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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Michigan 31, MSU 13...A complete victory

That was methodical. Michigan took control, never let State get in the game and dominated on both sides of the ball. The score is about right for this game.

Leave us your thoughts, more to come later.


PeckHorn78 said...

The tipped touchdown pass seems to signify, in one moment, what MSU football is all about. Offensive playcalling a bit weak in the second half, and Adams 4th down interception would have been a major error if the game had been closer. Hope Hart and Manningham are OK, and they were held out because they weren't needed.

An MSU is always satisfying.....!

Anonymous said...

We play to our competition, and MSU is god-awful. Their spiral down the toilet began in earnest this week and shouldn't stop anytime soon. The interceptions were sick. Manningham is teh seksie. And we know how to win with class (by not kicking a field goal on 4th down up 18 with a minute left).

We should've planted an Illinois flag on the Spartan sideline.

Man 'o War Buckeye said...

Big 2, little 9. Slobberknockers abound on November 18th.

Kraut said...

Go Blue!

I work in an office where I am greatly out-numbered by MSU grads, so Monday will be fun!

Aaron said...

Holy fucking shit, yet again the Michigan cheerleaders dress like soccer moms. Honestly, is there any better way of letting America know that the girls at UM are fugly?

Anonymous said...

midway thru the 3rd quarter, msu 3rd down, camera shows michigan fans holding up their keys. disappointing.

Anonymous said...

At least MSU grads got jobs I take it you didnt go to U of M you just wish you did and try to say you have connections to the school so you can look halfway decent at work!


Anonymous said...

Forty-Three days until the Mariucci era begins in East Lansing.

Anonymous said...

anon-- fill me in, I'm white, and I guess I'm not up on things. Am i supposed to hate on all things multi-cultural?? I mean, i guess that makes sense. Multi-cultural?!? Seriosuly, I'm with you- that's too confusing! I have my own culture, why add to the mix and make things all x-y-z dimensional on me. LOL hehe- Stick to one culture people, no need for this mix'n'match nonsense. if your cutlture isn't american and white, than it's not worth our time, right, Anon? P.S. is mamma gonna pour syrup in all your waffle scares tomorrow morning? triangle-sliced french toast?? I'm wolf blitzer, and you're in the situation room

Anonymous said...

haha anon...you are a typical sick Michigan hater..quit Hating on the winningest football program of all time...The Big Blue is coming out this year and playing great....Drew Stanton talks about how he grew up with a family calling the University of Michigan "The University of Puke"..well sadly for Stanton...we puked on HIM all four years...thats right baby! GO BIG BLUE!

Always the best and Always will be the classiest, winningest program of all time....that's never gonna change no matter what ineducated, psycho haters say....



Anonymous said...

lol and talking crap about ugly cheerleaders, ect...has nothing to do with the fact that the FOOTBALL players are kicking some ass this year...Saying that shit has no meaning or ANY value and comes from jealous morons....GO BLUE!

Anonymous said...


.....since when is winning with class and dancing like pussies connected in any way?? You're just mad because MSU lost, period. So stop trying to make stuff up to back up your false claims. And it's pretty obvious your a MSU grad with grammar like that: "pussy's" showes possesition, not plural, and try using punctuation sometime, it makes things a hell of a lot easier to read....you can read, right??

Anonymous said...

HA "showes", I guess thats what a Michigan and Stanford education will buy me. Oh, and an '05 Mercedes McLaren...

Anonymous said...

hahaha no matter what puncuation and grammar is being used..Michigan is still kicking ass this year..and DOMINATED Michigan state and that faggot shit talking douche Stanton..GO blue..end of story and GOOD NIGHT BABY!


Benny Friedman said...

I thought Leyland's play calling was great, Bonderman's throws were on target, and the defense and the hitting was fantastic.
Wait, having those two TVs on at the same time has me confused.
Anaother solid performance by the Wolverines. I appreciate that they took charge early and allowed me to concentrate on the Tigers beat down of the Yankees.
I give Sparty credit for not quitting. I thought for sure when it got to 17-0 they'd be done. They weren't able to make a game of it, but that has more to do with our defense than their effort. Good luck to them next week at home against the Bucks.

harry hasselhoff said...

