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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Michigan 17, NW 3...That was ugly

Well, it was a win. That's about all I can say. The defense looked great, the offense looked lost.

Couple of quick thoughts...

* Leon Hall played BIG. He was like a blanket out there. Which leads to the question...
* Why was NW attacking his side of the field that much? Wouldn't you got at Trent and the others more instead?
* I don't have confidence with Grady at RB. He puts too many on the turf.
* Breaston can be counted on to drop one or two sure first downs a game. Very frustrating.
* Good to see Jerome Jackson get a shot and play well in the 4th Q.
* If not for key 'Cat turnovers, this game might have even been closer.
* We really, really, really miss Manningham.
* Thank god for Ball State next week.

Leave your thoughts in the comments section.


bruno6u said...

The game was sooooo boring, but they did what they needed to do and you are correct about SB. He drives me nuts!!!! I don't think the offense was lost just very Vanilla. Go blue OSUSUXS!

Anonymous said...

the weather had a huge impact on the game today.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't believe we didn't go for it with about 2 minutes left in the first half and a fourth and 2 at their forty. Our D was playing well, and the lack of agressiveness in situations like that keeps games like this close.


jim masterson said...

Ball State. HAH, HAH. What an out of conference schedule.

Yost said...


Please get back on your medication. This game was added when teams were allowed to add a 12th game. Who did you think we'd be playing in November, Auburn?

Then again, I know that doesn't sniff the Navy, Air Force, UNC and Army run ND is in the midst of.

Anonymous said...

Ball State not on cable tv, not on (((XM))), I have to go back to the days of watching the ticker or maybe i'll do the gamecast, ESPN is really putting the screws to the local cable company here in San Diego (COX) to get ESPNU.

Benny Friedman said...

I don't know why Grady is getting criticized for fumbling today. He didn't fumble. The ball was - correctly - blown dead.
And I agree with Anon above that the offense was very vanilla, though we do miss Manningham more than I thought we would.

SCALZI said...

You're right, Grady didn't fumble.. TODAY. I hold my breath everytime he touches the ball, though.

Anonymous said...

Jesus murphy. It wasn't exciting because we didn't need it to be. We threw to AA once. Breaston dropped a couple slants. We ran 75% of the time.

When you're a running team, you don't need to run the score early because the other team will be worn down at the end.

SO everyone just fucking relax.

Anonymous said...

masterson-if you're an OSU fan, the team you beat a couple weeks ago, Bowling Gfreen, got doubled up and lost to winless Temple

Trent said...

Although the offense was poor today, I thought the game was more fun than the MSU game. I was starting to feel for the NW qb, he was getting killed every play that wasn't a 3 step drop.

Remember that this is Lloyd's dream season. Great defense, solid running game, always playing with the lead. Don't expect him to change it up unless he has to. I think more of the playbook will be used on Nov 18th as well

baltimorean said...

relax, Yost. The offense does what it has to do to win. they arent going to call deep bombs if they dont have to, or take chances unless it is necessary. the offense can explode, but there is no sense in taking chances or running up the score. that is what leads to upset losses.

Anonymous said...

The game was great if you're a defense guy. Michigan D was in the house and if you were NOT in the house you have no idea how miserable it was. We have had cold, we have had rain and we have had wind but this was the 1st time we had cold blowing rain that I can recall in 18 years. It SUCKED but the Wolves did fine. Grady needs to keep working the bicep curls and carry that silk ball. I think we are spoiled by the awesome ability of Hart to rarely lose a ball. Mike needs to train Kevin in case hart leaves after this year. It sucks that the season ticket holders are harnessed with a November nonconference game. I would love to have had the opportunity to opttion out of that game so others could sit in the set (right...). Oh well, 21 days until the trip to the industrial toilet seat!

Q1Go said...

Even though the turnovers were "committed" by the Wildcats, don't forget that they were what (in tennis at least) are called "forced error" - they are a credit to the defense relentlessly putting pressure on the NW offensive line and QB.

surrounded in columbus said...

it was 42 degrees,25 mph winds (and gusts to 50), & driving rains. a couple of early passes bent by 30 degrees into the wind. pretty obvious that early on they decided to button things down and grind it out.

good call- only way NU was going to score was on a TO/good field position.

jeremy said...

If we beat OSU 14-3, this blog would be the first to complain about the vanilla playcalling.

Anonymous said...

I like green eggs and hams, Sam I Am

Anonymous said...

