) say the worst jerks tend to be those that didn't attend that school does seem to imply if A=B and B=C, then A=C (or some shit like that) and that shouldn't be the case. I assure you, most big schools with big athletic programs will say some of their biggest/most loyal fans are not alumni and to deny that is utter bullshit by any school. Some schools more so than others- like Alabama- you can't possibly tell me that on any given game day, the majority of Bama fans in that stadium graduated from Bama (or got an honorary degree like astronaut #3 did in UM's awesome commercial- space, bitches, space).

I'd say the same thing about Clemson's crowd of farmers, but there are some pretty decent CU guys that post here here that could pull an IPTAY stat out showing that the majority of members are grads and make me look as foolish as our football team has against then for the last few years.

brianthomasbuckeye said...

gross generalizations about "fans" are stupid. The fact is young kids in a car were prolly Michigan students. That sucks, there's no need to be rude. Idiots are everywhere and Michigan is not different. Settle it on the field. At Texas some unfortunate things happened to me and my family but you just keep going. Im not going to condemn all of Texas because of it. Drunkeness is the problem. We're all Americans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, all of our pontificating is not going to stop someone from yelling obscenities at a Michigan game. Or from throwing batteries at an Ohio State game. But next time I see something like that at a game, home or away, I'm going to put a stop to it.

Yost said...

I guess that's the biggest point, Anon. We all need to "do something" next time we see something like this happen. That's the only way to help stop it.

Yost said...

Also, for all those who thought my comment about those in the car not going to Michigan was an implication that only those who do are "real fans," that was not the case.

My point was, here were these assholes ripping on this woman about being an "MSU whore" or whatever and SHE WENT to Michigan.

Anonymous said...

I read your comments and wanted to chime in about Michigan fans. My wife and I and our two-year old son got tickets to the see the Badgers play in Ann Arbor a couple of weeks ago.
We weren't sure what to expect and I have to tell you that we were treated great by everybody.
We had our red on and people would come up to us and welcome us to Michigan and the Big House. I was a little bit embarrassed because I know that visitors don't typically get that kind of treatment in Madison. (unless you consider people yelling "Ann Arbor is a whore you bitches!" to be a warm reception)
We had a great time. The stadium was cool, I was proud of our team's effort even in a loss, and our band did a great job.
I've started visiting your site prior to the trip and really enjoy the hilarious stuff you put on here.
One thing I noticed about crowd volume as compared to Camp Randall. It didn't seem really loud but Stocco had trouble making audibles at times so maybe it was more than it seemed.
At Wisconsin the students seem a lot louder and more organized.
Also, when Michigan came to Camp Randall last year the noise was deafening at times.
The next morning at church the Pastor's assistant couldn't talk because he had shouted himself hoarse the night before. And he's about 70 years old.
Of course their is a big difference because for us that was the biggest home game of the year and for Michigan, Wisconsin is just another date on the schedule.
Anyway, thanks for a great site and thanks to Michigan fans for a great time!

Mo C From Prison said...

Ok Yost you caught me. It was me that was driving the car next to your buddies. I was out on a visit from the joint and thought I would attend the OTHER Michigan rival game. I dressed in UofM gear and fit in. By the way, can you put a few "Bucks" in my prison account, this brother is runnin a little short on change to buy some Goose.

Yours Truly
Mo C From Prison

Anonymous said...

It's a mob thing, and in other cases it doesn't matter whether the guy went to the school or not; bad fans can be enrolled or not. Don't get me wrong--most bad fans are probably not even enrolled. But let's not act as if students don't do stupid shit either. Get them all together in chants about the opposing team (not exactly a bad thing), and a few people are going to act out of line. I saw some dumbass Michigan fan put blue paint on some State fan's white hat. I had been yelling things about State the whole game (Illinois!), but I don't approve of some vile actions, and expressed my disappointment. It's a matter of being able to handle yourself and remembering that it's just a game.

JD said...

Yost said, "We all need to "do something" next time we see something like this happen. That's the only way to help stop it."

Great sentiment, but tough to execute - if for no other reason then the arsehole's buddies and/or mob supporters will go on and accuse you of being a 'buzzkill' or scream and shout to everyone around that you are 'not a REAL fan, like WE ARE!!!'

Plus, this society has been conditioned not to tell people who are acting like arseholes that they are, indeed, acting like arseholes and should stop; instead, we normally turn away and try to avoid any confrontation that may come up. To top it off, should any confrontation occur, the typical cop response is now to take everyone involved to the pokey for questioning rather than to assign any blame or fault and take the arsehole only. Moreover, the arseholes know this, and enjoy the profits of the heckler's veto afforded them.

Freedom of expression, even in the form of drunken taunts, now trumps the responsibility that goes with that freedom.

zinzarin said...

Well, at the MSU game on Saturday, I did do something.

A bunch of people in my section were yelling at two State fans (looked like students) who were standing most of the game. When the guy sitting next to me yelled at them to sit down, "a**holes," I called him out in front of the section. He was pissed, and later bitched me out privately for doing it, but it's a small first step. He, along with a few witnesses, know that someone won't stand for disrespecting opposing fans. Especially when they've got the courage to stand for thier team - something the home fans can't even do!