What a great day for Michigan sports!! Tigers - win. Michigan - win. MSU - lost! GREAT!

BTW, I was there and can report that the Big House was a-rockin' on MSU third downs, and not with keys either - with NOISE! Impressive.

BaggyPantsDevil said...

Wow, judging by some of the comments, several parents must have forgotten to lock their computers when they went out today.

The generally lack of strangeness in this game was, uh, strange. Where's the horribly bad call that changes the game? Where's the ugly meltdown? How about some flag planting or fighting at the end? Although there were a lot of penalties called against the Spartans and they did botch several things it was a decent enough effort on their part.

For Michigan, this appears to be the standard Big Ten win.
Michigan: 27-31 points
Big Ten Opponent: 13-14 points.

I'm not sure if the routine, workman-like wins are a good or bad thing. These are solid wins but there's just something missing, a certain je na sais quoi. Maybe it's just that Michigan is so dominating that there's just not that much drama to them.

It's a matter of when not if Chad Henne is going to connect to Mario Manningham with a deep ball. It's a matter of at what point in the game will Mike Hart exceed 100 yards. And there's a certain surety that the opponent’s offense just isn’t going to do much on more than maybe two drives.

I guess I can’t help wanting more entertainment out of these games even though, rationally, I know the lack of drama is actually a good thing. If drama is the combination of setbacks and triumphs, maybe last year had the setbacks this season.

I especially liked the shot of Mike Hart--and other Michigan players—mingling, talking, and smiling with the Michigan State players after the game was over.

Anonymous said...

Let me just say that I am very much impressed with the improvement of Michigan's D. However, what the hec is up with the pass defense??? Everytime a team passes against us, I hold my breath. I hope it improves greatly before we play OSU.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with baggypants devil...there definitely is some "flare" missing from this michigan team. Don't get me wrong, they're getting the job done and doing a fine job of it...It just makes me feel uneasy.

Anonymous said...

If anyone taped OU-UT, find the sobbing kid in the 4th Q in the OU stands and post the screen capture. I think we may have found David Boren Jr.

Anonymous said...

Any word on Manningham's possible injury?

Markus Arelius said...

Should have been more of a blowout.
Michigan playcalling in second half was too vanilla.

Acceptable perhaps when you have the lead against MSU. Not acceptable if your using game time situations to prepare for Ohio State at year end.

Good game by UM. Turnovers and game clock both under control.

Anonymous said...

At no point during the game did I feel Michigan State was going to win. They were never a threat. Bring on Pooterno! Go Blue!

Anonymous said...

Let me do my best surronded in columbus impression:

"I was just looking over the OSU boxscore. I noticed that it was still 21-7 mid-way through the third quarter. They didn't have a 100 yard rusher against BGSU? I don't think they are very good"

Thank you...save your effort surronded, did it for you.

Anonymous said...

Schedule more than 1 big games a year. No wait, you're stuck with a Big 10 schedule. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

2 big games a year even

surrounded in columbus said...


sorry, but considering the opponent, i actually thought tosu looked like what you would expect a top ranked big ten team to look like when playing a mid level mac school.

good to see you actually look at the numbers rather than sitting in your car, listening to purdy/frey/bruce-speilman/lachey/karsatos slap each other on the back in the radio talking about how "great" tosu looked, regardless of how "great" they really looked.

might try reading something other than the dispatch next- widen your world just another inch.

Chris of Dangerous Logic said...

I've got highlights on YouTube.

CrimeNotes said...

I think instead of being uneasy or nervous with the steady, solid, dominating performances, we should count our blessings and ease up on the neuroses. As in, "Wow, this incredibly hot and smart girl is hitting on me in the bar. Something must be wrong." Are we actually worrying about Michigan being so dominant that it's becoming boring? I think that's holdover from recent years of heartbreak and terror. Last weekend, after what would normally be considered a sound and thorough thrashing of Minnesota, there was angst about Michigan easing off during junk time. This is the kind of behavior normally limited to Red Sox fans.

As of today, I'm less scared of Michigan losing than I am of us winning out, and the effects that such a development would have on work concentratiion, sleep, cognitive ability, heart rate, etc. If Michigan loses to Penn State or Iowa, I can spend the following month innoculated. On the other hand, if it's undefeated Michigan walking down cupcake alley until tOSU, I will be so consumed and crazed that it will put Frederick Exley to shame. I may very well need to take a leave of absence from work.