I'm not a tosu fan. They are probably as bad a program as you could be. Their litany of misdeeds is a long & plentiful one under Tressel. That said my defense of CW is because I watched what you did not in his press conference. By reporting an error filled critique you are well on your way to writing for the "Old gray lady". I really enjoy your comment & insights, hilarious.Don't ban me from the site. Jim. PS. Break Up the Temple Owls!!!!

ejhuerta said...

Is it too soon to make the obvious, "Beavers too much for Trojans" headline for the USC game?

- Enrique

Benny Friedman said...

Jeremy, I wasn't complaining about the vanilla playcalling, just using it as an explanation. Personally I love vanilla. It's one of my favorite flavors.

Howard21 said...

I'd take effeciency over explosive any day of the week. What scares me is how efficient Troy Smith is.

Anon in San Diego:

You can go to mgoblue.com under the footballpage is the link to the radio broadcast. There are two options the CSTV one doesn't work but the other one will let you listen on line. Very handy for when I have to work on gamedays. Try it and hopefully it will work for you.

Kraut said...

Vanilla, yes, but there were also a few things to cause some concern - not to freak out and call for Mike DeBord's head or anything like that, but some concern, yes.

First, Breaston continues to drop 1st down passes. I'm not exactly how many he's dropped this year, but it's gotta' be in double digits. I just worry that he'll drop another first down against OSU when it could make a difference in the game.

Second, even though they rushed for 200 yards, I wasn't that impressed by the running game overall. Perhaps it's because of the banged up O-line, but I thought there were too many 0, 1, and 2 yard runs which led to quite a few 3rd and more than 5's.

Again, it might be because of the injuries, but I thought the pass protection was the worst I've seen since earlier in the year. NW is not a good team ... they shouldn't have had that much pressure on Henne.

Regardless, it was a win ... and UM is one step closer to being 11-0 going into Columbus!

Howard21 said...

An answer to the debate:

vialpatien made this post and ill report it here since alot of UM fans like to dog OSU asif it were a subpar team.

The teams are almost dead even. (includes today's games)

Total YPG -
OSU: 260 YPG
Michigan: 234 YPG
ADV - Michigan by 26 yards per game

Scoring D -
OSU: 7.3
Michigan: 11.5
ADV - OSU by 4.2 points a game

Rush YPG:
OSU: 91.2
Michigan: 28.4
ADV - Michigan by 62.8 YPG

Pass YPG:
OSU: 168 YPG
Michigan: 206 YPG
ADV - OSU by 38 YPG

Pass Eff. Defense:
OSU: 101.6 Passer rating
Michigan: 106.6 Passer rating
ADV - OSU by 5 points

OSU: 18
Michigan: 9
ADV - OSU by 9

Fumble Rec:
OSU: 2
Michigan: 11
ADV - Michigan by 9

Total Turnovers Gained:
OSU: 20
Michigan: 20
ADV - Tie

Tackles For Loss:
OSU: 78
Michigan: 68
ADV - OSU by 10 TFL

OSU: 32
Michigan: 32
ADV - Tie

3rd Down Conversion Defense
OSU: 30%
Michigan: 26%
ADV - Michigan by 4%

4th Down Conversion Defense
OSU: 61%
Michigan: 40%
ADV - Michigan by 21%

Punt Return Defense -
OSU: 7.00 yards per return
Michigan: 7.56 yards per return
ADV - OSU by .56 yards per return

Kick Return Defense -
OSU: 19.50 yards per return
Michigan: 22.05 yards per return
ADV - OSU by 2.45 yards per return

Average offensive ranking of teams that don't overlap -
OSU: 55.4
Michigan: 55.4
ADV - Tie

Overall -
OSU: 7
Michigan: 5
Ties: 3

That is measuring EVERY defensive category that the NCAA officially tracks.

Another measure of THE game will be against the Offensive attacks.

So either fanbase saying it is going to be a blowout either way is just stupid.

OSU and Michigan are about dead even on D
OSU has Michigan by a total of 7 points and 60 yards a game.

OSU Offense - (vs. average D rank of 67.1)
418 YPG
35.8 PPG

Michigan Offense- (vs. average D rank of 63.5)
358 YPG
28.3 PPG

ALL STATS Gathered from NCAA.org (Stats from saturdays games added into stats from NCAA.org)

Somebody posted this on an ESPN.com message board. Yes, I was that bored and had that much time on my hands.

IC said...

This game didn't bother me too much in the big picture (for reasons already noted by others) though if we are as flat on offense at IU we could have problems.