So, there you go. I did it. You can do it too!

matsut said...

Yeah, let's "do something" about it! Or, let's not...like somebody already said, it's kind of stupid and dangerous to tell boorish, probably drunk strangers that they're acting like assholes. Any of you who decide to try it (and not while you're in the stands, which is possibly the most wussified, dilettante-ish vigilantism I've ever heard of), make sure there's a camera around when you do, and Yost can post that video next to the one from the Shootout party.

There's always going to be plenty of assholery where college football is concerned, people being what they are - the same passion that inflames those fans with "class" also animates the Brutus tacklers in Austin, the verbal harassers of Yost's friends, and, yes, even the damagers of Michigan's fans' vehicles here in Columbus. Am I condoning such behavior? - of course not; but it's hard to know what exactly can be done about it, other than encouraging one's friends and family to behave properly in fan mode, reporting criminal acts to the police, and wringing our hands about the rest.

There's also some gray area, here - how "welcome" should fans of opponents feel when they're at your stadium? Of course they shouldn't be threatened, or verbally abused TOO much (or TOO rudely), but that's about as far as it goes - shouldn't they FEEL like they're in enemy territory? Also, while attending a college football game ought to be mostly - MOSTLY - a PG-rated exercise, I think the occasional NC-17 moment is part of what makes the game what it is; plus, some of those moments are really funny. If you've got a kid at the game, try not worrying so much about some douchebag who couldn't give a shit what you think, and use it as a teaching moment for your kid about what proper behavior is.

Two more things:

Hey Matt? The Cal fan at the Tennessee game might have been being a jerk, but at least he wasn't doing anything illegal, like, say, having a pre-game stadium prayer at a public school.

And Caligurl? You're right that "fans everywhere can be obnoxious and ignorant." Some of them can even be annoying and silly.

Anonymous said...

Maybe, just maybe, if he was brought up with prayer at home, he wouldn't be such a jerk. OBTW, it's not illegal to "pray" in public...as long as there are no denominational references.

Fight On!

Matt said...

Anon 4:21

The idea the being brought up with prayer at home would make someone a better person is quite possibly one of the most rediculous assertations I have ever read. You do realize that religious warfare has accounted for tens to hundreds of millions of deaths throughout the history of the world, right? I'm just going to guess that a lot of people doing the killing said a prayer before meals and bed.

Time for religious people to realize that a lot of the problems in the world today were caused by their belief in a mythical giant in the sky.

Anonymous said...

The act of praying doesn;t make someone good. The act of respectng someone's right to pray if given a moment of silence or to maintan silence during a word of thanks, wishes for good comraderie, and safe gameplay is good.
Now back to stereotypical football behavoir- That Cal fan is an asshole. They all are. They're way over-rated. Tennessee owned them. Smokey wore their Bear ass like a hat. Cal beat the Ducks. The Ducks. The f'ing Ducks. If they beat the Ducks in lumberjack olympics, they'd have something to brag about. But as it is, they beat them in football. It's kind of like bragging because you fed your kid. You're supposed to do that. Don't take credit for doing what you're supposed to do.

Matt said...

"Maybe, just maybe, if he was brought up with prayer at home, he wouldn't be such a jerk."

Looks like you were saying that the act of prayer is what keeps you from being a jerk. Some of you religious people just crack me up.

Ali Haji-Sheikh said...

What happened to your friends is unfortunate and inexcusbale. As an earlier post indicated, the fact that most Michigan fans would react that way speaks volumes about Michigan fans in general. However, that one isolated incident (and there were probably dozens of similar ones in Ann Arbor) doesn't change the fact that Michigan fans, in general, are some of the most respectful fans in the country (except when it comes to their opinion of their team, their coach and each other). Again, it sucks that it happened and I don't think it is a mystery that obnoxious a-holes are everywhere (just a hell of a lot more of them in Columbus). The real question is what in the hell were you doing getting Sparties tickets to an Michigan-msu game at Michigan Stadium? That's an offense worse than shaking keys and a pom-pom in the student sections during a big play.

Anonymous said...

I work as an usher at Notre Dame Stadium, and to say the least, I am disgusted with some of our own fans. St. Joseph County has an ordinance stating that there is no smoking allowed in the stadium. My father, who also works with me, had to ask a Notre Dame fan politely to put out his cigarette. He responded by saying no, repetitively. My dad had threatened to get a hold of an officer to see if he could take care of it. Instead, he got a hold of an usher of higher authority and then he asked him to put it out. The guy said, "yeah, sure." takes a deep breath, and he blows the smoke in the higher ranking usher's face.

Shit like that...pisses me off. If any poster here is a smoker, I pray to God that you know better than do such a dickhead move. However, let me make note that I commend all Michigan fans in attendance of that Sept. 9 game. The Michigan fans actually left me with a smile on my face instead of me remaining bitter.

I am sorry to understand the things that happened to your friends and guests. I hope that the next time you go out to a game, or you forfeit tickets to your friends, that something like that doesn't happen again

Anonymous said...

I believe the absolute worst fans (students, alumni or dropout convicts) are those who support the University of Miami Hurricanes in South Florida. You haven't seen disgusting behavior until you've witnessed them in action. I know -I'm been on the receiving end of their verbal attacks!!!