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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Memo to M Fans: Make Noise

Michigan Stadium is still not loud enough. How do I know? As a season ticket holder, I got the following email this week from Michigan AD Bill Martin...

"Dear Michigan Ticket Holders,

We are sure that you are as excited as we are about Saturday's football game against Michigan State University.

We are counting on our fans to create the strongest possible home-field advantage. Your support, enthusiasm – and NOISE – will help give the Wolverines an edge

How sad that the AD has to write Wolverine fans and - in CAPS - remind them to be loud? Do you think Gator fans get these from their AD? What about fans in Nebraska? Or Oregon? I'm going to go out on a limb and say no.

To those of you who disagree with us about the lack of consistent crowd noise in A2 and our absolute loathing of the Key Play "tradition," tell you what, you should stop reading now. Go check out the naked cheerleader chick or sign our "birthday card." Because we're of the opinion that, if the AD is writing to encourage noise, it ain't loud enough. So we're going to keep writing about it until the AD doesn't have to send out such "noise reminders" before a big game against our in-state rival. Call us picky.

And to those who wrote after our last "noise diatribe" saying U-M fans don't do the "key play" thing anymore in the Big House, check out the YouTube clip below from the Wisconsin game. And these shots are all from the student section! Sweet Mother of Ufer!

If you agree with us, please pass this on to as many U-M season ticket holders as you know (especially students, shame on them!). If you disagree, thank goodness this blog is free, eh?

P.S. And to purchase any of our fine "Loud Out" t-shirts, check out the MZone store.


Brickeye said...


Look at the :31 second mark where a guy grabs another girls keys and fondels them like a set of balls! Worst!

Anonymous said...

I never understood this philosophy. Make fun of the students for not being loud, then make fun them from doing something that makes ADDITIONAL noise. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

Why not just remind us (and by "us" I mean the 10% of your readers who are current students even though anyone who reads Michigan blogs probably knows how and why to make noise) that keys are not an adequate substitute, but still a perfectly fine complement, to a loud voice?

If I'm not hoarse by the 3rd quarter I'm not doing my job. We're all on the same team here.

MGOBLUE94 said...

If I am not hoarse by the 1st Qtr ... I am not doing my job. Wisky game I was sole provider of noise at times in Section 44 and Section 1.


Here's what I did with my keys: Buy a $5 soda drink, then used my car keys as a knife to cut the bottom off the plastic cup to make a Megaphone so that I was even louder and more directed! Try it this weekend, I am taking a pocket knife this weekend though.


Scott said...

I've been a grad student at Duke for 3 years now and last Saturday was the first time that Duke had a home football game that didn't overlap with a Michigan game. It's free for students so I thought I'd go check out the first quarter (I was on campus anyway.) It just so happens that on kickoffs, the Duke students shake their keys. It was a sad sight and it reminded me why it needs to end at Michigan.

Clapping is louder than key jinggling. Stomping on bleachers is louder than both. Key jinggling prevents students from being as loud as they can.

MGOBLUE94 said...

Here is another thing I don't get! Everyone, except student section, will stand during halftime to watch the band play, but sit during the game.

Okay old foggies sit down, but that doesn't excuse from opening your trap and making some noise!

jeff said...

As some have figured, I'm a Michigan transfer turned Clemson fan. Last year, in our 3OT loss to Miami, Clemson fans recorded the (unofficially) loudest college stadium noise ever at 127dB beating out LSU's 125dB. I'm still a Michigan fan, have been to the Big House a few times, and find it is the only place where the two words "majestic" and "pathetic" describe the same thing.

Down here at Clemson, our biggest problem is getting rid of the "woo-hoo!"-ers... they'll probably never go away, but at least they're making more noise than a keychain (www.banthewoohoo.com)

You've got a major issue up there, and someone needs to put a stop to it. Someone rip up the cheerleader's "key play" sign and substitute one that says: "yell damnit!"

BTW: The Atlanta Clemson Club and the Michigan Alumni Atlanta Chapter, shared a bar last saturday for our televised games. I have to add that southern-transfer Michigan fans are MUCH more vocal than the northern counterparts. If that sign thing doesn't work, charter a plane to get them up there for a game.

Matt said...

You know, I have never seen the keys come out during a game, or heard them. I've been going to games since the horrible, evil Colorado game. I sit in the south endzone. Maybe I'm just lucky that the key tradition isn't followed down there.

I will say that it sucks that Michigan moved the visitors from the bottom of the bowl to just below the scoreboard. Now, instead of heckling the visitors when they leave, I have to listen to them the whole game. I was really hoping that they would have been back down in front this year, just so I could see the Vandy girls.

Anonymous said...

We, of course, lost to fOSU last weekend, but I was proud of us Hawk fans when Herbstreit said Kinnick was MUCH louder than fOSU's game at Texas.

richard cranium said...

Really I think you should start and advertising donation portion for your site. That way you can place television spots on Whorish Ann's local stations. Think about it that would be an excellent tv ad and it might wake up the students/fans.

Go Cocks said...

I don't know what's worse, too quiet or too loud at the wrong times. Spurrier has repeatedly told the audience during his call in show and TV highlight show to be quiet when we have the ball, but keep up the shouting when they have the ball. I can understand our fans being pleased at a great offensive play by the Cocks, but STFU when we go into the huddle and come to the line!

Pat Mobley said...

I think it's really a waste of time to focus on eliminating the keys. You need to spend all your energy on encouraging noise. Make videos of old folks sitting on their hands and sorority girls talking on their cell phones on defensive third-and-ones, telling those around them to be quiet (I've seen this happen). So what if I waved my keys in the air while I jumped up and down and screamed at the top of my lungs? I always took it upon myself to try as hard as the players were trying on every play and my enthusiasm spread throughout my little area of the student section. Just get people to yell, and let them wave their keys.

Anonymous said...

I sit in section 37. Three rows behind me is a guy who gets really loud and into the games. The morons around me actually spend most of the game complaining about him to the ushers to get him to quiet down. Last game, some dolt even made a point to "intervene," telling the guy that if he didn't quiet down, "there was going to be trouble." Now, I'll admit that it can be a bit much sometimes, especially when the guys is hollering during TV timeouts when no one is on the field. But still, I'd never been so embarrassed to be a Michigan fan. If you want to watch the game in silence, stay home.

Kraut said...

Look ... key are not supposed to be used to make loud noise. That's the whole damn point. They are for "key" plays when Michigan is on offense (like a 3rd or 4th down conversion). When I was there (92-95), that's what we used the "key" play for. Somehow it has somehow been morphed and currently makes NO sense.

Regardless, though, the students aren't the problem ... it's the 70+ year-old alumni in the expensive seats ...

Anonymous said...

I wonder if this noise problem is a generational thing, I never fail to embarrass the heck out of my son at football games. Even the local high school games. I don't think he understands the concept of the "12th man"..

Anonymous said...

At Michigan, the AD tells people to be loud at football game.

Here at MSU, we get e-mails from football players, coaches and sometimes even the university president begging students not to riot afterwards.



Anonymous said...

wake up. most of the students in this video are yelling while they shake their keys. I agree the Michigan Stadium could be louder, but keys are not the enemy. you are fighting the wrong battle.

Yost said...

Most? ALL the fans in the student section should be making noise.

And keys are "the enemy." Keep the keys in your pocket, cup your hands around your mouth and yell. It's much louder. Try it some time.