I also have begun experiencing late-night flashbacks to the '97 Iowa game -- that season's brush with death.

Howard21 said...

Few things I've noticed in first half of the season:

This defense is going to win games and championships. The offense needs to continue "matriculating the ball down the field" and not turning it over. It seems to some that we are lacking flare (is the minimum 15 pieces) or as baggypants put it, a certain "je na sais quoi" (great spelling by the way). My question is; do we want anymore out of the offense? I know that flashy offenses (Cal, WVU, Boise, Utah w/ Meyer, ASU) are fun to watch and put up huge numbers but the wolverines are so solid in all areas of the offense, I don't know if the flare is necessary.

I may get ripped for this and feel free to tell me different but I thought this in Braylon's senior year and i see it again. Breaston's hands: I know they are scary are scary, but he plays a huge role in the way he is used. Swing passes, outs and crossing routes are easy to catch and teams have to stay up to contain him in the open field. This opens up everything for the soon to be occupant of the #1. I heard them on ESPN say "how are these safties not getting deep on Manningham?" I think that some of it is the threat that Breaston presents in the flats. Yes, I know Hart, Grady, Minor and Max Martin (was that in bad taste?) create ulcers for D coordinators, but having a threat in the short passing game can be lethal and essential to a championship season. I have a feeling that in a big game breaston will make something happen that will erase all of the bad memories his doubters have.

WOW! The Defense, WOW! nuff said,

I won't ever utter the words Na****al Ch********ip (shutter, due to the curse that I may have just caused) but right now a game w/ tOSU would be a classic and I have no clue on an outcome.

Play Calling: "Conservaive late in the second half" is what I keep hearing but it doesn't bother me. Good teams know how to practice during the game. What I mean is, when the game is for the most part over, or the other team is just done, it is good to work on your basic packages and standard plays to perfect them for when execution is crucial. When they need it the big plays will be there, if Mario hasn't eased your doubts enough. So don't worry Debord, he'll be fine.

I hope I am not the only one who feels nervous about this start? I feel like the nerd dating the really hot chick and just waiting for her to figure it out give me the boot.

one quick note: Yost and Benny spend A lot of time putting this site together so could we please leave the bull shit trash talk to the forum at ESPN.com this site has to much hilarity and insight to have some jack-mouth trying to pick a fight with words. I don't care I just want to talk football or see some boobs.


Educated,Working,Non-drinking, respect other fans, OSUfan said...

Good game Wolves! Typical UofM domination over the self-imploding Spartans. It's OSU's turn next week to slide it in ol' John L. I just hope the Spartans don't ruin the suspense for Nov.18. Nah! No way. Just watch your step with the rest of the cupcakes in the Big 11.

Anonymous said...

Very satisfying win vs Sparty, which are usually stomach churning episodes in Don't F it up boys.

Michigan was clearly, and I mean cleary the better team. MSU was never in a position to pull and upset.

Classic workmanlike Lloyd Carr blowout.

SCALZI said...

I'd much rather be bored to sleep and wake up to a win than eating Tums and lose with 3 minutes left. I'm fine with quiet dominance rather than flashy irregularity.

Go Blue.

SCALZI said...

And i'll still have Mike Hart's baby.

bobmurph said...

Even the assclown actuallly had some nice things to say about the Maize and Blue today.

Anonymous said...

The workman like metality of this Michigan team and the way they win games without flash, is what Michigan football is all about. Which could be part of the reason we're not ranked higher, we don't have a flashy team, or coach for that matter, we just go out and win games, with rushing yards, clock managment and solid defense. I wish the play calling as well as defense would not get so conservative late in games, even blow outs, but it works, so I won't complain.
I was reading another forum and some folks suggested they were upset about the D line not getting sacks vs minny or MSU but I am impressed with the strategy against two teams the live and die running the ball. Great defensive rushing numbers, and even better lack of QB rushing yards. Hail to the Defense.

Anonymous said...

Just reading EDSBS and saw in the comments that on Michigan radio they are reporting the Manningham will be out a couple of weeks. WHAT?!?!?!?! Yost, Benny, anyone else, have you heard anything about this?