But I am bothered by how consistently mediocre Grady is. He was among the top rated recruits in the nation two years ago, but he (at this admittedly early part of his career) shows nothing--average speed, power, and hands and less-than-average insticts. Granted, Hart could carry 30+ times vs. tOSU and do the job as Chris Perry did in '03. But I'd feel a lot better if I had confidence in any other RB.

BTW, the Game Day crew just brought up the possibility that the M-tOSU loser could end up #2, setting up a rematch in the championship game. Actually makes some sense.

Anonymous said...

So I assume Benny won't be posting any "When 28-14 isn't like 44-0" posts anymore?

Disappointing the voter angle won't be addressed this week when Michigan squeaks by Northwestern.

Funny how that works.

Yost said...


Tell you what, start your own blog and write whatever you want. That's the beauty of them.

Did you really take the time to come here and post that? Good Christ, go kiss a girl or something.

swindlerjackson said...

I'm w/ Benny on Grady not fumbling. You're wrong Yost.

Anonymous said...

This game reminded me of the Purdue game in '95. That day (Halloween weekend), it was about zero with the wind chill (35 without), driving rain/sleet, pure misery. The stadium was at about 50,000 by the third quarter. We ended up winning 5-0 (on an a safety sack by Woodson the freshman btw), yet the game never really felt in doubt.

Today we scored a nice TD early before the weather got horrid. Then both defenses used the conditions to their advantage.

Anonymous said...

Michigan is not that great.
signed, Northwestern

Scott said...

The vanilla offense was fine when Michigan wanted to keep the playbook closed before ND, and it's ok to do the same thing before OSU.

Anonymous said...

I don't know guys, everytime I watch tOSU I can't see us beating them. It's just their year, sad to say.

Anonymous said...

I thought Michigan lost that game to Purdue 7-5 when Michigan tried to get the offensive lineman to score a TD (the fridge style). Or am I mistaken?

Cliff Keen said...

Michigan beat Purudue 5-0 in horrible conditions in Michigan Stadium in 1995.

A year later, Purdue upset Michigan 9-3 at Purdue. Defensive lineman Will Carr fumbled on the goaline in a Fridge like attempt to score a touchdown.

Anonymous said...

Ok thanks, thought I remembered that for a reason. I was in the Persian gulf in 95 and not in 96. Thanks for clearing that up.

Ungar Kelt said...

THe 2006 Michigan Wolverines are the college football equivalent of the 2000 Baltimore Ravens. Chad Henne only needs to be Trent Dilfer, not Troy Smith or Payton Manning. Hart is our Jamal Lewis, Woodley is Ray Lewis (minus the homicide). There is no shame in winning ugly behind a solid running game and a great defense.

I can't believe that after 9 weeks people still don't understand that this is how Michigan is going to win games this year. Quit complaining and try to enjoy our undefeated season.

js said...

I think the problem is that every week Michigan wins ugly and you-know-who wins pretty and handily. Of course M fans are becoming more and more envious.

Whatever, it's not like we had to come back from 21 down or anything like that. With all due respect to Texas, this will be the best team that tOSU plays this year. And that's that.

Just win the next two games, please. Let's worry about 0-State when it's 0-State week.

phoennix10 said...

Good post Howard21.

We are dead even on defense (except scoring), OSU keeps their opponents out of the endzone while we let in one touchdown to many per game.

I'm just afraid of their offense..it has been unstoppable. They just laid a beatdown on Minnesota. Too bad they don't play Wisconsin, because it would be a good good comparison of the two teams.

WhiteDawg said...

I wish you guys could pick it up a little bit. My god you have almost lost the last two games. Why can't you play like the #2 in the nation.

Anonymous said...

One stat Howard forgot to post is Michigan's "D" has pounded 4 QB's into the ground their last three games.You can't throw down field from a bench! LOL.....

js said...


You mean like U$C?

Howard21 said...


I am going to petition the NCAA that injured or removed QB's be counted as a stat. Also very hard to throw when you don't know your own name.


I am pleased to inform you that you were the first tOSU troll to go to my blog. Please feel free to never go there again unless you want to discuss football in a civil discourse (that means talk about something not where you just run your mouth)

Anonymous said...

They did what they had to do. Look out tOSU.

--Anthony "The Fuck Up" Hanson

Paul said...

It was a good game. However, I admit that after being conditioned for a couple years of so many down to the wire games, it seemed a little boring. Historically, such games have been boring. It's nice to get back to tradition.

A2saint said...

Who else thought it was classy that LC didn't leave Mike Hart in just so he could rack up Heisman points?

js said...

Part of it is because Mike Hart has ZERO chance of winning the Heisman.